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Chapter 509 - Surrounded By Opponents

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 509 Surrounded By Opponents

    They are all Immortal State Warriors!

    It was unthinkable.

    It has been a few decades since the last time Immortal State Warriors showed up in the world. However, four of them showed up at the same time right before their eyes. If this news got out, the world would be shocked.

    The Overlords from Southeast Asia gaped at the development and trembled in disbelief.

    “It… it really is a trap!” Fire Snake Lord knelt on the ground and murmured. “We are nothing but cannon fodder. They spread the information about the treasure to lure Chen Beixuan here.”

    Meanwhile, Guo Nuannuan and Huang Jin were shaken to the core.

    “He descended from the sky just like how it was described in legends.” Guo Nuannuan shivered, struggling to stand still.

    As for Huang Jin, he was also shocked beyond belief. The other guards and young heirs of Malaysia all dropped to their knees while calling Chen Fan sage. Even Leng Tong was overtaken by fear and started to tremble uncontrollably.

    These men and women were nothing but insects before Immortal State Warriors.

    “Lin Shuming?”

    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes and examined the scholarly man.

    Chen Fan found it hard to believe that this man was the most powerful man in China a hundred years ago. The energy in him suggested that he had reached only the early stage of the Immortal State, and was much weaker than the Dragon Lord and Ancestral Patriarch of Hong Sect. Chen Fan had expected Lin Shuming to have reached at least mid-stage of Immortal State.

    “Not even Ye Qincang was my family lord’s worthy opponent, much less you. Over the years, his honor had such gained godly power that your little tricks simply couldn’t compare”

    The scholarly man said proudly.

    “Me and my sword will be enough to do away with you.”

    He was not Lin Shuming?

    The crowd was taken by surprise. They were shocked to learn that there were two Immortal State warriors in the Lin Family of Southeastern China.

    Hong Sect and Dragon Hall each had one Immortal State Warrior and they were able to become a dominant power because of it. But the Lin Family had two Immortal State Warriors, if not more. No wonder they were considered the most powerful family in China. Even Ye Qincang could only force them into seclusion but couldn’t wipe them out completely.

    “Sword Bearer, you are late.” The Ancestral Patriarch of Hong Sect said curtly.

    “I had to get rid of a few nuisance before they started to bother my lord.” The scholarly man said lightly.

    He had brushed off the havoc he had just wreaked. News quickly spread across the entire southeastern China: A Sword Immortal suddenly emerged from the Lin Family of Southeastern China killed two Grandmasters in a row and quickly consolidated the Lin Family’s power in the region, restoring smaller factions’ confidence in the Lin Family of Southeastern China.

    “Chen Beixuan, the Earth Level Deity’s treasure is right in there. If you swear not to ever cross the Hong Sect, Dragon Hall and Lin Family, we will let you live.”

    The scholarly man said condescendingly.

    “Or else, we will have to teach you a lesson.”

    The Ancestral Patriarch of Hong Sect hissed.

    The tense situation scared many Overlords. They looked at Chen Fan expectantly.

    It might have been the first time ever that three Immortal State Warriors joined forces. Chen Fan had proven his might by killing the Grand Magus God, but would he really be able to defeat three Immortal State Warriors at once?

    “Chen Beixuan is in big trouble. They have set up this trap just for him.”

    “Ancestral Patriarch of Hong Sect, Dragon Lord and the Sword Immortal of the Lin Family were all renowned warriors who had lived over a hundred years. Although Lin Shuming was absent, his Sword Bearer was not a pushover either.”

    “Tut, tut… you shouldn’t have forced me to my knees and killed my beloved pet snake. Karma, bitch!”

    Fire Snake Lord thought to himself vengefully as his eyes lit up by anger.

    “I understand why Hong Sect and Lin Family are here since I had a run-in with both of them in the past. But I wonder what is the Dragon Hall doing here?”

    Chen Fan landed his gaze on the man with the azure outfit.

    “I can’t turn down my old friend’s request.” Dragon Lord said plainly. “Plus, you are too strong for us to allow you to exist. You killed Grand Magus God, but it could have been one of the members of the Dragon Hall as well. If we don’t do away with you now, you might become another Ye Qincang.”

    “You are too strong.”

    The man in the azure outfit had made his motivation blatantly clear.

    He had joined his friends’ mission of killing Chen Fan because he feared that he might become the next Grand Magus God.

    “Very well.”

    Chen Beixuan smiled broadly without any hint of fear. He then said: “You think the three of you can bring me down? Think again. I will let your death be a message to the rest of the world.”

    Chen Fan’s words scared his listeners.


    Ancestral Patriarch of Hong Sect flung back at him.

    “He has no idea what he is talking about.”

    Dragon Lord also pulled a taut face.

    “I shall bath my sword in your blood!”

    The scholarly man shouted and unsheathed his sword.

    Suddenly, three-plus of belligerent energy shot up into the sky and filled up the entire valley. Even the White Tiger of the Tiger God had lowered its head in fear of the deadly forces.

    “Shit, pull back!”

    Many Overlords registered danger and backed away.

    “Let’s get out of here. We will be ripped apart by rouge energy when the four of them are at each other’s throat.” Leng Jianfeng said with a solemn face.

    Huang Jin and the others were stupefied by the development. They scrambled to get out of the valley, tripping and falling a few times.

    Guo Nuannuan managed to remain calm and before she left, she cast a concerned glance at Chen Fan and asked: “Uncle Leng, do you think he will be ok?”

    Leng Jianfeng thought about it for a second and shook his head.

    “However powerful Chen Beixuan is, he is no match against the combined force of three Immortal State Warriors. Not even the most powerful man in the world could survive such powerful foes.”

    It was clear that Leng Jianfeng’s money was not on Chen Fan.

    Guo Nuannuan was suddenly overtaken by a pang of anxiety.

    She was a strong-minded girl with a kind heart. When Chen Fan had the advantage over his opponent, she wished someone would have slapped Chen Fan’s smug face; but when Chen Fan’s life was really in danger, she suddenly became worried for him.

    “Stay safe.”

    Guo Nuannuan looked back at Chen Fan from time to time as she started off.

    “Xiao Xue, leave with them. I will come to find you once I am done dealing with these three.”

    Chen Fan said lightly.

    “Yes, master.”

    Yukishiro Sa bowed and left. She was very confident in Chen Fan’s ability to win the fight.

    The three Immortal State Warriors considered themselves above Yukishiro Sa, so they didn’t care if the girl got away for now. However, the scholarly man heaved a sigh and said: “I can see the Sword Immortal in her. What a pity, she could have been another Immortal State Cultivator.”

    Everyone knew what the scholarly man was pitying.

    Meanwhile, the three Immortal State Warriors kept on charging up their energy. As the ripple of energy got more intense, they disturbed the air and formed cyclones. The three Immortal State Warriors were at the center of the whirlwind. As the cyclones formed, they started to draw the Primordial Essence from nature and channeled them into the cyclones.

    The three of them stood in a row, encircling Chen Fan in the middle.

    Chen Fan stood still like an unwavering tower while the three Immortal State Warriors tried all they could to push and pull with the powerful waves of energy. Try as they might, the tumultuous energy couldn’t affect Chen Fan in the slightest. The current of the belligerent force seemed to have come to a halt as soon as it was near Chen Fan.

    “Chen Beixuan, you should feel honored to be the second person who has taken on three of us at once.”

    Ancestral Patriarch of Hong Sect said slowly.

    “Oh?” Chen Fan linked his hands behind his back and cracked a cold smile: “I might as well finish his job for him and kill all of you today.”

    Chen Fan took a step forward.

    While under pressure from all three sides, his life should have been hanging by a thread. No one in his situation would make an unnecessary move that could bring the ire of the three deadly warriors. However, Chen Fan had outright ignored the threat and walked forward.


    As soon as Chen Fan landed his foot on the ground, the faces of all three Immortal State Warriors suddenly changed.

    They registered that Chen Fan’s foot had landed right at the weakest point on the web of energy they have weaved around Chen Fan. The pressure exerted by Chen Fan threatened to tear the web apart, and forced his opponents to the defensive position.

    “We won’t hold out long. We need to stop him.”

    The scholarly man shouted in a hurry.


    The Ancestral Patriarch of Hong Sect attacked first.

    Everyone watched as a plume of white mist in the shape of a palm appeared in the sky. The palm was only a few centimeters in size, but once it quickly grew in size and became a few dozen meters in length. It was so powerful that it could crush a vehicle with ease.

    “Hand of Rolling Cloud.”

    Some of the onlookers who had recognized the move exclaimed.

    This was the secret art of Hong Sect and had inspired other arts such as the Thousand Trickeries, and the Cloud Hand. Rumor had it that the founder of the Hong Sect had used this attack to destroy an entire mountain.


    The man in azure outfit heaved a sigh and produced a jade flute.

    The flute was made out of a piece of unmarred Jade stone. As the man blew into the flute, the sound waves took the corporeal forms of countless knives that shot at Chen Fan from all directions.

    The Dragon Lord turned out to be a rare user of soundwave attacks.

    As the sound wave carried the knives forward, cold light ran down from the bodies of the knives.


    In the end, the scholarly man also attacked.

    The Sword Bearer of the Lin Family unsheathed the sword backhandedly.

    Suddenly, a crack of lightning shot up into the sky and then plummeted down at Chen Fan. Even Yukishiro Sa was shocked by the intensity of the blade aura.

    The plan to kill Chen Fan was finally set in motion.

    The three of them attacked at once, trying to keep the battle short and deadly.