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Chapter 484 - North Qiong Sec

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 484: North Qiong Sect

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    As the Grand Elder started filling Chen Fan in on what had happened in the past, a complete story finally started to surface before Chen Fan. The Witch Sects had many branches but the Dark Witch Sect had always been the leading branch. Many powerful overlords hailed from the Dark Witch Sect and remained unchallenged.

    Three hundred years ago, the Great Magus of the Dark Witch Sect became a dominant force in China. Even if China was as powerful of a nation as it was now, it would have difficulties keeping the Great Magus in check.

    The Great Magus sought medicine from the Medicine God Valley Sect, and in return, he had helped the Medicine God Valley Sect cast a Dharma Array over the valley and left a Dharma Treasure as gratitude.

    "That Dharma Treasure was one of the seven Magus Artifacts that had passed down generations in the Dark Witch Sect. It was created by an Earth Level Deity a thousand years ago. The Dark Witch Sect had abided by the Grand Magus's oath and never attempted to claim it personally. However, they told the other witch sects that they would offer handsome rewards to those who could bring the Dharma Treasure back from the Medicine God Valley Sect. The Ghost Witch Sect was one of the sects that had taken up the challenge."

    Grand Elder heaved a sigh and said.

    "Why don't you return the artifact to the Dark Witch Sect if they needed it so bad? Didn't you say that there is a reward?" Chen Fan asked.

    "You are right, Immortal Master. But that Magus Artifact is truly extraordinary. It is a Tripod Cauldron called "Earth Magus Tripod Cauldron." Rumor had it that it was an instrument for elixir brewing used by an earth level Magus. It had been put to good use in our sect so none of the sect leaders had thought of giving it away.

    Grand Elder cracked a smile in embarrassment.

    "Earth Magus Tripod Cauldron?"

    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes as his interest was piqued.

    He wagered that the so-called Earth Magus was the Witch Sect equivalent of Earth Level Deity who had reached Connate Spirit level. A Dharma Treasure from such a mighty cultivator would be ungodly powerful. No wonder the Medicine God Valley Sect would not let it go.

    "What a shame that the Earth Magus Tripod Cauldron was taken away by the Ghost Witch Sect, otherwise, I would have offered it to you. Such a miraculous artifact would only realize its full potential in the hands of an Immortal Master."

    Grand Elder exclaimed.

    The Elixir Tripod Cauldron was useless in ordinary people's hands since to use it would require a tremendous amount of energy.

    However, it would be extremely useful when it was used by Chen Fan. King of Elixirs wanted to give it to Chen Fan, but Chen Fan left the valley to fight Lei Qianjue in a hurry, so the King of Elixirs didn't get the time to do so.

    "No worries, I will go to the Ghost Witch Sect and get it back."

    Chen Fan waved a hand and said proudly.

    He might not even be able to use the Connate Dharma Artifact, such as the Elixir Tripod Cauldron when he was only at the Ethereal Enlightenment level. However, the Elixir Tripod Cauldron would be a perfect little tool for him now since he had reached the Divine Sea level.

    Afterward, the Grand Elder invited Chen Fan into the valley to ask a few questions about Elixir Brewing.

    Chen Fan agreed readily.

    He had planned to groom the Medicine God Valley Sect into one of his own personal Elixir Brewing teams. Therefore he had taught them a great number of Elixir Brewing techniques two years ago. That brought the matter of forming a sect into Chen Fan's mind, so he asked the Medicine God Valley Sect if they were interested in joining.

    "Immortal Master, you wish to form a sect?"

    Grand Elder and Fifth Elder were both elated by the revelation.

    Medicine God Valley Sect was a renowned sect that was over a few hundred years old. However, their elixir brewing skills still paled in comparison with that of Chen Fan. The Medicine God Valley Sect members were shocked by the breadth and depth of Chen Fan's knowledge in Elixir Brewing.

    "We, the Medicine God Valley Sect, will gladly join you, Immortal Master. What will be the name of your sect?"

    The Grand Elder asked and bowed deeply.

    The Medicine God Valley Sect had just lost their Sect Master and was embattled by old and new enemies. If they could join Chen Fan's sect, no one would ever dare to mess with them while they were under the protection of the Living legend.

    "I was in the True Martial Celestial Sect, so I could name it that. But the True Martial Celestial Sect is too far away from here, and you guys have not yet reached the requirements to join the True Martial Celestial Sect, so.." Chen Fan pondered a while, then said: "I think I will call it North Qiong."

    "North Qiong Sect?"

    Everyone looked at each other in confusion.

    A light flashed in Yukishiro Sa's eyes as the name reminded her of the painting of the Zi Qiong Goddess that she saw in the Green Dragon Grand Array.

    "Yes, the North Qiong Sect. I am the Sect Leader, and there are two other disciples. One is called A'Xiu, she should have reached Transcendent State now. You might have heard of the other Disciple: Hua Yunfeng. He has just reached Immortal State a few days back. The Medicine God Valley Sect could be an off-shot chapter of the North Qiong Sect that specializes in Elixir Brewing. Jinyi will be the chapter's leader while you guys will be her assistants and chief alchemists."

    Chen Fan went on to set the sect rules.

    He used to run the True Martial Celestial Sect that had branches across the universe, so he was familiar with the organizational structures of an effective sect.

    "Within the sect, there will be five levels. The Sect Master, Head Disciples, Elders, Chapter Heads, Regular Disciples, and Outer sect disciples. "

    Chen Fan didn't want to make the organizational structure too complicated since he didn't mean to stay on earth for too long.

    "What? Hua Yunfeng is your disciple, and he has already reached Immortal State?"

    Members of the Medicine God Valley Sect were shocked beyond belief.

    Hua Yunfeng of Zhong Hai was a renowned Grandmaster who had presided over Zhong Hai for decades. He had been the leader of the formidable Green Gang, yet, even he had become Chen Fan's disciple. How powerful exactly was Chen Fan?

    The thought had banished the last shred of resentment the alchemists had toward Chen Fan for taking away their former identity and annexing their sect.

    Under the Grand Elder's lead, they all knelt before Chen Fan and announced in unison.

    "The Disciples of the Elixir Brewing Chapter congratulate you, Sect Master, for forming the new sect!"

    And then, they took a deep ceremonious bow to solidify their new relationship with Chen Fan. The Grand Elder felt a heavyweight was finally off their mind after they have secured such a mighty benefactor.

    Chen Fan and the Medicine God Valley Sect always had an amicable relationship, but the Medicine God Valley Sect was never under Chen Fan's protection.

    However, once the Medicine God Vally Sect was turned into the Elixir Brewing Chapter of the North Qiong Sect, Chen Fan had officially taken the Medicine God Valley Sect under his wing.

    "Master, what about me? What is my title?"

    Yukishiro Sa pouted and asked.

    "You? You can be the Guardian of the Sect, the same level as the other Chapter Leaders." Chen Fan said with a smile.

    "Thank you, master."

    Yukishiro Sa's face bloomed like a flower and also unraveled her beauty that had been hidden under her icy expression.

    "Since you have joined my sect, you shall never break my sect rules. "

    Chen Fan pulled a cold face and grunted as a gush of energy poured out from him, filling up the entire room. The energy weighed heavily on top of everyone, sending many to their knees.

    "Yes, we will abide by the sect rules."

    Grand Elder and the others hurried to kowtow to Chen Fan.

    The intense pressure in the room cleared any doubts about Chen Fan's deadly power and his willingness to use it.

    He was a deadly cutthroat living legend who wouldn't hesitate to take anyone's life should they offend him.

    "There aren't many rules in the North Qiong Sect. However, by joining my sect, you have put your lives in my hands. I want to make it clear to you right now that the reason I created this sect is to protect my family. Therefore, rule number one: Never harm anyone from the Chen family."

    Chen Fan said lightly.


    Everyone bowed again.

    "That's it; there is no rule number two. I don't much like rules."

    The others finally rose to their feet slowly after Chen Fan had finished announcing the only rule of the sect.

    Chen Fan had established the Chen family's status in the sect, but what he meant by the Chen family included only his Grandpa, parents, Sister An, Chen Ning, and Chen Guoguo. The rest didn't count. Chen Fan would offer the rest of the Chen family a large sum of money and leave them to their own devices.

    After Chen Fan set up the sect structure in a broad stroke, Zhou Jinyi and Yukishiro Sa started to work industriously to finalize many details. Both girls had experience running large organizations, therefore, the task was right up their alley. Chen Fan found Yukishiro Sa particularly helpful, and she had almost become Chen Fan's personal assistant. While the two girls worked out the details, he had started to teach the elders basic Dharmic formulation for Elixir Brewing. He also asked them about Snow God Palace while he was at it.

    "Sect master, I vaguely remembered the Snow God Palace. Our former Sect master mentioned it to us once a long time ago."

    The Grand Elder pondered for a while and answered.

    "Oh? What did he say about the Snow God Palace?"

    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes and pressed on.

    One of the reasons he was here at Medicine God Valley was to find out clues about the Snow God Palace.

    "Our former Sect Master said that the Snow God Palace was located deep inside of a snow mountain. They only have female members. Every ten years or so, they would come out of the mountain to seek disciples. I wager that Miss Lu was taken by them for that purpose as well." Grand Elder said.

    "Do you know where the Snow God Palace is?"

    Chen Fan asked with knitted brows.

    "I was told that the Snow God Palace was extremely secretive. Rumors about their existence have existed for thousands of years, and many have tried to seek them out, but they all failed. The only thing we know about them was that their leaders were extraordinarily beautiful women and deadly as well. Nearly all of them were of Immortal State. I had never thought that the Snow God Palace should surface during my lifetime."

    Grand Elder shook his head and said.

    "Sect master, we used to be a small sect, so our information is limited. However, sects such as the Dark Witch Sect, Heavenly Master Sect, or the Wu Dang Sect must know much more than we do."


    Chen Fan nodded and left it at that.

    At least now he knew that Lu Yanxue was not in danger, so he was not in a hurry.

    That being said, the fact that the Snow God Palace's heir had taken Lu Yanxue away without his consent didn't sit well with him.

    "They better treat Yanxue well, otherwise, I will turn the Snow God Palace into a bloodbath."

    Chen Fan sneered.

    In the next few days, Chen Fan had taught more Dharmic formulation to his disciples at the Elixir Brewing Chapters. He also created a "Divine Soul Token" for each of the disciples.

    This token was connected to the soul and spirit of the disciples and was used as a pledge for the disciple's loyalty since Chen Fan could kill anyone of the traitors by breaking the token.

    Once Chen Fan had tied up all the loose ends, he headed southwest toward the Ghost Witch Sect.