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Chapter 511 - Killing An Immortal State Warrior

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 511 Killing An Immortal State Warrior

    Immortal State Warriors were powerful cultivators who could dominate an entire nation. Although Myanmar and Malaysia were small nations compared to the United States, or France, they were a formidable nation in their own right.

    However, Chen Fan had defeated three Immortal State Warriors in a row right before everyone’s naked eyes.

    This was unheard of.

    The thunder he summoned was a particularly terrifying sight for the Gong Tau Masters since their Magus curses had made them vulnerable to the power of lightning.

    “What a shame.”

    Despite Chen Fan’s victory, he heaved a sigh and put away the Thunder Talisman.

    The Art of Thousand Thunders was among the most potent Qi Refinement Stage spells. It covered a swath of land as big as seven football fields. It was almost as powerful as the Fuel Air Explosive.

    The Fuel Air Explosive Bomb was the most powerful category of bombs right next to nuclear bombs. The Father of All Bomb that Russia dropped in the Warg Valley had taught Chen Fan a hard lesson. He wagered that the three Immortal State Warriors wouldn’t last more than ten seconds if a Fuel Air Explosive Bomb attacked them.

    “If I could reach Connate Spirit Level or Divine Sea, the Art of Thousand Thunders should be as powerful as the Fuel Air Explosive Bomb. But now I am only at early-stage of the Divine Sea, so the attack was slightly less potent than it could have been.”

    Chen Fan thought to himself.

    Lo and behold, the Ancestral Patriarch of Hong Sect He backed away as he yelled at the top of his lungs without any signs of being winded by the attack. The Sword Bearer of the Lin Family also picked himself up and quickly gathered himself. Other than a hint of blood around the corner of his mouth, there was no sign of injury.

    “Thunder art?”

    The man in azure outfit raised an eyebrow and asked: “Do you know Master Yao Daoyi of Heavenly Master Sect?”

    The Heavenly Master Sect used to be the figurehead among all sects in China and was well known for its usage of Thunder Arts. Chen Fan had heard people mentioning a mighty Heavenly Master who banished evil from China many years ago, but he didn’t know that his name was Yao Daoyi.

    “I don’t know him.”

    “Oh?” Chen Fan flicked a finger and said lightly.

    The man in the azure outfit looked at the other two in shock and disbelief.

    The Thunder Art was a potent art passed down generations at the Heavenly Master Sect. Chen Fan had just used the Thunder Art that was not any less powerful than that of Yao Daoyi. Yet, he claimed that he didn’t even know Yao Daoyi.

    “Stop wasting breath with him. Let’s do it now. It’s either him or us today.”

    The Sword Bearer of Lin Family grunted.

    “They still have more powerful tricks?”

    Chen Fan’s interest was piqued.

    He could sense that all three of them had given all they had, and they wouldn’t increase their power without burning their vitality just as Galdan did. All three of them were over a hundred years old and didn’t have much vitality left.

    “They really want me dead.”

    Chen Fan thought to himself. He wouldn’t let them live anyways, even if they tried to escape. The three Immortal State Warriors were like a ticking bomb that could blow up at any time, causing harm to his family and friends. If Chen Fan didn’t get the rights to them now, he might have to remain by his parent’s side to defend them.


    To Chen Fan’s surprise, the three grunted at the same time and merged their energy together. Their combined force was much more powerful than the sum of its parts. It loomed over the entire valley and filled up space between the earth and the firmament.

    “Combined Attack?”

    Chen Fan was taken aback.

    “I was just curious as to what kind of killing blow you have. I didn’t expect it to be such primitive child’s play.”

    Despite his words, Chen Fan’s face darkened a little.

    Although the combined attack was crude and simple; it could be extremely deadly. After all, all three of them were Immortal State. Therefore, the combined might of the three was five to six times more potent than a normal Immortal State Warrior.

    Meanwhile, Chen Fan’s True Essence was a few times stronger than that of an early-stage Immortal State cultivation.

    However, a cultivator’s power was much more complicated to estimate than just adding the numbers. Chen Fan has the Azure Thearch Longevity Body, Divine Powers, and the Sword of Essense Restoring. In addition, Chen Fan’s True Essence was much more condensed and powerful than the ordinary counterpart. In a real battle, even the combined strength of ten Immortal State Warriors could not bring down Chen Fan.


    Chen Fan decided to take the initiative and attacked first.

    He had given up the spells that required a long time to prepare and hurled a punch directly at his opponent. Waves of powerful Essence Qi burst out from the scintillating Fist Aura and lit up the entire valley.

    “Sword Attack!”

    The Sword Bearer of the Lin Family greeted Chen Fan with a powerful hack.

    He had doubled down on his attack and let the Blade Aura surge to over twenty meters long. The Blade Aura lanced out like a silvery shaft and collided with Chen Fan’s Fist Aura.


    Qi Energy burst out from the point of impact, forming a shock wave that rippled out in all directions. It shook the high cliffs that surrounded the valley, knocking down a few loose rocks.

    Chen Fan’s body shivered a little before he steadied himself.

    His opponents were winded by the exchange of blows, but they didn’t back away.

    Meanwhile, they were shocked by Chen Fan’s display of power.

    “Our combined attack packed as much force to bring down five Immortal State Warriors. But Chen Beixuan gained the upper hand in the last exchange of blows all by himself. How did he achieve such powerful True Energy?”

    Before they could find out an answer, Chen Fan let out a peal of laughter.

    “Come again!”

    Suddenly, a flurry of Fist Qi flew toward the three Immortal State Cultivators.

    Chen Fan unleashed many arts at once: Naga’s Transformation, Mountain River Cut, Azure Wood Qi Blade.

    He executed these Divine Spell with smooth movement that flows naturally and readily. Suddenly, Qi Energy of different spells painted the sky many different colors, as a cacophony of rumbling, clashing, and thudding came up among the clouds. The three Immortal state warriors were forced to a defensive position from the beginning.

    The longer they held out, the more terrified they became.

    Chen Fan seemed to have an unlimited amount of energy at his disposal.

    Chen Fan was able to counter whatever killing blow or the secret art they had hurled against them.

    “Which sect is he from? Why is he so powerful?”

    The Ancestral Patriarch of Hong Sect blocked an azure Blade Auras using the Hand of Rolling Cloud. But the impact had winded him.

    “Wheel of Sun and Moon!”

    Chen Fan unleashed fourteen Fist Qi attacks at the same time, and weakened his opponent’s defense. Then he flew back a little.

    He straightened his back and crossed his arms in front of his chest, forming a Fist Seal.


    There was a deep rumbling sound somewhere in the distance, and then the firmament started to rotate around the earth, changing from day to night and back today in a matter of seconds. When everything finally settled down, a blazing golden bird and a silvery moon rabbit appeared behind Chen Fan.

    Under everyone’s shocked eyes, Chen Fan had summoned a sun and a moon in the sky. Adding the sun that was already there, three celestial bodies were hanging in the sky, painting a surreal picture.

    “This must be an art of unimaginable power.”

    Leng Jianfeng tutted.

    Even Guo Nuannuan, who had been keeping calm, gasped in surprise. Chen Fan no longer looked like a Martial Artist. He was the stuff of legends: sage, immortal, and god, just to name a few.

    “So this is the true power of an Immortal State Warrior.”

    Leng Tong exclaimed in his mind.

    “Be careful, that’s the same move he used to kill Takemiya Hiro.”

    Ancestral Patriarch of Hong Sect shouted at the top of his lungs.

    “Bang, bang, bang!”

    The three of them attacked at once, trying to stop Chen Fan before he could complete the art. They hurled Blade Qi, Palm Qi, and Sound Blades at Chen Fan from all directions of the area. Each one of the attacks was able to kill a Transcendent Grandmaster easily.

    However, as these attacks landed on Chen Fan, they simply disappeared, as if they were swallowed by the sea of energy floating about Chen Fan.


    The Sword Bearer of Lin Family doubled down on his attack and started to tap into his vitality.

    His face flushed red as his dark silky hair lost its luster and turned pale and grey. As his appearance deteriorated, his power surged and quickly reached the peak level of Immortal State.

    “Art of Blood Sword!”

    A brilliant Blade Aura slowly seeped out from the long blade in his hand.

    Three meters, four, five.

    The size of the Blade Aura multiplied as Ancestral Patriarch of Hong Sect, and Dragon Lord also poured their energy into the blade. In a blink, it had turned into the size of a snarling Naga.


    The Sword Bearer sprayed the blade with a mouthful of his own blood.


    The Blade Aura grew to thirty meters in length. There was a crimson undertone in its silvery glow. It looked just like the blade wielded by the legendary Asura who sought enlightenment in the sea of torment.

    The sight of the deadly blade stultified all the onlookers, and made them gasp.


    The scholarly man shouted and let go of the blade. The Blade Aura soared into the sky like a furious blood dragon and reached a few hundred meters above the ground before it swooped down on Chen Fan.

    The power in the blade was on par with the attack that Chen Fan used to slay the Grand Magus God. Therefore, even Chen Fan had to keep his guard up and counter it with caution.

    “Wheel of Sun and Moon!”

    Chen Fan had finally ready to unleash the art.

    With the sun in one hand and the moon in the other, Chen Fan folded his palms, driving the apparition of the sun and the moon closer until they were melted into each other, forming a fist seal of two energies that rotated around each other. Suddenly, a shaft of intense light pierced out from the fist seal and shot into the sky.

    The shaft expended its width as it reached the sky, and then it plunged right into the three Immortal State Warriors. The Sword Bearer had already forsaken his defense. He locked his gaze on Chen Fan, smiling, waiting for his death.

    By then, the crimson Blade Aura was already right in front of Chen Fan, while Chen Fan’s attack was still on its way toward its target.

    “I wonder what you would do?”

    Despite the waning vitality, the Sword Bearer of Lin Family wore a smile on his face. He knew that his attack would land on Chen Fan first, and as soon as Chen Fan chose to dodge, Chen Fan’s attack would abate quickly after.

    However, to his surprise, Chen Fan had not moved an inch and let the strike land squarely on his shoulder.

    “What? Why didn’t you move away?”

    The Sword Bearer rounded his eyes in disbelief as Chen Fan’s fist aura plunged through his chest and exited from his back.

    Chen Fan had killed the Lin Family’s Sword Bear, an Immortal State Warrior with one punch!