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Chapter 507 - That“s Him?

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 507 That“s Him?

    They looked at each other apprehensive, and no one dared to go in. These Overlords were from all over Southeast Asia. Some were from India, and some were from Japan and Korea. Many of them were rivals and nemesis, but the presence of many other Overlords had so far prevented any bloodshed from happening.

    “The Valley of No Return is well known for its danger, hence its name. Are you sure you are going to enter?”

    The Spirit King let out an ugly grin and asked.

    “Hehe, don’t pretend you don’t know what is going on. We have gathered here because we all heard the news about the secret treasures of an Earth Level Deity.”

    A muscular Ancient Muay Thai fighter said coldly.

    His words had taken everyone by surprise.

    “You are right. I came here because I heard about the Earth Level Deity’s treasure. However, I have no idea how this news got out. Why didn’t the Immortal State Warriors take it already? Something is fishy about this.”

    The Spirit King said as greed flashed across his face.

    At his level of attainment, nothing, except for reaching the Immortal State would interest him. The Spirit King didn’t expect the treasure to help him become an Earth Level Deity, but he hoped that he could finally reach the Immortal State.

    “I suspect that someone purposely leaked the news.”

    Someone said.

    The speaker was standing on top of a giant python. He was also a Gong Tau master and was called Fire Snake Lord. He was also one of the greatest Gong Tau Masters, just like Spirit King and One-eyed Naga King.

    “Spread the news, why?”

    Everyone was shocked.

    “A hook for all of you to come here..”

    The Fire Snake Lord snorted.

    “Whoever knew about this Earth Level Deity treasure must be a mighty figure if not an Immortal State Curmudgeon. It doesn’t make sense that he would share the information with us unless he wants us to be here and use us.”

    The Ancient Muay Thai Master said.

    Everyone nodded in agreement. No one, not even the president of a nation dared to mess with so many overlords at once.

    “Someone else is here.”

    Spirit King recognized the newcomer and said: “That’s Battle Tiger Leng Jianfeng from the Fury Fist Sect in Malaysia. Uh? He had brought the little girl from Guo Family with him. What is this? A school field trip?”

    They scanned the crowd and realized that the rest of the new comers were all ordinary people, so they closed their eyes and turned their minds to their cultivation.

    These Overlords were all smart enough to refrain from entering the Valley of No Return before anyone else did. The Valley of No Return was so deadly that even Grandmasters could lose their lives there if they didn’t know what they were doing. However, even just outside of the valley where they gathered, the air was filled with Spirit Qi so the cultivators hurried to take advantage of this great opportunity of increasing their level of attainment.

    Chen Fan and Yukishiro Sa were at the rear of the group, so no one seemed to have noticed them.

    “OMG! Spirit King, Fire Snake Lord, Ancient Muay Thai Master, Jass the Furious Bear, Ghost Hag… Other than the One-eyed Naga King, nearly all the other Gong Tau masters are here. ”

    Uncle Xie let out a gasp of cold air.

    There were a dozen or so Overlords gathered outside of the valley. Some of them carried a sword that emanated belligerent energy; some of them were conniving and intimidating, and some were shrouded by poisonous mist. All of them were mighty figures that presided over Southeast Asia.

    “Something big is happening.”

    Uncle Xie exclaimed in his mind.

    Meanwhile, Guo Nuannuan and his friends were terrified by the scene. Huang Jin nearly peed his pants when he walked past the giant python.

    “This is… scary!”

    Huang Jin whimpered as his legs trembled.

    Anyone of these dreadful men could kill him with one finger. Although Huang Jin was also from a renowned family in Malaysia, his family prestige couldn’t offer him a shred of safety. The guards were on high alert and their faces were taut with fear and stress.

    “Nuannuan, don’t be afraid. I and my dad are here to protect you.” Leng Tong turned around to offer some comfort to Guo Nuannuan, while his hand slowly moved toward Guo Nuannuan’s.

    “Thank you.”

    Guo Nuannuan squeezed out a smile and pulled her hand back further surreptitiously.

    Leng Tong was slightly disappointed, but he didn’t stop caring for the girl.

    “Just like what I expected.”

    When they arrived at the entrance of the valley, they realized that the valley was huge in size and the hills around its perimeter were towering cliffs that were as tall as a few hundred meters. The entrance of the valley was blocked by a thick mist, and it was evident that many people had tried to get past the mist but failed

    However, the Earth Level Deity’s Array formation was almost laughable in Chen Fan’s expert eyes. Chen Fan could cast an Array formation ten times more effective than this once he reached the Connate Spirit.

    “Since we have already found the valley, I think we should give it a try now.”

    Chen Fan thought to himself.

    He linked his hands behind his back and ambled his way to the mist and tested it with a finger.

    He immediately felt a powerful rush of cold energy shoot through his body. Realizing that it was the force of the Dharma Array, Chen Fan quickly wiped it out of his system. Then, he reached out his Divine Will into the Dharma Array and started to understand the working mechanism of the Array Formation.

    “Sister Guo, look!”

    Chen Fan’s strange behavior had caught everyone’s attention. The crowd backed away from Chen Fan and created an empty space around him.

    No one dared to approach Chen Fan, fearing that realization from the others. Guo Nuannuan and her friends also saw Chen Fan’s audacious actions. One of the young men came with Guo Nuannuan under his breath.

    “Courting death! He is going to disturb the Curmudgeons that are lurking in the valley. Even my father wouldn’t be able to save him if that was the case.”

    Leng Tong shook his head and said.

    Meanwhile, the color drained from Guo Nuannuan’s face as she locked her gaze on Chen Fan, willing him to stop.

    However, Chen Fan didn’t seem to notice the hint and kept on probing the Dharma Array.

    “Nuannuan, is he your friend? Tell him to get back here.”

    By then, even Leng Jianfeng had noticed Chen Fan’s daring actions, and he was not very pleased.

    Before Guo Nuannuan could shout out at Chen Fan and call him back, Fire Snake Lord snorted and said.

    “Hey boy, what do you think you are doing?”

    Chen Fan didn’t reply and kept on working on the puzzle with his back facing everyone.

    “Courting Death!”

    Fire Snake Lord fumed as the giant python slithered toward Chen Fan.

    The commotion had disturbed the other cultivator. They shook their heads when they saw the Fire Snake Lord was already on his way toward the insolent teenage boy.

    Fire Snake Lord was one of the Four Greatest Gong Tau Masters in Southeast Asia. He was infamous for his thirst for blood. Rumor had it that he fed the giant python a living man every day. Therefore, his name was feared all over Southeast Asia.

    “Xiao Tong, please help him. He came with me.”

    Guo Nuannuan furrowed her brows and pleaded.


    Leng Jianfeng looked to Leng Jianfeng helplessly.

    “I will help out if it is your life in danger, Nunanuan. But he is but an ordinary man who I barely know. I don’t want to get on the Fire Snake Lord’s bad side because of a no-body.”

    Leng Jianfeng said calmly and indifferently.

    As a grandmaster, he saw things slightly differently than ordinary people. There was no way that he would offend another Grandmaster for someone he didn’t even know.

    “Really? You can’t save him?”

    Guo Nuannuan said no.

    Leng Jianfeng was unwavering, and he shook his head.

    Guo Nuannuan heaved a sigh of resignation. Uncle Xie tried to comfort her and said: “My lady, it’s his own fault. Don’t feel bad about it, you have tried your best.”

    Meanwhile, Huang Jin let out a gloating grin and thought to himself:

    “Little shit! You got what you deserve!”

    People around Chen Fan either gloated at him or shook their heads with regret. However, Yukishiro Sa was unfazed by the development. She didn’t look concerned at all about Chen Fan’s impending doom.

    Chen Fan finally turned around with a broad smile on his face when the Fire Snake Lord was only three meters away from him.

    “Ah-ha! So it’s a chained array. Array within an array. I see now!”

    Chen Fan pulled back his Divine Will and noticed Fire Snake Lord. He asked lightheartedly:

    “Were you calling me?”

    By then, the giant python’s gaping mouth was only a few feet away from Chen Fan. However, as soon as Fire Snake Lord saw Chen Fan’s face, the giant snake stopped cold in its tracks as disbelief contorted the old man’s face.


    The old man cried in panic.

    The jarring cry wrenched the minds of the other Overlords out of their cultivation. They looked toward the Fire Snake Lord with frowns and saw the old man had fallen from the back of the snake and shuffled himself back with his palms and feet as if trying to get away from something terrible.

    “What is going on?”

    Many overlords looked over the old man and saw a young man with refined features standing right in front of the python.

    The young man was wearing a casual outfit and was of average height. He wore a warm smile on his face, making him look like a silly freshman in college. However, the Fire Snake Lord was so scared of him as if the young man was a devil reincarnate.

    “Who is that?”

    People were taken aback at first and then realization finally dawned upon them.

    Under Guo Nuannuan’s incredulous eyes, the Spirit King hopped off the White Tiger and hurried to Chen Fan and bowed.

    “I am Nazzier from Indonesia. It is an honor to see you Lord Beixuan.”

    Spirit King’s words revealed Chen Fan’s identity to everyone. The Ghost Hag, Jass and many other Overlords scrambled to bow to Chen Fan with a great measure of deference.

    Leng Jianfeng was confused at first, but after he heard the Spirit King’s words, his body shivered and exclaimed:

    “It’s HIM!”

    “Who is he?”

    Guo Nuannuan and her friends watched as Leng Jianfeng came closer to Chen Fan and took a bow. “I am Leng Jianfeng from the Fury Fist Sect. Please forgive me for the late welcoming. We didn’t know it was you, Immortal Master Chen. ”

    Fire Snake Lord had picked himself up from the ground and was begging for his life.

    He kowtowed to Chen Fan and knocked the ground with his forehead until blood seeps out from under his skin. Guo Nuannuan and her friends were stunned by the development.

    “What is going on?”

    Guo Nuannuan turned around and looked at her guard.

    Uncle Xie replied with a wry smile.

    “I should have guessed it. A Chinese man whose last name is Chen and he traveled with a servant girl with a sword… Who else could it be other than Chen Beixuan?”