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Chapter 499 - The Downfall of The Dark Witch Sec

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     That was the Grand Magus God!

    He had controlled Myanmar for decades and exerted his influence all over Southeast Asia. He commanded more authority than an emperor, yet he was killed by Chen Fan with one strike?

    Than Sein's fear was shared by many Myanmar officials. They trembled uncontrollably as the reality set in.

    Meanwhile, Master Hu also turned into a frozen statue and stammered.

    "This… this is im… impossible… Ancestral Pa… patriarch is not easily… de… defeated."

    When the Seven Malice Primordial Essence was used by seven Illusion forms at once, it was powerful enough to kill any Immortal State Warriors. Therefore, Grand Magus God was considered an elite even among the Immortal State Warriors.

    However, Chen Fan was much more powerful than him.

    The Sword Secret was created by the Exalted Cultivator. It was a much more powerful artifact than the seven Magus Artifacts. It was further refined by the Chen Fan and therefore it was able to easily strike down the fighter jets in Japan.

    However powerful Grand Magus God was, he couldn't withstand an attack from Chen Fan's flying sword.


    The six illusion forms were shattered, but the Grand Magus God's Divine Soul had escaped death by the breadth of a hair thanks to the Dark Malice Armor. However, he was gravely wounded and had no choice but to run away. He transformed into a plume of Dark Malice Qi and flew away. Even as he turned on his heels, he shouted at the top of his lungs.

    "Chen Beixuan, I will make you pay. I promise!"

    "You won't get away!"

    Chen Fan linked his hand behind his back and remained afloat motionlessly in the air. The Azure light formed a nimbus around him, making him look like a God


    At Chen Fan's behest, the golden sword darted out and broke the hypersonic barrier as it plummeted into the Grand Magus God. Sensing that he couldn't escape the killing blow, Grand Magus God knelt down and begged for his life, however, the flying sword didn't slow down even a little.


    The last bit of Grand Magus God's Divine Soul was hacked into two by the flying sword. The sharp blade shredded the dark energy into thin strands of Dark Malice Qi that quickly disappeared into thin air.

    The Grand Magus God was finally killed.

    The nation of Myanmar was pinned under his thumb for more than ten years, and finally, they were freed.

    This incredible feat of Chen Fan was witnessed by countless citizens of Myanmar.

    Meanwhile, in the courtyard…

    The old man wearing plain clothes heaved a sigh and said:

    "He killed an Immortal State Warrior. Ever since Ye Qincang killed the Ancestral Patriarch of Hua Family, this is the first time I have seen the downfall of another Immortal State Warrior."

    His Grandson listened but was not sure what his grandpa was talking about.

    Chen Fan had killed Galdan, but Adam was the only witness and many people had brushed off his claim. However, hundreds of thousands of people had seen Chen Fan's incredible battle against the Grand Magus God. The world is going to be shocked after learning what had happened.

    The outcome of the battle would make Chen Fan one of the most powerful Immortal State Warriors in the world, a worthy rival to some of the strongest fighters on this planet.

    Meanwhile, the streets of Naypyitaw were awash with a celebratory air. Many sects and factions that had been living under the oppression of the Dark Witch Sect rushed to the streets and celebrated. Many journalists pointed their cameras at Chen Fan in the sky, taking as many pictures as they could.

    However, the mood was quite different in the President's residence.

    Than Sein, the military officers and Lord Hu were all turned into frozen statues and couldn't speak a word.

    Lord Hu still had a sliver of hope to hang on to when he saw the Grand Magus God was able to escape the deadly attack. However, Chen Fan's follow up attack that subsequently killed the Grand Magus God was the final nail on the coffin.

    "This is impossible… impossible."

    "Sigh… Myanmar is going to see some big changes. "

    Than Sein heaved a sigh of resignation.

    Many generals and Myanmar leaders nodded in agreement as they stared blankly into the distance.

    Meanwhile, Chen Fan had found the remains of the Earth Magus Tripod Cauldron and other Dharma Artifacts on the ground. He then flew to the top of the Dark Mountain, turning into a streak of azure light

    "Hand over Yu Wenjin, or die."

    Chen Fan's powerful Divine Will swept across the mountain and terrified the disciples and elders of the sect.

    "Hurry! Start the Mountain Defensive Array. We can't let him get in."

    Although Grand Magus God was dead, there were still five Perfected Cultivators left to lead the sect.

    The Grand Elder shouted a command at the disciples.


    Led by the five perfected cultivators, hundreds of Dao-Reaching Level disciples channeled their energy into the Mountain Defensive Array and initiated it. Suddenly, a large plume of dark cloud billowed up from the mountain.

    Looking from the distance, it was as if the mountain was covered by a dark blanket.

    "Seven Malice Poison Array!"

    The Great Magus had invented this array and cast one to protect the base of his operation. This array draws energy directly from the volcano and transforms them into a protective screen.

    More and more darker clouds rose from underground.

    These dark clouds converged and formed a thick poisonous blanket over the mountain. It was deadly enough to kill an elephant and hot enough to vaporize cold water in an instant.

    Such was the deadliness of the Dark Malice Qi.

    "How pathetic. Didn't you see me destroy the seven Magus Artifacts? What makes you think a Dark Malice Qi Screen can protect you?"

    Chen Fan cracked a smile as an azure light danced in his eyes.

    "You have chosen death yourself, so don't blame it on me."

    Then he tapped the yellow gourd and shouted under his breath:


    The Sword of Essence Restoring turned into a golden streak of light and shot out from the gourd. The small blade hummed inside the glow, eager to lash out on Chen Fan's mark.


    Chen Fan shouted again and spat azure True Essence onto the blade.

    The Sword of Essence Restoring vibrated even more vigorously and darted out. The trail of golden light behind the blade was over thirty meters long.


    Chen Fan took a step forward and started the art.

    The flying sword suddenly changed course and bore down onto the mountain.

    Many people were stunned by the development. Golden Light spilled from the body of the Sword of Essence Restoring as it pierced into the Seven Malice Poison Array. There was divine righteousness to the execution of the attack as if it was a punishment from God.


    A deep grumble shot through the mountain.

    The Dark Malice Qi that shrouded over the mountain shivered and then cracked at the top. Blood spilled out from the mouths of many Perfected Cultivators who had their True Qi connected to the array.

    The Grand Elder contorted his face in fear and shouted: "We must keep the Dharma Array up and not let him come in. Our sect's survival is at stake!"


    The disciples nodded.

    Seeing his first strike couldn't bring down the defense, Chen Fan doubled down on his attack and started the Art of Flying Sword again.

    The golden ray of light suddenly increased in length and reached forty meters.

    It was as tall as a ten-story building.

    Chen Fan formed a few hand signs and grunted a command.

    "Blade, arise!"


    The Blade Aura around the blade was so deadly that it could obliterate a skyscraper with ease. Under everyone's unbelieving eyes, the Dark Malice Qi flickered a little and then cracked open from the middle. The crack was fifty meters in length and through it, people could see the base of the Dark Witch Sect.

    "Puhh!" "Puhh!"

    A few hundred Dao-Reaching Level disciples including a couple of Perfected Cultivators all dropped to the ground, gravely injured by the attack.

    "Hold on, hold on! He is fighting against the Power of Heaven and Earth alone. He must be exhausted now. There is no way he could attack us again."

    Before the Grand Elder could finish his words, a clear voice drifted down from the sky

    "The third attack!"


    The power and might of the third attack was beyond words.

    The sleeves of Chen Fan's clothes puffed up and flapped against the ripples of energy that came up around him. Azure light spilled out from his eyes as he charged up the True Essence inside of him.

    The golden Blade Aura surged in length and grew to fifty meters long before Chen Fan hacked the blade down. As the sword churned the clouds in the sky and bore down on the mountain, the people who had been watching the fight were convinced that the attack was going to crack open the mountain.


    The attack shattered the Seven Malice Poison Array with ease.

    The dark smoke that shrouded the mountain cracked open and then fell apart.

    As the dark energy shield was shattered, the Dark Malice Qi lost its solidity and became shapeless smokes that quickly dispersed. When the sword finally landed on the Dark Mountain, it created a crack that extended a few dozen meters down into the belly of the mountain.

    The attack had gravely injured all the disciples and elders of the Dark Witch Sect.

    Blood was forced out of their mouths as they collapsed to the ground, some were already dead the moment Chen Fan's blow landed on the Dharmic Array. Two of the five Perfected Cultivators had taken the brunt of the force and died instantly of a brutal death as their bodies exploded into pieces.

    "Are we… are we defeated?"

    Grand Elder sat on the ground as blood welled in his eyes and ears. However, he didn't seem to notice his injury. He stared blankly at a wall and tried to come to terms with reality.

    "He defeated a nation, killed an Immortal State Warrior, and hacked open a mountain. If the news got out, it is going to stun the world. I think only the superpowers among the nations, and the other elite Immortal State Warriors would face him now."

    The old man wearing a plain outfit lamented.

    All the other people who had seen Chen Fan's unimaginable ability to hack open a mountain were too stunned to say a word.

    The citizens of Naypyitaw, the leaders of Myanmar and many disciples of the Dark Witch Sect looked to the sky in fear. They watched as Chen Fan slowly descended into the belly of the mountain through the large crack.

    The linked his hands behind his back, a loose fold of his shirt flapped against the wind as he descended from the sky.

    Those seven young men and girls looked at Chen Fan with infatuation and admiration.

    "He… he is my prince charming."

    The girl with black hair said. She was almost drooling.

    Yu Wenjin let out a warm smile, but she had remained calm. She fixed her soft and tender gaze on Chen Fan and hoped that he would never be out of her sight again.

    2010, May 30th. Chen Beixuan had brought Myanmar to heel and slaughtered the Dark Witch Sect.

    The world was shocked by the development.

    As more and more journalists reported on it, the public around the world heard Chen Fan's name for the first time.