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Chapter 512 - Killing More Immortal State Warriors

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 512 Killing More Immortal State Warriors


    The shaft of light with silver and crimson bands pierced through the Sword Bearer’s chest and rammed into the cliff face, leaving a three-meter deep hollow cave in the rugged cliff.

    All the while, the Sword Bearer of the Lin Family wore a shocked expression on his face.

    The Immortal State Warriors were able to project their souls out and live without their mortal coil. Therefore, the Sword Bearer was still alive even after being dealt a deadly blow. However, he was not an expert in Divine Soul Projection, so his Divine Soul wouldn’t last long outside of his body.

    “Why didn’t you evade? Aren’t you afraid of death?”

    The Divine Soul of the Sword Bearer glared at Chen Fan incredulously. He was confident that his attack could have killed any Immortal State Warrior in the world, so he wondered what made Chen Fan so confident as to take the brunt of the attack.


    Even as he thought so, the crimson Blade Aura landed squarely on Chen Fan’s left shoulder.

    The attack had cracked open Chen Fan’s powerful Arcane Energy Bulwark and landed on Chen Fan’s shoulder. Chen Fan’s body flickered a little and as the blade cut through the fabric of the black robe, exposing Chen Fan’s skin. So powerful was Chen Fan’s Azure Thearch Longevity Body that it had stopped the crimson blade aura cold in its tracks.

    However, the crimson blade aura was just the beginning.


    A wash of silvery glow shot out from the fading Blade Qi.

    The silvery light was the blade of the Lin Family’s Sword Bearer.

    It was made entirely out of arcane steel, and its hilt had an intricate design that looked like feathers covered with a web of blood vessels. Two words were engraved on the hilt that read: “Feathered Wing.”

    If any Daoist cultivator saw this sword, they might have exclaimed its name out loud: “The Art of Blood Sword!”

    This was a legendary Art of Sword Reigning that infused the cultivator’s blood and vitality with the blade. After years of refinement, the cultivator would become the one with the sword and became a mighty sword sage. This Art of Blood Sword had disappeared in China for hundreds of years, and no one had never thought that it was still practiced by the Lin Family.

    The Feathered Wing landed a solid blow on Chen Fan’s exposed shoulder. The attack was imbued with the power of three Immortal State Warriors and could hack open a mountain and stop a river.

    So powerful was the attack that the blade that the ground under Chen Fan’s feet gave in as the blade rammed Chen Fan deep into the ground.

    “What happened?”

    The Ancestral Patriarch of Hong Sect and the others looked toward the hole on the ground expectantly.

    Lin Family’s Sword Bearer had paid the ultimate price for the last attack on Chen Fan to happen, so the attackers were really not sure what to do if they failed to bring down Chen Fan.

    “Is Chen Beixuan OK?”

    Meanwhile, the Spirit King and the Ghost Hag also gaze at the battlefield anxiously.

    Regardless of what would become of this battle, its outcome was going to shake the world and have far-reaching implications.

    By then, even Yukishiro Sa became worried. She squeezed her fists rightly and waited restlessly.

    Seeing Chen Fan was hammered into the hole in the ground, the Sword Bearer let out a peal of laughter.

    “Chen Beixuan, you are foolish. We could have talked this through and no one will be hurt, now look at us. Both you and I have lost our bodies.”

    Although the Sword Bearer’s body was destroyed, his Divine Soul could still live on. That being said, losing his original body had taken a toll on his future level of attainment. Therefore, the Sword Bearer sounded bitter while he spoke.

    Before his laughter faded, an azure light shot out from the ground and into the sky.

    Within the azure glow was a man in a black outfit with black hair. He was Chen Fan!

    However, he looked slightly different now. His body was suffused with an azure glow and his skin almost translucent. His glowing bones shone through the skin, illuminating the passage of silvery blood in his veins.

    The Feathered Wing was still lodged in Chen Fan’s shoulder. It had cut open Chen Fan’s skin, but couldn’t get through his bones.

    “He is not dead?”

    The Sword Bearer of the Lin Family was stupefied.

    “Ice Skin, Jade Bone… Has he already become an Earth Level Deity?”

    The Ancestral Patriarch of Hong Sect and the Dragon Lord were both stunned.

    At their level, they knew much more about Earth Level Deity than ordinary people. Many ancient scrolls recorded the incredible Physique Refinement of Earth Level Deities and Chen Fan’s display of his physique strength seemed to have surpassed the description in those ancient records.

    The Ancestral Patriarch of Hong Sect reckoned that they had already lost the battle as reality finally set in.


    Guo Nuannuan and the other onlookers let out a heave of relief after seeing Chen Fan was safe.

    Huang Jin lowered his head, eyes filled with regret.


    Chen Fan pulled out the Feathered Wing from his shoulder as a cold light came up in his eyes.

    “You are the first person to have harmed me ever since I achieved phenomenal success in Physique Refinement. Be proud.”

    The attack had left a five-centimeter deep wound in his shoulder.

    The wound was over ten centimeters long and it went straight through Chen Fan’s skin, exposing the glowing bones. It even made a small notch on Chen Fan’s Jade Bone. Meanwhile, the impact had also taken a bigger toll on the Feathered Wing. It was covered with cracks and as Chen Fan held it in his hand, it threatened to crack into pieces.


    Under everyone’s surprised eyes, Chen Fan snapped the Feathered Wing and threw it aside.


    The Sword Bearer of the Lin Family coughed out a wad of blood as his body started to tremble.

    The Art of Blood Sword had linked his life with the flying sword. Both his physical body and Divine Soul were injured after Chen Fan snapped the Feathered Wing into half. LIfe quickly ebbed away from his gravely injured body.

    “Chen Beixuan, I will never forget what you have done to me!”

    The Sword Bearer of the Lin Family hissed at Chen Fan.

    Afterward, his body exploded, creating a plume of bloody mist from which his Divine Soul shot out into the sky.

    “Let’s go!”

    Ancestral Patriarch of Hong Sect shouted and transformed himself into a plume of smoke that scurried into the distance.

    The Ancestral Patriarch of Hong Sect had lost the last sliver of hope in winning the battle after he saw Chen Fan had held out against such a powerful blow. They wouldn’t be able to kill Chen Fan even if he took the brunt of their most deadly attacks.

    “You think you can get away?”

    Chen Fan snorted and patted lightly on his yellow gourd

    Suddenly, a golden blade aura shot out from the gourd and darted toward the Sword Bearer. The Sword Bearer was already gravely injured, so he could not outrun the flying sword.


    A painful howl came up as the flying sword plummeted into the Divine Soul of the Sword Bearer, banishing it from this world once and for all. The flying sword swooped up and plunged into the Ancestral Patriarch of Hong Sect.

    The Ancestral Patriarch of Hong Sect panicked and scrambled to charge up his energy and started the Art of Heaven Seal.

    An apparition of a palm appeared above his head, forming a solid defense. This Art of Heaven Seal was one component of the Hand of Rolling Cloud. It boosted the user’s defense and was able to withstand the bombardment of military artillery.

    However, it was still not enough to ward off the Sword of Essense Restoring.


    Chen Fan grunted as the golden Blade Aura sliced open the Heaven Seal and passed through the defense. It made a circle around the Ancestral Patriarch of Hong Sect as if sizing up his prey before it hacked the old man into two halves.

    The development had taken everyone by surprise.

    They had seen the fall of two Immortal State Warriors in a blink. Even the onlookers such as the Spirit King felt chills down their spines as the full weight of Chen Beixuan’s deadly power weighed heavily on their minds.


    A crimson shadow shot out from the Ancestral Patriarch of Hong Sect’s body. It was his Divine Soul. He had been cultivating his divine soul for over a hundred years and was much more powerful than that of the Sword Bearer.

    Everyone watched as the Divine Soul scrambled to find safety as it ran away with incredible speed.

    However, he was not fast enough to outrun Sword of Essense Restoring.

    “Blade, arise!”

    Chen Fan commanded. The golden blade lanced up into the sky and swooped down onto the Ancestral Patriarch of Hong Sect.

    Even as the Ancestral Patriarch of Hong Sect conceded his impending death, a powerful sound blade knocked the Sword of Essense Restoring to the side, giving the Ancestral Patriarch of Hong Sect precious moments to escape. The old man seized the opportunity and quickly consumed part of his Divine Soul to boost his speed. Before the flying sword found him again, he had disappeared into thin air.

    “So you have chosen death.”

    Chen Fan furrowed his brows and looked back at the person who interrupted his attack.

    He watched as the jade flute in The Dragon Lord’s hand shattered into pieces. His last-ditch effort to save the old man had proven to be too much for the jade flute.

    “He is my old friend, I had to save him. Plus, even if I didn’t you would not let me live anyways.”

    The man in azure outfit let out a grimace.

    “Then die. ”

    Chen Fan tapped the blade with two fingers as he said with an icy tone.

    He never spared his foes, especially the powerful ones.

    “If you want me dead, then you better come get me inside the Valley of No Return.”

    The Dragon Lord let out a peal of laughter and suddenly disappeared into the Valley of No Return. Chen Fan furrowed his brows and followed him into the misty valley.

    An array cast by an Earth Level Deity would not be enough to deter Chen Fan.

    By then, all the combatants were gone, leaving the spectators to look at each other in fear.

    “He fought against three Immortal State Warriors at the same time, killing one and defeated two. This is going to change the world!”

    Spirit King exclaimed.

    The other Overlords had solemn expressions on their faces and were silent.

    They wagered that more Curmudgeons were going to become restless and reveal themselves after the defeat of three Immortal State Warriors.