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Chapter 485 - His Last Name Is Chen

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Ghost Witch Sect.

    It was one of the three greatest Witch Sects in China. The other two being the Blood Witch Sect and the Dark Witch Sect. Chen Fan already had a run-in with the Ghost Witch Sect while the latter tried to kidnap his childhood friend Yu Wenjin. In the end, the Young Lord of the Ghost Witch Sect was burned alive by Chen Fan's Li Fire Golden Eyes and Chen Fan also gained the Summoning Flute of Demon God from the Young Lord.

    "Yu Wenjin followed Bai Wuji to Southwest, I wonder how did his cultivation go?"

    The image of a refined and innocent girl who had a heart as pure as the Saussurea came into Chen Fan's mind.

    Yu Wenjin was chosen by the Ghost Witch Sect because of her pure Yin body. Chen Fan had left Yu Wenjin go with Bai Wuji because the latter had not only promised Chen Fan of the girl's safety but also that he would send the girl to the Seu Family of Grand Yin to further her cultivation.

    "If I ran into Wenjin, I will invite her to the North Qiong Sect. She can also stay closer to home that way. "

    Chen Fan thought.

    The Area where Medicine God Valley was located bordered Southwestern China Provinces. However, the border was made up of huge mountains, with meandering narrow roads. Yukishiro Sa, the Sect Guardian of the North Qiong Sect was an experienced driver, so the torturous road was not a problem for them.


    Ferrari's engine revved up in the mountain road.

    They had driven on the mountain for hours but hadn't seen a soul yet. Since they had the entire road to themselves, speed was not an issue for them.

    Their travel was punctuated by a couple of encounters with highway bandits. Yukishiro Sa had handled them with ease and Chen Fan didn't even need to lift a finger.

    Half a day later, they have finally arrived at Rong City.

    As the capital of the Southwest Province, the Rong City was a bustling metropolis. However, Chen Fan's white Ferrari and hot female companion were extremely attention arresting.

    "Master, where are we heading?"

    Yukishiro Sa asked.

    "Just me a minute."

    Chen Fan closed his eyes and projected out his Divine Sense.

    By now, Chen Fan could project his Divine Will as far as thirty kilometers. Therefore, he could easily cover the entire city to seek out anyone he was looking for.

    "Uh? Why can't I find Yu Wenjin?"

    Chen Fan furrowed his brows.

    Yu Wenjin has a Pure Yin body, therefore, her presence should stand out in Chen Fan's divine sense.

    "Maybe she is not in Rong City? What about Bai Wuji?" So thinking, Chen Fan changed his target and started searching for Bai Wuji. Bai Wuji was a mighty fire bender, and the family lord of the Bai family, he had left a deep first impression on Chen Fan.

    "Not here… no… Ah-ha! Here you are!"

    Chen Fan finally opened his eyes and said: "Let's go to Bai's Residence. It's located at the southeastern corner of the City"

    The Bai's Residence turned out to be a well-known location in the city and was even a registered address in the GPS maps. When the two arrived at the Bai's Residence, it was only early morning.

    "Sir, this is private property, no trespassing."

    The two were immediately stopped by the guards standing by the entrance. Although these guards were not Dao-Reaching Level cultivators, their swift movements were energetic. It was evident that they were of phenomenal success level in their Internal Force cultivation.

    "Please tell Bai Wuji that an old friend from Jiang Bei Si Shui county wants to see him."

    A cold light glinted in Chen Fan's eyes. Then he said lightly.

    "Ah, and tell him that my last name is Chen."

    "Very well."

    The guard hesitated a little as he examined the two. As the visitor's unusual appearance settled in, he turned around and walked into the residence.

    Meanwhile, in the living room of that Bai's Residence, six men and women were sitting around a table. Behind them stood many servants and disciples.

    These six individuals were of different age and sex, Bai Wuji was also among them.

    Judging by their appearances, Bai Wuji was far from the most imposing. An old man sitting motionlessly at the head of the table seemed to have the most commanding presence. It was evident that he was a Perfected Cultivator of the Dharma Cultivation Level.

    "Lord Seu, you have lost the girl, you need to give me a proper explanation."

    Bai Wuji kept his brows tightly knotted. A flicker of worry flashed in his eyes.

    He was walking to a gorgeous woman wearing a gown with long drapes that befitted a queen's grace. She wore her hair up in a stylish bun and the large V neck exposed much of her glowing skin without coming off as scantily-covered. Her appearance had such a graceful and aloofness to it that she might as well be a goddess that descended from the moon.

    "Humph! Wenjin is my disciple too. Have you ever thought about my feelings after she was taken away from me by force?"

    The woman in gown flung back at him hotly.

    "I have been grooming her industriously for two years and finally the Perfected Seed had started to form within her. In less than ten years, she could have reached Dharma Cultivation. However, the Grand Magus of the Ghost Witch Sect had come to me personally, demanding the girl as an offering. What choice did I have?"

    The woman was the family lord of the Seu Family, Seu Yunzhi. The Seu Family was one of the six greatest Dharma Spell families in Southeast Province.

    As a matter of fact, all six people sitting in the room were from the six greatest Dharma Spell families.

    Bai family, Lii Family, Yuan family, Gong Family, Seu Family and the Shi Family.

    "Whatever. She is just a useless little wench in the hands of the Ghost Witch Sect. Even if she was the Vessel of the Arcane Yin Energy, the Ghost Witch Sect would never make a Perfected Cultivator out of her."

    Lii Family Lord waved a dismissal.

    "Just so. We wanted Yu Wenjin back then because we needed to use her against the Young Lord of the Ghost Witch Sect. But the Young Lord is already dead, so is the Magus spell he cast on us. What good is Yu Wenjin now? As for her talents, I'm sure we can find substitutes. We can't start a war with the Ghost Witch Sect over a little girl."

    Gong Family lord also chimed in.


    Seu Yunzhi snorted but had kept her silence.

    She didn't want to see Yu Wenjin being taken away from her, but neither did she try anything to protect her. After all, Yu Wenjin was just a tool, however precious she was. Therefore, when the Grand Magus came knocking on her door and asked for the girl, she offered her up without protesting.

    "You… you… sigh!"

    The indifference of his peers and stoked the anger inside of Bai Wuji. He stomped the ground a few times and then slammed a fist on the table, but all the while, he couldn't say a complete sentence to speak up for the girl. In the end, he heaved a sigh and said.

    "Do you have any idea who Yu Wenjin was?"

    "Humph! A useless little wrench from a backwater village."

    Before anyone said anything, a girl with an attractive face put in. Her voice had an edge to it.

    This girl looked just like Seu Yunzhi, and was equally attractive. She was Seu Yunzhi's daughter, Seu Nanan

    Seu Nanan never liked Yu Wenjin. She despised Yu Wenjin's lowly background and envied her extraordinary talent. When she heard that Yu Wenjin was taken away from the Seu family, she even felt lighthearted.

    "Indeed! We all know that she is a descendant of the Yu family in Miao's Land. She was picked out by Young Lord and was sent to Jiang Bei. You then killed Young Lord and took her to the Seu Family of Grand Yin. What else is there to know about her? Do you have feelings for this girl?"

    Lii Family lord smiled sarcastically.

    Bai Wuji had risen to power after he claimed that he had laid low the Young Lord in Jiang Bei. The Bai family also became the second most powerful family in Southwest Province, next only to the Shi Family.

    "Fine. I guess it's time to tell you guys what really happened."

    Bai Wuji let out a wry smile.

    "Are you really that naive to believe that I have killed the young lord? He is a half-step away from Dharma Cultivation, for god's sake, not to mention all those deadly trinkets he carried with him. Even if I had killed him, why do you think the Grand Magus had allowed me to live till this day?"


    His words confused his listeners.

    They had their doubts before, but in the end, they believed that Bai Wuji must have used some secret Dharma Artifact of the Bai family during the fight. After all, the young lord was not yet a Perfected Cultivator so his death was not impossible.

    "You didn't kill Young Lord?"

    Lord Lii's face suddenly changed.

    Even the stately looking old man who had been sitting and listening to the conversation quietly opened his eyes.

    "Of course not me! Don't you know how powerful he is, adding on that Primordial Ghost Flute, I wouldn't have defeated him even if I doubled my power. Someone else did it, someone, who was closely related to Yu Wenjin. He had ordered me to look after Yu Wenjin after she returned to Southeast Province."

    Bai Wuji said fervently.

    "Oh? Now I remember that Yu Wenjin told me that she has a classmate who was extremely powerful. I asked the girl her classmate's name, but her lips were sealed. I always thought she was just pulling my leg."

    Seu Nanan exclaimed.

    "Lord Bai, are you afraid of that guy?"

    Lii Family Lord asked sarcastically.

    "Hehe. The Ghost Witch Sect aside, even the six of us would never be afraid of a teenager. Even if our defense fell short, we still have the support of Perfected Cultivator Shi."

    The quiet old man ran his fingers through his beard and

    He was the family Lord of the Shi Family, a Perfected Cultivator.

    "Hehe. If you knew who that person is, you wouldn't say that." Bai Wuji let out a cold smile.

    "Who is he?"

    Lord Yuan narrowed his eyes and asked offhandedly.

    "He was born in Jiang Bei, and so some people call him Master Chen of Jiang Bei. I wager you might not have heard of that, but you must be familiar with another one of his names."

    Bai Wuji paused as he put on a solemn expression.

    "Chen Beixuan!"


    The revelation had set everyone back on their heels. Even Perfected Cultivator Shi rounded his eyes in shock and disbelief. Meanwhile, Lord Lii was so terrified by the name he fell from his chair and collapsed to the floor.

    Chen Beixuan?

    The number one warrior on the Heaven roll and the Living Legend?

    Even though the six family clans were located in Southeast Province, they heard of Chen Fan's name and knew he was the only person listed on the re-opened Divine Roll.

    "Chen… Chen Beixuan"

    Seu Yunzhi's face paled.

    This name and his military title were both well known by overlords all over the world.

    They also knew that Chen Fan was a very vengeful person, and would not hesitate to kill. Many people even compare his brutality with that of the Great Magus from the Dark Witch Sect who lived three hundred years ago

    "Do you know why I am so worried now?" Bai Wuji managed to squeeze a smile onto his face and said: "If Chen Beixuan comes to question us about the girl's disappearance, what are we going to say to him? "

    The others looked at each other fearfully. Even the Perfected Cultivator Shi had lost his calm and his face was taut with distress.

    Lord Bai's comment had hit the mark. Even as everyone wondered if they should join forces and rescue the girl, a guard came in and said: "My lords, there is a couple at the door who want to see you. The man said he knew you, and he is from Si Shui."

    "And he said his last name is Chen."

    The Guard added.

    A deadly silence fell over the room as if the announcement had cast a magical spell that turned everyone dumb.

    Meanwhile, life and color quickly drained away from the attendee's faces.