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Chapter 492 - Slaughter House Witch Sec

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 492: Slaughter House Witch Sect

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    The Sword of Essense Restoring flew out of the gourd hitched by Chen Fan's waist and made a golden circle in the sky before it plummeted down at the Fire Magus. As soon as it severed the head of the Fire Magus, the blade whirled toward the Blood Magus.

    "Art of Blood Explosion!"

    The Blood Magus shouted at the top of his lungs.

    Suddenly, his face flushed red as a bloody mist made out of Aether Qi sprayed out from his body. The Blood Magus charged up his energy and backed away at incredible speed. His movement was faster than any peak level Dharma Cultivation spell casters.

    However, he was still too slow to outrun the flying sword.

    From the corner of his eye, the Blood Magus caught a glimpse of a streak of golden glow before realizing that the flying sword had severed through his waist, cutting his body in half.

    The flying sword didn't slow down as it plummeted into the next victim.

    By then, there were only six remaining on the platform. Other than the Grand Magus of the Dark Witch Sect, the other five Perfected Cultivators all charged up their energies to ward off the attack. Some toughened their bodies and strengthened their physique, some abandoned their physical form and escaped with only their soul intact, and the rest produced a Dharma Artifact to enhance their power.

    However, none of them could save themselves from the deadly flying sword.

    With one fell swoop, the Sword of Essense Restoring killed five Perfected Cultivators, severing their heads clear off of their shoulders.

    Chen Fan had ended the lives of five Perfected Cultivators without even lifting a finger.


    The flying sword turned around and made a full circle around the platform before it bore down on the Grand Magus of the Dark Witch Sect.

    "Chen Beixuan!"

    Grand Magus of the Dark Witch Sect let out a desperate howl.

    He hurled at all the spells under his sleeves at the incoming sword to stop it, but none worked. This sword was forged by the Sword Secret, the Exalted Cultivator a few thousand years ago. Chen Fan had imbued it with his Immortal State energy and could use it to strike down a fighter jet, much less the flesh of a mortal.

    "Bang, bang, bang!"

    The golden sword cut through seven layers of energy screens that protected Dark Magus and was about to land a direct hit on the Dark Magus's head.

    Suddenly, a plume of dark mist shot out from the bone necklace around Dark Magus's neck.

    This dark mist billowed up into the air and it's flowing mass formed an apparition of an old man in a dark robe. It was difficult to make out the features on the old man's face, but his eyes glowed green against the dark matter that formed its shape.

    "Lord Father!"

    Dark Magus exclaimed under his breath.

    Chen Fan growled at the shadow: "Kill!"

    The golden sword didn't stop as it plunged into the Grand Magus of the Dark Witch Sect's neck. Even as the Dark Magus's head rolled to the ground, his face was awash with disbelief. He couldn't believe that Chen Fan could have killed him right in front of his powerful Lord Father.


    The shadowy apparition flickered as the old man let out a saddened howl.

    The flying sword flew up and bore down on the shadowy figure from above, severing the Illusion Form into two halves. Then the sword turned around and shredded the illusion form into countless fragments.

    Once the blade and banished the Illusion form, it brought itself up, tracing a gleaming golden arc in the air, and then swooped down at the crowd of Magus.

    "Please, no!"

    "Immortal Master Chen, we surrender!"

    "We will lead you to the Dark Witch Sect!"

    The leaders of the other witch sects were terrified by the development. They shouted their capitulation out at the top of their lungs.

    Chen Fan had killed six Perfected Cultivators in one strike and struck asunder the illusion form of the Grand Magus God. By then, no one in their right mind would rise up against him. However, their penance had come too late.

    "Kill! Kill! Kill!"

    Shafts of golden light lanced up into the sky as the Sword of Essense Restoring hacked and slashed at its victims, harvesting lives with a striking economy of motion.

    The might of the flying sword over trumped the protective effects of any Dharma Spells, Divine powers and Martial arts.

    In his moment of enlightenment, the Buddha had famously said: "A flickering of a finger contained sixty most basic units of time. In each of those unfathomably short moments, nine hundred lives were lost and another nine hundred were born."

    Thus it was, Chen Fan had killed hundreds of people in less than a fraction of a second, turning the plaza into a bloodbath in a blink. The sight was so brutal that it even stupefied Yukishiro Sa.

    After the last man standing was reduced into two bloody stumps, the Sword of Essense Restoring returned to Chen Fan. Its sharp edge was untainted by blood, and its body still humming excitedly, as if it was eager to bring more bloodshed to the world.

    "Don't worry, these men and women are just an appetizer for you. There will be more for you."

    Chen Fan linked his hands behind his back and stood motionlessly in between two newly-formed rivulets of blood.

    "Master, what should we do next?" Yukishiro Sa lowered her head and asked with a slight hint of fear.

    "We will bring the same destruction to all Witch Sects." Chen Fan let out a cold smirk and said: "But before that, we might as well cleanse the world of this stinky vile place. "

    He started an art and drew the souls of the six Perfected Cultivators he had killed into the yellow gourd. He would need to rely on these souls to locate the Dark Witch Sect.

    Meanwhile, the same group that was eyeing Yukishiro Sa still congregated near the entrance of the plaza.

    The expectation had made them feel like they had been waiting for a century, while in reality only a few minutes had passed.

    "Brother Loong, what do you think is happening in there? I heard noises for a few seconds and then everything went quiet. What's going on?"

    Xiao Qi asked curiously.

    "What is going on, you ask? Are you thick? The two fresh people are dead meat now, that is what is going on. Isn't it obvious?"

    Brother Loong smirked and then shook his head and lamented. "I was right! That bitch is no pushover. She lasted a good few minutes against so many powerful elders. Damn! I should have acted sooner and pinned her under my thumb. She is going to be priceless on the market."

    Even as everyone guessed what had happened, Xiao Qi's face changed and then he pointed a finger at the plaza.

    "Brother Loong, look! What is that?"

    Brother Loong looked up and saw a young couple walking out of the plaza. There was no blood on their shirts, not even any sign of a scuffle.

    "What is going on?"

    Brother Loong was taken aback.

    There were seven Perfected Cultivators and many leaders from all nineteen branches of the Witch Sects. They would never let the young couple out of there unharmed.

    Even as Brother Loong pondered, someone came up to the girl to holla at her.


    The young man wearing a casual outfit snorted and waved a hand, shot out a golden shaft of light from his hand. The energy beam right through the person's head turned around and shot directly at the crowd.

    "What is this?"

    Before Brother Loong realized what had happened, the light had cut through his neck and all of his cronies.

    After having killed the crowd in one strike, the Sword of Essense Restoring didn't return to Chen Fan, instead, it charged toward the village.

    "Go, kill everyone in Mount Magus."

    Chen Fan stood impassively and looked into the distance indifferently.

    This village was the source of many heinous crimes. The villagers were either from the Witch Sect or wanted criminals around the world. Chen Fan wouldn't hesitate a second to kill them.

    "Arhh! Arrhh!"

    The Village of Mount Magus was awash with painful cries and maddening howls.

    The chaos soon the village was ablaze. The golden blade danced around the flames and painted the fire with blood.

    Some people tried to run away, some even tried to attack Chen Fan.

    However, Chen Fan's Divine Will had covered the entire village and he would see to it that there was not a living soul remaining in this village.

    He controlled the Blade Qi from a distance and turned the entire village into a bloodbath.

    In the end, the entire village was engulfed by fire when there was no single living person left.


    Yukishiro Sa watched as the red tongue of the flame rose to a few dozen meters tall. She felt cold, even the hot blaze around her couldn't supply any warmth to her. Chen Fan had massacred the entire village.

    By then, she finally started to realize how little her master cared about mortals.

    "Master, where are we going next?"

    Yukishiro Sa asked.

    "The headquarters of the Dark Witch Sect. If the Grand Magus God really killed Yu Wenjin, I will spill his blood over Yu Wenjin's grave to avenge her."

    Chen Fan said slowly.

    The thought of the docile and kind-hearted classmate being consumed by the Grand Magus God stoked up the fire inside of Chen Fan.

    Although Chen Fan was not sure what Art of Seven Malice Divine Soul was, he could tell from its name that it would inflict such excruciating pain on Yu Wenjin that would make death pale in comparison.

    "If you dare to harm my friend, I will kill you even if you are the Perfected Immortal of the Nine Heavens."

    Chen Fan grunted as he looked toward the south, where the Dark Witch Sect was located.

    Meanwhile, in the Dark Mountain just outside of Myanmar's capital.

    This mountain was a dormant volcano and it was constantly shrouded by poison mist, Malice Smoke and Yin qi. Such an unforgiving environment was not suitable for human life.

    The lack of human activity gave birth to many rumors and legends about the mountain. A few decades ago, a group of men and women from China took over the mountain and spun the legends to their advantages. By then, even the president and chief generals of Myanmar would come to the Dark Mountain to pay tribute to the old sage that lived there.

    In a temple deep inside of the Dark Mountain, a black-robed elder sat cross-legged on the ground.

    With each breath he took, he drew out powerful Dark Malic Qi deep within the earth and channeled it into his belly.

    Suddenly, the old man opened his eyes. His face was still shrouded by darkness, but his eyes shone like two green balls of fire.

    "Who was he? He killed my child and struck my Illusion Form, I will make him pay!"

    The old man's voice boomed in the valley. The earth started to tremble as if an earthquake.

    Many disciples of the Dark Witch Sect knelt on the ground and dared not to look up.

    "Find him, and kill him. I will turn him into my Ghost Slave, enslave him for ten thousand years!"

    The Black-robed elder fumed.

    "Yes, Ancestral Master!"

    Many disciples kowtowed and replied in a shaky voice.