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Chapter 481 - Who Should I Apologize to?

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
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    Chen Fan looked up from his food and saw Qiu Yilun. The sight of his former roommate had also brought a smile onto his face.

    “Yilun, Qian Lulu, long time no see.”

    “See? I told you Boss is safe. He has those spells and what have you, no one can hurt him..”

    Qiu Yilun ran toward Chen Fan and greeted him by punching Chen Fan on the chest.

    Chen Fan replied with a smile. He had dialed down his protective True Qi, otherwise, the recoil from the punch would have shattered his fingers.

    “Boss, what are you doing in Lin City? Why didn’t you tell us that you are back, and who is this beauty?” Qiu Yilun asked as he glanced at Yukishiro Sa who was standing behind Chen Fan. His eyes were immediately filled with envy.

    “Her name is Yukishiro Sa.” Chen Fan answered. Then he changed the topic: “How is everyone at school? I have been busy so I didn’t have time to go back and visit you guys.”

    Qiu Yilun heaved a sigh and replied: “Senior Brother went back to his hometown in northern China and never returned, worse, he took Liu Xiaojin with him. My father also pulled me out of school so that I can start to get involved in my family business. I haven’t been back to school for a year now. I think that only Piggsy is still on campus.”

    Chen Fan was not at all surprised by Qiu Yilun’s words.

    The Business School of Jin City University was a third tier college. Qi Wangsun would never attend if not because of his feud with his family.

    Since the conflict had since been mitigated, Qi Wangxun returned home and probably was attending a much better school. Meanwhile, although Qiu Yilun’s family was not as prominent as the Qi family, a degree from a third tier college was practically useless for Qiu Yilun. He might as well quit right now and start working for his dad.

    “I see.”

    Chen Fan nodded.

    When he wreaked havoc in Jin City, he somewhat expected Qiu Yilun and Qi Wangsun to take notice of him, however, unbeknownst to him, they had already left Jin City.

    “Ah, right, Chen Fan. Are you still talking to Qinya?”

    Qian Lulu put in, there was an edge to her voice.

    By now, she was already engaged with Qiu Yilun and felt that she was above Chen Fan now. Her sense of superiority came from the news that the Chen family’s fate was hanging in balance.

    “Zhou Qinya?”

    Chen Fan furrowed his brows.

    Memories of the girl came back to Chen Fan: that she went to the mall and shopped for clothing for him, and that she brought him to the hairdresser and helped him pick a style that fitted him. Those were small things, but it was the small things that were the most poignant.

    “Humph! She had been waiting for you for over a year. You wouldn’t even pay her a visit while you are back. I feel sorry for Qinya. She could have found a handsome rich heir easily, you know!”

    Qian Lulu fumed.

    “Lulu, that’s enough.”

    Qiu Yilun hurried to cut the girl short.

    Chen Fan had wiped Qian Lulu and her roommates’ memory, but not Qiu Yilun’s.

    Therefore, Qiu Yilun remembered that Chen Fan was the infamous Master Chen of Jiang Bei and was a trillionaire in Hong Kong. Worse, Qi Wangsun also told him personally that Chen Fan was so powerful that he simply couldn’t comprehend how great the force behind him was.

    “Why should I stop? Qinya is my best friend, and I can’t let her waste her life waiting for him. Do you know how much youth means to a girl? Chen Fan, if you are really not interested in Qinya, please just tell her. Make it very clear to her so that she will finally give up.”

    Qian Lulu said with a cold smirk.

    Chen Fan furrowed his brows and didn’t say a thing.

    Zhou Qinya was not the first girl and would not be the last who had their eyes set on Chen Fan and Chen Fan alone. After all, he was the North Mystic Celestial Lord, and the power emanated from him was deadly charming to girls.

    Qiu Yilun changed the subject, trying to ease the tension in the air.

    “Boss, you should have told me that you are back and are coming to the Lu family’s banquet. How did you get in? I got in because of my dad.”

    “I am their family friend, and I happened to be on my way to visit them.”

    Chen Fan put in lightly.


    Qian Lulu snorted at Chen Fan.

    The real top dogs had congregated at the center of the hall, so she wagered that Chen Fan must have gotten the invitation by sheer luck.

    Little did she know that both Old Man Lu and Lu Yanwu were right here at Chen Fan’s table but Chen Fan wanted some time alone and they left the table at his behest.

    “Boss…” Even as Qiu Yilun was going to say something. A voice came up behind him. “Yilun, who are you talking to? Uh? Isn’t that your roommate? Chen something…”

    A middle-aged couple walked over to Chen Fan with wine cups in their hands. One of them pointed to Chen Fan in surprise.

    “Dad, he is Chen Fan.”

    Embarrassment was written all over Qiu Yilun’s face.

    “Chen Fan, ah-ha! That’s right, I remember now.”

    Qiu Zhenqin slapped his head as realization dawned upon him. He gave Chen Fan a brief glance and then looked at his son. “Yilun, come with me, I want to introduce you to Boss Lu. He is the leader of the Lu family and the deputy director of the Lus group.”

    As soon as he said that, he came over to Qiu Yilun and dragged him away.

    Qiu Yilun turned his head around and gave Chen Fan an apologetic smile.

    Chen Fan shook his head after the Qiu Family was finally out of his sight.

    Qiu Zhenqin was just an ordinary tycoon and was far away from the center of power. Therefore, he probably had never even heard of Chen Fan’s other titles, much less recognizing him.

    However, Chen Fan quickly forgot about them and focused on the bigger fish he needed to fry.

    He would leave for the Medicine God Valley Sect after the banquet and ask Red Sparrow about the Snow God Palace.

    “Ice Spirit Body was nearly invisible to naked eyes, but the nun had registered its presence almost immediately. Maybe the Snow God Palace does have some mojo that was passed down through generations.”

    Chen Fan thought.


    Suddenly, a loud clanking noise wrenched his mind out of his reverie, then he heard the sound of a scuffle broke out and a girl’s crying. Chen Fan furrowed brows and looked to the noise, but his view was blocked by a crowd.

    However, that was not a problem for Chen Fan. He projected his Divine Will out to cover the entire hall.


    Chen Fan was surprised to see that one of the people who was being beaten up was Qiu Yilun.

    Qiu Yilun’s face was bruised and he locked his hot glare at a group of men before him. Meanwhile, Qian Lulu’s expensive dress was torn, revealing a large swatch of her naked skin.

    “Boss, Liu, what’s the meaning of this?”

    Qiu Zhenqin stood aside and asked with a dark face.

    A group of men and women stood before the Qiu family. The leader of the group was a middle-aged man with a greasy face. He was wearing a gaudy gold chain and a huge golden Patek Philippe around his wrist. He was flanked by an agitated young man who was eager to throw a few punches.

    “Humph! Your son’s girlfriend had run into my wife and refused to apologize. I should have done much worse to your son than just beat him up.”

    Boss Liu sneered at Qiu Zhenqin.

    Qiu Zhenqin’s face twitched a little.

    Members of the elite class very rarely escalated a small issue to a fist brawl, so it was evident that the man was using the minor run-in as an excuse for revenge.

    “Liu Jinhong, you are just bitter that we won the bid. Is it really necessary to take it out on my kids? You could have won the bid too if you added ten million more on your proposal!”

    Qiu Zhenqin’s wife flung back at the middle-aged man hotly.


    Qiu Zhenqin’s face changed after he heard his wife’s words.

    Both Liu Jinhong and Qiu Zhenqin were owners of reputable real estate companies in Lin City.

    They were both bidding on a development contract with the city and Qiu Zhenqin won the bid in the end. Liu Jinhong was still begrudging about his loss and he sought any opportunity to make the Qiu family suffer. However, Qiu Zhenqin had never fought back, due to his fear for Liu Jinhong’s notorious reputation as a member of the Underground World as well as his connection with the Lu family.

    Although Qiu Zhenqin had never spoken his inner thoughts out loud, Chen Fan had guessed that much from the murmurs among the crowd.

    “Boss Lu, I hope you could talk sense into his thick skull.”

    Lady Qiu turned around and looked at Lu Tianqiao.

    Lu Tianqiao was of similar age and level of authority as Lu Tianfen. Qiu Zhenqin had just introduced his son, Qiu Yilun to him and the two had just carried out a pleasant conversation.

    However, to his disappointment, Lu Tianqiao looked away and didn’t want to get involved.

    The Qiu family’s hearts suddenly sank to the bottom.

    “Lady Qiu quit slandering my reputation in public. Your son started all of this. If he kneels down before me and apologizes, I might consider forgiving him.”

    Liu Jinhong said sarcastically.

    “Kneel before you? Dream on!”

    Qiu Yilun spat a wad of blood-stained spit and hissed at the man.

    “You still didn’t learn your lesson? Are you asking for a bigger beating?”

    Liu Jinhong’s son grinned and twisted his wrist. He was a heavy-set scoundrel who knew a thing or two about Martial arts. He worked as the ringmaster in the underground cage fights and managed over a dozen unscrupulous fighters who would risk their lives for the Liu family.

    Qiu Yilun’s face changed a little after he noticed that the young man was about to go at it again.

    Qian Lulu clutched her tattered clothes in one hand, and grabbed Qiu Yilun’s arms with the other. Fear and distress were written all over her face.

    “Boss Lu!”

    Qiu Zhenqin pulled a dark face and looked at Lu Tianqiao anxiously.

    Lu Tianqiao responded with a perfunctory nod and then he replied: “This is their youngster’s business. You and I should just let them sort it out themselves. It’s not a big deal anyway.”

    Lu Tianqiao’s words brought a broad smile onto Liu Jinhong’s face. Meanwhile, the Qiu family members were overtaken by despair and hopelessness.

    “You set me up! This is a trap!”

    Qiu Zhenqin’s face darkened.

    He had been curious as to why he would get an invitation to the prestigious Lu family’s banquet since the Lu family was way out of his league. It suddenly occurred to him that Liu Jinhong and Lu Tianqiao were in this together and they had set up a trap for him.

    He had walked right into the trap and humiliated himself in front of the entire Lin City’s elite circle.

    Qiu Yilun was beaten up and would be forced to beg for forgiveness, it would make the Qiu family a laughing stock in Lin City and no one would ever take them seriously.

    “Dad, let me go!”

    Qiu Yilun gritted his teeth and was going to confront the bullies.

    Suddenly a clear voice came up: “My master has spoken: either the Liu family apologize and gets out of Lin City, or die.”

    The voice startled the crowd, they turned around and saw a young girl in a white outfit come over to them. There was a blade strapped behind her back.

    Qiu Yilun recognized the girl and called out her name: “Yukishiro Sa?”