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Chapter 505 - The Expedition

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 505 The Expedition

    Kuala Lumpur was the capital of Malaysia. It had a population of two million and was much more developed than the capital of Myanmar.

    After consulting the taxi driver, Chen Fan quickly located the biggest guide service provider, the “Extreme Explorer. Inc.”

    “Welcome. We provide all kinds of guide services. Jungles or scuba diving, we got you covered.”

    The manager said with a warm smile on his face.

    “We are heading to the Island of Borneo, and need a guide,” Chen Fan said.

    “Island of Borneo, sure thing.” The manager’s smile broadened.

    The Island of Borneo had always been shrouded in mystery. Hollywood used to shoot a few movies about the mysterious place and attracted more thrill seekers there to explore.

    After making a few phone calls, the manager’s face darkened. Embarrassment was written all over his face. Chen Fan had already heard the conversation over the phone, so he furrowed his brows and said: “So there are no guides? Well, we will look for them elsewhere.”

    The manager gritted his teeth and said before his customers were gone.

    “Sir, we do have a guide. But you will have to go with a group.”

    “With a group?”

    Chen Fan and Yukishiro Sa exchanged a glance.

    “Indeed. We are in the midst of the tourism season right now, and there are too many tourists who want to go to the Island of Borneo but not enough guides. There is still one team who still hasn’t departed yet if you’re willing to join them, we can offer you a discount. ” Manager said reluctantly.

    “Very well.”

    Chen Fan thought for a second and nodded.

    He only needs the guide to point him in the right direction, and once he had reached the Island of Borneo, he planned to move on himself and look for the cave abode.

    “That’s perfect. Your guide is one of the most experienced workers in our company. He can name every single rock on the Island of Borneo.”

    The Manager beamed from side to side and then said under his breath.”However, I must give you a heads-up that one of the ladies you are traveling with is one of the most prestigious women in Malaysia. Stay on her good side, or you will be punished by law.”

    “A prestigious woman?”

    Chen Beixuan was light-hearted by the revelation. He was the North Mystic Celestial Lord, who would be more prestigious than him?

    “The lady was a Datuk. Please watch your manners while you are traveling with her.” The manager’s face darkened a little and put in.

    Chen Fan had learned about Datuk in his past life.

    Datuk was an honorary title granted by the leader of Malaysia personally. Just like knighthood, It was usually granted to a person of high social status. In Malaysia, people with a Datuk title have many privileges, and some were even beyond the law.

    It wasn’t long before Chen Fan met with the Datuk.

    “She is so young.”

    Chen Fan was caught by surprise by how young the female Datuk was. She was only in her twenties and was wearing a clean safari outfit with a pair of black leather riding boots. She kept her chin up and looked distant and aloof.

    “Are they joining us?”

    The female Datuk seemed slightly annoyed as she cast Chen Fan and Yukishiro Sa a cold glance.

    Chen Fan was in his ordinary appearance to avoid the world government’s detection. Therefore, he didn’t catch the attention of the Datuk’s attention. However, when the Datuk landed her gaze on Yukishiro Sa, she was pleasantly surprised by her beauty.

    “The destination of our expedition was the ‘Valley of No Return.’ It’s located in the most dangerous part of the Island. Are you sure you two can handle it?”

    The Datuk shook her head as a hint of disdain flashed in her eyes.

    “Valley of no Return?”

    Chen Fan was taken aback.

    That was where the treasure trove was located.

    It suddenly occurred to him that the Earth Level Deity must have cast Dharma Arrays to protect his property. That explained why the place was considered the most dangerous on the Island.

    With that thought in mind, Chen Fan said slowly.

    “We are heading there as well.”

    “You?” The Datuk snorted and said derisively: “Well if you can defeat my bodyguard, I might just think about letting you join us. I don’t want dead weight around.”

    As the Datuk said that, a muscular man with dark skin stepped forward.

    The man’s movement had a belligerent quality to it. His piercing gaze held an intent that was as deadly as a hungry wolf. Although he didn’t have any Internal Force in his system, it was evident that he was a competent Mixed Martial Arts Master.

    “His name is Seixal, and he was one of Malaysia’s Royal Special Forces. I will let you join us if you can defeat him.” Datuk folded her arms and said gloatingly.

    The manager gave Chen Fan anxious glances, willing Chen Fan to not to rise to the bait.

    The Royal Special Forces was an elite Special Forces in Malaysia. Its rank was filled with deadly if not murderous elite soldiers who could defeat five ordinary men at the same time.

    “Yukishiro Sa”

    Chen Fan spoke under his breath.

    Yukishiro Sa took a few steps forward and arrived at the center of the room.

    “You want her to fight with Seixal?”

    The Datuk rounded her eyes in disbelief. Disgust and loathing toward Chen Fan were written all over her face.


    Seixal was a cutthroat soldier and he punched at Yukishiro Sa without holding back any of his strength.

    However powerful Seixal was, he was just an ordinary man and was no match against Yukishiro Sa.


    In a heartbeat, Yukishiro Sa had snapped the bone on one of Seixal’s arms. She shot out a small and smooth-skinned hand and grabbed hold of Seixal’s muscular arm and twisted it.


    Seixal grunted painfully as he pulled back. Already, his face was covered with sweat. Years of military training had conditioned his mind to cope with pain well. So he held his broken arm in one hand in silent agony.


    The Datuk and her guards let out a gasp of cold air. They had never thought that Yukishiro Sa was able to break Seixal’s arm so easily.

    “You want to try again?”

    Chen Fan linked his hands behind his back and gave the Datuk a calm look.,

    The Datuk’s face changed colors as anger stoked the fire in her eyes. Even as she was about to fling back at Chen Fan, a middle-aged man walked closer to her and whispered something into her ears.

    The Datuk was taken aback at first, and then she gave Yukishiro Sa a glance in surprise.

    “Fine, I will let you pass.”

    Chen Fan smiled and didn’t say a thing.

    He had overheard the middle-aged man’s words, and it amused him.

    “…my lady, that girl in the white outfit is a Martial arts expert. She is much more powerful than our guards.”

    The middle-aged man must be an Internal Force user. Otherwise, he would never have recognized Yukishiro Sa’s power. However, no internal force users were worth a damn to Chen Fan.

    The Datuk looked away and put on her cold and aloof look back on her face. She seemed to be waiting for someone.

    A couple of young men soon arrived in the room. They all looked like rich heirs, and one of them was white.

    Based on their conversation, Chen Fan learned that these men and women were all from powerful families in Malaysia. The Datuk’s name was Guo Nuannuan, and her father was an influential person in Malaysia of Chinese descent.

    “Everyone is here; let’s head out!”

    The guide was a Malay in his forties. His name is Hassan.

    Guo Nuannuan and the other traveler were well prepared. They packed sleeping bags, backpacks, food rations, tools, etc. However, Chen Fan and Yukishiro Sa didn’t pack anything, and the only extra stuff they had was the sword that strapped on Yukishiro Sa’s back. They didn’t look like travelers at all.

    Hassan frowned a little but kept his concern to himself.

    When he saw Yukishiro Sa, his concern seemed to have deepened.

    The group shared a ride in Guo Nuannuan’s private jet and arrived at the Island of Borneo. This private jet was Gulfstream G650 with a listing price of 50 million US dollars. The cost of gas alone was enough for Chen Fan to travel the world.

    “Sister Guo, why did we let those two tag along?”

    A few large burly men sat with Guo Nuannuan in the spacious business class seats.

    “Just so, Sister Guo. We only need Uncle Xie and our guards, not dead weight.” A handsome young man spoke up.

    “They are all Chinese, so I thought I would help them out.” Guo Nuannuan gracefully lifted a cup of coffee to her lips and said: “Plus, they are not dead weight. That girl just broke Seixal’s arm.”


    The few rich heirs were also taken aback by the revelation.

    Seixal was the second strongest guard protecting Guo Nuannuan. He even helped Guo Nuannuan win a small fortune at the underground cage fights. How could such a docile girl defeat him?

    Behind him, Uncle Xie lowered his head and said, “It’s true. I wager that the young man is from a prominent family in China.”

    Uncle Xie was a Chinese man in his fifties. His tall frame towered before the group of youngsters and his palm was covered with thick and dark skin. A few guards looked at Uncle Xie with a great measure of respect.

    “A great family clan in China?”

    Everyone looked to the side and landed their surprised gazes on Chen Fan.

    Try as they might, they couldn’t find a single royal bone in the young man.

    “The journey to the Valley of No Return was long; we have many many chances to test him.”

    Guo Nuannuan sipped her coffee, and a flicker of anger and shame flashed in her eyes.

    The Gulfstream G650 soon landed at the City of Kuching. It was the capital city of the State of Sarawak. As soon as they were out of the plane, they were greeted by a group of powerful local gentry. They were here to welcome Datuk, and they thought Chen Fan and Yukishiro Sa were both the Datuk’s travel companions.