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Chapter 503 - The Earth Level Deitys Treasure

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Myanmar was a small nation.

    Dragging economic growth, outdated military equipment, a large population living under the poverty line were a few things among many that made Than Sein much less confident than the leaders of Japan or Russia.

    Even though Russia was forced to sign a truce with Chen Fan, the leader of Russia didn't have to put away their dignity and beg for it as the Leaders of Myanmar would. Myanmar's president stood fearfully outside of the Hotel, scarcely daring to even enter without permission.

    "Let them in."

    Chen Fan said offhandedly.

    Chen Fan's assuredness deeply impressed the seven boys and girls. Although Chen Fan had displayed his mighty strength by bringing down the Dark Witch Sect, it didn't translate to the same level of power as to be able to command the president with such casualness.

    A flicker of light flashed in John's eyes.

    However, insignificant Myanmar was on the world stage, its president, Than Sein, controlled a population in the tens of millions. John was from a wealthy country, but none of the family clan in his country could have rivaled Than Sein.

    "It is such an honor to meet you, my Lord."

    Than Sein bowed deeply as soon as he came in.

    The generals and government officials stood behind him fearfully, worried that Chen Fan was going to kill all of them on a whim. However, they had to come since the military force was no longer an option.

    "You may rise."

    Chen Fan lolled in a chair and nodded.

    Than Sein heaped smiles on his face and shuffled closer to Chen Fan

    "I am here after the Dark Witch Sect, not Myanmar. But why did you try to stop me and block my way with your military?"

    Chen Fan asked in an even voice.

    Than Sein was suddenly overtaken by fear, so he hurried to take a bow and said:

    "My lord, I was under the Dark Witch Sect's control. They pinned Myanmar under their thumb for over a decade and the government was riddled with their confidants. I have no choice but to obey the Ancestral Patriarch."

    Than Sein quickly threw the Dark Witch Sect and the Grand Magus God under the bus.


    Chen Fan cracked a smile.

    The Dark Witch Sect was indeed powerful, but that shouldn't amount to the complete capitulation of the president of the nation. However, Chen Fan didn't want to waste his energy on Than Sein from the outset, and he only questioned Than Sein as a warning.

    "My lord, I am willing to take out one-tenth of my country's wealth as compensation." Than Sein said after gritting her teeth.

    "There is no need."

    Chen Fan shook his head.

    Myanmar's annual GDP was only a dozen billion dollars. Ten percent of that might be a large sum of money for Than Sein, but it was peanuts to Chen Fan.

    Chen Fan couldn't think of anything that he wanted to take from this country.

    "Then what do you want?"

    Than Sein's face paled as his mind raced. He wondered if Chen Fan was going to kill him.

    Suddenly, a man who had been standing behind Than Sein stepped forward and knelt on the ground: "My name is Hu Shipan. I used to be the second senior elder of the Dark Witch Sect. I wish you to live long and prosper."

    The man who spoke up was Lord Hu.

    "I killed the Grand Magus God and wiped out your sect, aren't you afraid of me?" Chen Fan let out a half-smile.

    "Immortal Master, I know that I can't run away from you, so I thought that I might as well come to see you in person. Plus, you will need my help to manage such a huge fortune you have just earned." Hu Shipan straightened his back and replied.

    "What fortune?"

    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes.

    "The Dark Witch Sect and Myanmar."

    Hu Shipan said firmly.

    Although Lord Hu and spoke Chinese with Chen Fan, Than Sein had guessed what they were talking about. His face darkened when he heard the word "Myanmar."

    "Immortal Master Chen, members of the Dark Witch Sect had infiltrated throughout the government system. So even though you have killed our leader, the Grand Magus God, the nation is still under our firm control."

    Hu Shipan went on.

    "Myanmar was not a powerful nation, but it is a nation nonetheless. You could be revered as a god in Myanmar and became more powerful than a monarch."

    Chen Fan conceded that Hu Shipan's offer was tempting for most mortals

    Myanmar's land was three times larger than the Jiang Nan Province. It also has a huge capital resource. If it was properly managed, it could be as powerful and advanced as Korea if not Japan.

    However, Chen Fan used to lord over the entire universe, so he was not interested in the offer at all.

    "I don't think I want that. Now, I will give you another chance to give me a reason for not killing you." Chen Fan shook his head and said with an impassive voice.


    Hu Shipan was taken aback.

    He had never thought that Chen Fan was untempted by such an attractive lure.

    "um… um…"Hu Shipan stammered as his mind raced. Even as Chen Fan's patience was about to run thin, Hu Shipan spoke out again.

    "Immortal Master! I knew something else… treasures of an Earth Level Deity"


    Chen Fan was going to end his life, but the new information piqued his interest and brought him back to his seat.

    "I am listening."


    Hu Shipan wiped the cold sweat off of his forehead and said in a trembling voice:

    "I have heard of it in passing from Ancestral Patriarch. He mentioned a Cave Abode used by an Earth Level Diety a thousand years ago,"

    "Ancestral Patriarch said that he had stumbled upon the place a few decades ago. The Earth Level Deity who used to take residence in the Abode had long since perished, but he left many treasures behind. However, the cave abode was guarded by many array formations, and Ancestral Patriarch had been working on disarming these array formations for decades but to no avail. "

    "A few months ago, the Lin Family of Southeastern China had visited us. They had offered a way to open up the gates to the treasures as a token of goodwill for forming an alliance with them. The Ancestral Patriarch must have seen the possibility of defeating Ye Qincang once the gate was opened, and therefore, he started to look for more Vessels of the Arcane Yin Energy to complete his Art of Seven Malice Divine Soul."

    Hu Shipan stammered and finally finished his sentences.

    "A place where an Earth Level Deity used to live?"

    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes as a flicker of excitement flashed across his face.

    The Earth Level Deity's Dharma Treasures was useless to Chen Fan since he could create Dharma Artifacts ten times more powerful than that.

    However, the remnant of an Earth Level Deity was a precious ingredient in many elixirs.

    In addition, Chen Fan wagered that the cave abode must be a Spirit Land since an Earth Level Deity had taken residence there.

    Ever since Chen Fan reached the Divine Sea level, even the Green Dragon Grand Array couldn't provide sufficient Spirit Qi for Chen Fan. Therefore, seeking another source of Spirit Qi was his top priority.

    "Are you telling the truth?"

    Chen Fan shot two rays of azure light out from his eyes into the Hu Shipan's boy.

    "It's true. I swear!"

    Hu Shipan gritted his teeth and shouted.

    "Very well. Tell me where it is, and I will not only spare your life but also make you the Sect Master of the Dark Witch Sect. I will make the Dark Witch Sect part of my North Qiong Sect, and call it the Dark Witch Chapter."

    Chen Fan nodded after he had determined using his Soul Energy that Hu Shipan was not lying.

    "Thank you, Immortal Master!"

    Hu Shipan trembled in fear and shouted: "From today onward, the Dark Witch Sect and Myanmar would be in your service. Myanmar's military will be at your beckoning call, ready to defend your honor."

    The listeners were stunned.

    Did Chen Fan just become the lord of a nation?

    Than Sein looked disappointed but he dared not to protest.

    Once Hu Shipan became the new Magus Lord of the Dark Witch Chapter, Chen Fan cast spells on the remaining elders and powerful disciples of the sects to ensure their loyalty.

    The Dark Witch Sect had been a force to be reckoned with, therefore, Chen Fan exercised caution while dealing with them.

    He had created the North Qiong Sect in order to protect his parents. Although there were only four elders left in the Dark Witch Chapter, the addition of the Dark Witch Chapter would be a boost in North Qiong Sect's power.

    Meanwhile, inside the Dark Mountain…

    "It was nice to meet you, Sect master!"

    The disciples of the Dark Witch Chapter followed the Grand Elder's lead and knelt before Chen Fan.

    Although the Dark Witch Sect was not the Dark Witch Chapter, the Grand Elder was relieved that they were able to pass down their tradition. Plus, it was not like they could refuse Chen Fan's offer anyway.

    "You may rise."

    Chen Fan in the spot for the Grand Magus, beside him, sat Yu Wenjin.

    "The North Qiong Sect was a new sect, but we already have an Elixir Chapter. The Dark Witch Chapter will be the second Chapter. In addition, we have an Immortal State sect guardian. If you serve me well, I might even consider removing the spell on you and teach you real Immortal cultivation arts." Chen Fan said calmly.


    The Grand Elder was elated by the announcement and so he kowtowed to Chen Fan in excitement.

    Grand Magus God had been cultivating for over a hundred years and he had created the Art of Seven Malice Divine Soul. However, he couldn't even take one attack from Chen Fan. It was obvious that Chen Fan was much more powerful than the other members of the Dark Witch Sect.

    "Very well, you may leave now, except for the elders. Remember, the chapter does not allow senseless killing. All the vile secret arts you had practiced earlier were also banned."

    Chen Fan waved a dismissal.

    "Yes, Sect Master."

    The disciples answered and then walked away, leaving the elders alone with Chen Fan.

    "Tell me now, where is the secret treasure of the Earth Level Deity?" Chen Fan asked.

    "The Earth Level Deity's treasure?" The elders looked at each other in fear and in the end, the Grand Elder finally disclosed the location reluctantly.


    Chen Fan furrowed brows and was taken aback.