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Chapter 476 - A One Hundred Year Old Immortal State Warrior

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 476: A One Hundred Year Old Immortal State Warrior

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    Chen Fan had no clue how much chaos he brought to the elite circle of Zhong Hai, and neither did he care.

    Chen Fan and Yukishiro Sa followed Hua Yunfeng to a pavilion that was set on a cantilevered platform somewhere in the middle of the mountain. The platform extended out from the mountain for a few meters and made the pavilion look like it was floating in the air.

    There were a few stools and tables made out of stone. From there, they could have a fantastic view of the sprawling city through a thin veil of mist.

    "This is very unique and what a sight!"

    Chen Fan nodded in approval.

    Hua Yunfeng sat here every day and looked down at the entire city as he contemplated his decisions, soaking in the fantastic view. The view must have affected his mind, making it easier to see the big picture and make wise decisions.

    "My vision is as big as the city, but you, Immortal Master Chen, your vision is the entire world. You are the only known Immortal Master in the world, after all."

    Hua Yunfeng ran his finger through his thick beard and said with a broad smile. A hint of pride flickered in his eyes.

    Cheng Danqin stood by a tea table a few steps away beside the two, preparing tea for both of them. She had rolled up her sleeves, revealing her porcelain-like skin. After they both had enjoyed a cup of perfectly-made green tea, Chen Fan cracked a smile and said.

    "Hua Yunfeng, what is it you want to tell me? Let's get to the point."

    Hua Yunfeng grinned a little and then pulled a serious face. He said heavily: "Immortal Master Chen, I want to tell you that you have overreacted today. Beating up and killing Wang Qishan and the other heirs of Lin Nan families was one thing, but killing Lin Shuming was another. He had achieved Transcendent State before he turned thirty and was very likely to reach Immortal State in the future. He is the apple of Lin Shuming's eyes, otherwise, the old man wouldn't give him the jade pendant. "


    Chen Fan cracked a cold smile. "The Lin Family worked with the Hong Sect and instigated the entire Jiang Bei to turn on me. Then they sent Lin Pojun to Zhong Hai, trying to uproot my mother's influence here. If I don't kill Lin Pojun, no one is going to take Jin Xiu Group seriously. I am not going to sit and watch them gather force and come find after me at Jiang Nan Province."

    "Plus, for me, the Lin Family is the same as the other families even though they have an Immortal State warrior. I can kill an Immortal State warrior if I want to."

    Chen Fan said lightly.

    He had already killed a couple of Immortal State warriors, such as Galdan and Oleg. By now, Chen Fan had reached Divine Sea level and nothing, except for nuclear weapons in the world could threaten him.

    "I heard of your battles in Russia, but please know that Lord Shuming is much more powerful than those werewolves. "

    Hua Yunfeng shook his head dismissively.

    "Oh? How so?"

    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes and let out a curious smile.

    "Lord Shuming rose to fame a long time ago and he is probably the oldest Immortal State warrior. He was born in the mid eighteen centuries and started his life as a scholar. After failing to secure a position in government, he had abandoned the pursuit in the court and went to live in seclusion in the Qin Chen Mountain. Somehow, he was able to reach enlightenment and became a powerful swordmaster while he stayed in the hills. His talent finally caught the attention of the Qin Emperors and they hired him as their bodyguard. He had served three generations of emperors in the Qin court before the Qin dynasty finally crumbled. By the time Lord Shuming returned home, he was already an Immortal State warrior, although he was not the most powerful one yet."

    Hua Yunfeng's beard swayed against the gentle wind as he recalled.

    Cheng Danqin and Yukishiro Sa perked up their ears and listened attentively.

    What Hua Yunfeng was saying were hundred-year-old secrets. By then, only a handful of seniors in China still remember the details. This was the first time Cheng Danqin ever heard of these stories from her teacher.

    "He finally claimed the seat of power after he defeated the Japanese Sword-Sage Watanabe. Watanabe arrived in China and defeated sixteen Chinese powerful Martial artists, from all different kinds of sects. Let it be the Lu family, Gu family, Wu family, Ba Ji sect, or the Tai Chi set, no one could defeat this Japanese warrior. In the end, Lin Shuming took on the challenge and fought with Watanabe at the Golden Peak of the Emei Mountain. He was able to defeat Watanabe and made him swear never to enter China again. After that glorious victory, Lin Shuming was officially recognized as the most powerful man in China."

    Hua Yunfeng said patiently.

    The stories brought the listeners' minds back to a hundred years ago, to the time of turmoil in China.

    "So Lin Shuming was quite a patriotic man. But he needs to hone his parenting skills."

    Chen Fan tapped the table and shook his head.

    "Lin Family is a huge family with many branches and not all of its members are upright with good moral bearings. Lin Pojun, for example, acted like a spoiled brat and had no sense of respect for others. He got what he deserved."

    Hua Yunfeng then heaved a sigh of sympathy and regret.

    "If Lin Shuming is really as powerful as you said, aren't you afraid that he would come to seek revenge? After all, you have broken all of those teenager's legs." Chen Fan smirked and looked to Hua Yunfeng, testing him.

    Hua Yunfeng let out a proud smile.

    "Lord Shuming is a reasonable and forgiving man, I don't think he would care what I have done. In addition, my family maintained amicable ties with the Lin family. Technically, Lord Shuming is my Sects Grandpa due to a bond that was forged a long time ago. Lord Shuming will not pick on me for what I have done to his great grandson's cronies."

    "Oh? So the rumor is true and you are the son of the head of the Green Gang?"

    Chen Fan asked curiously.

    "That is true. My family had run the Green Gang for generations. At that time, the Green Gang, Hong Sect and Dragon Hall were considered the three most powerful sects in China and all three sect's leaders were friends with Lord Shuming. However, my Ancestral Chief was killed in that disaster and so was the Green Gang. By then, only the Hua Family remained, but the Green Gang was no more."

    Hua Yunfeng shook his head and lamented.

    "By disaster, you mean General Ye?"

    Chen Fan's eyes lit up as curiosity flashed across his face.

    By then Chen Fan was only interested in a handful of names and General Ye was one of them. Chen Fan wagered that this General Ye must be the same person that Red Sparrow and Oleg spoke of. If he was able to earn such high praise from the Russian general Oleg, General Ye must be unimaginably powerful.

    When Chen Fan spoke the name, the air in the pavilion seemed to have chilled significantly.

    Hua Yunfeng's face darkened and became as heavy as an anvil. After a while, he nodded.

    "You are right. But I have come to the realization that the fault was not entirely General Ye's. My Ancestral Chief had brought his destruction upon himself. He was foolish enough to work for the Japanese army and fought against the very people he had sworn to protect. In the end, General Ye killed him near the Eastern Sea. My Ancestral Chief was the only Immortal State warrior in the last hundred years who had died in the hands of another Immortal State warrior."

    "Work for the Japanese?"

    Chen Fan snorted derisively.

    Hua Family's Ancestral Chief had betrayed his own people and capitulated to the Japanese. Chen Fan would have killed him for that if he was alive during that time.

    "Because of that, the Green Gang was eliminated in China. I felt guilty and ashamed of my ancestral chief so I didn't fight back. I also offered my service to the nation and swore to protect Zhong Hai as a penance for my Ancestral Chief's sin." Hua Yunfeng said ashamedly.

    The old man had never disclosed this part of his past to anyone, not even to Cheng Danqin.

    "Those are all in the past and should be forgotten. However, two days ago, Lin Family came to me and wanted to restore the former alliance. He wanted to rally me, the Hong Sect and the Dragon Hall together and seek revenge from General Ye and Kunlun."

    Hua Yunfeng let out a wry smile.

    "So Hong Sect has Immortal State warriors as well then?" Chen Fan was slightly taken aback. "No wonder the Lin Family would offer help to the Hong Sect. "

    Hong Sect had been the first opponent Chen Fan had encountered ever since his rebirth. He had dealt with Linhu, Lei Qianjue, Zoro, and Hu Zongxiu. Even recently, he had just killed the entire Dark Moon unit.

    Hua Yunfeng's face darkened after Chen Fan had told him what had happened at Jiang Bei.

    "So the Lin Family and the Hong Sect are already working together. Without the approval of the Ancestral Patriarch of the Hong Sect, the sect leader would never be able to dispatch the entire Dark Moon. I don't think it will be long before you will have to take on those ancient legends." Hua Yunfeng said solemnly.

    "I don't understand why the immortal state warriors from the Hong Sect and the Lin Family had to hide themselves? Are they afraid of nuclear weapons?" Chen Fan narrowed his eyes and asked curiously.

    Cheng Danqin and Yukishiro Sa rounded their eyes and looked to the old man expectantly.

    "They didn't want to hide, they had to."

    Hua Yunfeng chuckled a little.

    "A hundred years ago, there were many Immortal State warriors around the globe., and they were behind nearly all the historical moments throughout human history. However, ever since the United States of America and USSR invented the nuclear weapon, they were terrified and retreated backstage. However, that was not the case in China."

    A flicker of admiration lit up in Hua Yunfeng's eyes. "China as a nation had been impoverished and weak. She didn't have nuclear weapons until ten years later. Therefore, nearly all the Immortal State Warriors were brought to heel by one person: General Ye."

    "By one person?"

    Cheng Danqin exclaimed.

    Even Yukishiro Sa's face changed color after hearing the revelation. However, Chen Fan seemed to be unaffected.


    Hua Yunfeng nodded and then continued with a great measure of deference.

    "General Ye used to be a bandit, believe it or not, and he was about the same age as me. However, he was extraordinarily talented and had become a Grandmaster all by himself. Later on, He joined the revolutionary army and quickly rose to fame. He was then tasked to create the Kunlun Unit. It's a special force that consists of men and women with supernatural abilities."

    "Like a king of dragons, he leapt across Mount Kunlun with three million dragon warriors in tow…"

    As Hua Yunfeng recited a long-forgotten poem to praise the mighty General, Chen Fan finally reckoned that this man truly deserved his attention. Meanwhile, Cheng Danqin was shocked beyond belief.

    "This is how Kunlun was founded. Later, the Kunlun unit became the Special Case Department as you know it." Hua Yunfeng said: "General Ye had led the Kunlun and swept across China. He battled against countless sects and families. During those intense battles, he had finally reached the Immortal State and became a legend."

    "After that, General Ye was practically invincible."

    Hua Yunfeng rose to his feet and paced in the pavilion excitedly.

    "He killed my Ancestral Chief and crushed the Green Gang. Hong Sect fought back but they were eventually pushed out of China. Seeing the old alliance had crumbled, Dragon Hall also escaped China and so did the Square Tower. Both now preside over Tai Wan. General Ye had eventually made his way to the Lin Family and forced Lin Shuming to retreat into seclusion for sixty years "

    "After that, General Ye had finally quelled the restless forces in China and created a peaceful environment in the nation for sixty years. He was regarded as the most powerful man in China even by people outside of China."

    Hua Yunfeng heaved a sigh and said.

    The story had made the listener's blood boil. They wished that they were born in a different time and were able to witness General Ye's godly might.

    Chen Fan half-closed his eyes and cracked a smile.

    "The most powerful man in China…"

    "Ye Qincang of Kunlun!"