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Chapter 495 - He Is A God

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     The City of Naypyitaw.

    Although it is the capital of Myanmar, it has a population of less than a million, less than most Chinese third tier cities. The city just incorporated cell phone signal in 2009 and before that, the local residents had to rely on landlines to talk to each other.

    The state of relative underdevelopment was mostly due to Myanmar's economy.

    Myanmar's GDP was less than that of a Chinese province, if not a Chinese city. Its state of economic development was at least thirty years behind that of China. Only one in two hundred people have a landline and a cellphone was considered a luxury, a status symbol for the rich and the powerful.

    Meanwhile, inside Myanmar's National Defense Department…

    Military officers fumbled to answer many phones that rang at the same time.

    "Enemy had breached the ninth defense line. The Fourth Infantry Division was defeated, General Yuke was killed."

    "Enemy breached the twentieth defense line. He is only thirty kilometers away from the capital."

    "Enemy is approaching the capital."

    The National Defense Department was flooded by one bad news after another which soured the officer's face. It had only been a few hours since they got the report that Chen Fan had entered the border.

    Yet, Chen Fan had already defeated tens of thousands of soldiers, crushed three Infantry Divisions and struck down the only few fighter jets in the national arsenal. The only option left for the military was to summon as many soldiers to the capital as possible, hoping to win the battle with a sheer number of people.

    "Damn it! Who is that man? Is he a super-soldier from China?"

    "Not likely. We are on good terms with the Chinese military."

    "Mr. President, do you have any news?"

    A tall and stately looking man walked into the room and his presence arrested many people's attention. He was U Than Sein, the president of Myanmar.

    The letter U was not part of his real name, it was an honorary title, therefore, his real name is Than Sein.

    Despite the calm expression on Than Sein's face, there was fear flickering in his eyes.

    In Than Sein Chen's sixty years of life, he had never seen anyone as powerful as Chen Fan. Even the sage in Dark Mountain would pale in comparison with the Chinese young man.

    He was fighting against a nation all by himself!

    This was unheard of!

    "His name is Chen Beixuan, the number one fighter on the Heaven Roll and the only super overlord on the Divine Roll. He defeated the Infantry Division 116 in Russia and the Fourteenth Brigade of Japan all by himself."

    A black-robed man standing behind Than Sein said slowly.

    "He is Chen Beixuan?"

    The revelation shocked everyone.

    Decades of living in a nation so secluded from the rest of the world such as Myanmar had given the military officers a very narrowed vision and made them arrogant. So much so that when they first heard of Chen Beixuan's unimaginable deeds in Russia and China, they simply brushed it off as rumors

    "Our military is miles behind the Infantry Division 116 of Russia. One Division from Russia is probably enough to annihilate our entire military."

    "Just so. Even a superpower such as Russia had capitulated to Chen Beixuan, what could we do to stop him?"

    "Should we inform the Chinese government and ask them for help?"

    Many generals put in. The military officers' cowardice didn't sit well with Than Sein.

    "My lord! Where can we go from here? Our capital is right behind us. If we lose the city, what do you think those rebels up north would think of us? How are we going to command the rest of the warlords in this country?"

    Than Sein slammed on the table and shouted at the officers.

    "Order the 5th, 6th, and the 7th Divisions out to stop Chen Beixuan. I don't care what they do, just stop him outside of Naypyitaw."

    "Yes, sir!"

    Many military generals rose to their feet and answered.

    It wasn't until these generals were finally gone, that Than Sein allowed fear to surface on his face. He turned around and pleaded to the man in a black robe." Lord Hu, I don't think the military can stop him. We might need help from the sage."

    "Please be rest assured, Mr. President. Myanmar is under our sect's protection. Chen Beixuan might be powerful, but so is Grand Magus God"

    Lord Hu said lightly.

    "Thank you! Thank you!"

    Than Sein finally heaved a sigh of relief.

    His heart had caught in his throat even since Chen Fan barged into his country.

    Meanwhile, on a hill outside of the capital city, Chen Fan was ready to press on.

    Chen Fan charged out, he covered ten meters with each step, as if measuring the land. Before him was a swarm of soldiers that gathered from all over Myanmar.

    "Halt! You are challenging Myanmar's National Guard. If you come any closer, we will open fire." A voice came up through a loudspeaker somewhere within the deep ranks of soldiers.

    The soldiers on the front line trained their guns at Chen Fan and looked at him nervously.

    They have heard many things about their enemy: that he was a demon reincarnate, that he had defeated an army of ten thousand strong… Myanmar was a religious nation and therefore most of its soldiers were very superstitious.


    Chen Fan didn't stop and took another step forward with his hands linked behind his back


    Suddenly, a shower of bullets came at Chen Fan like a metal storm.

    The bullets converged around Chen Fan, and some bullets even bumped into each other, creating sparks.

    Even armored vehicles would have been covered with bullet holes under such concentrated fire.

    "Clank, clank!"

    The bullets were stopped by an Azure screen three meters away from Chen Fan and bounced off of the screen. Even as bullets continuously hammered at the same spot, the energy shield didn't budge the slightest.

    Chen Fan had reached the Divine Sea, and therefore, he could defend himself against conventional arms using his Arcane Energy Bulwark alone.


    Seeing the guns did nothing to Chen Fan, the officers ordered the cannons and self-propelled artillery to fire.

    Although Myanmar's canons were outdated compared to those of Russia or Japan, it was not any less lethal. Countless shells whistled across the sky and bore down onto Chen Fan like the deadly scythe of the grim reaper.


    The shell was stopped by the azure energy, but the shield flickered.

    One of the bombshells had lodged into the shield and then it exploded, finally shattered the energy shield and shooting countless metal shreds at Chen Fan.


    As soon as the first shield was shattered, Chen Fan summoned another one and blocked the incoming metal shards

    The Divine Sea level had allowed Chen Fan to tap into the Sea of Essence Qi, giving him nearly unlimited True Essence. Therefore, the soldiers watched as their shells shattered nearly infinite amounts of energy shield.

    However, Chen Fan's Arcane Energy Bulwark kept coming back and protected him from the deadly bombardment.

    In the end, the soldiers and the officers were on the verge of giving up the bombing.


    Chen Fan took another step forward.

    Try as they might, the soldiers were unable to stop Chen Fan from approaching. They used Armored vehicles, Aerial bombing, heavy artillery, missiles, and even land mines, but nothing could even slow Chen Fan down.

    Chen Fan walked on, one step at a time. His Arcane Energy Bulwark had rendered the soldiers' attacks useless. After a while, he had finally arrived in front of the army.

    "He is a god. He is a god! No mortal could have warded off bullets and shells."

    Someone exclaimed with a shaky voice.

    "Please forgive us, mighty lord!"

    A soldier threw away his gun and knelt before Chen Fan.

    Then many more soldiers followed his lead.

    Chen Fan kept advancing. Where he went, the soldiers around him dropped to their knees and kowtowed to him. Myanmar was a religious nation and therefore its citizens were very superstitious. They believed that Chen Fan was their god after seeing Chen Fan's ability to walk in the storm of fire and bullets.

    Many Buddhists kowtowed and murmured: "He is the Golden Arhat reincarnate!"

    It wasn't long before the well-educated military officers started to waver, and they eventually knelt before Chen Fan.

    The airplane patrolling in the sky watched as the soldiers made way for the young Chinese man. Countless soldiers dropped their guns and knelt before the young man as they would to their gods.

    "What is going on? Have you stopped Chen Beixuan?"

    The voice of a National Defense Department's officer came up on the radio.

    "We are sorry, Sir. We can't stop a god."

    The Strategist of the 5th division said with a wry smile.

    Without waiting for a reply, he shut off the radio and hurried to get out of the car, dropped to his knees and pressed his head flat against the ground as Chen Fan passed him.

    "Please forgive us. We are mere mortals and did not see our mistake. We beg your forgiveness."

    Chen Fan kept on walking for another ten minutes and then he paused and looked into the distance.

    Naypyitaw, the capital city of Myanmar was right in front of him, while behind him were tens of thousands of Myanmar soldiers kneeling on the ground, kowtowing to him.


    The officer who had been talking to the front line soldiers dropped the speaker on the floor and turned into a frozen statue.

    "What is going on? Did they stop Chen Beixuan?"

    His peers looked at him expectantly.

    The officer shook his head and said with a dark face.

    "He is on his way."

    However, unknown to the fumbling officers in the National Defense Department, Chen Fan did not come to support the Myanmar regime, instead, he was after the Dark Witch Sect.

    "I am Chen Beixuan of China. I came to meet the Grand Magus God of the Dark Witch Sect!"

    Chen Fan shouted at the top of his lungs and sent out a powerful shock wave that sounded like rolling thunder. His voice booming in the sky above the capital, scaring the citizens into thinking that another war had broken out between warlords as they rushed for safety.

    Even the leader of Myanmar was taken back by the message.

    "What did he say? Can anyone translate that into Burmese?"

    Than Sein was shocked beyond belief.

    As Chen Fan sent the message to his enemy, he also shot out a pulse of Divine Will over the city toward the Headquarters of the Dark Witch Sect.