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Chapter 479 - The Aftermath

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 479: The Aftermath

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    "What happened?"

    Manager Xu asked.

    He had turned his cell phone off the entire night so that he didn't have to answer his wife's calls while he spent the night at his mistress's place.

    Even as Manager Hong was going to explain, Manager Xu suddenly plastered on a smile and said: "Managing Director He, Director Xiao, and Manager Wu, good morning."

    Seeing Manager Xu was not really interested in what he was going to say, Manager Hong decided to keep his silence.

    Manager Xu quickly found out that everyone he met today looked troubled.

    "What's going on? Still worried about the third phase constriction of our new development? Don't worry, I will talk to the Chairman today and advise her to apologize to the Ji Family. Everything will be fine…"

    Manager Xu said confidently.

    People around him looked at him like he was an idiot. So enamored by the glory of his own reflection, Manager Xu didn't notice the strange looks on everyone's face. Even as he continued talking about his plan to "help" the Jin Xiu Group, two drop-dead gorgeous women, came over to the elevator, trailing a series of the strident clacking of heels on the marble floor.

    The entire building became quiet as soon as the two beauties showed up.

    Most employees scarcely dared to breathe while the receptionist rose to their feet and straightened their backs to welcome their bosses.

    The two women were Wang Xiaoyun and An Ya.

    "Ah-ha! There she is. I will talk to her right now."

    Manager Xu was about to greet his bosses, but the rest of the managers were one step ahead of him.

    Managing Director He, Director Xiao, and the other board members put on ingratiating smiles as they flocked to Wang Xiaoyun, heaping praise on her.

    "You look fabulous today!"

    "Assistant An looks so elegant in that Chanel suit. My daughter simply couldn't compare."

    "Under your leadership, Jin Xiu Group would always be the most powerful company in Zhong Hai!"

    Manager Xu was dumbfounded by their sudden change of attitude. He gaped at the managers as they kept on buttering the two women up.

    They were all board members and wielded significant clout in the company. Even Chairman Wang needed to heed their advice by compromising her own plans. There was no need for them to kiss Wang Xiaoyun's ass as those general employees would.

    "Come with me, we have a meeting."

    Wang Xiaoyun pulled a taut face and ordered the board members curtly.

    "Yes, right away."

    These board members quickly lined up at the elevator gate as if they were well-trained soldiers, ready to follow their commander's order to the letters.

    Under Manager Xu's incredulous watch, the other managers filed into the elevator without small chit-chatting. Their movements were purposeful but succinct and reminded Manager Xu of his son during the school's military conditioning training.

    "What the heck?"

    Despite the pestering questions in his mind, he decided not to stick out among his tin-soldier colleagues and kept his question to himself.

    They rode the elevator together with Wang Xiaoyun, and Manager Xu was astonished to find out that the board members had even changed their way of addressing Wang Xiaoyun. They used to call her Boss Wang, but now, all of them called her Chairman Wang, with a little bow. The elevator door opened once they had arrived on the floor where the meeting room was, the managers didn't file out of the elevator until Wang Xiaoyun was out and was ahead of them a few dozen meters.

    Wang Xiaoyun carried an air of awe-inspiring majesty about her that transformed her into a queen and her employees into her subjects.

    The meeting started as soon as they reached the meeting room.

    "Cough… cough…"

    Manager Xu cleared his throat and was about to propose his plan of capitulation. Suddenly, Director Xiao rose from his chair, holding a stack of papers.

    "Chairman, I just got a phone call from the Eastern District officers and they informed me that they have completed their inspection at our project site. All is well and we could start construction immediately."


    Manager Xu raised his eyebrows in surprise, and he nearly spilled the water he had just swilled.

    And then, Managing Director He also stood up and announced:

    "Chairman, the officers at the Eastern District wanted me to tell you that they were pressured by the Ji Family to hinder the project's progress. They are no longer beholden to the Ji Family's indulgence and wish to apologize to you in person."

    "The officers of the Eastern District want to apologize in person?"

    Manager Xu couldn't believe his ears.

    The fate of the construction project was in the hands of these government officials, and never once had these bureaucrats bowed to any company within their purview.

    However, this was only the beginning.

    "Chairman, boss of the Dong Chen Group called me personally and said he wanted to join our business venture. They are willing to cover all the costs of the project, and when the project is over, they only need thirty percent of the profit."

    "Chairman, Shi Hongyi from the Hong Hai Group is waiting for you in the meeting room. He has been waiting for two hours."

    "Chairman, Lord Zhou invited you to dinner. The mayor and deputy mayors will also be present."

    By then, Manager Xu was already numb to the one after another shocking revelation.

    The Dong Chen Group was one of the biggest companies in Zhong Hai and its owner was the family lord of Nin Family, Nin Chendong. The deal was practically a steal for the Jin Xiu Group since they offered to cover all costs and asked for only thirty percent profit.

    Meanwhile, Shi Hongyi was the richest man in Zhong Hai, but he had waited ever since six o'clock this morning, begging for an audience with Wang Xiaoyun.

    Lord Zhou's invitation was not only unexpected but also had a peculiar timing. He was a retired senior official in Zhong Hai who still had significant influence across China.

    "What did I miss? Is it just me or has everyone gone crazy?"

    Rattled by the shocking development, Manager Xu sat in his chair quietly like a statue.


    Wang Xiaoyun nodded and continued the meeting.

    After a while, the meeting adjourned and many directors rose to their feet and bowed as Wang Xiaoyun and An Ya left the room. They kept their back bent for a few good minutes.

    "Hew! Chairman is finally gone."

    "Old Hong, I thought I was going to have a heart attack."

    "Chairman is gaining more prestige by the day, and we are also beneficiaries of her fame and power. Now the Jin Xiu Group is under Young Lord Chen's protection, no one would ever lay a finger on us."

    Everyone heaved a sigh of relief and started murmuring to each other.

    The situation was still as clear as mud to Manager Xu. He asked curiously: "Hey, what happened? Did Lord Wang, Wang Zhongguo finally acknowledge Chairman Wang as his daughter again?"

    "Hehe. It has nothing to do with the Wang family. It's her son. Young Lord Chen turned out to be an incredible force. Lao Xu, you should have gone with us to Hua Family residence last night, you missed a fantastic show."

    Manger Hong shook his head and said.

    "Ah? Her son?"

    The news set Manager Xu was back on his heels. "You mean that hoity-toity brat? What does he have to show for? All he could do is to mooch off his mother."


    Manager Hong scoffed.

    Director Xiao also heaved a sigh and said: "Lao Xu, your eyes are as good as blind. Our young master had unimaginable abilities like you wouldn't believe. Come, come, let me fill you in."

    Manager Xu was rendered speechless after he heard the events of last night.

    "General Major of Cang Dragon? Living Legend? CIA's Divine Roll? OMG! Are you sure he is a mortal?"

    Realization finally dawned upon him. He could finally make sense of everyone's fearful feelings toward Wang Xiaoyun.

    No one could have remained calm while working for the mother of such a powerful man. Her presence demanded their respect and fear. By then, Jin Xiu Group's top position in the industry was unchallenged.

    As for the Ji Family, Manager Xu had already forgotten about them.

    They were just a prominent family in Zhong Hai, a far cry from the mighty living legend.

    As people in the Jin Xiu Group grappled with the series of outlandish development, Chen Fan had left the Hua Family with Yukishiro Sa. The entire Hua Family lined up by the residence to see Chen Fan off. Before Chen Fan got on the vehicle, Hua Yunfeng bowed deeply.

    "Farewell, Master."

    "Farewell, master." Cheng Danqin and Hua Qinxiong followed the old man's lead and knelt on the ground.

    Hua Yunfeng didn't straighten his back until Chen Fan's vehicle had disappeared.

    Hua Qinxiong also picked himself up from the ground. He dusted his pants and asked:

    "Dad, even if he is the living legend, don't you think we are being a little bit over the top? After all, you ranked number four on the Heaven roll and are of the semi-immortal level. Do you really have to be his disciple?"

    "Just so! I felt he should have called you master."

    Hua Yuanhu was the Hua Family's third-generation heir, he also put in indignantly.

    "Fools! Immortal Master Chen is an Immortal sage, how dare you think so lightly of him? For that, you deserve a punishment. You shall kneel before our ancestor's shrine for a day and reflect on your mistake!"

    Hua Yunfeng's face darkened and fumed.

    Hua Yunfeng and Hua Qinxiong both lowered their heads in silent protest.


    Seeing the confusion and reluctant in their eyes, Hua Yunfeng furrowed his brows and waved a dismissal at the servants. Once he was alone with the core members of the Hua Family, he led them to the pavilion and said.

    "You seem to disagree with your punishment?"


    Indignation was written all over Hua Qinxiong's face.


    Hua Yunfeng hissed at his son.

    He walked over the edge of the pavilion and kept going. Under the Hua Family's shocked eyes, Hua Yunfeng walked in the air as if he was walking on an invisible stairs.

    One step, two steps, three steps.

    Like a sage, Hua Yunfeng rode the wind and stepped on the cloud, getting closer and closer to the zenith of the firmament.

    "Walking on air… this… this is…"

    Hua Qinxiong and the others gaped at the incredible sight as a thought came up in their minds.

    "Yes, the teacher had reached Immortal State last night and had become a living legend."

    Cheng Danqin put in. Complicated and strong emotions flashed in her eyes.

    "Congratulations, father. The Hua Family is going to regain what we have lost!"

    Hua Qinxiong kowtowed to his father as he trembled uncontrollably. Hua Yuanhu also beamed from side to side.

    "Master Chen had given me what I have been seeking blindly for a hundred years. Now, do you still it is over the top for me to be his disciple?"

    Hua Yunfeng lamented.


    The revelation set Hua Qinxiong and the others back on their heels as they looked to each other in fear and disbelief.