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Chapter 497 - The Battle In the Sky

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     "Hehe, the War between two Gods! Chen Beixuan of China versus the Grand Magus God of Dark Witch Sect. The last time a battle of this scale happened was sixty years ago!"

    In the corner of Naypyitaw, an old man wearing plain clothes looked at the sky with a pair of trembling hands.

    Powerful energy rippled about him, it was evident that he was a Transcendent Grandmaster.

    "Grandpa, what is a war of gods?"

    A boy standing beside the old man asked him, eyes wide open.

    "The so-called war of gods is any battle between two Immortal State Warriors. They could walk on air, soar above the sky and tap into the power of heaven and earth just as gods would. There was one such battle a hundred years ago and it destroyed many cities. From then on, people called it the war of gods."

    The old man patted the boy's head and smiled warmly. "Ever since the rise of Ye Qincang sixty years ago, the world hasn't seen such a battle again."

    Each and every Immortal State warrior wielded extraordinary power that made the subject of worship in the country where they were from.

    Oleg was a Russian general, Ye Qincang was the guardian of China, Watanabe was the Grand Preceptor of Japan and the Grand Magus God controlled the politics of Myanmar. These men had deadly power at their disposal, and they knew it. Therefore, they wouldn't fight against each other unless it was absolutely necessary.

    Not a lot of Immortal State Warriors would start a war in order to save a childhood friend as Chen Fan did.

    Meanwhile, the plume of dark smoke and the shiny azure star rose higher until they were lined up with the moon, parallel to the horizon.

    "Chen Beixuan, you are the living legend of China and I am the Magus God of Myanmar, we have walked separate paths. Why do you kill my disciples and trash my sect wherever you go?"

    Grand Magus God floated a few hundred meters above the ground, unleashing his soul energy from within his system. There was indignation to his voice.

    "One of the innocent people you have captured is my friend. Her name is Yu Wenjin."

    Chen Fan flicked a finger and answered.

    "What? You did all this for a Vessel of the Arcane Yin Energy?"

    The Grand Magus God was shocked beyond belief.

    At his level, nothing, except for exceptionally talented heirs could have piqued his interest. Although Yu Wenjin was a Vessel of Arcane Yin Energy and was talented in cultivation, Grand Magus God could have found a few dozen replacements with ease.

    The Grand Magus God controlled a nation with over a few dozen million population where his words were the bible. He could have found any kind of talent he wanted. Therefore, the Grand Magus God found it difficult to wrap his mind around as to why Chen Fan would care so much about Yu Wenjin.

    "She might be an ordinary girl in your eyes. But to me, she is more important than the entire Dark Witch Sect."

    Chen Fan straightened his back and answered.

    "Very well."

    Grand Magus God cracked a smile and said: "Chen Beixuan, do you really think you are the only Immortal State in the world? Yes, I have heard that you have defeated Galdan, but Galdan was weak. I will show you the real power of Immortal State today."

    Before he finished speaking, he reached out a scrawny hand and closed his fingers.


    Suddenly, a huge palm made out of Dark Malic Qi appeared right above Chen Fan and bore down on him. It carried a strong Four True Righteousness Wind that blew the deadly heatwave outward.

    Dark Malice Qi Yin Poison Palm

    He had used the same attack on his disciples. However, this time, he had committed all of his energy into the attack, making it a few hundred times more powerful than it had been.

    The boundary between Martial arts and Dharma Spells were blurred once the cultivator reached the Immortal State. Each and every movement of the Grand Magus God was fueled by the Power of Heaven and Earth. This palm attack, for example, could easily squash an armored vehicle.


    Chen Fan sneered at the attack and waved a hand.


    A deep rumbling came up in the sky that sounded like stones grinding. A wave of invisible True Essence swept across the land toward the Grand Magus God, threatening to engulf him. Grand Magus God gasped slightly, as he registered overbearing energy coming at him. He exclaimed in his mind.

    "Impossible. He is only twenty years old. How come his True Qi is already so powerful?"


    The True Essence clashed into the Dark Malice Qi. To Grand Magus God's disbelief, the Dark Malice Qi was shattered and the palm lost its corporeal form in an instant.

    Chen Fan had used only his True Essence and countered Grand Magus God's most prized Dharma Spell.

    So powerful was Chen Fan once he had reached the Divine Sea that he could pin almost all Immortal State warriors in the world under his thumb with ease.


    Grand Magus God's gaze grew cold and heavy as he reckoned that Chen Fan would be a much tougher nut to crack. "Ye Qincang was the first one who had made me feel nervous, and you are the second."


    Chen Fan said lightly and then grasped something in the air as he grunted.

    "Wind, arise!"

    Countless Wind blades appeared as if out of nowhere. They converged to form a spinning cyclone as they flew toward the Grand Magus God. Each wind blade was two to three meters long and was sharp enough to sever a steel beam. Chen Fan had also imbued these wind blades with crackling lightning energy, making the attack even more deadly. The tornado picked up some speed and charged at its target like an unstoppable train.


    The Grand Magus God shouted as two beams of green light shot out from his eyes.

    Countless strands of Dark Malice Qi rolled out from under his black robe and they gathered to form a Dark Cloud in the path of Chen Fan's attack.

    "Bang, bang, bang!"

    The Wind blades rammed into the Dark Cloud, trying to carve out a path. However, the dark clouds resisted the attack with a continuous fresh supply of Dark Malice Qi and eventually dulled the wind blades and rendered them useless.

    Grand Magus God had drawn these Dark Malice Qi from the depth of the mountain and had refined it for decades. By then, it could withstand a direct hit from a field cannon and still hold up.

    Chen Fan was unfazed by the setback and started another art.

    "Fire Arise!"


    With an explosion, Chen Fan summoned a few dozen large fireballs. The flames were white in color, and the core temper was so high that it could easily melt metal. The Fireball plummeted into the Dark Malice Qi at Chen Fan's behest.

    "Bang, bang, bang!"

    Each impact would have caused a huge explosion. When the dozen or so fireballs exploded at the same time, half of the dark cloud was lost in the explosion, exposing the face of Grand Magus God.

    "Chen Beixuan, you—"

    Before he had finished his rant, Chen Fan stomped the ground and shouted.

    "Earth, arise!"

    Suddenly, shafts of yellow light shot up from the ground and they converged to form a ball of energy that emitted strong Earth Qi. This ball of energy weighed as much as a semi-truck and Grand Magus God was certain that it could flatten an armored vehicle when dropped from above.


    Grand Magus God's face darkened as he removed his mask, revealing a ghastly gaunt face. Rays of Green energy lanced out from his eyes as he formed a hand sign. Suddenly, seven dark balls the size of marbles shot out from his large sleeve.

    These seven dark balls crashed into the Yellow energy ball and exploded.

    "Kaboom!" "Kaboom!" "Kaboom!"

    Each and every explosion spilled out a large shroud of mist that obscured the sizzling lightning energy in it. Each impact was as forceful and violent as a direct hit from a heavy field cannon. After seven consecutive explosions, the large energy ball finally dissipated.

    "It took me over three years of hard work to create these seven Yin Bombs of Dark Malice Qi. Those are the only ones left in the entire Dark Witch Sect."

    Grand Magus God lamented in his mind, reluctantly accepting the loss of his precious weapon.

    He had thought that the yellow energy ball was Chen Fan's last attack, however, Chen Fan took a step forward and started another Art with a shout.

    "Thunder Arise!"


    With deafening crackling din, a flash of lightning zigzagged across the sky like the bolt wielded by the Greek god Zeus. The lightning suddenly changed its course as Chen Fan suddenly closed his fingers and plummeted toward Grand Magus God.


    The Grand Magus God let out a cry. The lightning strike landed on him before he could put up any extra measure of defense.

    So powerful was the crackling lightning energy that it ripped open seventeen layers of defences, shattered the Four Righteousness Protection Aura, and landed on the Grand Magus God's body.


    A thin strand of dark smoke rose from the point of impact and then there was a momentary flash of an iridescent light that was quickly overpowered by the intense white light of the lightning. A sound that resembled cloth being torn apart came up amidst the blinding whiteness. When everything was over, people noticed that the Grand Magus God was naked and his skin was burned to a crisp. There was a pulsing red wound on his back and chest, the lightning had even seared the flesh under his skin. Inside the open wound was his beating heart.

    Grand Magus God was gravely injured after receiving one blow from Chen Fan.

    "superior-grade Dharma Spells: Thunder Reining Art!"

    Chen Fan linked his hands behind his back and looked impassive as ever.

    Ever since he reached the Divine Sea level, he could defeat any Immortal State warrior using his Dharma Spells alone without tapping into the energy in his Azure Thearch Longevity Body.

    Chen Fan unleashed four dharma spells of different elements in a row: Wind, Fire, Earth and finally Lightning.

    Although Grand Magus God was much more powerful than Galdan, he lacked the same healing ability as Galdan did. Therefore, the wound was permanent and irreversible.

    "That's it?"

    The grandfather and grandson pair gaped at the sky and was taken aback by the sudden ending of the battle.

    The old man was a Transcendent Grandmaster and therefore he had reckoned that more than half of Grand Magus God's body was carbonized after the attack. He had survived solely because of his incredible vitality. Even so, the old man wagered that the Grand Magus God would perish in a few minutes.

    "So not even Immortal State Warriors could hold out against Chen Beixuan?"

    Then Sein's face paled after seeing the turn of the event. He asked Lord Hu in a panic voice:

    "Lord Hu, is the Ancestral Patriarch already defeated?"

    Lord Hu pulled a dark gloomy face and said: "Please be rest assured, Mr. President. Ancestral Patriarch has only shown a tip of his glacial might."

    Even as he said so, they watched as a plume of dark smoke rise from the charred flesh of the Grand Magus God. The smoke rose to the sky and formed seven apparitions. Their appearances were exact copies of the Grand Magus God and they spoke in unison.

    "Chen Beixuan, you have damaged my body. You will pay dearly for your unspeakable crime!"

    "You talk too much."

    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes and punched.