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Chapter 502 - The Excited Interne

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 502: The Excited Internet

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    The video recorded the same scene as many other people did: a wash of azure light flying up into the sky and seemingly in combat against a plume of dark smoke.

    When the camera was zoomed out, it still looked like a sighting of some unknown military weapons.

    However, unlike Wegener and many other tourists, the BBC journalist carried professional cameras that can shoot many images that were clearer than from cell phones. Even without zooming in, the viewer was able to see fireballs and wind blades.

    Once the camera zoomed in, the viewers could clearly see the outlines of two men in the azure glow and the dark smoke.

    "I am a journalist from the BBC, Amy Grafico. I swore that the footage is real."

    Amy typed a line of comments on her Facebook with shaky fingers. She was in her suit in the most luxurious hotel in Naypyitaw.

    She looked out of the window and saw many men in military garb going door to door confiscating tourists' cameras and cellphones. A few useful things broke out because of it.

    "Hurry! Upload Faster!"

    Amy looked back at her Facebook page, checking the progress bar nervously.

    When the first video came out, she received many mocking comments.

    However, mockery in the comments drastically decreased as the second and the third video was posted.

    The third video had the best quality and was the most convincing. It captured the moment when Chen Fan unleashed a ray of golden light from his hand and cracked open the Dark Mountain.

    "Holy shit! What am I watching?"

    Many people who saw the video let out a gasp of cold air.

    Amy's profession and her job at the BBC made her claim much more credulous than that of Wegener. Although the outline of the two men were just two blurry shadows against the grainy background, it had unmistaken human features.

    "It's either a special effect from some award-winning studio, or something really terrifying had happened to our world."

    Someone exclaimed.

    These videos spread all over social media such as Facebook and Twitter, and Amy's personal Facebook page also became viral.

    Ten thousand visitors, twenty thousand, thirty thousand…

    The number of visitors soon reached a hundred thousand and was still surging.

    During the age of social media, information passed around with the speed of light. These videos and images had swept across the globe before the government could put up some measures to contain it.

    "Battle of Super Humans at the Capital of Myanmar!"

    "Gods of The Ancient Civilization Are Real."

    "Biblical Battle Between The Angel and The Devil."

    Most major news outlets could still uphold their professional standards, but the headlines that came out from smaller publishers became increasingly outrageous.

    In a few hours, the news had spread to the entire internet outside of China.

    Meanwhile, in China…

    Ning Jincheng was browsing the Weibo page of his idols when he received a message from his friend in the United States of America.

    "Jincheng, look at this. Sages and Deities are real!"


    Jincheng was dumbfounded.

    As his friend sent him more and more pictures and videos, Ning Jinchen was outright astounded by what he saw.

    "These are footage taken by a journalist from BBC in Myanmar. People tell me that it's a battle between a Myanmar deity and a demon. In the end, the deity even destroyed the demon's lair deep inside the mountain."

    "If you zoom in, you can see a shadow of a man inside that azure glow."

    Ning Jinchen was floored after hearing his friend's explanation. Then he was overtaken by a rush of exhilaration.

    "OMG, this is big news. This is… insane!"

    He quickly copy-and-pasted the images and videos onto his own Weibo page.

    Ning Jinchen was not the only person who had received and posted these images. It wasn't long before the news caught on and became viral.

    In less than a couple of hours, the news topic "Sages In Myanmar" became the most popular topic on Weibo. The number of searches had quickly reached a few hundred thousand in a matter of hours.

    "Are these real images?"

    "They look like special effects. Maybe it's fake."

    "My friend who was touring Myanmar told me that it is real. He said his cellphone and camera have already been confiscated by the Myanmar police."

    The exciting news made many people stay up until midnight, talking and sharing their opinions with other Weibo users. The topic quickly spilled out of the Weibo circle into other Chinese forums and social media platforms.

    "So the sages and deities in legends are real?"

    "It's fake. I don't buy it."

    "I think it's fake too. It looks like special effects."

    The netizens in China quickly divided into two opinion groups and they carried out a heated debate.

    Meanwhile, in the girl's Dorm of Yan Jin University. A group of girls were chit chatting about the news.

    "Fei Fei, look! They said they have seen a deity in Myanmar, and guess what? That deity speaks Chinese."

    An energetic girl with long thin eyebrows and foxy appearance shouted while holding her macbook air.

    "Excuse you, I'm sleeping."

    Xu Rongfei had been on-set shooting a film during the day and by then she was exhausted. She waved a hand lazily and didn't want to continue to carry on the discussion.

    "Humph! Whatever. I will find that sage and prove it to you."

    The girl snorted and then kept scrolling through the Weibo pages.

    Mount Bajin, Zhong Hai..

    "Teacher, do you think the man in the video is Ancestral Master?"

    Cheng Danqin walked to the old man.

    The old man had linked his hands behind his back and was looking into the distance through a glass pane. Even the air that flowed about him had a transcendental quality to it.

    "I wager it's a battle between Lord Master and Grand Magus God. Grand Magus God had been a force to be reckoned with and he was as powerful as our Ancestral Chief. I had never thought that he would be killed by Lord Master."

    Hua Yunfeng said lightly.

    Cheng Danqin lowered her head after she heard the old man's words, trying to hold back the horror in her mind.

    He had made her teacher an Immortal State Cultivator and was able to kill the Immortal state warriors with ease. It finally occurred to her that Chen Beixuan was much more powerful than she had ever thought.

    "Maybe he really is an Earth Level Deity."

    A thought sprouted out in Cheng Danqin's mind.

    Just as the Hua, Lu Family, and the Wu Family kept a close eye on any updates of the event, so too the Chen Family.

    "My grandson is gaining more power by the day."

    Chen Huaian exclaimed as he watched the video posted on social media. Chen Guoguo jumped out of her chair and shouted: ‘My cousin is a sage! Sage!"

    Meanwhile, Chen Ning looked at the video as a light flickered in her eyes in fits and starts.

    However, there was still a large number of people who didn't believe the footage and even those who believed the authenticity of the footage couldn't see Chen Fan's face clearly.

    After all, humankind lived by the limitate of their five senses and they believed that Seeing was believing.

    Meanwhile, the president's residence in Naypyitaw was lit up with lights.

    The leaders of the nation, as well as the top generals, gathered in a room for a meeting.

    Everyone looked to the supreme leader of Myanmar, Than Sein for his directives.

    Than Sein's face was calm, but gloomy at the same time. He asked one of the meeting attendees.

    "Is… is he still inside the Dark Mountain?"

    "Mr. President. He has gone straight to the Hotel Shangri-La after he rescued his companions out of the Dark Mountain. We didn't get close to the hotel, but we are monitoring from a distance."

    The head of the Intelligence Department answered under his breath.

    "very well!"

    Than Sein gritted his teeth and rose to his feet. "Everyone, please follow me to Hotel Shangri-La. I am going to pay tribute to that mighty lord."


    The generals and government officials looked at each other fearfully.

    However, in the end, they rose to their feet reluctantly.

    A large convoy rolled out from the president's residence and headed toward Hotel Shangri-La. A column of armored vehicles cleared the road and a few tanks brought up the rear.

    Meanwhile, inside Hotel Shangri-La…

    Chen Fan was looking at seven curious faces.

    "Are you Wenjin's friend? My name is Andy, I'm from America. I am Wenjin's friend as well, so you know… we have something in common. What is your name? How old are you?"

    The dark-haired girl gawked at Chen Fan, her eyes were filled with infatuation.

    Chen Fan didn't offer a reply. He turned around to look at Yu Wenjin.

    Yu Wenjin covered her mouth as she giggled.

    "Mister, you are my savior. I and the Evans family will never forget your kindness."

    The blond called John said courteously to Chen Fan.

    "I am here to save only Yu Wenjin. I don't really care about any of you. We will leave tomorrow." Chen Fan waved a hand of dismissing.

    Although these seven men and women were scouted out by the Grand Magus God for their unusual talents for cultivation, they were nobody to Chen Fan.

    Even as Andy felt disappointed, she heard a respectful greeting coming in from outside.

    "Mr. President and other leaders of the nation want to welcome you in person. They are waiting for you downstairs by the entrance"

    Everyone looked out of the window and saw a group of men in suits standing in the cold wind with a great measure of deference. It looked as if they were a group of pupils waiting for their principal.