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Chapter 488 - Destroying The Ghost Witch Sec

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 488: Destroying The Ghost Witch Sect

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    Chen Fan had taken this Summoning Flute of Demon God from the young lord of the Ghost Witch Set. It was made out of a Connate Bone and once Chen Fan infused it with the five Demon Gods, it had finally become a powerful Spirit Artifact.

    The spirits and ghosts shrieked when they noticed the bone flute.

    It was as if they had seen their natural predator.


    The flute let out a deep sound with an ancient if not primal timbre.


    Then came an ear-deafening blare that made the earth and mountain tremble as if an earthquake. A fifteen-meter tall Golden Armor Immortal Guardian appeared in the sky, riding on the back of a Pegasus, it looked as if a Heavenly Guard had appeared out of nowhere and descended upon the battlefield.

    The Immortal Guardian's presence emanated powerful energy that swept through the battlefield.

    "It is…"

    Soldiers and warriors on both sides of the battle were overtaken by disbelief.

    The Golden Armor Immortal Guardian had outshone the shadowy ghosts. Dong Hezi examined the Immortal Guardian in shock and then exclaimed.

    "It's a top tier Demon God! Worse, it has almost reached the Immortal State!"

    However, before Dong Hezi could gather himself, he saw another four Immortal Guardians appear in the sky.

    They were the Immoral Guardian Yamamizuki Sho, Six Arms, Kurome, and Karasutengu.

    Each one of them was ten to fifteen meters tall and their golden glow was no less brilliant than that of Susano. The five of them stood in a row, covering nearly half of the sky, and painted the sky gold. Many vile spirits were burned to a crisp as soon as they got near these Immortal Guardians.

    "Five top tier Demon Gods?"

    Dong Hezi was utterly shocked.

    The Azure Ghost Temple also had Demon Gods, however, even their most powerful Demon God would not be able to survive one strike from Lord Susano.


    At Chen Fan's behest, the five Immortal Guardians brandished their weapons and turned into five streaks of golden streaks in the sky. Their corporeal bodies existed in their world as Divine Souls, so physics didn't apply to them. They could walk on air just as easily as walking on the ground.


    Lord Susano brought his blade up and swung it down.

    The blade auras lanced forward thirty meters and banished a dozen spirits. The other Immortal Guardians quickly followed his lead.

    In a blink, the Immortal Guardians had banished over thousands of spirits, reducing the size of the ghastly army to half.

    "How is that possible?"

    While watching the headwind in the stone temple, many elders felt heartbroken.

    It had taken the Ghost Witch Sect generations to gather that many ghosts, and they had to painstakingly refine each and every one of them into the array. These ghosts were the greatest heritage they inherited from their sect ancestors.

    Ten thousand ghosts were a formidable force. Even the Young Lord could only contain a hundred ghosts in his Primordial Ghost Flute. Therefore, the elders had been convinced that the sheer number of spirits would easily overwhelm their enemy. However, little did they know that their enemy had five Immortal Guardians.

    These five Immortal Guardians towered before the retinue of ghosts. The energy rippled around them was even more powerful and belligerent than Perfected Cultivators.

    "Old Man Shi and Dong Hezi couldn't have pulled it off. I have dealt with the Azure Ghost Temple for many years and know that even the most powerful Demon God there are far less powerful than these five. These five Immortal Guardians are very close to reaching Immortal State."

    A red-faced elder exclaimed in a shaky voice.

    "These spells remind me of someone."

    The white-haired old man suddenly remembered something.

    However, his realization had come to him too late.

    "Kill! Kill! Kill!"

    The five Immortal Guardians were unstoppable as they rammed into the swarm of ghosts. The golden light shone from their armor lighting the ghosts on fire before they could even got close. Each and every attack would expel hundreds of spirits from this plane of existence.


    After ten seconds or so, the Immortal Guardians had already rammed through the region of ghosts and arrived at the stone temple. The five of them surrounded the stone temple in a circle.

    These Immortal Guardians were over a dozen meters tall, so even the majestic stone temple seemed puny before their presence.

    Their towering presence had stunned the villagers and some sect members. Some of them even knelt before the Immortal Guardians and prayed to them as they would to gods, but most of them chose to throw away their weapons and spun on their tails and ran. In the eyes of these dimwitted villagers, these five Immortal Guardians might as well be gods.

    "Hurry, let's awaken the Ancestral Master!"

    The elders had lost nearly half of their ghost army and the rest were faltering. Sensing that they were about to lose the war, the Grand Elder shouted at his peers as he made his way to the demonic statue.

    The rest of the elders quickly followed him and knelt before the statue. The statue was over ten meters tall and was wearing a horrid mask that depicted a demon.

    "We are in trouble, Ancestral Master! Please, help us and defeat the —"


    Before he could finish his words, the entire stone temple shook violently. The five Immortal Guardians were already at it. If not for the protection of the Dharma Array, these have already barged into the temple and slaughtered the elders.

    Looking from afar, the stone temple was shrouded in dark smoke.

    Yamamizuki Sho had raised both arms and hammered down on the dark smoke from above. The mass of dark smoke seemed to have quivered and so did the temple.

    However, this was only the beginning.

    "Donn Donn Donn"

    Lord Kurome, Karasutengu, and Six Arms also started to work on the dark smoke.

    The dark smoke was Malice Earth Qi drawn from deep within the earth. Its protective effect was further enhanced by the ghosts that swam around it. It should be able to withstand the combined might of ten Perfected Cultivators.

    However, it didn't mean it would hold up against these five Immortal Guardians. Each one of the Immortal Guardians had reached the semi-immortal level.

    A solid strike from one of them carried the equivalent destructive power as a number of Perfected Cultivators.


    Lord Susano was the last one that lashed out and he immediately undid the spell.

    He brought the golden blade above his head with both hands and hacked it down at the dark smoke with enough force to rend a soul from a living being. The dark smoke quickly shattered under the attack and gave in. The blade went through the smoke and landed on the top of the roof, fracturing the roofline of the temple.

    "It… it is insane."

    The sight had rendered the spell casters speechless.

    The scene reminded them of typical fantasy movie tropes such as a giant that smashed his way into a medieval fortress. Even Perfected Cultivator Shi and Dong Hezi recoiled at the unimaginable power.

    Seu Yunzhi's face turned pale and lifeless.

    If Yu Wenjin were dead, Chen Fan could have killed everyone in the Seu Family of Grand Yin without even lifting a finger.

    "Let's go."

    Chen Fan waved an encouraging hand and then started up the mountain.

    The remaining villagers had long since given up the fight and knelt down in submission. They might be brainwashed by the sect, but they were not idiots and therefore, they wouldn't attempt a suicide mission.

    "Hurry, let's catch up with Immortal Master."

    Perfected Cultivator Shi quickly gathered himself and followed Chen Fan.

    Each step that Chen Fan took covered a few dozen meters, and they were not far from the top of the mountain from the outset, so Chen Fan had reached the stone temple in less than a minute. Only a handful of sect disciples tried to stop Chen Fan, but Yukishiro Sa had sent them back to their makers before they could even get close to Chen Fan.

    By then, the stone temple was in ruins.

    The five Immortal Guardians had rained kicks and punches down onto the structure, threatening to tear it down.

    "Ancestral Master, are you really going to forsake us?"

    The white-haired old man knelt on the ground, his face awash with tears and sorrow. The rest of the elders had turned into frozen statues, their faces were pale balls amidst the darkness. Decades of training in Dharma spells wouldn't give them a shred of confidence now.

    They felt as insignificant and worthless as insects while facing the mighty Immortal Guardians.


    The Immortal Guardian worked tirelessly at bringing down the structure. After one forceful hammer, the door was smashed open and the stone arch above the doorway fell down and crushed a few Ghost Masters.

    The Ghost Witch Sect was seized by a pang of despair.

    Suddenly, a plume of dark smoke rose from the statue and formed a dark apparition of a half-naked giant with a mask on his face. The dark shadowy figure opened its mouth and let out a booming voice: "Who has the audacity to invade my sect? I shall rain death upon thee!"

    "It's the Ancestral Master! He is still with us!"

    The elders of the Ghost Witch Sect were elated by the development.

    However, before the dark Demon God could say anything more, Lord Yamamizuki slammed a fist through the roof and bore down on to the apparition. His scintillating fist shone a bright golden light and lit up the dim temple.


    The dark apparition was knocked back by the punch, it's illusionary form nearly shattered.

    It didn't end there.

    Lord Kurome shot out two beams of crimson light from his eyes at the Demon God. The energy beams seared through the demon god's body, leaving two gaping holes. Six-Armed Immortal Guardian also lashed out at the dark shadow, turning himself into a whirlwind of sharp blades, as he swooped down on the showdown. Lord Karasutengu raised his staff high above his head and slammed down onto the apparition.

    In the end, Lord Susano delivered the killing blow.

    Towering above the dimming apparition, Lord Susano brought the blade to above his head and hacked down. The blade was seething with energy as it slashed open the air with crackling noise. It sliced through the Demon God in the middle.

    In less than a heartbeat, the mighty Ancestral Master of the Ghost Witch Sect was carved up ruthlessly by the five Immortal Guardians. The Immortal Guardian attacks eroded the Demon God's Divine Soul directly and therefore, giving him no chance to regenerate.

    "It's done? already?"

    No one, not even Perfected Cultivator Shi and the Grand Elder of the Dark Witch Sect could believe their eyes.

    Dong Hezi murmured:

    "That was a semi-immortal Demon God. But he couldn't last more than a second before these five Immortal Guardians. Are those Immortal Guardians already in the Immortal State?"

    Little did Dong Hezi know that even a year ago, these Immortal guardians were already able to hold up against the Snowwolf King Galdan. Their force had multiplied over the year as Chen Fan's level increased. By now, the combined might of the five Immortal Guardians could easily bring down an Immortal State Warrior.


    Chen Fan stepped into the temple and stomped the floor, letting out a blaring thud that reverberated in the ruined temple.

    "Where is Yu Wenjin?"

    He scanned the elders with a cold glance and asked.

    "You… are you Chen Beixuan?"

    The Grand Elder of the Ghost Witch Sect recognized Chen Fan. The name instilled fear into the hearts of the other elders. They knew their days were numbered.

    The white-haired old man said: "Yu Wenjin has been taken by the Grand Magus to the Witch Sect Gathering"

    "Witch Sect Gathering?

    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes as a cold light flashed within.