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Chapter 508 - The Band of Enemies

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 508 The Band of Enemies

    Chen Beixuan?

    The name didn’t ring a bell for Guo Nuannuan or Huang Jin. They lived a normal life and had never crossed paths with Martial artists.

    They knew the Spirit King and the Fire Snake Lord by their reputation. They were both mighty figures that had risen to fame many years ago, and by then, they were practically household names in Southeast Asia. Although he was much more powerful than those two, he lived too far away from Southeast Asia to have his name heard by the public.

    “He is the one who defeated an entire nation?”

    Leng Tong’s face hardened. Shock and disbelief were written all over his face.

    He was the heir of the Fury Fist Sect, son of Leng Jianfeng, therefore, he knew Chen Fan’s name.

    “Is he powerful? How does he compare with Uncle Leng?”

    Guo Nuannuan furrowed her brows. A minute ago, she wanted to save Chen Fan’s life, but there and then, Chen Fan’s smug smile made her wish that someone could smack his face.

    “He is much more powerful than my father. He is… a living legend.”

    Leng Tong grimaced.

    His father had only reached the peak of Transcendent State, and couldn’t even make it to the Dark Roll. He couldn’t compare with Chen Fan.

    “A living legend?”

    Guo Nuannuan gaped at the young man in confusion. Huang Jin and the others also looked to Leng Tong with many questions in their minds.

    “Have you ever heard of Dragon Hall?”

    Leng Tong hesitated for a moment and then asked

    Guo Nuannuan nodded. Dragon Hall was well known among the Chinese in Southeast Asia.

    It was the power behind the creation of the Singapore, a city-state that belonged to people of Chinese descent. Their influence could be felt everywhere in Southeast Asia. The Guo Family was particularly close to the Dragon Hall. Guo Nuannuan’s personal guard, Uncle Xie, was a member of the Dragon Hall.

    “The Dragon Lord who had laid the foundation of Singapore we know now was also considered a living legend. The same also goes for the Ancestral Patriarch of the Hong Sect as well as the Grand Magus God of the Dark Witch Sect. However, just a few days ago, Chen Beixuan had killed the Grand Magus God. I had never thought that he would show up here at the Island of Borneo.”

    Leng Tong explained, shooking his head from time to time.


    Everyone let out a gasp of cold air.

    The Dragon Lord, Ancestral Patriarch of the Hong Sect and the Grand Magus God, they were all legendary fighters that lived only in people’s memories. A hundred years ago, the Dragon Lord had created the city-state of Singapore, while the Grand Magus God took control over Myanmar and the Hong Sect spread all over the world. No one would have imagined that a young man such as Chen Fan could be even so much as compared with them, much less defeat them.

    Neither Guo Nuannuan nor Huang Jin was willing to come to terms with the truth yet.

    However, reality hit them hard once they saw the mighty figures of Southeast Asia kowtowed to Chen Fan with toady smiles on their faces. The Fire Snake Lord had shriveled into an old and frail man, scarcely able to even utter a word.

    “So… so he was fooling us all the while! What a jerk!”

    Guo Nuannuan locked her gaze on Chen Fan’s face as she was overtaken by a fit of regret and shame.

    Meanwhile, Chen Fan was looking into Fire Snake Lord’s face with a warm smile. “Did you say that I was courting death?”

    “No… no… nononono… I … I misspoke… I …. am sorry. I am so sorry. Please don’t kill me.”

    Fire Snake Lord was scared shitless and hurried to kowtow to Chen Fan.


    The giant python was agitated by its master’s actions. It was a mindless beast and its protective instinct drove it to flare out its fangs and threw itself at Chen Fan,


    Guo Nuannuan gasped as she saw a brilliant azure light shoot out from Chen Fan’s hand and severed the snake’s head off.


    The snake’s head was the size of a barrel. It rolled to a stop on the ground, while its body is still withered and twisted. The vile beat that had terrorized Southeast Asia for years was killed by Chen Fan with ease.

    The turn of the event had made the other Overlords lower their heads even more.

    Half of Fire Snake Lord’s fame rested in the terrifying beast. The python had swallowed a superpower fruit on the Island of Borneo and had since grown to a tremendous size. Its girth was as wide as a barrel and its scales were nearly indestructible. The python could take on any Grandmaster by itself. Leveraging the beast’s incredible abilities, Fire Snake Lord had risen to power and became one of the Four Greatest Gong Tau Masters in Southeast Asia.

    However, such a powerful beast couldn’t even withstand one attack which Chen Fan delivered so lazily.

    “Your snake tried to bite me. Is there anything you want to tell me?”

    Chen Fan looked at Fire Snake Lord and asked lightly.

    “No.. nothing! That… that good for nothing beast had brought it onto itself.” Fire Snake Lord kowtowed as he swallowed the pain of losing his partner. However, nothing is more important than saving his own life right now.

    “I am going in there, is there anyone who wants to stop me?”

    Chen Fan linked his hands behind his back and scanned everyone around him.

    Everyone kept their heads low and dared not to hold his gaze. Many dropped to their knees and said: “No, we will never stop you.”

    “The danger that guards the treasure inside the Valley of No Return is too great for all of us. Only Immortal Master Chen who reached the precipice of power and enlightenment is worthy to take up the challenge.”

    Leng Jianfeng cupped his fists and said.

    “So you knew about the Earth Level Deity’s treasure as well?”

    Chen Fan’s interest was piqued.

    The Earth Level Deity’s treasure was a well-kept secret and was known only to a handful of powerful Immortal State warriors. Even the Grand Elder of the Dark Witch Chapter knew only bits and pieces about the treasure. That begged the question as to how these Grandmasters learned about the secret. How did they know about the Earth Level Deity?

    “The news about this place started to spread just a few days ago. By now, everyone has learned that there was great treasure here waiting to be discovered. That’s why we are all here.”

    Leng Jianfeng and Spirit King exchanged a glance before Spirit King put in.

    “Just a few days ago?”

    Chen Fan was taken aback at first and then his face changed a little. “Someone must have spread it on purpose. They must want to attract me here as well.”

    Only a handful of Immortal State Warriors knew about the Earth Level Deity’s treasure. So it was evident to Chen Fan that someone among those handful of Immortal State Warriors wanted to lure him to this location. It wasn’t long before Chen Fan realized who the real culprit was.

    “Haha. Chen Beixuan, you finally showed up!”

    A shaft of white mist rose from the jungle into the sky, then it turned around and descended to the ground. Inside the mist was a white-haired elder in a white outfit.

    The old man hovered above the ground and was shrouded by flowing mists, making him look like a sage.

    “An Immortal State Cultivator?”

    The turn of events knocked people to the floor.

    Two living legends showed up on the Island of Borneo at the same time. This had never happened before. The energy rippled about the old man was unmistakably transcendental and was a sure sign of the old man’s Immortal State level of attainment. Those who had recognized the old man murmured to each other.

    “He is the Ancestral Patriarch of Hong Sect. I thought he died ten years ago.”

    “Ancestral Patriarch of the Hong Sect?”

    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes.

    Chen Fan could not only see through the cloud of mist, but he could also gauge the power of the old man very accurately. He reckoned that the old man was at most the mid-stage of Immortal State, which would put his power somewhere in between Oleg and the Grand Magus God.

    “You are brave to come to me alone. Aren’t you afraid that I will kill you here and now?”

    Chen Fan asked with a grin.

    “Chen Beixuan, I know you killed Galdan, Oleg and the Grand Magus God and I truly think that you are as powerful as Ye Qincang and Lin Shuming during their prime. So I am not that foolish to fight against you one on one.”

    The Ancestral Patriarch of Hong Sect pulled a taut face and said sternly.

    “There are more Immortal State cultivators?”

    People were shocked by the revelation.

    They simply couldn’t fathom what the fight would look like with three Immortal State Warriors.

    Then the crowd heard a whir in the distant sky. They looked up and saw a helicopter. As the helicopter descended, people saw a sign on the door of the helicopter showing a golden lion. Then the door was open, and a man with azure outfit emerged from within.

    “That’s a chopper from Singapore’s special forces. I think that man is a top dog in Singapore.”

    Huang Jin murmured quietly.

    “Brother Xie, you are late.” The Ancestral Patriarch of Hong Sect’s voice boomed.

    “I had to visit a few of my friends on my way here. I don’t think I missed much, did I?” The man answered and then jumped out of the helicopter.

    The man in azure outfit seemed to be walking on invisible stairs as he descended to the ground. His features were well defined with a little bit salt and pepper in his long hair for good measure. He looked like a well-learned Chinese esotericism scholar.

    “Your honor, I am your humble descendant, Xie Jintang.”

    Uncle Xie who had been standing quietly behind Guo Nuannuan hurried to drop his knees and announced, almost crying: “I am so happy to see you in person during my lifetime.”

    “Silly boy, get up now.”

    The man in an azure outfit said.

    “He is the Dragon Lord of the Dragon Hall?”

    Everyone let out a gasp of cold air.

    Compared to the Ancestral Patriarch of Hong Sect and Chen Beixuan, the Dragon Lord was much more famous in Southeast Asia. Millions of Chinese people in Southeast Asia looked up to the Dragon Hall as their protector and an example of solidarity. The Dragon Hall was one of the key founders of the city-state, Singapore.

    In the end, it was the Dragon Lord who had brought Malaysia to heel and agreed to cede part of its land to Singapore.

    He was the stuff of legends who deserved an entire chapter on the history book.

    “Mid-stage of Immortal State. You are slightly stronger than the last one.” Chen Fan narrowed his eyes and said. Then he shook his head. “But the two of you are still no match against me.”

    The energy around the Dragon Lord was observably stronger than that of the Ancestral Patriarch of Hong Sect. Chen Fan wagered that he was not far from the late-stage of Immortal State.

    “What about me?”

    Before Chen Fan finished his words, a blade aura lanced up in the distance and a scholarly man with a sword strapped on his back appeared before everyone.

    “The third Immortal State Warrior?”

    By now, people started to feel numb to the shocking developments.