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Chapter 489 - The Witch Sect Gathering

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     "Witch Sect Gathering?

    The other elders shivered as soon as Chen Fan spoke the words. An old man with an aquiline nose shouted out hotly: "Grand Elder! How dare you betray the secret of the Witch Sects?"


    Chen Fan raised an eyebrow and flicked a finger, sending out an azure aura at the aquiline nose. The elder acted quickly and pulled out his defense: a layer of shimmering dark screen.

    However, any resistance would be futile before Chen Fan.

    Not even a Perfected Cultivator could have withstood his attack.


    The azure blade auras sliced through the elder's neck and decapitated him in an instant. Seeing the brutal death, the other elders were suddenly overtaken by trepidation.

    "Tell me where Yu Wenjin is, then I will leave some of you alive to carry on the legacy of your sect. Otherwise, I will see to it that the Ghost Witch Sect disappears from the face of the earth."

    Chen Fan linked his hands behind his back and spoke to the white-haired elder impassively.

    The Grand Elder swallowed down the humiliation and weighed his options. In the end, he heaved a sigh and said: "Yes.."

    When Chen Fan started down the path that led to the foothill, the flame had already engulfed the temple, with the dead bodies of elders in it.

    Of course, Chen Fan wouldn't let any of those culprits live.

    However, Chen Fan didn't kill any more of their disciples as he had promised to the Grand Elder.

    "Immortal Master, did you find Miss Yu Wenjin?"

    Seeing Chen Fan had come out of the temple by himself, Perfected Cultivator Shi hurried toward Chen Fan and asked.

    "She was taken to the Witch Sect Gathering." Chen Fan cast an icy glance at the people around him and asked: "Does anyone of you know what this thing is?"

    "Witch Sect Gathering?

    The listeners gasped after hearing the name.

    Dong Hezi grimaced and said: "The Witch Sect Gathering is their equivalent of the Chinese Esotericism Conference or the Martial Arts Conference. However, this gathering is much larger in scale and follows strict procession and rules. They will vote on a Magus King to lead the Witch Sects. However, ever since the Dark Witch Sect was expelled from China, there hasn't been a gathering for fifty years."

    "Everyone will be there during the gathering: the Ghost Witch Sect, Spirit Witch Sect, Blood Witch Sect, Cadaver Witch Sect, Heaven Witch Sect, just to name a few. I wouldn't be surprised to see members of the Dark Witch Sect, either." Dong Hezi said as concern flickered in his eyes.

    Perfected Cultivator Shi asked cautiously: "Immortal Master, were you able to find out the location of the Witch Sect Gathering?"

    "They told me it's close to the border, at a place called Mount Magus." Chen Fan replied.

    Although he was not sure where it was located, it's exact coordinates was only one phone call away to Red Sparrow.

    "I knew it!" Perfected Cultivator Shi's face was lit up by the excitement. He went on to explain:

    "Immortal Master, Mount Magus, is not a mountain, it's a small settlement near the border between China and Myanmar. It was a lawless no man's land with a harsh environment thrown in for good measures. People say that Mount Magus was controlled by the Witch Sects, and it's a haven for murders and criminals alike."

    "That's where I am going now."

    Chen Fan said readily.

    Yu Wenjin had been taken away by the Grand Magus for a few days, so any minute that Chen Fan wasted would bring Yu Wenjin one minute closer to her doom. Worse, Chen Fan was outright furious after he learned what the Grand Magus was going to do with her.

    The resolve in Chen Fan's voice deterred Bai Wuji from talking Chen Fan out of his seemingly suicidal plan.

    Perfected Cultivator Shi suggested Chen Fan take one of their vehicles, but Chen Fan refused the offer.

    He waved a dismissal and then turned into a streak of azure light that extended along the highway with Yukishiro Sa in tow. It's much faster for Chen Fan to run than drive a car.

    It wasn't until Chen Fan disappeared did Dong Hezi finally open his mouth.

    "Brother Shi, one of the key agenda of the Witch Sect Gathering, was to elect a new Magus King. The election is going to draw all Witch Sect leaders to the gathering, including the Dark Witch Sect. Worse, I am certain that the Mount Magus is protected by the Witch Sects' most powerful Dharma Arrays. Do you think Immortal Master Chen can hold out against them?"

    "Humph! It's none of our business now. All things are well if he could succeed, but if he loses, I wish him dead and never return. One less trouble for us, I say."

    Seu Yunzhi snorted and said.

    Perfected Cultivator Shi shook his head in disappointment after seeing the others nodding in agreement with Seu Yuzhi's shortsighted remark.

    Southeast Province was a traitorous mountain region. However, both Chen Fan and Yukishiro Sa were extremely athletic and could scale mountains as swiftly as running on a track.

    With such speed, they reached the China-Myanmar border in less than an hour.

    The Mount Magus was a small village nestled along a basin grove that was surrounded by impassable mountains on all sides.

    Inside the basin, the temperature was mild, and wildflowers were blooming in every corner. Meanwhile, the unique terrain around it made it a natural fortress against invaders. No wonder it had become a haven for criminals on the run.

    Chen Fan and Yukishiro Sa traveled on the only road that led to the village for a while, and then they came across a checkpoint.

    "The village of Mount Magus is closed to visitors. Please return."

    The checkpoint was located at a low spot where two mountain ranges met. A group of sinister-looking men stood before the roadblock and glared at Chen Fan.

    There was a hint of greedy light shining through their eyes in fits and starts. It was obvious to Chen Fan that they were Dao-Reaching Level spell casters.

    "Who dares to stop me from entering?"

    Chen Fan charged up his energy and released a powerful pulse of Yin qi that rendered his presence as ghastly and horrid as that of a Demon God.

    "Pha… Pha.."

    The guards backed away and then hurried to kneel before Chen Fan.

    "Forgive us, Senior Magus of Witch Sect. Please come in."


    Chen Fan snorted and dialed back his aggression. Then he was through the checkpoint, rounded a corner, and disappeared. The guards finally picked themselves up and looked at each other apprehensively.

    "Do you know who that is?"

    "How the fuck would I know. There are so many Magus around the world. It could be any Curmudgeon that wanted to join the competition."

    "You are right. That Senior Magus is so overwhelming that I think he is as powerful as the Grand Magus of Dark Witch Sect, if not more!"

    The few guards murmured to each other fearfully.

    The world of Magus and Witches were much crueler and unforgiving than its martial arts counterpart. It's a dog eat dog world through and through. One wrong move or messing with the wrong person would turn these low-level disciples into food for hungry ghosts.

    Chen Fan ambled toward the Mount Magus with Yukishiro Sa in tow.

    "Master, why do we have to enter from the main gate? Why don't we just descend upon them from the top of the mountain and kill all of them? I think the two of us can easily pull that off." Yukishiro Sa asked curiously.

    "I registered something… different and powerful in this valley."

    Chen Fan scanned the valley using his Divine Will as he replied: "Our mission here is to rescue the girl. Let's do that first."


    As soon as Chen Fan charged up his Divine Will, he gained a much clearer sense of the situation.

    "One, two, three… seven Perfected Cultivators and a couple of hundred Martial Artists. It's quite a scene." Chen Fan's Divine Will had uncovered all the secrets inside the mountain valley. He could register the powerful presence of Sect Lords, as well as bustling servants.

    "That's it. That's the Fire Lotus Seed. He must be the Sect Master of the Ghost Witch Sect."

    Chen Fan thought to himself.

    Three years ago, he had killed a member of the Ghost Witch Sect using Li Fire Golden Eyes, the explosion that killed the victim had also sprayed Fire Lotus Seed on to the people around him, marking them with the Fire Lotus Seal.

    "But where is Yu Wenjin? Why can't I sense her energy at all? She can't be dead because I would definitely sense her death." Chen Fan furrowed his brows as he sieved through the information.

    After combing the valley many times over, he still couldn't find Yu Wenjin.

    "She is either not here, or is hidden by some kind of spell. But what kind of spell can escape my detection?"

    Chen Fan shook his head.

    It would take a Connate Cultivator to hide the girl's presence from Chen Fan. However, Chen Fan couldn't even register a single Immortal State Warrior in the valley, much less Connate Cultivators.

    "Since Yu Wenjin is not here, things are much simpler now."

    Chen Fan sneered.

    After he said that, he sauntered toward the Mount Magus with a newfound relief.

    When they arrived at the village, they saw not only many Witch Sect leaders but also natives and wanted criminals. The latter were not allowed into the Gathering, so most of them simply wandered around in the streets.

    These scoundrels all wore a menacing expressions on their faces.

    Chen Fan and Yukishiro Sa had immediately attracted many people's attention as soon as the two set foot into the village. Yukishiro Sa's gorgeous appearance and Chen Fan's seemingly wimpy physique were deadly sins in the eyes of the criminals.

    "Fresh meat and an easy picking!"

    Many men ogled at Yukishiro Sa with lewd intent in their eyes.

    In Mount Magus, strength is the only currency. Without it, one might have to pay for their weakness with their life, much less otherworldly possessions.

    "Halt! This is the Witch Sects' property. Move away or die."

    Chen Fan arrived at the entrance to a plaza that was closed off for the Witch Sect Gathering. A row of impassive Witch Sect disciples line up by the entrance like tin-soldiers. The energy generated from them suggested that they were all Dao-Reaching Level Overlords.

    One of the tin soldiers shot Chen Fan a hot glare and stopped Chen Fan.

    "I am looking for someone."

    Chen Fan looked up, beaming from side to side.