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Chapter 504 - Magic The Gathering

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 504: Magic The Gathering

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    "The Island of Borneo?"

    Chen Fan cracked a light smile.

    He had expected the Earth Level Deity to be in China but little did he know that the Earth Level Deity had wandered off all the way to Southeast Asia.

    However, it wasn't long before Chen Fan saw the reason for it. The Spirit Land in China had depleted thousands of years ago, and the Earth Level Deity had to look outside of China and into the virgin lands that were still untouched by humans.

    Grand Elder also knew much more about the treasure than Lord Hu.

    "Immortal Master Chen, this treasure trove of the Earth Level Deity was discovered by Ancestral Patriarch a few hundred years ago. However, the Earth Level Deity had cast an impenetrable array formation using the unique features in the terrain and its arrangement with the stars."

    The Grand Elder didn't hold back any information since he was already part of the North Qiong Sect now.

    "The Ancestral Patriarch said that the strength of the array formation was determined by the alignment of the stars. It will reach the bottom of its power every twenty years and is the best chance of breaking the array formation. Ancestral Patriarch tried every twelve years ever since he discovered it. Based on my calculation, the next window for it's weakened state should be in ten days."

    "In ten days?"

    Chen Fan nodded.

    He knew that no Array formation could stop him. However, since he had taken in the Dark Witch Chapter, he needed to make sure that all loose ends were tied. It would be foolish of him to trust everything that Hu Shipan said.

    "I will order Hu Shipan to escort the other six people back. What about you? Do you want to head back to China right now or would you prefer to remain here until I am back from the Island of Borneo?"

    Chen Fan looked at Yu Wenjin and asked.

    To his surprise, the girl shook her head and said firmly. "I have no relatives in China now. Granny was killed by Grand Magus, and I don't want to return to the Seu Family of Grand Yin either. I just want to be with you, and help you."

    "Stay here?"

    The girl's decision had taken Chen Fan by surprise. However, seeing the determination in her eyes, he nodded and said: "Very well then. I feel uncomfortable leaving the Dark Witch Chapter in the hands of Hu Shipan. You could be my eyes here."

    Once he had said that, Chen Fan summoned a few perfected cultivators of the Dark Witch Chapter and told them.

    "She is my third disciple. From today on, you shall treat her just as you would treat me. If I am not here, her words are my will."


    Yu Wenjin and Hu Shipan were both shocked by the announcement.

    "Xiao Fan, I have only reached the Mid-stage of Dao-Reaching Level, and these elders are all perfected cultivators. I can't boss them around." Yu Wenjin shook her head as a pang of unease shot through her.

    "Fret not. This is the rule of the North Qiong Sect. You are my personal disciple, and therefore you are much higher on the totem pole than any one of them. You can decide their life or death on a whim. There is absolutely no need to worry."

    Chen Fan cracked a smile and started an Art.


    Chen Fan drew a piece of Divine Soul out from these perfected cultivators and challenged them into a jade pendant. "These little things contained a fragment of their souls. If they ever defy you, crush the pendant to kill all of them."


    Encouraged by Chen Fan's resolute stare, Yu Wenjin nodded.

    Grand Elder's face changed colors and in the end, he knelt down and kowtowed to the girl: "My lady, from today onward, we are at your beck and call."

    Chen Fan then spent some time teaching Yu Wenjin how to manipulate the pendant and taught her how to use the Dharma Artifacts to protect herself. He also taught her the Art of Grand Yin Soul Refinement.

    This art was created by a mid-sized Immortal Cultivation sect.

    Although that sect was not well known, it excelled at Grand Yin Cultivation.

    Yu Wenjin listened attentively and practiced the movement of Qi from time to time.

    Yu Wenjin was the most talented among Chen Fan's disciples, thanks to her Arcane Yin body. Chen Fan wagered that Yu Wenjin was only one who possibly could one day leave the earth with him when he finally embarks on the journey of cultivation.

    When Yukishiro Sa finally arrived in Myanmar, Chen Fan had just finished his business in Myanmar and was ready to leave.

    "Master, are we going to Malaysia this time?"

    Yukishiro Sa asked in surprise.

    "Yes. If we are able to locate a Spirit Land, I would gain another level of attainment in my cultivation."

    Chen Fan said calmly.

    One of his goals in his adventure outside of China was to seek another Grotto-heaven. Therefore, Chen Fan couldn't wait to get into the Cave Abode of the Earth Level Deity almost as soon as he heard of it. The more powerful he got, the more the lack of Spirit Qi chafed against his mind. Without finding any new sources of Spirit Qi, Chen Fan wouldn't reach the Connate Spirit level for another five years.

    As Chen Fan boarded the airplane to Malaysia, many cultivators also came out of their seclusions.

    Hong Sect headquarters in the southern Pacific Ocean…

    The disciples of the Hong Sect were bustling around when they heard a jarring piercing howl. They turned toward the sound and saw a shaft of white light land out from the top of a mountain, threatening to pierce open the sky.

    Inside the white light was a vague outline of an old man, with white hair and white beard

    "It is…"

    The sect master was stunned by the sight and didn't even notice that he had dropped his pen.

    "Ancestral Patriarch has finally come out of his seclusion?"


    The white energy suddenly changed course and dived down, trailing a streak of white mist behind. The old man rammed through the glasses of a building and appeared right in front of the Hong Sect's sect master. The Sect Master dropped his knees and kowtowed.

    "Nice to meet you, Ancestral Patriarch! I am your unworthy heir, Hong Qianfan."

    "You may rise. You have managed the sect well in my absence all these years." The Hong Sect's Ancestral Patriarch's was shrouded by a patch of white mist, revealing only part of the old man's expression in fits and starts.

    "I am truly unworthy. Hong Sect's prowess and fame had diminished under my management. Brother Lei was many other underbosses who were dead under my watch. Every time I think about it, I feel deeply guilty for my incompetence."

    Hong Qianfan kelt on the ground, tears welled in his eyes.

    "This is not your fault. Chen Beixuan even killed Grand Magus God, you are definitely no match against them. I am impressed that you have been able to hold out against them for so long." The Ancestral Patriarch said.

    "Ancestral Patriarch, may I ask why did you come out of your seclusion?" Hong Qianfan hazarded.

    "The array guarding the Earth Level Deity was about to weaken. Brother Lin had invited me to join him to crack open the Immortal Abode." Ancestral Patriarch linked his hands behind his back and continued.

    "And we will do away with Chen Beixuan while we are at it."

    Even as the Ancestral Patriarch of Hong Sect spoke, crackling energy shot out from the Ancestral Patriarch's eyes.

    Hong Qianfan kowtowed in elation.

    Singapore was a Southeast Asian city founded by Chinese people in exodus. Despite its small population, it controlled the strategic location of the Malacca Strait and was once lauded as one of the Four Asian Tigers. It was also called the Lion City.

    Those who knew the lay of the land in Singapore would know that the center of power in Singapore was not the president's residence, instead, it was inside an old ancestral shrine in the middle of downtown.

    The Dragon Hall!

    It was one of the three sects in China along with the Green Gang and the Hong Sect.

    The Green Gang was no more and the Hong Sect had run far from China, but the Dragon Hall had planted their roots down in Southeast Asia and played a key role in the founding of Singapore.

    It was a usual day and like every other day, the Hall Master was inside the Ancestral Shrine, paying tribute to the ancestors. The Dragon Hall had recently moved its headquarters out of the ancestral shrine to a skyscraper called Dragon Plaza. However, this Ancestral Shrine still held symbolic meaning in the hearts of all Dragon Hall members.

    Trees and bushes dotted the large empty courtyard and except for a handful of servants, most people had moved out of here.

    As soon as the Hall Master entered the ancestral shrine, he noticed a wash of azure light in the middle of the courtyard. It was a man standing with his hands linked behind his back, looking directly at the entrance.


    The Dragon Hall Master shivered and then dropped his knees.

    "I am the twelfth Hall Master of the Dragon Hall. I welcome you, your honorable Dragon Lord. I wish that you live a long and prosperous life."

    "So there had been eleven Hall Masters before you already?"

    After a while, the man in the wash of azure glow heaved a sigh and said.

    "Dragon Lord, are you here to bring Chen Beixuan to justice?" The Hall Master asked cautiously.

    "I have made a promise to someone, that's all." The man said lightly.

    "Dragon Hall and the Lin Family were allies for as long as I can remember. Grand Magus God was killed by Chen Beixuan for a woman. I can't sit around and watch my old friends fall one after another."

    He spoke with an even tone, but his words had an icy quality to it.

    Meanwhile, a clear whistle shot through the sky above the Lin Family of Southeastern China.

    The Lin Family Lord and many other Martial arts grandmasters watched in surprise as a gate that had been sealed for decades swung open and a middle-aged man emerged from within.

    The man was wearing a plain shirt with a long sword strapped on his back. His appearance was refined and scholarly. However, there was sparking energy inside of his eyes.

    The Lin Family Lord and the people around him were shocked after seeing the middle-aged man.

    "I swear I will end Chen Beixuan's life"

    The man said in a booming voice as he unsheathed his blade.

    Meanwhile, Chen Fan was clueless about the implication of the Death of the Grand Magus God and arrived at Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia with Yukishiro Sa.

    He planned to stay here for the night and look for a guide before he heads toward the Island of Borneo. Island of Borneo was huge and it might be difficult to find a Cave Abode without a local guide.