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Chapter 490 - Barge Right In

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 490: Barge Right In

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    "Xiao Qi, what do you think? Who are they?"

    The presence of Chen Fan and Yukishiro Sa had drawn a large crowd behind them.

    They stood in small groups a dozen meters away from Chen Fan. Among them were blade-wielding sword masters, muscular Physique Refinement masters, sinister-looking spell casters, and even a few Japanese Ninjas with gaunt faces.

    The village of Mount Magus was located on a no man's land along the border. The presence of the mighty Witch Sects also made it difficult for order and justice to reach here.

    Wanted criminals and Extraordinary Ones walked freely in the streets, trying to wait out whatever trouble they stirred up. All of them had a few tricks up their sleeves; otherwise, they Wouldn't have lasted long.

    "Brother Loong, I can't see Dharmic powers in that cocky little shit, but that thot with a sword on her back is a different story. Do you think she is a Kendo Master?

    The man who asked the question was called Xiao Qi, and he was in his twenties. He was skinny and wiry looking but his eyes glinted a sharp light.

    Brother Loong furrowed his brows and pondered.

    He was from the same Feng Shui Sect as Xiao Qi and knew that his sect brother had opened his Yin Yang Eyes at a very early age and therefore was sensitive to the energies flowing in Martial Artist's body.

    Xiao Qi had sensed great power in that girl, so could she be a phenomenal success if not peak level in Internal Force cultivation?

    "I don't recognize her, is she new? Damn, look at that body though. Imagine how much money she would fetch if we pimp her out to the warlords in Myanmar. I have heard those warlords love female guards." Brother Loong said.

    "Brother Loong, you mean…."

    Xiao Qi was taken aback by what he heard. He turned around and noticed the greed in everyone's eyes.

    "I got the word that Scarface Liu had sold off his skunk bitch to a high-class John, some kind of military dude in Thailand. He got ten million US dollars for it. This hot thot is worth much more than Scarface Liu's girl, I say twenty million, easy."

    Brother Loong said with an ugly grin.

    Even as the others put on lewd smiles on their faces and fantasized what they would do to the girl, they heard a loud clank.

    They turned around and were all stunned by what they saw. The girl had unsheathed her blade and hacked the guard into two pieces.

    "Shen… she killed people from the Witch Sect!"

    Brother Loong and the others were stupefied by the development, many people gasped.

    "Is she crazy? Does she know that she is on the Witch Sect's turf? No one can protect her here. What is she thinking?"

    Brother Loong shook his head and looked disappointed.

    If Witch Sect were after Yukishiro Sa? He would never be able to have the opportunity to pin the girl under his thumb.

    Meanwhile, the Witch Sect's disciples at the entrance were not having it.

    "How dare you! Not even the Hong Sect or the Lin Family members could leave here alive after killing one of Witch Sect disciples."

    "You make fun of my master, you die."

    Yukishiro Sa held the blade in one hand and said coldly.

    "Courting Death!"

    Her reply riled up the other disciples.

    The leader of the disciples charged out like a panther, he launched into the air, shot both arms and curled his fingers into a claw.


    Five crimson energy rays shot out from the tip of this man's finger. They pierced through the air like sharp daggers. The gleaming energy was ten centimeters in length and seemed sharp enough to cut open steel.

    "He is the third senior disciple of the Blood Witch Sect, Euo Tianpeng. A mid-stage Dao-Reaching Level spell caster. His Art of Crimson Claws was indeed powerful and would be a headache for even the Peak Level Internal Force users. That girl is in big trouble."

    Xiao Qi explained.

    The people around him, including Brother Loong, all pulled a taut face.

    Euo Tianpeng was one of the most reputable Overlords in Mount Magus. Those who had to hide at Mount Magus were mostly of initial success in their Internal Force cultivation. Since the more powerful ones could have easily gotten away with breaking the law.

    Even as Brother Loong shook his head and heaved a sigh, he heard a loud clank.


    A brilliant azure blade aura lanced out form Yukishiro Sa's hand and went through the Art of Crimson Claws as knives would to butter. Before Euo Tianpeng had realized what had happened, he was sliced into halves.


    Two halves of Euo Tianpeng's body thudded back to the ground, spilling his entrails all over the ground. He was not dead just yet, so he screamed painfully at the top of his lungs.


    Brother Loong and the others were shocked by the development.

    The Third Senior Disciple of the Blood Witch Sect was killed by a girl so easily? Who was this girl? Was she a Semi transcendent or a grandmaster?

    "Impossible. Even a Semi transcendent level cultivator would be a core member of any reputable sect, much less a Grandmaster. There were no more than twenty Grandmasters in China."

    Brother Loong shook his head in disbelief.

    Meanwhile, those disciples guarding the entrance were stupefied by the development.

    "How dare you kill my Sect Brother Euo? Brothers, let's kill this couple and avenge our sect brother!"

    Someone shouted.

    Suddenly, countless shadows charged at Chen Fan and the girl from all directions.

    These disciples were from all different kinds of Witch Sects: Ghost Witch Sect, Blood Witch Sect, Fire Witch Sects, just to name a few. Therefore, the spells they used were all different as well.

    The Blood Witch Sect used the Art of Crimson Claws that excelled in close-quarter combat, the Ghost Witch Sect were experts in curses; the Fire Witch Sects bent the Divine Flame to their wills and were Physique Refinement masters.

    There were over a dozen of them attacking at the same time.

    Each and every one of them was at the least Dao-Reaching Level spell casters. The energy emanated from them was so overwhelmingly powerful that even Brother Loong felt terrified by it. No wonder the Witch Sects had claimed supremacy in The Mount Magus.

    Despite the threat, Chen Fan remained motionless. Yukishiro Sa brought the blade over her head and then drew a pattern of a lotus flower in the air.


    The sword Lotus bloomed, stretching out its petals that were pure and untainted by the dirt of the mortal world. Despite its marvelous appearance, it contained deadly energy that could cut through metal.

    "Bang, bang, bang!"

    As soon as Yukishiro Sa engaged and the disciples, a wave of painful cries came up.

    A dozen bodies were sent flying and none of them were able to pick themselves up once they thudded back onto the ground. Some were severed in half and some had a gaping hold on their chest.

    A pin-drop silence suddenly fell over the area.

    In a blink, Yukishiro Sa had killed seven disciples and wounded more. Worse, any of the seventeen disciples that were either dead or injured would be considered mighty figures in their own right.

    "Grandmaster! She is Grandmaster! Could she be the Japanese Kendo Master, Erika?"

    Brother Loong's face turned pale. He stammered as his legs trembled.

    "No, it can't be. Erika is already in her forties, she is too young." Xiao Qi shook his head

    Even as everyone tried to wrap their heads around the situation, they watched as the young couple entered the main entrance.

    Brother Loong exclaimed under his breath.

    "All the seventeen Witch Sect Grand Magus are in there. There are at least six Perfected Cultivators, not to mention the other elders and sect guardians. They are almost definitely going to die!"

    The rest of the people also looked at each other in fear and confusion.

    Their plan of kidnapping Yukishiro Sa had long since evaporated. No one in their right mind would make a move on the ruthless girl.

    Meanwhile, a crowd of Magus gathered around at a large plaza and were carrying out an ancestral worship ceremony.

    This plaza was a huge football field size open space. It was surrounded by a ring of tall structures. Many leaders of the Witch Sects sat cross-legged on the ground.

    A tall platform was erected in the middle of the open space and on it stood seven individuals.

    These seven men and women each had a unique cast and countenance. Some looked eager and spirited, some were gloomy and sinister, some looked belligerent and some carried a sadistic air around them. However, the most attention arresting individual of the group of people was a young man.

    This young man was only in his twenties.

    By then, he stood at the head of the column with his chin up. Meanwhile, the rest of the Magus lowered their heads at his beck and call. There was a dark and unpredictable quality to the energy that rippled about him. It was evident that he was the current Grand Magus of the Dark Witch Sect.

    "Grand Magus, you have reached the seat of power at the Dark Witch Sect before you even reached thirty, and dominated the politics of Myanmar. Your illustrious achievement makes us feel embarrassed for ourselves. I wager that among your generation, only Lin Pojun and the girl from the Ye family are your equal. "

    Ghost Witch Sect's sect master said in a hoarse voice.

    "Haha, Grand Magus of Ghost Witch, my lord father is very pleased that you have reclaimed the Earth Magus Tripod Cauldron from the Medicine God Valley Sect. But even that couldn't compare with the Arcane Yin girl you have offered him. With such a precious subject, My Lord's father could finally reach the Art of Seven Malice Yin God. Your efforts will be greatly rewarded. What is that desire?"

    Grand Magus tried to hide his pride, but the glint in his eyes betrayed him.

    The Sect Master of the Ghost Witch Sect beamed from side to side and said: "It is my honor to serve the Grand Magus, I dare not to ask for anything. If there is anything, I would appreciate it if Grand Magus could talk to Chen Beixuan so that he would finally get off my back."

    Chen Beixuan!

    The name stunned the other magus.

    Even though most of them were from Southeast Asia, they have Chen Fan's name before.

    "Humph… Chen Beixuan, you said? He is nothing." The Grand Magus's face changed slightly, but he was able to gather himself and said in a cold voice.

    "My Lord father used to be on the Divine Roll as well. Had put on another sixty years of cultivation since then, and with the aid of the art of Seven Malice Divine Soul, he would even take on Ye Qincang if he had to, much less Chen Beixuan. "

    Even as Sect Master of the Grand Magus rose to his feet to thank the Grand Magus, a loud blare came up.


    The huge gate was blown open from the outside, and rammed into a group of unwitting Witch Sect Disciples, sending countless dead bodies flying.

    "Who is that? How dare you barge into the Witch Sect?"

    Grand Magus slammed the table and stood up, the rest of the Magus followed his lead. Tension quickly rose but none of the magus seemed scared. Some of them even let out gloating smirks.

    Suddenly, they heard a cold voice drifting in from outside.

    "Grand Magus, come accept your death."

    They watched as a young man ambled through a plume of dust with his hands linked behind his back. There was an indifferent and impassive quality to each and every step he took. Behind him was a girl in a white outfit, carrying a blade on her back.

    Sect Master of the Ghost Sect was taken aback at first and then he recognized the young man. He shouted: "You again?"