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Chapter 480 - Snow God Palace?

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 480: Snow God Palace?

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    Chen Fan had pulled the rug from under everyone by becoming the first person to have achieved Immortal State over the decade.

    However, his feat of helping others achieve Immortal state was practically unheard of. Such a miracle was only mentioned in ancient scrolls about divine intervention of sages or gods. Chen Fan's ability to help others achieve Immortal State spoke loudly of his unimaginable power.

    "Father, we are sorry."

    Hua Qinxiong and the others hurried to take a deep and sincere bow.

    "Lord Master is a god-like being, transcendental and unsullied by the mortal world. We, as his disciples, should hold onto his teachings and never let anyone insult him."

    Hua Yunfeng waved a hand and said.

    "Yes, right away."

    Hua Qinxiong answered with a solemn expression.

    The promise of a bright future for the Hua Family had heightened their spirits. They would never have to be submissive when the Lin Family was knocking on their door again. However powerful the Lin Family was, they would be no match against two Immortal State warriors.

    Even as the Hua Family members revelled in their new-found strength, Chen Fan had driven his Ferrari on the highway to Lin City. With Hua Yunfeng guarding the fort at Zhong Hai, Chen Fan was confident that even Lin Shuming had to think twice before messing with his family.

    "Once I have finished tying up the loose ends for my family, I should set out for another adventure and visit my old friends on my way."

    He thought to himself.

    His thoughts went to many of his allies: the Lu sisters at Lin City, Medicine God Valley Sect, Zheng family of Hong Kong, Yu Wenjin, A'Xiu, and Xu Rongfei. They might all be affected by his prolonged absence, so Chen Fan thought he should go check upon them.

    "They better be safe and sound, otherwise."

    A cold light flickered in Chen Fan's eyes.

    Lin City was only an hour's drive away from Zhong Hai. As he approached the city, the flamboyant car and Yukishiro Sa both attracted a lot of attention.

    He followed the GPS and finally arrived at the Lu family's mansion by the west lake.

    "Such wealth!"

    Chen Fan exclaimed in his mind. The first thing he noticed as soon as he got out of the car was the Tripod Cauldron right in front of the entrance.

    That was the spot where Chen Fan had killed Lu Tianfen and where Lei Qianjue had carried the Tripod Cauldron over his head and barged into the Lu family's mansion.

    The Tripod Cauldron was still there, but the people in the story were all gone.

    Chen Fan wouldn't even spare a glance at Lei Qianjue should he have to face him now. However, Lei Qianjue's perseverance and discipline lingered long after the battle was over. He was the most resolute and persistent cultivator Chen Fan had ever seen ever since his rebirth, and he also had the most potential. Such a capable cultivator would have dominated an entire planet if he was given room to grow.

    "Hey, don't idle in front of the Lu family residence! Go away, go— Chen… Mr. Chen ?"

    The captain of the security guard, Lu Dayong emerged from his office.

    As soon as he recognized Chen Fan, he was so shocked that he forgot what he was doing here.

    Lu Dayong had seen Chen Fan kill Lu Dayong with his own eyes, and Chen Fan's appearance had barely changed over the two years, so he had recognized the young man immediately.

    "Brother Yong, who is that?"

    The rest of the security guard filed out of the office, some yawning with sleepy eyes. Their jaws all dropped when they saw Chen Fan.

    "Is Lu Yanwu and Lu Yanxue around?"

    Chen Fan asked evenly.

    "Yes, yes. Miss Yanwu is still around, but our family lord…"

    Lu Dayong hurried to reply to Chen Fan, and then he hesitated halfway through his sentence.

    "What happened to Yanxue?"

    Chen Fan furrowed his brows and barged right through the mansion's gate. Lu Dayong scarcely dared to stop him, but he was smart enough to call the family leaders and informed them of the visitor. Suddenly, the Lu family members poured out from the family compound to see the infamous living legend in person.

    "Chen Beixuan? Is Chen Beixuan here?"

    "Yes, I have seen him myself. He hasn't changed at all."

    "He is our family's biggest benefactor. People call him a living legend!"

    A wave of surprised murmur rose among the Lu family members.

    Lu Yanwu walked behind the Old Lord Lu, steadying him as she went. The old man made his way to Chen Fan, bowed to him and then said: "It is an honor to have you here, Immortal Master Chen. I wish you a long and prosperous life!"

    "There is no need for formality. Where is Yanxue?"

    Chen Fan waved a dismissal.

    "Ur…"The old man hesitated. In the end, Lu Yanwu put in respectfully: "Immortal Master Chen, perhaps we should talk about it inside. It's a long story."

    "Very well."

    Chen Fan nodded.

    Once everyone got into the main hall, Lu Yanwu dismissed the servants. Then she heaved a sigh and said.

    "She left half a year after you went missing. She left with a woman who happened to just pass by our house."


    Chen Fan narrowed his glinting eyes.

    It was a public knowledge that the Lu family was under Chen Fan's protection and even so much as laying a finger on Lu Yanxue would surely bring down the ire of the Living Legend.

    "That girl was wearing a Taoist nun's habit. She spoke an archaic version of Chinese, so I guessed that she was from an ancient sect. She had taken a liking to Yanxue and claimed that she had a rare hidden knack for cultivation. She called her an Ice Spirit Root and said she was the seed that the Snow God Palace had been looking for." Lu Yanwu said.

    "Humph! So you just let that woman take her, just like that?"

    Chen Fan puffed a cold air out of his nose which seemed to have lowered the temperature in the hall.

    "We do apologize."

    The old man hurried to drop to his knees and begged for forgiveness. Lu Yanwu let out a wry smile and said:

    "We didn't have many choices. While you were missing in action, one of our rivals came knocking on our doors and swore to seek revenge for some old feud. When our lives were hanging in the balance, it was that Taoist nun who had saved all of us. To thank her, Yanxue had agreed to leave with her."

    "Plus…" Shock and disbelief danced in Lu Yanxue's eyes as she put in. "We suspected that the woman was a… Immortal State Warrior!"

    "Immortal State?"

    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes and mulled over the words.

    If there had been a female Immortal State warrior, he should have already heard of her by now. Plus, Chen Fan couldn't recall ever hearing of a Snow God Palace before.

    "Fine, I wager she is going to become one of her disciples. At least she is safe. I should ask Red Sparrow about it in a few days."

    With that thought in mind, Chen Fan unfurrowed his brows.

    He reckoned that the Taoist nun must have noticed Lu Yanxue's exceptional talent

    Chen Fan had cleaned up Lu Yanxue's system down to the bone marrow, and therefore, her body had become an Ice Spirit Body, granting her tremendous elemental affinity with Ice element. If she could tap into her inner resources, she would be a mighty cultivator one day.

    Chen Fan wagered that was what the nun meant by "Ice Spirit Root." He was convinced that if the nun had noticed her talent, she would spare no expense to protect the girl.

    "Immortal Master, please stay a day or two, so that Yanxue wouldn't blame us for being a terrible host when she returns home."

    Seeing Chen Fan was about to end the meeting, Old Man Lu hurried to suggest.

    Chen Fan furrowed his brows and nodded: "Very well."

    A smile broke over the old man's face, so he ordered:

    "Yanwu, prepare a banquet and send out invitations to all renowned families in Tian Nan Province. Make sure our rival receives those invitations too."

    "Will do. " Lu Yanwu replied joyfully.

    Chen Fan sat still and kept his silence.

    He knew that the Lu family wanted to use his fame to deter their enemies. However, since he had promised Lu Yanxue to make her happy for the rest of her life, he obliged the Lu family by playing along.

    The Lu family of Lin City was one of the most reputable families in Tian Nan.

    They had the entire Underground World in their tight grasp. Although they had lost Grandmaster Lu Tianfen, they have gained an even more powerful benefactor: Chen Fan, thanks to one of the family's daughters.

    However, ever since Lu Yanxue's disappearance, the Lu family started to become restless and wondered if they were still under Chen Fan's protection. Therefore, the banquet would be a loud and clear message to the rest of the Tian Nan province: the Lu family still had the support of the Living legend!

    When the dusk broke, the banquet finally started.

    Although it was a very short notice, people flocked to the Lu family's residence and the parking lot quickly got filled up with all kinds of luxury vehicles.

    "Young Lord Dong, nice to meet you."

    "Nice to meet you too. What kind of game is the Lu family playing this time? It was such a short notice! I have just got the invitation around noon and had to push aside a few other meetings to make it. They promised us that there would be an honored guest attending the banquet, they better not disappoint me."

    A few people started to chat with each other at the entrance.

    Those who were at the top of the totem pole were much more reticent and kept their questions unspoken as they made their way into the mansion.

    "Mom, Dad, hurry up! I don't want to miss anything!"

    A tall and handsome young man hopped out of a BMW, brimming with energy and excitement. He turned around and shouted at his parents.

    "Wait… just wait."

    A Mercedes-Benz pulled over as a couple emerged from within. The man was wearing a spiffy suit while the woman decorated her body with gleaming Jewelry. They were both in their forties but looked much younger.

    "Yilun, can you grow up already? Why are you so brash and always in a hurry? How am I supposed to trust you with your dad's company?"

    The middle-aged woman refuted. Meanwhile, her gaze landed on a girl who had just come out of the same BMW that the young man was driving.

    "Ma… Pa.."

    The attractive young girl came forward and greeted the older couple.


    The middle-aged woman sneered at her and didn't offer a reply.

    The middle-aged man waved a hand and said warmly: let's get inside. But make sure you two behave yourself while you are in there. The Lu family is a mighty force in Tian Nan Province. Not even I can save you if you get on their wrong side."

    "Yes, dad."

    The young couple were Chen Fan's Roommate, Qiu Yilun and his girlfriend Qian Lulu.

    There was no school in summer so they both attended the banquet with Qiu Yilun's parents. However, it was evident that Qiu Yilun's mother didn't like Qian Lulu at all.

    However, Qian Lulu was determined to become a good future wife of the rich family, so she acted carefully and never talked back to her future mother-in-law.

    Once the banquet had finally started, Qiu Yilun wandered into the enormous banquet hall with Qian Lulu in tow. Suddenly, he saw a young man sitting in a corner chewing on a piece of steak by himself. The sight of the young man brought a broad smile onto his face.