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Chapter 498 - Killing a God With One Slash of the Sword

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 498: Killing a God With One Slash of the Sword

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    When Chen Fan's fist reached the end of its course, even the Four True Righteousness Wind that had been blowing ceaselessly across the battlefield stopped cold in its track.

    The dark smoke moved to form a frown on the Illusion Forms of the Grand Magus God. Then the seven illusion forms shouted at once in a high pitch voice:

    "Chen Beixuan, I know you defeated Galdan and Snowwolf King using the hypersonic technique. But I am not an idiot like those stinky dogs! You have no idea how powerful my Art of Seven Malice Divine Soul is."

    "Is that so?"

    Chen Fan replied and then his body flickered a little as he pulled back his fist.

    The ordinary people watching the battle didn't even see Chen Fan move. However, they suddenly heard a jarring metallic sound piercing through the sky that reverberated across the land.

    Then and only then, did the citizens of Naypyitaw see a streak of white appear in the sky and extended its length toward the billowing dark smoke with incredible speed. The whiteness was made out of compressed air formed during hypersonic travel, and Chen Fan had covered a few hundred-meter distances in a blink.


    The tip of the white streak drove into one of the seven Divine Souls and shattered it into countless small strands of dark smoke that quickly disappeared. As soon Chen Fan had finished off one of the Illusion forms, he had already flown back to where he was standing.

    Even the Grand Magus God had barely registered Chen Fan's movement. He could only sense Chen Fan's incredible speed through Soul Energy. Chen Fan moved so fast that his movement was nearly undetectable.

    "His speed is at least two times faster than the speed of sound."

    Grand Magus God let out a gasp of cold air.

    It had occurred to him that Chen Fan was much more powerful than the rumors had claimed.

    However, the thought of the Art of Seven Malice Divine Soul soothed Grand Magus God's mind a little and gave him more confidence. He chuckled and said: "Chen Beixuan, I have created these Seven Malice Divine Souls for my battle against Ye Qincang. They are not that easily destroyed."

    Even as he spoke, the shattered dark smoke gathered again and recreated the Illusion Form.

    "Each of the Seven Malice Primordial Essence considered seven different kinds of Malice Qi: Yin Malice, Earth Malice, Poison Malice, Heretic Malice, Fire Malice , Thunder Malice, and the Dark Malice. Each kind of Malice Qi was refined by me using countless vessels for arcane energy. I am only half step away from reaching phenomenal success in this art so unless you can destroy all seven Primordial Essences at the same time, you will never defeat me."

    The seven illusion forms barked at Chen Fan in unison.

    Chen Fan knew that his opponent was not bluffing.

    Each of the Illusion forms had a different color, a sign of the different Malice Qi within them.

    Some were as dark as the abyss, some were crackling with lightning, and some were shrouded in a green mist.

    Chen Fan was slightly impressed by the secret art of the Dark Witch Sect for its ability to combine so many different kinds of Malice Qi together. Each of the seven Illusion Forms was as powerful as a semi-immortal level Divine soul. No wonder the Grand Magus God had even looked down on Galdan.

    "Hehe. Do you call that Primordial Essence? The real Primordial Essence is indestructible and was infinitely more powerful than all seven of the Illusion Forms combined."

    Chen Fan sneered at his opponent derisively.

    As the North Mystic Celestial Lord, he had dominated the Universe and slaughtered countless Soul Formation level cultivators. He would not be fazed by an Immortal State opponent on earth.


    Chen Fan grunted under his breath and broke the hypersonic barrier.

    Such was the terrifying power of his Azure Thearch Longevity Body that he broke the impenetrable sound barrier like tearing a piece of paper. Under everyone's unbelieving eyes, Chen Fan turned into a streak of azure light.

    Suddenly, the azure glow gave birth to six rays of energy that beamed down at his opponent.

    "Bang, bang, bang!"

    Chen Fan had bent the reality and delivered a punch at six different locations at the same time, shattering all six illusion forms at once. When he was about to deliver the killing blow on the last illusion form, the Grand Magus God managed to escape his death within a hair's breadth.

    "Damn! Why is he so powerful?"

    A pang of fear and shock shot through the Grand Magus God's body.

    Not only did Chen Fan break the hypersonic barrier, but he also did it seven times at once. Compounding the seven deadly attacks together, Chen Fan could have obliterated a giant iron robot.

    Worse, Chen Fan didn't even seem tired after delivering the extraordinary attack. It was a sure sign of his incredible Physique Refinement attainment.

    "Almost got you."

    Chen Fan shook his head.

    By then, he could readily break the hypersonic barrier more than seven times. In addition, his speed was also doubled. Therefore, the seven punches were much deadlier than the nine punches he had landed on Oleg.

    Oleg would not be able to heal the wounds from these seven attacks. However, fortunately for the Grand Magus God, one of his Illusion Forms survived, proving himself a much tougher opponent than Oleg.

    However, regardless of how much tougher he was compared to Oleg, he was still too weak for Chen Fan.

    "Where is my Dharma Treasure?"

    Although the Grand Magus God had quickly recreated the other six Illusion Forms, he was still grappling with the fear and shock in his mind. He shouted at his servants in the sect as seven rays of dark energy beamed out from the mountain.

    These seven beams of energy reached Grand Magus God and each became a Dharma Artifact in the Magus God's hands.

    "Spirit Artifact?"

    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes.

    Only Spirit Artifacts could have flown toward their master by themselves and only a Connate Cultivator could have a high enough level of attainment to create a Spirit Artifact. Chen Fan wagered that even if these seven dharma treasures were not Spirit Artifacts, they should be not less powerful.

    "Chen Beixuan, these are the seven Dharma Treasures passed down from my Ancestral Masters. They were all created by Earth Level Deities. This is your last warning. Leave or die!"

    The seven Magus Artifacts lent Grand Magus God great measure of confidence.

    Fire Magus Brazier, Snake Magus Staff, Blood Magus Blade, Dark Magus Armor…

    Each one of the powerful artifacts shone a brilliant luster and formed a sphere of energy around them. It was truly an awe-inspiring sight to behold.

    These spells were all stuff of legends.

    The Earth Magus Tripod Cauldron was also among one of the six Magus Artifacts and it was in the hands of the Earth Malice Illusion Form.

    "I might be wary of you if you were an Earth Level Deity wielding these deadly artifacts, however, your power is a far cry from that. What makes you think I will be scared of your toys?"

    Chen Fan cracked a derisive smile.


    The seven Magus Gods refuted Chen Fan at once.

    They started to channel their energy in the Dharma Artifacts and turned each into a ray of light that shot up into the sky. The lights formed the pattern of the big dipper.

    "It is…"

    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes as he felt the sight familiar. "Is it Seven Malice Poison Array?"

    "Haha, this is the last Seven Malice Poison Array created by Great Magus a few hundred years ago. You must have seen a lesser version of it in the Medicine God Valley Sect. "

    The Grand Magus God guffawed.

    Suddenly, he started the Dharma Artifact as the seven rays of lights converged while increasing brightness. Suddenly, fire exploded in the sky and poison and Dark Malice Qi spread all over.

    In a blink, the land around Chen Fan was desecrated by the Malice Qi.

    Flames spilled out from The Fire Magus Brazier while the Blood Magus Blade flew into the sky, tracing a crimson arch in the air.

    Wherever the Snake Magus Staff pointed at, a heavy green mist rose from the ground and hung in the air. A whiff of this poisonous air would kill an elephant in an instant.

    Earth Magus Tripod Cauldron…

    The seven Spirit Artifacts were used at the same time and unleashed so much energy that the earth trembled as if in an earthquake. These Spirit Artifacts also formed a Dharma Array which connected them to the Power of Heaven and Earth and boosted their effectiveness.,

    Such power could only be unleashed when the Grand Magus God transformed into seven Illusion forms. Otherwise, he could only use one artifact at a time.

    "Bang, bang, bang!"

    Dark smoke and Malice Qi rushed toward Chen Fan from all directions and engulfed him in a heartbeat. The seven current of deadly energy lit up the sky in seven different colors.

    By then, the Azure light emitted from Chen Fan was concealed by a thick blanket of Poison Malice.

    "Chen Beixuan was defeated?"

    The old man wearing plain clothing was taken aback by the development.

    Meanwhile many people in the Naypyitaw who had been anticipating the Dark Witch Sect to lose also heaved a sigh of disappointment.

    However, the air inside the residence of Myanmar's president, the air was celebratory as Than Sein clapped his hands and proclaimed, "Ancestral Patriarch really lives up to his reputation. He was able to crush Chen Beixuan who couldn't be brought down even by ten thousand soldiers."

    "Quite so. The Art of Seven Malice Divine Soul was the most powerful secret art of the Dark Witch Sect. Not even Ye Qincang could have held out against it, much less—"

    Before Lord Hu could finish praising the Magus God, he was cut short by a voice that came down from the sky.


    The booming voice reverberated in the clouds and it was so loud that the listeners thought the sky was about to fall around their ears.

    Then they saw a golden shaft of light shoot out from the dark smoke, penetrating a hole in the mix of fire, poison, blood blades, and Dark Malice Qi.

    "What is that?"

    Lord Hu's face changed and then he exclaimed:

    "Flying sword?"

    The voice also caught the attention of the citizens of Naypyitaw. They looked up into the sky and saw a miraculous sight that they would never forget.

    The golden sword was surrounded by a brilliant golden glow. Once it pierced through the dark smoke, it plummeted right into the Fire Magus Brazier.


    The Spirit Artifact created by a mighty Earth Level Deity was hacked into two by the golden flying sword. The blade also cut through the Fire Malice Illusion form before it flew toward the Snake Magus Staff.

    "Bang, bang, bang!"

    Seven explosions erupted as the flying sword banished the seven Divine Souls and destroyed the Dharma Artifacts in one go.

    The attack had completely shattered six of the seven artifacts and left the Earth Magus Tripod Cauldron intact.

    With only one attack using the flying sword, Chen Fan had killed the Grand Magus God of the Dark Witch Sect.

    Everyone was stunned by the sudden turn of events. They gaped at Chen Fan in silence, trying to understand what had happened.

    "Grand Magus God is… dead?"

    Than Sein stammered.

    There was no reply from anyone as silence fell over the room.