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Chapter 510 - Lay Them Low With One Strike

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 510 Lay Them Low With One Strike

    The three Immortal State Warriors attached at the same time.

    The combined force of the three could have turned the world upside down.

    The Overlords of Southeast Asia were seized by fear when they peeked at the development from afar.

    Leng Jianfeng was a Grandmaster in Malaysia, and his ability to crush a large boulder with his bare fist had impressed many people around him. However, the Immortal State Warriors’ attacks packed such unimaginable force that they could turn Leng Jianfeng into a pulp in mere seconds.

    “So this is the power of Immortal State Warriors!”

    Ghost Hag exclaimed.

    “They are far from the real power of the Immortal State. Back in the days, only the top three on the Divine Roll were considered real Overlords. These three had ranked below ten on the old Divine Roll, so they were a far cry from the real deal.”

    Spirit King snorted.

    However, his eyes were lit up with a wistful light.

    He had been stuck at the Transcendent State for a few decades. At his level, his only goal in life was to reach the Immortal State. Otherwise, he would not make it all the way to the forsaken jungle in the heart of the Island of Borneo.

    “Incredible! That little shit is dead!”

    Huang Jin exclaimed.

    Even from a few hundred meters away, Huang Jin couldn’t help but feel afraid when he saw the deadly blade aura and energy palms. However, The promise of Chen Fan’s downfall made him lighthearted despite the fear.


    The Cloud Hand was getting bigger; the sound wave was inching closer and the Blade Aura gained more intensity.

    Chen Fan finally attacked.

    He punched out a fist, pouring out a tsunami of True Essence. The True Essence rolled into a bundle of energy with the shape of a fist. This fist was translucent but solid at the same time, and it landed squarely on the silvery Blade Aura that slithered toward him.


    Chen Fan’s punch came from the most unexpected angle but looked natural and smooth nonetheless.

    Although Chen Fan’s movement was direct if not plain, the fist had landed the weakest point on the scintillating blade aura. The deadly blade aura suddenly shivered into a thousand pieces.

    “Where did you learn to use a sword? It’s laughable.”

    Chen Fan said derisively.

    The scholarly man pulled back in a hurry. The development had taken the wind out of him.

    He had unleashed his most prized technique, but his opponent had pinpointed its weakness right away and countered his attack. The Sword Bearer doubted that even his master could have pulled it off. How powerful was Chen Fan? What kind of Martial Arts or Dharma Arts did he know? The man’s mind raced as he lamented his loss.

    Right after he had warded off the Sword Bearer’s attack, Chen Fan extended out two fingers and sliced the air open.


    A three-meter long azure blade aura appeared in the thin air.

    The blade aura was as thin as a thread and it landed squarely on the Cloud Hand.

    By then, the Cloud Hand had increased to the size of a house.

    It was the Hand of Rolling Cloud from the Hong Sect and was considered the only art in the mortal world that could rival its immortal counterparts.

    Only one percent of the energy came from the cultivator, while the rest were drawn from Heaven and Earth. Hong Sect had claimed the leadership among the three most powerful sects in China using this art. Such was the deadliness of the Cloud Hand, that even the Grand Magus God would be reluctant to get near it.


    However, Chen Fan was unfazed, as he doubled down on his attack.

    The azure Blade Qi sliced right through the Cloud Hand, opening it up from the middle and unshackling the immense Essence Qi within it. The sudden release of Essence Qi caused a terrible explosion that sent an Essence Qi shock wave.

    “It’s a big worthless practice target.”

    Chen Fan remarked.

    The Ancestral Patriarch of Hong Sect pulled a dark face as his eyes dimmed.

    Chen Fan opened his mouth and let out a booming voice to counter the last attack: the sound wave blades.


    The din sounded then thunder cracked at the same time.

    The sound had folded the air, turning it into liquid.

    As the sound wave rushed out, it shook and churned the clouds above the Valley of No Return. Even onlookers who were sheltered by the thick jungle could feel a wild gale rushing at their face. The wind had pressed on top of the trees around them, bending their trunks.

    “Kacha, Kacha.”

    The countless blade has shivered into pieces upon contact with Chen Fan’s booming voice. They were as fragile as tofu before Chen Fan’s deadly attack.

    “Interesting, I like it.”

    Once Chen Fan’s roar had subsided, he gave the man in azure outfit an approving nod.

    The onlookers were rendered speechless.

    Chen Fan had countered the deadly attack of three Immortal State Warriors with three simple moves. Worse, the nonchalant way he commented on his opponent’s moves meant that he had only used a fraction of his power.


    Everyone let out a gasp of cold air.

    “Why is Chen Beixuan so powerful? Could it be that he had already reached the peak of the Immortal State?” Ghost Hag murmured.

    The Spirit King’s mind raced as he tried to process the situation while the Fire Snake Lord bad-mouthed Chen Fan out of frustration.

    Leng Jianfeng had used his Four Righteousness Qi to protect Guo Nuannuan and her travel companions, otherwise, they would have already been killed by the shock waves.

    The Ancestral Patriarch of Hong Sect, Dragon Lord and the Sword Bearer of the Lin Family stood outside of the Valley of No Return and looked troubled.

    They thought they had been cautious and played safe by attacking Chen Fan together, but Chen Fan’s might had still caught them off guard. Sword Bearer was the weakest of the three, and he was winded by Chen Fan’s counter-attack.

    “Chen Beixuan, we underestimated you. I think your power is on par with Ye Qincang.” Ancestral Patriarch of Hong Sect said heavily.

    “Regardless, you need to abide by the non-aggression pact.”

    The Sword Bearer said impassively.

    Chen Fan didn’t waste his energy on talking, so he started an art and tapped into the Lightning Element Essence Qi around him.

    Countless tendrils of electricity zig-zagged across the valley and converged around Chen Fan. The energy churned the clouds in the sky and turned them into dark clouds of flashes of lightning hidden within. A storm was on its way.

    The Essence Qi formed countless cracking lightning in Chen Fan’s palm.

    Blue fingers of electricity shot out from Chen Fan and spilled out a was of blue light, painting Chen Fan’s face with the color of the thunder god.

    “Let’s fight then.”

    The man in the azure outfit heaved a sigh.

    The three of them focused their attention on the young man. They knew that this battle had reached a point of no return. All the while, they couldn’t get over how much this young man had reminded them of someone else.

    “He is charging up a deadly spell, don’t let him succeed.”

    The Ancestral Patriarch of Hong Sect shouted out a warning.

    His body flickered and turned into seven illusions that charged at Chen Fan from all directions.

    Each illusion form used a different kind of martial arts: Xing Yi Fist, Eight Trigrams Fist, Tai Chi Fist… He threw all seven Martial arts he had mastered at Chen Fan. So proficient was his skills in other sect’s techniques, that even the Grandmasters of those sects would pale in comparison.

    In the end, all these seven attacks merged into one in the form of an Energy Palm strike.

    The palm has the color of white jade, and it drifted across the sky, churning the clouds as it dove down on Chen Fan with the weight of a mountain.

    “Thousand Illusions of Rolling Cloud”

    Among all of the deadly arts in the Hong Sect, the most potent one would allow the user to combine thirteen different kinds of Martial arts techniques to create a devastating attack. The founder of the Hong Sect had used this art while he fought against the Great Magus of the Dark Witch Sect.


    The man in azure outfit blew into the flute again and made a high pitch screech. Suddenly a gust of energy came up around him, puffing up his large sleeves as a five-meter long sound blade appeared as if from nowhere.

    This unique blade was made out of condensed air that moved like fingers. It’s sharp edge reciprocated back and forth like a saw. It was sharp enough to slice open an armored vehicle.


    The sound blade whizzed across the sky and plunged into Chen Fan.

    The Sword Bearer’s face flushed red and the light grew brighter in his eyes as he charged up his energy. He brought the sword over his head with both hands, and hacked down with abandon.


    A flash of lightning nearly blinded everyone.

    This Blade Aura was over four meters long and it’s cold light illuminated the entire Valley of No Return. It swam around, bending and twisting its body as it went.

    “Sword Reining Art of the Lin Family: Sword of the Swimming Dragon ”

    The second round of attack was much more potent than the last one. It pushed and pulled the Essence Qi in the valley, creating heavy pressure on the onlookers’ chests.

    However, Chen Fan was unfazed by it all.

    Without even casting a glance at his attackers, he made a few hand signs and shot out both arms. Suddenly, a crackling lightning ball appeared in between his palms, and one could vaguely see a Talisman Inscription hidden inside the ball of energy.

    Chen Fan didn’t look up until the three attacks were only a dozen meters away from him.

    “Art of Thousand Thunders!”

    Chen Fan shouted and lifted up the lightning ball with both hands.

    The lighting ball crackled as it transformed into the shape of a blade. The Talisman Inscription also surfaced from within the ball of energy to the body of the blade. These talisman Inscriptions were as ancient as the first flash of lightning that landed on earth. It gave the blade the power to command all the flashes of lightning that had fallen and will fall into this world.


    Suddenly, countless explosions erupted in the sky as a dozen or so sizzling lightning bolts slammed down to earth. These deadly lightning bolts covered a huge swath of land.

    Each and every one of the crackling chains of lightning was as thick as a human’s thigh. They struck the ground relentlessly and outright pulverized whatever it landed on.


    Under everyone’s shocking glare, the overbearing Cloud Hand was shattered as the Ancestral Patriarch of Hong Sect scrambled to get out of harm’s way. The Sword Bearer was stricken by one of the lightning bolts and passed out immediately.

    The Dragon Lord was the only person who was unharmed by the downpour of lightning. However, his sound blades were all but destroyed before they could reach their target.

    The valley suddenly became pin-drop quiet.

    Everyone gaped at Chen Fan in utter disbelief.

    Chen Fan had defeated three Immortal State Warriors all by himself!

    That was unbelievable!