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Chapter 500 - The World Was Shocked

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 500: The World Was Shocked

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    The major nations of the world had caught a whiff of the flash-point in Myanmar as soon as Chen Fan was through the border.

    "Chen Beixuan attacked Myanmar? Why?"

    "We have no idea. But our men are trying to figure out."

    "The embassy just sent in a report, saying Myanmar had mobilized their national guard. We still don't know what is going on, and I apologize. Myanmar is one of the least developed nations in the world, and therefore we didn't spend too many resources over there."

    Emergency meetings were called in most powerful nations such as Russia, France, England, China, and the USA. However, they hadn't given nearly as much attention to the conflict as they did to Chen Fan's conflicts with Japan and Russia.

    This was mainly because of Myanmar's insignificant clout on the world stage. The nation's GDP was so abysmal that any tycoon on the Forbes Top Ten Rich List could have bought the country with their own money.

    Therefore, no one expected the conflict would transpire into something significant.

    However, the reports that came in had taken everyone by surprise.

    "Chen Beixuan defeated Myanmar's National Guard and is heading towards Myanmar's capital?"

    "Mr. Minister, this has proven me correct. As I had told you many times, that conventional armed military was no use against Chen Beixuan."

    "I request the National Defense Department to come up with a new plan for dealing with Chen Beixuan. This time is Myanmar, but next time it could be us. We need to prepare ahead of time."

    The nations around the world were shaken to the core.

    The National Defense Department of many countries worked round the clock to reevaluate their plans.

    Budgets were quickly adjusted based on the new evaluations and research into new high-tech weapons were put on the front burner. Many elite special forces were also being created to deal with the potential crisis.

    Meanwhile, the Dark World was seething with excitement and elation.

    "War of Gods! This is a war of gods!"

    "There hasn't been a battle like this ever since WW2! The Immortal Level Overlords have been staying low and hiding behind the curtain for nearly five decades."

    "Chen Beixuan really lives up to his reputation. I don't think any ordinary Immortal Level Overlord could hold out against him. He defeated Grand Magus God, who was ranked top fifteen on the Divine Roll many years ago."

    Many people posted their excitement on the CIA's private server.

    Chen Fan had proved himself once again. This time, he killed a veteran Immortal State Warrior in public. He never ceased to surprise everyone.

    Immortal State Warriors were truly mighty figures who could control the politics of a nation behind the curtain. They were often revered as gods. Their only threat in the world was powerful nations such as the United States of America. Therefore, his death in the hands of Chen Fan had pulled the rug from under everyone.

    "Look, someone had uploaded a video record."

    Someone put in.

    "What? There is a video?"

    Everyone was shocked since there had been scarcely any videos of Chen Fan in action.

    Most video records of Chen Fan were locked up in the Intelligence Department of superpowers. However, there were tens of thousands of people who had seen the battle unfold, and many had recorded what they saw.

    As the forum users scrolled through the list of topics, they finally found the one containing the video clip.

    This video was shot by a professional who was able to hold the camera steady. From time to time, viewers would hear gasps and exclamations from the person who shot the video.

    In the video, the two combatants, one surrounded by a wash of azure light and the other by a plume of dark smoke crashed into each other.

    The camera was far away from the action and the night was about to fall, so it was difficult to see exactly what was going on inside the mix of azure light and the dark smoke. However, the image was clear enough for people to make out the outlines of two men. The battle lasted about three minutes and ended with a blinding flash of golden light.

    "I have seen this light before. Chen Beixuan had used it to strike down the F-15 while he was in Japan."

    Someone commented.

    The rest of the people were still gripped by awe and fear.

    "Everything happened so fast. This must be the shortest battle between two Immortal State Warriors. Chen Beixuan seemed to have ended the battle with a few simple moves and one final blow."

    Another person put in.

    "The fight ended faster than that of two ordinary people. I have checked the record, most War of Gods lasted at least a few hours. The battle between Ye Qincang and Ancestral Patriarch of Green Gang lasted three days. Could Chen Beixuan finish off the other Immortal Level Overlords as quickly as he did to Grand Magus God?" Someone asked.

    Meanwhile, many people had posted their claim that even if the CIA relisted all the other Immortal State Warriors on the Divine Roll, Chen Beixuan would still be number one.

    However, many people also disagreed with such a claim. Most top-ranked Immortal State Warriors had the ability to strike down other Immortal State Warriors. They argued that Chen Fan's superior speed in executing Immortal State Warriors should not have amounted to his superior power.

    Even as everyone deliberated on that topic, The Observer posted a new thread that title: "Detailed Analysis of The War Of Gods —One Move at a Time"

    In his post, The Observer had analyzed the video frame by frame.

    "At the beginning of the video, we saw both combatants were able to fly a few hundred meters above the ground."

    "It is worth mentioning that most Immortal State Overlords are able to remain airborne temporarily. That was the main reason that we call them ‘Immortal'. "

    "The Grand Magus God's opening move was the infamous ‘Dark Malice Qi Yin Poison Palm'. However, the attack was countered by Chen Beixuan. Chen Beixuan countered it with four different spells, each with a different elemental attribute. They are fire, wind, earth, and thunder. The Thunder Art was particularly deadly and as we can see that it obliterated the Grand Magus God's body. This tells us that Chen Beixuan's Dharma Spells are as powerful as his physical attacks."

    As The Observer went on, the listeners were shocked beyond belief.

    Without a detailed analysis, most people only had a vague idea of Chen Fan's immeasurable power. However, after the detailed analysis, the fight became much more vivid and so did Chen Fan's overwhelming power.

    "OMG! I have always thought Chen Beixuan was only a Physique Refinement class fighter."

    "But look at him. He has unleashed Dharma Spells with such ease and such efficiency! He is practically a Dharma Spells machine! His final attack with the Thunder Art was so deadly that I don't think anyone could have survived that."

    "If it was me facing him, I would already be dead after the first wave of wind blades."

    Many people exclaimed.

    Many more posted their replies to urge The Observer to post more.

    "Mr. Observer, we request an update. Show us the rest of the battle."

    The Observer obliged and updated part-two of his analysis.

    "The battle entered phase two when Grand Magus God used Soul Projection to escape death."

    "For those who don't know, the Immortal Level Overlords are able to project their souls out of their body. The Overlords from China were particularly good at it. Therefore, most spell casters couldn't be killed by destroying their bodies."

    "The Grand Magus God's Divine Soul transformed into seven Illusion Forms. I looked up the records on my end and this is an ancient art called Art of Seven Malice Divine Soul. It apparently was one of the most difficult arts to accomplish, and so far, only a couple of individuals have pulled it off. It allowed the Grand Magus God to store part of his Divine Soul in each of the seven Illusion Forms. He wouldn't be killed unless all seven illusion forms are destroyed at once."

    "Then we see Chen Beixuan's countermeasure: his famous Hyper-sonic Punch. I have calculated his speed and found out that he had reached twice the speed of sound."

    The Observer then listed his evidence below the post.

    The striking discovery makes the viewers let out a gasp of cold air.

    The Grand Magus God's Art of Seven Malice Divine Soul sounded like the stuff of nightmares.

    It can create seven copies of the Divine Souls, practically increasing the strength and survivability seven times. However, Chen Fan had outdone his opponent by reaching an unimaginable speed that was two times faster than sound.

    His speed was on par with the fastest fighter jet in the world: the f-22 raptor

    "It required extraordinary Physique Refinement attainment to reach the speed of sound, much less becoming two times faster than that. No wonder the Russian's couldn't even harm him with field cannons."

    Someone exclaimed.

    "That's not what scared me. Didn't anyone notice how fast his power has been growing?" Someone asked.

    "Three years ago, he defeated Lei Qianjue, but it took him a while to achieve victory. But by now, he could kill Lei Qianjue ten times in one blow."

    Everyone who saw this post felt the weight of the events on their minds.

    This incident had attracted attention from all sects and factions.

    "Chen Beixuan is growing stronger by the day."

    Director Xiao heaved a sigh.

    White Tiger and Black Tortoise looked at each other in shock.

    Chen Fan had never ceased to surprise them. He had barged into Myanmar, defeated their National Guard, and killed an Immortal State Warrior right in their capital.

    Red Sparrow looked down and grew quiet.

    She had to come to terms with the fact that Chen Fan was indeed as powerful as Ye Qincang, if not more so.

    "Sect Leader, what should we do?"

    Olga's face paled after she watched the video that showed the golden blade destroying the Grand Magus God.

    The other Underbosses' faces darkened, and dared not to say a word. If Chen Fan was able to kill an Immortal State Warrior, what chance do they have surviving such a fight?

    "Ancestral Patriarch is dealing with it now. Let's just wait."

    The Hong Sect leader said as a hint of regret flashed in his eyes.

    If he could choose again, he would never have messed with Chen Fan.

    He truly was the devil reincarnate.

    Meanwhile, the Lin Family, Wu Family, Hua Family, and the entire Martial Arts community both in Japan and China had focused their attention on this development.

    Although Chen Fan had defeated much stronger enemies before, such as the Russian Infantry Division 116, the sheer amount of eye-witnesses meant this event would have a much more significant impact. The Myanmar government tried to cover up the story but failed.

    The world was shocked once the news hit the internet.