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Chapter 487 - Ten thousand Ghosts

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     The Ghost Witch Sect was located deep in the mountain and they have constructed their fort in a chokepoint of the mountain path. The road past the fort's gate was a narrow winding path that was flanked by sheer drops on both sides. The meandering path would eventually lead to the top of the mountain where the headquarter of the sect was.

    Looking up from the foot of the mountain, the hillside was dotted with small clusters of houses. There must be thousands of people living behind the high walls. At the very top was a large stone structure.

    That's the headquarters.

    "Immortal Master Chen, on your mark."

    Perfected Cultivator Shi bowed and said.


    Hearing Chen Fan's command the dead army formed six units and swarmed toward the top of the mountain.

    The path was treacherous and the cliffs deadly, but none of that could have stopped the spell casters and the Internal Force users.

    These Martial Artists could have scaled the tallest mountain barehanded. Even those armed soldiers were so well drilled that they were nimble and swift in their movements.

    "Immortal Master, please wait here while we capture the Grand Magus for you."

    Perfected Cultivator bowed deeply and then started up the mountain with Dong Hezi and Seu Yunzhi in tow. They attacked the front gate of the fort that was set in the deep recess of a stone wall.


    Perfected Cultivator grunted and started an art.


    Suddenly, plumes of yellow mist rose from under the ground as the earth at the foot of the stone walls trembled. The three-meter tall stone wall cracked under its own weight and the soldiers quickly filled up the cracks with explosives. After one well-placed detonation, the wall crumbled down to the ground.

    Perfected Cultivator Shi's Earth Bending skills are getting more and more impressive.

    Bai Wuji exclaimed.

    Each of the six families were experts in one element. The Bai family were the masters of fire, the Shi Family were experts in the earth element, and the Seu Family were skillful in the Force of Grand Yin.

    "Let's join the fun."

    Chen Fan linked his hands behind his back and sauntered toward the peak of the mountain.


    Bai Wuji lowered his head and hurried to catch up with Chen Fan.


    When the explosives took down the fortress's wall, a group of old men in black robes were carrying out a meeting inside the grandiose stone temple at the top of the mountain. These old men all had a sinister and dark cast on their face and none of them were younger than forty. The energy that rippled around them suggested that they were all Spellcasters.

    At the center of the temple, the hall was a ten-meter tall statue of a Demon. A white-haired old man was speaking by the foot of the giant statue.

    The din of the explosion caught everyone's attention and slightly startled these old men.

    "What was that? Is that an explosion?"

    Someone asked.

    "It's an attack! Elders and the Ghost Masters, It's an attack! The alliance of the six family clans of Southeast Province have just breached our gate." A guard stumbled into the temple and shouted.

    "Humph! The Six family clans of Southwest you said? How dare they assault our headquarters? Order all the sect disciples and guards to fight back." The white-haired old man snorted and then he turned around to face the group of black-clad elders.

    "Fellow elders, please follow me to open the Array of Ten thousand Ghosts. Let's show our visitors some hospitality."


    The black-robed elders grinned as eerie green lights glowed in their dark eyes.

    The Alliance of the Six had an easy start, but they faced strong resistance once they were halfway through the top of the mountain.

    Of the thousands of residents of the fort, not all of them were disciples of the sect.

    There were also sect guards, families of the disciple's and elders. Their lives were tied to the sect and therefore, they also fought back violently.


    Many half-naked men wearing terrible masks emerged from the dense forest, wielding all sorts of weapons from lance and knives to guns. They clashed head-on into the Alliance of the Six.

    "Bang, bang, bang!"

    The Alliance of the Six didn't bring too many guns with them, and so most of their fighters wielded melee weapons just as the villagers did. Blood spilled to the ground and painted the jungle red while the two forces clashed into each other.

    Among the retinue of villagers, some were the disciples of the Ghost Witch Sect.

    Some of the disciples cast cadaver reining spells to raise the dead as mindless soldiers, the other disciples were busy casting curses on their enemies. Although the number of Ghost Witch Sect disciples were small, their unpredictable and deadly spells took a toll on the Alliance of the Six.


    An armored Martial Artists from the Lii Family rushed into the thick of danger, brandishing a long blade in one hand. With each decisive hack or slash, more and more bodies piled up under his feet.

    The swift blade let out a faint glow under the dim light. The Martial Artist was no doubt a peak level Internal Force user.

    Many villagers tried to stop his killing spree by throwing themselves at the guy and nearly all of them were killed by the blade master before they could even get close.

    Suddenly, a disciple of the Ghost Witch Sect appeared among the villagers.

    The disciple was wearing a terrible mask and a bone wand. His body was covered in black. He pointed his wand at the blade master and let out wicked laughter.


    Suddenly, a ray of green light shot out from the bone wand and landed on the martial artist.

    "What the…"

    The attack had taken the blade master by surprise. He suddenly felt that his vigor and energy were sapped by an unseen force. His arms dropped down listlessly and the long blade felt as heavy as a truck in his hands.

    "Shoot! They have cursed me."

    Before he had time to improvise a plan B, a walking dead had shuffled toward him and shot out two black rotten arms at the man's belly, tore it open and disemboweled him.

    A powerful Martial Artist, such as he was, died a violent death.

    The entire battleground was filled with such tragic and heroic moments.

    The spell casters from the Bai family had summoned large fireballs and rained death from above. Meanwhile, the disciples of the Ghost Witch Sect commanded their mindless soldiers to rip the alliance fighters into pieces.

    So far, no one seemed to have an upper hand.

    However, the stalemate quickly came to an end once the Perfected Cultivator Shi and Dong Hezi joined the battle.


    Perfected Cultivator Si's first move was accompanied by a deafening blare.

    He had summoned a snarling rock dragon out from under the earth. This dragon was over a dozen meters long and it charged into the rank of his enemy like a huge truck. Its skin was covered with jagged edges that lacerated those who touched it. It created a bloody path among the enemies.

    "Blade Arise!"

    Dong Hezi brought out a sword made out of peach-wood and hurled it out. The peach-wood used to construct the sword had been cured for over a hundred years and was harder than steel. The sword flew to the sky and remained afloat as Dong Hezi started his spell.


    Suddenly, the sword darted forward, turning into a streak of red light and plummeted into the enemy. The magical blade was extremely potent to the walking dead and could strike down multiple of them with one hit.

    The sword gave off a hundred meter long Blade Qi just like a blade in the hands of a Sword Immortal.


    Chen Fan caught a glimpse of the flying sword, but he wasn't all that impressed by its power.

    Dong Hezi had used a Peach Wood Sword. Although it was a potent weapon against the walking dead, its range was very limited. It was much more inferior in power when compared to the Lin Family's Art of Sword Reining.

    Meanwhile, Chen Fan's Art of Flying Sword could reach as far as over thirty kilometers and could strike down a fighter jet with ease.

    That being said, since both Perfected Cultivator Shi and Dong Hezi were Dharma Cultivation cultivators, their involvement quickly changed the tide of the battle. They weakened the Ghost Witch Sect's defense and pushed them back toward the top of the mountain.

    Even as the Alliance of the Six thought that victory was within their reach, a jarring and harsh voice came down from the mountain peak.

    "You Scoundrels! How dare you barge into my sect and slaughter my disciples! I will make you taste the Gnawing of Ten Thousand Ghosts!"

    Before the voice faded, a wave of ghastly howling came up as the sky suddenly turned dark.


    The development stupefied Bai Wuji and the others.

    Perfected Shi cast a solemn look at the peak of the mountain and said: "This is the Array of Ten thousand Ghosts. I thought it was already destroyed by the Heavenly Master Sect. They must have rebuilt it."

    Chen Fan looked up at the stone temple and saw a plume of dark smoke billowing out from its roof and quickly spread across the sky like a blanket, blocking the sunlight.

    It took the other fighters a while to realize that it was not smoke, instead, it was a conglomeration of countless ghosts and spirits.

    "They are all… ghosts!"

    Most of the fighters from the Alliance of the Six were average mortals so the ghastly sight had terrified them.

    "Cowards and Idiots! What is there to be afraid of when you are fighting alongside the Immortal Master? The Immortal Master can banish dark spirits ten times worse than these."

    Bai Wuji turned around and berated the wavering soldiers.

    He was able to reinstall some sense into the soldiers' minds and make them think more clearly.


    They still had Chen Fan!

    Chen Fan was powerful enough to bring down a nation and defeat an army of ten thousand strong. Compared to the deadly Infantry Division 116, these ghosts would be a walk in the park for Chen Fan.


    Perfected Cultivator Shi shouted, rallying his soldiers and spell casters to charge forward and rain spells onto their enemies.

    In order to take corporeal form in the mortal world, these dark spirits and ghosts had to take the risk of being injured by spells.

    Many evil spirits quickly changed tactics and chose to possess the villagers, turning them into fearless Martial arts experts and drove them to throw themselves at their enemies with abandon.

    "Bang, bang, bang!"

    After just one wave of charge, these possessed villagers and dark spirits had already significantly weakened the defense of the Alliance of the Six.

    Although the alliance had martial artists, armed soldiers, and even two Perfected Cultivators, they wouldn't stop the insistent charges.

    They were quickly overwhelmed by vile spirits and mindless villagers coming from all sides. The possessed villagers were nearly impervious to pain, which made them nearly unstoppable.

    "Immortal Master Chen?"

    Seeing they were losing the battle, Perfected Cultivator Shi turned to Chen Fan and yelled at him for help.

    Chen Fan linked his hands behind his back and examined the dark shadows that blotted out the sun. His lips thinned into a smile as he fished out a Bone flute from a small gourd.

    Summoning Flute of Demon God!