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Chapter 494 - Defeat a Nation, Again!

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 494: Defeat a Nation, Again!

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    Walking on air and soaring above the sky were both signature abilities of an Immortal State Warrior.

    Lord Jin had seen the Grand Magus God use such abilities only once a few decades ago. In the last few decades, the Grand Magus God had stayed low and focused his attention entirely on improving his cultivation so that one day he could avenge his defeat at the hands of Ye Qincang.


    Even as everyone tried to grasp what had happened, Chen Fan had descended upon them and landed on top of a tank, flattening the iron monster with the soldiers inside.

    "Fire! Fire at once! Where is the Tank unit? Attack him, NOW!"

    General Aung Hlaing finally gathered himself and he screamed into the intercom.


    The command wrenched the soldiers' minds out of their shocked state. They trained their guns at Chen Fan and fired.

    "Clank, clank!"

    The bullets were stopped three meters away from their target by Chen Fan's Arcane Energy Bulwark.

    Chen Fan had already reached the Divine Sea level, therefore, his Azure Thearch Longevity Body could sustain a direct hit from a field cannon, much less bullets. By now, there were only a handful of weapons, such as heavy ballistic missiles or Massive Ordnance Penetrator could have threatened him.

    Chen Fan pressed on despite the shower of bullets that rained down on him. He sauntered forward with a great measure of levity under the soldier's incredulous eyes.


    The Tanks finally arrived. It was the only Tank Battalion in the entire Northwest region.

    The unit consisted of a dozen outdated heavy tanks operated by a hundred or so soldiers. They quickly surrounded Chen Fan from all directions. However, Chen Fan barely paid any attention to them.

    These tanks were slow and ineffective compared to those used by the Infantry Division 116 in Russia.

    Most of these tanks had been in service since WW2. In fact, most of the Myanmar soldier's equipment, such as cannons, machine guns, and even pistols were from the WW2 era.

    Myanmar neither has the financial clout nor the technological edge to equip its military with modern arms such as missiles, fighter jets, or armed helicopters. Their army was mostly made up of a handful of outdated tanks, artillery and a large number of soldiers.


    Chen Fan reached out both hands and grabbed a Tank and threw it above his head. Before the tank thudded back to the ground, Chen Fan kicked it and sent it flying.


    The tank flew back a few dozen meters and landed on top of another Tank. The impact made the earth tremble as if an earthquake, and the shockwave had stunned the soldiers within the vicinity of the impact.

    "This… this is.. terrifying."

    Many soldiers were so terrified by the scene that they dropped their guns and were ready to turn tail.

    The Myanmar soldiers were very religious and believed in gods. In their mind, Chen Fan was as powerful as the gods they worshiped.

    "Charge, and FIRE! Kill the deserters!"

    General Aung Hlaing shouted at the intercom, eyes bloodshot. He had worked his ass off to gain the precious tank battalion from other warlords. However, Chen Fan had destroyed eight units in a blink. Suddenly, General Aung Hlaing was overtaken by fear and surprise.

    "He reminds me of the Grand Magus God's battle against the Japanese and the Sichuan Warlord."

    Lord Jin looked at Chen Fan from a distance, as old memories suddenly came to him.

    During WW2, the Grand Magus God presided over Southwestern China and had made a name for himself after he defeated the invading Sichuan Warlords and the Japanese.

    "Pick up the gun and FIRE you worthless dogs!"

    Under General Aung Hlaing's insistent demand, the soldiers picked up their guns with a shaky hand and fired at Chen Fan. Many Armored vehicles also charged toward him.

    Getting annoyed, Chen Fan frowned a little.

    He had no time to waste in dealing with these worthless cannon fodders.


    Everyone watched as Chen Fan drew a large gulp of air into his lungs. His mouth opened up as air kept on rushing in and over time, a strand of white twisty airflow formed a funnel that channeled even more volume of air into Chen Fan's system.

    "What is he doing?"

    Even as the soldiers pondered, they saw Chen Fan throw his head back and out an ear-deafening shout.


    His voice had a deep and powerful timbre and a fluctuating pitch. One moment it sounded like the deep droning of a dragon, the other moment, it was the chirping of a Phoenix. As the sound increased volume and intensity rapidly, it ripped open the soldiers' eardrums and forced them to cover their ears in agonizing pain.

    However, this was only the beginning of their punishment.

    Chen Fan's voice kept on getting louder and its pitch also started to soar. By then, people could see the soundwave bending the air, turning it into a liquid as it passed through space. Infused with True Essence, the soundwave reverberated across a large area and shattered the glass of all nearby buildings.

    It swept across the Myanmar army with more ferociousness than a typhoon, nailing the soldiers to the ground.


    General Aung Hlaing was the furthest away from the front line, but he also felt an excruciating pain in his brain. Lord Jin hurried to cast a Dark Malice Qi around General Aung Hlaing and eased his pain.

    "My Lord, help us. Kill that man!"

    General Aung Hlaing grasped Lord Jin's hand and pleaded.

    "It's already too late. Look there." Lord Jin grimaced.

    General Chen looked up and saw his soldiers collapsed to the ground as if under a huge pressure and drove through them and harvested their lives.

    The soldiers who stood the closest to Chen Fan had lost their heads in an explosion from inside of their brains. Those who were further away from Chen Fan scrambled to their feet, threw away their guns, and ran away. Even tank drivers hurried to clamber out of the iron shells and run for their lives. The sound wave could easily penetrate through the tank's armor and kill the soldiers inside.

    "It. It.."

    The scene had stupefied General Aung Hlaing. He suddenly felt an icy fear grip his heart.

    Chen Fan had shouted thousands of soldiers to death, annihilating half of General Aung Hlaing's twenty battalions, while the other half routed by themselves. Even many of his trusted officers abandoned the fight and turned tail.

    "He had killed thousands using the sound of his roar. The timbre of his voice was as deadly as Fuel Air Explosive. Is this the real power of a living legend?"

    Lord Jin said in a trembling voice.

    By then he had already put the two and the two together and realized who Chen Fan was.

    The signs were obvious, other than the mighty Chen Beixuan, there was no one, not even the Grand Magus God would have possessed so much power.

    "My lord, what should we do?"

    General Aung Hlaing's body shriveled up as he asked in a shaky voice.

    "Fret not. We don't know if Chen Beixuan is after us yet. Maybe he was just passing through." Lord Jin said calmly. The Dark Witch Sect and Chen Fan never stepped on each other's toes before. So Lord Jin wagered that Chen Beixuan would not offend an Immortal State Warrior for no good reason.

    Suddenly, he watched as Chen Fan turned into a streak of azure light from a distance and then flashed into his view right in front of him. He gave Lord Jin a cold gaze and asked: "Are you from the Dark Witch Sect?"

    "Indeed. I am Lord Jin Wuxian, one of the nine lords of Grand Magus God. Nice to meet you, Immortal Master Chen." Lord Jin lowered his head and said: "I didn't know of your arrival, so please forgive me for the —"

    Before he had finished his words, Chen Fan raised an eyebrow and shot out an azure light at Lord Jin.

    "Your apology is not needed. Just die."


    Before Lord Jin realized what had happened, he was sliced into two halves by Chen Fan's attack. Blood spilled out from the wound and splashed all over General Aung Hlaing's head.

    Once Chen Fan had done away with Lord Jin, he darted forth and traced a line of azure light in his path and disappeared.

    He didn't even want to waste any of his time on General Aung Hlaing. The combined might of all forces stationed at the Northwest region was still a far cry from that of Chen Fan. General Aung Hlaing's army wouldn't even hold out against the Japanese Fourteenth Brigade, much less Chen Fan.


    An hour later, Chen Fan defeated the Myanmar military battalion outside the City of Bhamo that intercepted him. After that, he barged into the City of Bhamo and killed seventy-three disciples of the Dark Witch Sect before he left the city with a crowd of incredulous citizens.

    Two hours later, Chen Fan was stopped again thirty kilometers away from Mandalay. This time, it was Myanmar's Third Infantry Division. After he had routed the soldiers, he charged into the city and slaughtered a hundred and seventy-five Dark Witch Sect disciples as well as the mayor of Mandalay due to the mayor's close tie with the Dark Witch Sect.

    Three hours later, Chen Fan arrived at the City of Meiktilaand where he defeated an elite special force and killed three of Dark Witch Sect's Lords for good measure.

    Four hours later…

    Chen Fan was unstoppable and killed anyone who dared to stand in his way. He made sure that he would uproot the Dark Witch Sect in any city he reached. Using his Divine Will, he could sense anyone who had dabbled in the dark art.

    Chen Fan had killed over a few hundred disciples along his way and routed tens of thousands of soldiers. By then end, the Myanmar government finally dispatched the only fighter jets available to them.

    These fighter jets were outdated third-generation fighter jets and lacked any powerful weapons such as the guided missiles. It wasn't long before they were struck down by Chen Fan's flying sword.

    "Kill! Kill! Kill!"

    Wherever Chen Fan went, he left a path of destruction behind him. Worse, his actions were so conspicuous that even the leaders of the neighboring countries had learned about the series of onslaughts.

    Five hours later, Chen Fan was finally getting close to the capital of Myanmar.

    "Is this Myanmar's capital city?"

    Chen Fan stood on top of a hill and looked into the distance. He saw armies rushing into the city from all directions. The soldiers didn't seem to find any comfort and safety in their huge numbers as fear and apprehension were written all over their faces.

    In the sky, a dozen outdated helicopters and fighter jets circled around the city, but dared not to get closer.

    However, Chen Fan quickly looked away from these soldiers and landed his gaze on a dark volcano past the city in a gloomy backdrop, where the Dark Witch Sects headquarter was located.