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Chapter 478 - Its My Honor, Immortal Master

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 478: It's My Honor, Immortal Master

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    "Huu! Huu!"

    A Strong wave of Spirit Qi gathered from all directions, and they were drawn by Chen Fan to form a translucent funnel above Hua Yunfeng's head and plummet down.

    The powerful whirlwind expanded, stirring up gales, and churned the cloud above.

    "Pull Back!"

    Both Yukishiro Sa and Cheng Danqin were both forced to back away and were eventually out of the pavilion. They watched from a distance as Chen Fan and Hua Yunfeng got surrounded by the storm of Spirit Qi. They looked as if they were in another world where immortals lived.

    "Follow my lead and start the art. Focus your mind and don't let anything distract you!"

    Chen Fan shouted out.

    Hua Yunfeng had proved once again that he lived up to his reputation as a seasoned Grandmaster. He quickly brought his fear under control and gathered himself. He followed Chen Fan's lead and started the art.

    The ability to form Divine Soul from Soul energy was what set the Immortal State warrior apart from the Transcendent State warriors. With the Divine Soul, they would be able to tap into the power of Heaven and Earth and reach the status of Heavenly Beings. Without the Divine Soul, Transcendent State Warriors can only rely on their own very limited energy.

    The energy inside of one's body was limited, but the power of Heaven and Earth was boundless.

    That was why the Immortal State Warriors viewed the lives on earth like dirt. Chen Fan was a reincarnation of a Celestial Lord, therefore, he was able to withstand the attack of the Immortal State warriors.


    The Spirit Qi poured into Hua Yunfeng from above, the energy inside the old man started to circulate.

    One round, two… three…

    His Internal Force grew stronger with each round. It suddenly occurred to Hua Yunfeng that he was gaining more levels of attainment in a second than he could in a few weeks.

    It wasn't long before Hua Yunfeng's body was brimming with a restless energy that threatened to burst out of his body.

    "Immortal Master, I'm almost at my limit now."

    Hua Yunfeng said with a great sense of urgency

    He had been cultivating his Internal Force for over a hundred years and by then, his Internal Force was as powerful as the top Takemiya Hiro. However, his internal force wouldn't help him ascend to the next level, instead, he needed more Soul Energy. However strong and potent his Internal Force was, without refining them into a Divine Soul, the old man would never reach the Immortal State.


    Chen Fan grunted and brilliant Divine Light shot out from his eyes and into Hua Yunfeng's body.

    Chen Fan's Divine Will had become extremely powerful once he had reached Divine Sea level and projected as far as thirty kilometers. Although Chen Fan had sent only a fraction of his Divine Will into Hua Yunfeng's body, the old man was overtaken by an unbearable fullness in him, it was as if his body was going to turn inside out.


    Chen Fan's method was simple: he used his Divine Will to force the Soul energy inside of Hua Yunfeng to collect into a ball and gradually increased pressure on the ball until the Soul Energy was condensed into Divine Will.

    To North Mystic Celestial Lord, this might seem an ordinary operation. Chen Fan had known every procedure involved and would make sure the process was safe. However, the operation was torturous for Hua Yunfeng.

    Souls were the most delicate things inside a mortal.

    Chen Fan's Divine will handle Hua Yunfeng's soul with the same brute force as a blacksmith would to a piece of iron: hammering, kneading, folding. Hua Yunfeng felt his soul was being continuously crushed and reforged, bringing him agonizing pain.

    However, after a while, Hua Yunfeng sensed that a Divine Soul was taking shape somewhere deep within Hua Yunfeng's Soul Energy.


    Chen Fan shouted and pressed his palm on top of Hua Yunfeng's head as he poured True Essence into his body. The True Essence trickled into his system and circulated around his body with the Internal Force.

    The addition of the small amount of True Essene seemed to have breathed a new life into the circulating Internal Force and gave it more vigor. Each pulse of the energy was a defiant call to break its cage to be connected with the outside world.

    "Arise!" "Arise!" "Arise!"

    Chen Fan waved his hands, as True Qi formed at the tip of his fingers, forming thirty-six Qi needles. Chen Fan plummeted these needles into thirty-six secret acupuncture points on Hua Yunfeng's body.

    "The Needle Art of Nine Spiritss!"

    All the thirty-six Acupuncture points were key to unlocking human potential. Some strengthened Hua Yunfeng's flesh and others multiplied his vitality. As the life force inside the old man was set ablaze, his appearance also made observable changes. After a while, he was no longer an old man, but a middle-aged man in his prime.

    "I have combined your Soul Energy, Internal energy and your physical strength. I have made you an Immortal!"

    Chen Fan grunted deeply and grasped something in the air.


    The True Energy inside of Hua Yunfeng was blended together with vitality and Divine Soul. In Hua Yunfeng's mind's eyes, he saw a translucent apparition forming somewhere deep inside of his body. The apparition had the face of a young man. It wasn't long before Hua Yunfeng recognized this young man: it was himself.


    The moment this apparition formed inside of Hua Yunfeng's body,

    A beam of light with the color of burning coal burst out from Hua Yunfeng's head and lanced into the sky. It shone so brilliantly that it lit up a large swath of area in the sky. Looking from afar, the otherworldly scene looked like a fiery evening's glow.

    "He had Condensed Qi so much that the unsubstantial energy gained a corporeal appearance of a large pillar. Only an Immortal State Warrior could have pulled that off."

    Cheng Danqin gaped in shock. She stammered in a shaky voice.

    Yukishiro Sa cast a derisive glance at her, with a smirk on her face that read: "This is nothing. You should have seen the beam of light coming out from my master's head when he reached Immortal State, it was as thick as a tree trunk and it lit up miles upon miles of clouds in the sky."

    Before Cheng Danqin had realized what had happened, she heard Hua Yunfeng let out a vehement cry.

    "My life had been hanging in balance. But not anymore. I Have The POWER!"

    His voice reached as far as a thousand miles and the sound wave even blew the cloud apart into tiny thin strands of mist that quickly disappeared.

    Hua Yunfeng opened his eyes, and kowtowed to Chen Fan.

    "Lord Master, please accept the humble appreciation from me, your disciple. I will carry your blessing with me for the rest of my life and never forget your guidance."

    "Lord Master?"

    Cheng Danqin thought her ear had played a trick on her.

    Hua Yunfeng knelt on the ground as he tried to get used to the newfound energy pulsing in his body. He registered that his power had multiplied thanks to his newfound ability to tap into the Power of Heaven and Earth.

    The realization brought even more respect and deference into Hua Yunfeng's heart.

    Chen Fan had just helped him reach the Immortal state.

    It was unthinkable.

    Hua Yunfeng had been stuck in the Transcendent State for nearly thirty years. It had been so long since the last time he had made any improvements that he was convinced that he would never reach the Immortal State and had accepted the fact that he was but one more member of the Dark Roll who would never become an Immortal State Warrior.

    However, Chen Fan had personally created a Divine Soul for him and greatly improved his Internal and External energies. He had guided the miraculous transformation with such ease that it seemed like a stroll in the park.

    The casualness in Chen Fan meant that he was at least ten times more powerful than Hua Yunfeng.

    "I wonder if Immortal Master Chen knew that I peered into the depth of his soul energy while he opened his soul and spirit for me."

    Hua Yunfeng thought to himself.

    Although Hua Yunfeng saw only bits and pieces of Chen Fan's past, he was shocked beyond belief. In those fragmented images, mighty warriors moved mountains, created a whole new dimension, and annihilated millions of lives in one strike. The old man knew that the mighty figure he saw was Chen Fan.

    Hua Yunfeng was shaken to the core after realization finally set in.

    "Immortal Master Chen must be a reincarnation of an ancient mighty being, likely a powerful god who had achieved much higher enlightenment than even the Earth Level Deity. No wonder he could have obtained such incredible force in just three years. It must be fate that had bought me to him. I must not waste this opportunity of a lifetime."

    With that realization in mind, Hua Yunfeng knelt before Chen Fan and kowtowed deeply.

    "Rise." Chen Fan linked his hands behind his back and was afloat in the cloud above the pavilion. "You are not powerful enough to be my disciple yet. For now, you can be an in-name disciple."

    "As you wish, Lord Master."

    Although Chen Fan had only granted him the title of an in-name disciple, Hua Yunfeng's heart was filled with joy and excitement. So the old man knelt and kowtowed again.

    He had just become an in-name disciple of an Immortal sage. Such honor and privilege! The Hua Family's ancestor must be proud of him right now in heaven.

    Cheng Danqin was dumbfounded by the development.

    Her teacher was a dominant force in Zhong Hai, well respected by warriors across China. However, his face lit up with glee just because he was admitted by Chen Fan as an in-name disciple. The smile on his face was broader than even when he realized that he had reached Immortal State.

    "Ah, right, you have a senior apprentice-sister who was about eighteen years old. Her seniority was two years ahead of you. She lives in Zhong Zhou right now, so make sure she is taken care of." Chen Fan ordered.

    "Be rest assured. I will treat my senior apprentice-sister just as I would you."

    Cheng Danqin swallowed a wad of spit as she suddenly felt tired of keeping up with the preposterous developments and making sense of it.

    Her teacher had not only called a twenty year old Master but also had an eighteen year old Senior Apprentice-Sister. Did that mean she had just got a Martial Grandfather and a Senior Auntie?

    The thought made Cheng Danqin roll her eyes, however, Hua Yunfeng's hot rebuttal had wrenched her mind out of her reverie.

    "Xiao Qin, Come and kowtow to your Martial Grandfather."


    Cheng Danqin walked over to Chen Fan reluctantly and knelt down. She was overtaken by a pang of despair and helplessness: years of martial arts training wasted!

    "Master Chen, please stay a bit longer, I have many questions about cultivation that I need you to shed some light on."

    Hua Yunfeng asked earnestly.

    Chen Fan gave him a meaningful glance and nodded.

    Chen Fan had also registered Hua Yunfeng's gaze that peered into his soul energy.

    However, those images were only surficial elements of his Primordial Essence that were mostly loose memories from his past life before he had reached Soul Formation level. After he had reached Soul Formation, his memories were so watertight that not even his teacher, Cangqin could have plied them open.

    Therefore, Hua Yunfeng still had no idea who Chen Fan really was.

    Chen Fan was not only a sage who could destroy an entire nation, but also an invincible Celestial Lord who lorded over the entire universe.

    Chen Fan had spent the rest of the night answering his disciple's questions.

    The next day, Manager Xu woke up in his mistress's bed and felt very well rested.

    He was a member of the Board of Directors at Jin Xiu Group. After he entered the office building, he noticed many of his workers were murmuring to each other quietly as if something big had happened last night.

    "Oh! Good Morning, Lao Hong!"

    Manager Xu walked over to Manager Hong and complained:

    "Director Wang's baby boy claimed that he could handle the Ji Family, but guess what? I went to the project site yesterday, and everything is the same. Nothing had happened. I say we should outright bar that arrogant prince from our board."

    "As I say, our best option was to apologize to the Ji Family of Zhong Hai. We don't stand a chance…."

    Manager Xu was engrossed in his ranting and didn't notice the strange expression on Manager Hong's face.

    In the end, Manager Hong had to interrupt him:

    "Lao Xu, Haven't you heard what happened last night?"