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Chapter 493 - Enter Myanmar

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     It was one of the most powerful ancient sects in China.

    Ever since its inception a thousand years ago, the Great Magus swept across China and even killed a Sect master of the Heavenly Master Sect and dominated China for hundreds of years. Even the emperor of China had to bow to the Great Magus and call him teacher.

    This generation of the Dark Witch Sect also produced a Magus God that was also listed on the Divine Roll.

    Sixty years ago, Ye Qincang finally defeated the Dark Witch Sect and forced them out of China to Myanmar. The Grand Magus God fought against Ye Qincang, but was eventually defeated. Afterward, he went into seclusion and swore to avenge his defeat after he had become more powerful.

    Ever since the Dark Witch Sect arrived in Myanmar, they quickly rose to power and became the national sect of the country. Even Myanmar's president had to talk to the Grand Magus God with great respect.

    "Other than the Grand Magus God, the sect has nine perfected cultivators and hundreds of disciples."

    "Other than that, the sect also controlled the politics of Myanmar. They were respected by both the military leaders as well as the civil government. Myanmar's National Guard was filled with members of the Dark Witch Sect. In other words, the sect controlled an army of a hundred thousand strong. The Grand Magus God was seeking certain unique souls to help him complete his most deadly art: the Art of Seven Malice Divine Soul."

    Chen Fan had extracted all of that information from the souls of the Magus that he had slaughtered.

    "Control a nation? This Dark Witch Sect must be a force to be reckoned with."

    Yukishiro Sa was shocked by what she learned.

    Although Myanmar was a small nation, it had a population of ten million and an army of a hundred thousand. Therefore, the fact that the Magus God was able to claim supremacy over such a nation had caught Yukishiro Sa by surprise.

    "His is the power of an Immortal State Warrior. I wager they must have been even more influential before the nuclear bomb was invented."

    Chen Fan said with an icy intent in his voice: "If it is true, then Myanmar's National Guard is also involved in Yu Wenjin's abduction."

    Once Chen Fan had gotten what he needed, he set the souls ablaze with a golden flame.

    "Chen Beixuan, you have promised to release me once I have told you everything. What is the meaning of this?" engulfed in flames, the soul of the Grand Magus shouted.

    "I lied."

    Chen Fan replied impassively.

    Their life or death was entirely at the whim of the North Mystic Celestial Lord. The mighty Celestial Lord would never let his actions be bound to any promises he made to his enemies.

    "Chen Beixuan, you are a despicable scoundrel! My Lord Father will avenge me, just wait! Arhhh!"

    The Grand Magus of the Dark Witch Sect let out a painful cry as the fire nibbled away his soul, and eventually reduced it to ashes.

    "You should wait for me here. It's too dangerous where I am going, and I need to be in and out of there quickly. You will be a hindrance rather than help if you come with me."

    Before Chen Fan's voice faded, he flew up and toward the south, trailing a streak of azure light behind.


    Yukishiro Sa lowered her head and said.

    Someone along the Myanmar border, a few soldiers wearing national guard uniforms were guarding a checkpoint.

    "What a shitty day. I thought the border was supposed to be busy around this time of the year."

    "It usually is. There are always many Chinese tourists or businessmen that need to cross the checkpoint. They are loaded with cash."

    The Myanmar soldiers murmured to himself.

    Although they were called the national guard, they only serve the president who was one of many warlords in Myanmar. Myanmar was plagued by civil strife in the last few decades and was run by a group of warlords. In order to establish some resemblance of order, the warlords eventually agree to elect one chief general among them as the leader of the country.

    "Hey, look, what is that?"

    Someone pointed a finger at the distant sky.

    The other soldiers looked up and they saw an azure light descending from the sky and was approaching the checkpoint at lightning speed. Behind the azure glow was a plume of dust that looked like a snarling dragon.

    After a flash of azure light, they saw a dark-haired, tall and handsome young man standing before them.

    "Is this the Myanmar border?"

    The young man asked in Burmese. The first few words sounded tired and heavily accented, but by the time he finished his question, his Burmese had gotten observably better.


    The leader of the soldiers replied in a shaky voice.


    The young man replied briefly before he charged forward, turning into a streak of azure glow and was gone in a blink.

    Once the soldiers finally gathered themselves, they found out that the checkpoint was in ruins. Many soldiers looked to the leader and asked: "Captain, what should we do now? He destroyed our checkpoint."

    "What else CAN we do? Report to our general right now. We have been attacked!"

    The captain shouted at his soldiers.

    The nation was constantly in the state of war and therefore, the intelligence department was active round the clock. The message was sent to the Deputy Minister of National Defense in less than ten minutes.

    "What is going on?"

    The deputy minister was a Lieutenant General. He looked at the report laying before him with a scowl.

    "Minister, we have just got a report from the border that a Super Overlord from China just entered our nation. The intruder is young, has black hair and black eyes. He is obviously Chinese. He attacked our checkpoint and was on his way to the capital. This is an invasion!"

    A Colonel from the Strategy Office shouted hotly.

    "Why would a Chinese Super Overlord come to Myanmar? You said he destroyed our border checkpoint?"

    The Deputy Minister narrowed his eyes as his mind raced.

    Regardless of the cause of the incident, this was not a small matter.

    "I will report this to the Minister, as well as the Lords at the Dark Witch Sect. Order general Aung Hlaing to intercept that Chinese overlord. They have my permission to fire at will." The deputy minister said.

    "Yes, sir!"

    The colonel saluted and replied at the top of his lungs.

    The young man who had barged through the checkpoint was Chen Fan.

    Once he was inside Myanmar, he charged toward the heartland of the country at lightning speed. Time was of the essence during his mission, so he didn't even bother to put on a disguise. While passing through populated areas, he simply slowed down a little or cast an illusion spell to turn himself invisible.

    However, some civilians still noticed him and reported the sighting of the strange young man to the government.

    It wasn't long before General Aung Hlaing got a whiff of Chen Fan's whereabouts.

    "He is a Chinese Overlord, you said? Doesn't he know that Myanmar is under the Dark Witch Sect's protection?"

    Two men sat across from General Aung Hlaing in his office. One of them was a middle-aged man in a black robe that snorted.

    "Lord Jin, what do you think?"

    General Aung Hlaing had ten thousand troops at his disposal, however, his voice was filled with deference while he talked to the two middle-aged men.

    "We have just gotten a message from the Headquarters. The Magus God was very angry at the death of the new Grand Magus. I wager that this invader is the same person who killed the Grand Magus. Is he really not afraid of the ire of the Dark Witch Sect?" Lord Jin thought and then he said.

    "I need all hands on deck to stop that man. I will dispatch some of my Magus to aid you."

    "Yes, my lord."

    General Aung Hlaing replied with a smile on his face.

    He knew that the Magus from the Dark Witch Sect possessed such incredible power that they could kill people without even lifting a finger. Even though he was a mighty warlord, he could easily be killed by the Magus unwittingly.

    Under General Aung Hlaing's command, many divisions that were stationed in the Northwestern regions were mobilized for war.

    Chen Fan had chosen the shortest route to his destination and didn't hide his tracks. Therefore, the strategists in the military had easily predicted his location.

    "We will encounter our enemy in ten minutes, ready your arms."

    "Artillery, Tanks, and Snipers, on my mark!"

    "Ten minutes, nine, eight, one…"


    The field commander issued the order to fire at will.


    A dozen field cannons with 140mm shells roared in unison. Each one of these shells was able to obliterate an entire building. When a dozen of them were firing at the same time, the sky started to rain deadly steel that would easily annihilate anything and everything.

    "Lord Jin, please rest assured. Not even a mosquito could have passed that downpour of iron and steel."

    General Aung Hlaing said confidently with a cigarette in his mouth.

    Despite the short notice, General Aung Hlaing had mobilized over twenty battalions with two hundred thousand soldiers in total. Two of the battalions were field cannon battalions, one of them was a motorized unit. These were the most elite forces in the Northwest region. If not because of the personal request from Lord Jin, he would never use them.

    "Very good."

    The dark-robed man's face tightened a little when he heard the roaring of cannons.

    His name was Jin Wuxian and he was one of the nine perfected cultivators in the Dark Witch Sect. The leaders of the Dark Witch Sect were much more powerful than that of the Hong Sect, and they were the reason that the Dark Witch Sect could subjugate an entire nation while the Hong Sect was still in exile.

    Jin Wuxian was tasked by the Grand Magus God to search for clues about the downfall of the Grand Magus. Therefore, He didn't expect to run into Chen Fan. Although he was a perfected cultivator, the deadly barrage of cannons stupefied him.

    "Haha, the National Defense department had overreacted, I say. I could have dealt with the problem with a few hundred of my best men. There is no need to mobilize such a huge army."

    Even as General Aung Hlaing let out a peal of laughter, he heard the soldiers shouting at him.

    "General, look!"

    General Aung Hlaing turned around and managed to make out a shadow amidst the dust and smoke. Then the shadow glowed azure and charged forward toward the ranks of his soldiers like a shooting star.


    General Aung Hlaing gaped in disbelief, and so did his soldiers. Some soldiers were so stunned by what they saw, that they didn't even notice that they had dropped the guns in their hands.

    Jin Wuxian's face also darkened.

    "He is running on air. He is an… Immortal State Warrior!"