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Chapter 513 - Singapore“s Astonishmen

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 513 Singapore“s Astonishment

    Even as Chen Fan fought with the three Immortal State Warriors in the Valley of No Return, a man in military fatigue was watching the screen attentively in a secret military base only a few dozen kilometers away from the battlefield. A banner of a golden lion hangs on the wall; it was the standard of the Singapore military.

    “The target is in position. Dragon Lord is on his way.”

    “All three Ancestral Patriarchs have arrived at the designated location, the trap is set.”

    “Battle is about to start. Initiating number, 4, 5, and 6 aerial drones to record the battle.”

    These military staff looked at the screen as they exchanged information. Aerial drones flew out of the base one after another toward the Valley of No Return.

    Unknown to Chen Fan, his fight was under the surveillance of the Singapore military.

    “Drones are in position, record start. Initiate Galaxy One Satalite’s imaging system.”

    A few kilometers away from the battle, six drones hovered just above the tree line and pointed their cameras at the Valley of No Return. Meanwhile, the Galaxy One Satellite also snapped high-resolution images of the battleground using its powerful imaging system.

    This data was sent directly to the National Defense Department of Singapore.

    Although Singapore was a small city-state with only a few million population, its economy and technology were extremely advanced. Therefore, it was a force to be reckoned with in Southeast Asia.

    Meanwhile, inside the Singapore’s National Defense Department, many political heavyweights in Singapore had gathered before a screen and looked at it expectantly. They included the president, the minister of National Defense, the chief General, and the current Dragon Hall’s Hall Master.

    “Just as we thought, Chen Beixuan was lured to the valley by the Earth Level Deity’s treasure.”

    The president guffawed as soon as Chen Fan arrived at the valley.

    “Hall Master Wu, your prediction was right. I believe that the Dragon Lord will award you heavily for this!”

    The Xie Family Lord praised.

    The Singapore government was intrinsically linked with the Dragon Hall as well as the four great family clans: the Li Family, Xie Family, Wu Family, and the Guo Family.

    Members of these four family clans filled up the government positions in Singapore and projected their influence to the entire Southeast Asia. The Guo Family which Guo Nuannuan came from was also a branch of the Guo Family in Singapore.

    Among them, the Li Family has a slight edge in politics, since one of them was the current president of Singapore. Meanwhile, the Xie Family were the offspring of the Dragon Lord. The Wu family was also a big family affiliated with the Dragon Hall but the Guo Family was a merchant family that controls the tremendous wealth.

    The four family clans were the epitome of Chinese society in Southeast Asia.

    “Chen Beixuan was the living legend, the youngest Immortal Level Overlord. Therefore, I wagered that nothing except for the Earth Level Deity’s treasure could have attracted his attention. In order to lower his guard, I have even leaked the news to other overlords in Southeast Asia.”

    Hall Master Wu said confidently.

    No other organization other than the Dragon Hall could have spread the news to all the Transcendent Grandmasters. Even if they could, no one would have believed in the legendary tales without the backing of the Dragon Hall.

    “The Ancestral Patriarch of Hong Sect has arrived, and so has the Dragon Lord. I think the Sword Immortal from the Lin Family must be on his way.”

    The Singapore president looked at the screen with a smile. Then Something caught his attention.

    “Strange. This Sword Immortal of the Lin Family didn’t look at all like his picture.”

    The Dragon Hall and the Lin Family were traditional allies. The President of Singapore had seen a picture of Lin Shuming with a few other Immortal State Warriors from the Lin family.

    “That’s not Lin Shuming, that’s his Sword Bearer, Lin Langya”

    The Xie family lord said lightly.

    “So there are two Immortal State Warriors in the Lin Family?”

    Everyone in the office was shocked after the realization set in.

    The Dragon Hall had risen to fame because it had one Immortal State Warrior, but Lin Family has two! Did that mean the Lin Family was at least two times more powerful than the dragon hall?

    “It’s nothing special. Mr. Lin Shuming is the oldest known Immortal State Warrior, and he used to be the most powerful man in the East. It’s not unlikely that the Lin family would produce another Immortal State Warrior in the hundred years.”

    The Xie family lord said lightly.

    “I heard that Lin Langya had always been Lin Shuming’s servant boy. He had even accompanied Lin Shuming when he entered the Qin Chen Mountain to cultivate. He had remained at the side of Lin Shuming for over a hundred years, so the two of them were closer than father and son. Lin Shuming had taught Lin Langya everything he knew and the latter finally reached the Immortal State a few decades ago. However, his assertion to the Immortal State was rarely known by the public. I wager he wouldn’t have revealed himself if not because of Chen Beixuan.”

    The revelation shocked everyone.

    “I wager that Mr. Shuming must be on the brink of becoming an Earth Level Deity, otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to train an Immortal State Warrior. But even with such power and might, they couldn’t defeat Ye Qincang. How powerful exactly is Ye Qincang then?”

    The president exclaimed.

    A silence fell over the room.

    The Dragon Hall was kicked out of China by Ye Qincang. They eventually arrived in Southeast Asia and created the city-state of Singapore.

    “Look! The battle is about to start.”

    The National Defense Minister shouted.

    Everyone stared at the screen and scarcely dared to breathe.

    They were about to see a fight among four Immortal State Warriors. If Chen Fan didn’t make himself a public enemy, they wouldn’t have the fortune to witness such a momentous battle.

    “Tsk… Chen Beixuan was indeed powerful. He is fighting three Immortal state warriors at the same time yet he still has the upper hand. ”

    As the fight went on, the smug smile on the Singapore president’s face quickly faded away.

    Chen Fan’s power had far exceeded their expectations.

    It had finally occurred to them that even the combined might of the three Immortal State Warriors was not enough to stop him.

    “They are going to use a combined attack!” The Xie family lord said in a deep voice.

    “They invented this combined attack after their defeat at the hands of Ye Qincang. They meant to use it against Ye Qincang but never had they thought that they would test it on Chen Beixuan first.”

    However, the audience’s heightened spirit quickly was crushed by what came next.

    Their faces turned sour as Chen Fan unleashed the True Martial Thirty-Six Forms and many other Immortal Martial arts.

    Chen Fan looked like a mighty god on the screen.

    His movements carried a tremendous force that threatened to turn the world upside down. The audience were shaken to the core once they saw the inexplicable sight, that was the result of the Wheel of Sun and Moon.

    “This is it! Lin Langya had imbued this attack with his vitality. If this couldn’t harm Chen Beixuan, they might as well call the quits. ”

    Hall Master Wu fixed his gaze on the screen and said anxiously.

    With their hearts in their throats, they watched as Lin Langya unleashed the power of Art of Blood Sword at Chen Fan.

    However, to everyone’s surprise, Chen Fan didn’t evade the attack at all and took the brunt of the attack directly. This had given him time to use the Fist Seal to kill Lin Langya. In the end, he was only injured slightly on his shoulder.

    “How is that possible?”

    Everyone in the room was astonished by the development. The president jumped out of his chair and exclaimed: “The combined attack can sink a battle cruiser. How could Chen Beixuan hold out against such a terrifying attack? What is he made out of?”

    “He has Ice Skin and Jade Bone. He is an Earth Level Deity!”

    The Xie family Lord said with trembling hands.

    “The rumor was right. The Earth Level Deity has an indestructible body and can live for five hundred years. No wonder he could escape from the attack of the Russian Father of All Bombs.”

    The spectators were so stunned by the turn of events, they gazed at the screen but forgot what they were looking at.

    After Chen Fan had done away with Lin Langya and the Ancestral Patriarch of Hong Sect, he followed the Dragon Lord into the misty bowel of the Valley of No Return

    The picture on the screen cut froze when there was no one left in the sight. A deadly silence fell over the room as the weight of the development started to set in. The development had even stupefied the most battle-hardened general in the room.

    “We just got a request for assistance fire that covers the entire Valley of No Return.”

    A voice drifted out from the radio.

    Singapore purchased all their military equipment from the United States of America and most of them were even more advanced and deadlier than the Russian arsenals.

    “No, the Dragon Lord is still inside the valley, we are going to kill him.”

    Before the president could issue an order, Lord Wu and Lord Xie hurried to put in. Even Immortal State Warriors couldn’t withstand bombardments of ballistic missiles. They might be able to injure Chen Fan at the risk of killing the Dragon Lord.

    Plus, no one could say for sure that a missile was enough to kill Chen Fan. Should they fail to end Chen Fan’s life, they will end up bringing down Chen Fan’s ire onto themselves.


    Once the attack was halted, the family lords heaved a sigh of relief and looked at each other in fear.

    “It’s unimaginable! He had defeated three Immortal State Warriors. How did he become so powerful?”

    The President asked while his hands trembled uncontrollably.

    The thought of Chen Fan’s might had taken the wind of his sails.

    “I think he is more powerful than Lin Shuming and Ye Qincang.”

    Lord Wu said with a wry smile.

    Lord Xie replied to his remark with a grimace.

    The Dragon Lord was the backbone of the Xie Family. Without him, the Xie Family would quickly become irrelevant in the Dragon Hall as well as in Singapore.

    Already, Lord Xie felt many gloating eyes on the nape of his neck.

    “I pray that the Ancestral Patriarch would make it out alive.”

    Lord Xie said warily.

    The battle and footage shot by the drones were soon going to shake the entire world.