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Chapter 486 - My Word is The Rule

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 486: My Word is The Rule

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    The guard waited for instruction for a while but didn't get any. So he looked up. He noticed that the mighty family lords were shaken to the core and their faces were as pale as paper.

    "What is going on?" Even as the guard wondered in his mind, he heard Lii Family Lord's shaky voice.

    "It… it's that man?"

    He got no reply, but the silence had confirmed his question.

    Bai Wuji had presided over Southeast Province and it is not likely that he would have any enemy in Jiang Bei. Plus, the visitor said his last name is Chen and he is from Chu Zhou City, Si Shui County. It must not be a coincidence. By then, even the aloof Seu Yunzhi seemed to have lost her cool.

    Anyone who dabbled in martial arts would have heard of Chen Beixuan's name.

    Chen Beixuan was not going to let the Seu Family get away with it if he heard that they had offered Yu Wenjin to the Ghost Witch Sect. Even as Seu Family rushed to improvise an excuse, she heard a cold voice come up: "Lord Bai, is this how you treat your guests?"

    Everyone wrenched their head toward the speaker and saw a couple were already through the threshold. The man was of average looks and was in his twenties. He wore a casual outfit and linked his hands behind his back while holding a stoic and distant expression. The girl had breathtaking beauty and was in a white traditional outfit with a sword strapped to his back.

    "How… How did you get in? Didn't I tell you to wait outside?"

    The guard rounded his eyes and was about to lash out at Chen Fan.

    To his surprise, Bai Wuji abruptly rose to his feet and scurried to the young man. But he didn't get close to him. When he was still a dozen steps away from Chen Fan, he bowed deeply and said: "Junior Bai Wuji welcomes you, Immortal Master Chen. Your presence honors us. All hail the Immortal Master Chen!"

    By then, everyone knew who the visitor was.

    "Pee' lee Paa'laa…"

    Everyone rushed to get out of their chair and hurried to come over to Chen Fan.

    "We are the six great families of the Southeast Province. We welcome you, Immortal Master Chen."

    The guard was rendered speechless by the development.

    People who bowed to the young man were not ordinary individuals, they included the lords of the Lii Family, Yuan family, and the Seu Family.

    Anyone of them was an extraordinary mighty figure who possessed unmatched Dharmic powers. The Perfected Cultivator Shi, in particular, was a dominant figure in the Southeast Province whose influence was rivaled only by a couple of other men.

    However, all these powerful men and women bowed to the young man. Who exactly was the young man?

    Even as the guard pondered on his question, he heard Chen Fan said slowly: "Lord Bai, I trusted Yu Wenjin to you, and you had promised me Yu Wenjin's safety. What do you have to say to me now?"

    Bai Wuji's body trembled as words got stuck in his throat, failing to form a sentence.

    "So you are Seu Yunzhi, the family lord of the Seu Family of Grand Yin? Where is Wenjin? She was going to be your disciple, so I was told."

    Chen Fan landed his gaze on the gorgeous woman in a gown.

    Seu Yunzhi looked up and was about to make up some excuses, however, as soon as she connected gazes with Chen Fan's indifferent and dispassionate eyes, her mind suddenly went blank and the lies she made up were nowhere to be found.

    Such was the power of the Divine Will of a Divine Sea level cultivator that Seu Yunzhi's mind was easily overwhelmed.

    "It's the Ghost Witch Sect. They came to us and demanded us to hand over Yu Wenjin, or they would kill us all. What choice did we have? Why don't you pick on someone of your own size and go knock on the Ghost Witch Sect's door?"

    Seu Nanan shouted at Chen Fan loudly.

    Her audacious remarks terrified everyone. Her mother's legs trembled uncontrollably and threatened to bring her down to the ground.

    Seu Nanan was not only spoiled by her parents, but she had never stepped foot outside of Southeast Province. Thanks to the valor of ignorance that emboldened the girl to fling back at Chen Fan.

    "Yu Wenjin was taken away by the Ghost Witch Sect?"

    Chen Fan's face suddenly became severe.

    Chen Fan had listened to their previous conversation using Divine Will, so he already knew the Ghost Witch Sect was involved in Yu Wenjin's disappearance.

    However, hearing it again from Seu Nanan had stoked the fire in Chen Fan. A powerful wave of energy suddenly burst out from Chen Fan and swept across the entire hall like a hurricane. The temperature in the hall suddenly dropped a few degrees. Even Seu Nanan was shocked by the development and reckoned that she had just ruffled the feathers of someone extremely powerful.

    "Very well… It's the Ghost Witch Sect, is it? They have kidnapped my friend, so they left me with no other choice than to wipe them out from this planet."

    Chen Fan said calmly.

    However, those who had heard his words were terrified.


    Lii Family Lord's knees finally gave in and dropped to the ground. Perfected Cultivator Shi pleaded: "Immortal Master Chen, please allow me to explain. None of us wanted to see Wenjin being taken away, so the fault is not ours—"


    Before Perfected Cultivator Shi had finished his words, Chen Fan narrowed his eyes and shot out two rays of Divine Light from his eyes at the old man.

    The blow sent a tremor throughout Perfected Cultivator Shi's body. He stumbled back a dozen steps and fell back. Blood spilled out from his eyes and ears.


    Everyone was shocked.

    Perfected Cultivator Shi was the head of the six greatest Dharma Spell families, a renowned Perfected Cultivator. However, he was defenseless before Chen Fan's Divine light. It was evident to the rest of the spell casters in the room that even their combined force was still a far cry from that of Chen Fan.

    The might of the living legend far exceeded everyone's expectations.

    "If Yu Wenjin is safe then I will spare your life, otherwise, I will also wipe all of you off the surface of the planet."

    Chen Fan waved a hand and said lightly.

    "That's not fair! Why should we pay for what the Ghost Witch Sect did?"

    Seu Nanan protested hotly.

    "It is fair if I say so. I don't care what you think."

    Chen Fan snorted and refuted the girl. "I know what you and your family did. If anything happens to Yu Wenjin, I will make sure the Seu Family pays for it first."

    Chen Fan started off, leaving the members of six families looking at each other in trepidation.

    "We are doomed. DOOMED!"

    Lii Family lord shouted at the top of his lungs.

    "Is he being serious. Is he really going to take it out on us if anything happens to Yu Wenjin?" Lord Gong asked fearfully.

    "I have heard that Chen Beixuan slaughtered the entire Jiang Bei's underground world for one of his associates in Jiang Bei. He murdered five hundred people in cold blood, including a Grandmaster in the Lin family of Southeastern China, and half of the Dark Moon Unit from the Hong Sect. Do you think he would let us get away with it?"

    Lii Family lord smiled sarcastically.

    Bai Wuji and Seu Yunzhi were both shaken to the core and couldn't form a sentence.

    "So what are we waiting for? Let's gather our forces and attack the Ghost Witch Sect. We might be able to turn this crisis to our advantage, and get rid of the Ghost Witch Sect by fighting alongside Immortal Master Chen."

    Perfected Cultivator Shi was a seasoned cultivator, so he managed to pull himself together and think about the situation with a straight mind.

    "What if Yu Wenjin is already dead?" Someone hazarded.

    There was no reply from anyone for a long time.

    In the end, Perfected Cultivator Shi heaved a sigh and said: "Well, then we are fucked."

    Chen Fan was not familiar with the geography of the Southeast Province. It was a mountainous province that bordered both the Miao's Land's and the Tibetan land. There were many Miao villages that dotted the deep jungle.

    The threat to their lives had spurred the six families to join forces and formed a formidable army that consisted of two Perfected Cultivators, nine Dao-Reaching Level cultivators, and ten spell casters and Internal Force users. They also threw in a hundred or so armed guards for good measures.

    The army marched toward the depth of the Southeast Province in a dozen jeeps and a large bus.

    Chen Fan was in a vehicle at the center of the deadly convoy.

    Sitting across him was a humble Perfected Cultivator Shi and another Perfected Cultivator whose name is Dong He. Dong He was the cultivator at the Azure Ghost Temple located in Rong City.

    "If you think the combined might of the six families were able to bring the Ghost Witch Sect down, why did you wait until today to take up the action?"

    Chen Fan looked through the window into the distance. His question brought a frown onto his listener's face.

    The six greatest Dharma Spell families had obviously dominated the Southeast Province. Even Chen Fan was impressed by the number of powerful cultivators they could summon. Not even the Gu family or the Lu family could have done the same.

    Their influence in the Southwest Province was verging on that of the Susano Shrine at the Kyushu island.

    "Immortal Master, Ghost Witch Sect is not the only Witch Sect and all of them are in alliance with each other. If we attack the Ghost Witch Sect, the Blood Witch Sect and the Spirit Witch Sect will be obligated to join the war. The same goes for the formidable Dark Witch Sect, which we definitely didn't want to mess with."

    Perfected Cultivator Shi grimaced.

    "Dark Witch Sect?"

    Chen Fan furrowed his brows.

    This was not the first time he heard of the name.

    The Medicine God Vally Sect had also mentioned the Dark Witch Sect to Chen Fan. And when they talked about the Dark Witch Sect, Chen Fan could sense fear in them.

    "Maybe the Dark Witch Sect has an Immortal State warrior?"

    Chen Fan asked.

    "We are not sure. The only powerful person we know in the Dark Witch Sect was the Great Magus. He lived three hundred years ago and had taken China by storm. His power was considered very close to that of an Earth Level Deity."

    "The Dark Witch Sect was driven out of China by General Ye from Kunlun. However, they quickly took control of a small nation and thrived. In the sixty years that had passed, not a single minute passed without them plotting to return to China. However, the presence of General Ye had deterred them from putting their plan into action."

    "I see."

    Chen Fan nodded.

    The only other sect that had face Ye Qincang and survived was the Hong Sect. So Chen Fang wagered that the Dark Witch Sect was at the least as powerful as the Hong Sect. He also realized that the Dark Witch Sect was the main benefactor of the Ghost Witch Sect, otherwise, the Ghost Witch Sect would never dare to touch Yu Wenjin.

    As they drove deeper into the forest, the roads became narrower and the trees started to hug the edge of the road. They started to notice more villages and many native residences of the mountain. The natives looked horrified when they saw the large convoy.

    After a while, they finally arrived at the entrance of a large mountain fort.

    It was the Headquarters of the Ghost Witch Sect.