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Chapter 475 - Claiming the Seat of Power in Zhong Hai

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 475: Claiming the Seat of Power in Zhong Hai

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    The main hall was huge in size.

    It was a few hundred meters long and a dozen meters wide, almost the same size as a Church. Even as they entered the hall, the servants reset the table and brought out new dishes.

    The Hua family had hired a group of cooks from a five-star hotel to cook for the banquet, and the food on Chen Fan's table were all works of art from a highly acclaimed cook in the group.

    "Immortal Master Chen, your presence had brought prestige and respect to my household. For that, I shall thank you and toast in your name! Drink up!" Hua Yunfeng rose from his chair with a crystal cup in his hand. The amber-colored content in the cup gives off an intoxicating fragrance.

    This was from a vintage that the Hua Family had kept in its wine cellar for nearly a hundred years. Lord Hua had ordered its use only because Chen Fan was here.

    Chen Fan sat in his chair and took a sip from his cup, without even acknowledge Lord Hua.

    Despite Chen Fan's aloofness, no one felt that it was out of place. After all, he was the one and only living legend.

    Many other family lords quickly followed Lord Hua's lead and toasted in Chen Fan's name.

    Only the top dogs in Zhong Hai would have earned a seat beside Chen Fan. The rest of the tycoons and their heirs were sitting at other tables far from the main table.

    "Uncle, who is Chen Beixuan? Why does everyone want to kiss his ass? Lord Hua had lived over a hundred years, yet he treated Chen Beixuan as if he were his elder."

    A young girl wearing a black miniskirt and heavy makeup asked in surprise.

    "Just so, dad. It was terrifying what had happened. So many mighty figures in Zhong Hai had dropped to their knees and begged for their lives. Meanwhile, the Young Master from Lin Family was killed by Chen Fan's servant girl. Who is he?"

    Another girl with much less makeup but much more attractive asked curiously.

    The question had piqued the interest of all the young lords at the table. They perked up their ears and looked to the man sitting at the head of the table.

    The existence of the Divine Roll was known only to a few top dogs in each city. These young lords might swagger around in the streets of Zhong Hai, flaunting their wealth in other people's faces, they were far from the center of power.

    "Fine, I will tell you guys so you know to be careful around Chen Beixuan."

    The middle-aged man heaved a sigh and said with a solemn face. "That young man is called Chen Fan, and he also goes by Chen Beixuan. He is the son of the Queen of Jin Xiu. An Ya is sitting right next to him, did you guys see that?"

    "Uncle Hu, I have heard of him before. They call him Master Chen of Jiang Bei and claimed that he can cast spells and is also a general of the Cang Dragon Unit. He is the one calling the shots now in Jiang Nan Province."

    A pimply young man put in.

    "It's a bit far fetched that a General Major from the Jin City Military base was able to bring Hua Family to heel. Even Li Wuchen couldn't have pulled that off."

    Someone questioned.

    "Hehe, Dominating the Jiang Nan Province? He could dominate the entire world if he wants to!" Uncle Hu smiled sarcastically.


    The teenagers were taken aback by the answer and their eyes lit up with curiosity.

    Uncle Hu paused a moment, letting the suspense hang in the air. "I didn't know any of this until I met with Lord Zhou. His secretary, secretary Cai told me personally. It hit me hard because I had never imagined that such a powerful man could have existed."

    "You must know the Heaven roll in China, right? But do you know there is another roll the Divine Roll?" Uncle Hu scanned around him and asked surreptitiously under his breath.

    "Divine Roll?"

    Everyone looked at each other in confusion.

    They heard about the Heaven roll from time to time and most of them knew that Hua Yunfeng ranked number four on that list and that was part of the reason that the Hua Family could preside over Zhong Hai.

    But no one ever heard of the Divine Roll.

    "Heaven roll is published in China, but the Divine Roll is published by CIA's Special Case Department. In other words, the ones on Heaven roll were deadly warriors in China, while the ones on Divine Roll were the deadliest men and women around the world."

    Seeing the growing interest in the teenager's eyes, Uncle Hu continued with a quieter voice:

    "So far, there is only one name on the Divine Roll: Chen Beixuan. Think of him as a terrorist such as Osama bin Laden. Wherever he goes, the local government would have to treat him carefully with fear. Just a few days ago, Chen Beixuan defeated an entire division of the Russian army and killed one of their top generals. Guess what happened next? The Russian bear turned into a Russian chicken and signed a truce with Chen Beixuan. Now, you tell me if he is powerful or not."


    Someone cried out.

    Uncle Hu's daughter and nephew covered their mouths to stifle a cry.

    "So that answers your question as to why the family lords in Zhong Hai are so afraid of him." Uncle Hu cracked a smile and said: "Lin Family could shower those family lords with money and promises, they would choose their lives over money on any given day. Chen Beixuan has already slaughtered countless people since he rose to power. In Jin City alone he killed sixteen family lords. No one in their right mind would choose to mess with him."

    "Just so."

    Everyone nodded with a hint of fear lingering at the back of their minds.

    They looked at each other and all they saw were fearful faces.

    He was the General Major of the Cang Dragon unit who could single-handedly bring down a nation!

    If they have heard what Chen Fan was capable of without seeing his unimaginable power with their own eyes, they would just laugh it off as an underground rumor.

    "The Ji Family, Tang Family, and Shi Hongyi are all doomed."

    Someone at the table let out a gloating smile.

    Such conversation was carried out at nearly all other tables, and it wasn't long before everyone in the main hall learned of Chen Fan's ruthless abilities and inconceivable power. They also learned that Chen Fan was one of the main benefactors of the Jin Xiu Group.

    "Mr. Chen. May I have the honor to propose a toast in your name?"

    Chen Fan was sucking the tail of a peeled-prawn that An Ya had handed over to him. He saw a man with a toady smile and hunched-over back came over to him while holding a cup of wine with both hands.

    "Hay! Isn't that the CEO of the Dong Cheng Group, Lord Nin Chendong? What are you doing here?"

    Someone asked sarcastically.

    Nin Chendong had completely shed the imposing manner he had possessed while he met Chen Fan for the first time at Wu Zhou. He heaped smiles onto his face and said ingratiatingly, almost pleading:

    "Mr—I mean Immortal Master Chen. I want to apologize for my son's foolish actions. You have taught him a much-needed lesson by breaking his arms. I promise you that from now on, the Nin Family would never cross the Chen family ever again. We are at your disposal and you have my word."

    After he said that, the Nin Family Lord knelt before Chen Fan.

    Chen Fan held the wine cup in one hand in silence. His eyes were cold and emotionless.

    One minute, two, three…

    Five minutes later, Nin Chendong's body started to tremble as his heart sank lower by the second.

    Even as he was convinced that Chen Fan was going to send him to his maker, he heard a musical voice come up next to Chen Fan. "Xiao Fan, Boss Nin seemed pretty sincere to me, why don't you just give him a chance to prove himself?"

    "Yes, yes… The Nin Family will never EVER betray you again. We will be at Miss An's beck and call and do as she commands without a second thought."

    Nin Chendong hurried to put in.

    "Very well, I will spare your life this time."

    Chen Fan finally announced.

    Nin Chendong was ecstatic after hearing Chen Fan's decision. He kowtowed to Chen Fan three times and then kowtowed to An Ya five times before he rose to his feet and started off. On his way back to his seat, he saw Tang Family Lord and Shi Hongyi were also on their way to offer their sincere apologies.

    The rest of the guests were overwhelmed by the development. They watched as these mighty figures of Zhong Hai hurried to kneel down before Chen Fan and kowtow to him.

    "This is what it means to be an immortal state warrior!"

    Some people exclaimed in their minds.

    Ninety percent of the guest knew nothing about Immortal State Warriors or the Divine Roll before today, however, after seeing what had happened, the word Immortal State would be permanently tattooed on their brain.

    Chen Fan had neither wealth nor authority, yet he had pinned the entire Zhong Hai under his boots.

    The Mount Bajin was the tallest landmark in and around Zhong Hai, and the Hua Family manor was also filled to the brim with the city's elites. Therefore, Chen Fan had reached both the physical and metaphorical peak of power.

    From his seat of power, he stomped on those who dared to oppose him while looking over at the city triumphantly.

    His formidable presence was awe-inspiring to the people who looked up at him from below.

    After the Yi family lord apologized for Yichen's brush up with Chen Fan, the banquet was about to come to an end. Cheng Danqin pitched her body to a side and asked Lord Hua Under his breath. "Teacher, Immortal Master Chen, what should we do with Lin Family's cronies that he brought here from Lin Nan?"

    "This is the Hua Family's residence, so I will leave the decision to Lord Hua."

    Chen Fan replied, readily.

    Hua Yunfeng narrowed his eyes and ordered: "Break their leg and kick them out of Zhong Hai."


    Hua Qinxiong rounded his eyes in shock and was about to protest.

    Yang Zhengfen and the other teenagers were all heirs of reputable families in Lin Nan. Hua Family didn't help them, but neither did they lay a finger on them However, If the Hua Family broke their leg, they would become the enemy of all those families from Lin Nan.

    A hint of hesitation also flashed across Cheng Danqin's face.

    "Do as I say."

    Hua Yunfeng hissed at his son.


    Cheng Danqin bowed slightly and started off to execute the old man's will.

    Chen Fan's lips curled into a faint smile as if he was amused by Lord Hua's decision.

    After the banquet was over, Hua Yunfeng invited Chen Fan to stay for the night so that he could ask him some questions about cultivation. Chen Fan scanned the tycoons around him and found out that they unwittingly formed a circle around An Ya as if the girl was their protector from his wrath. Chen Fan nodded and agreed to stay longer.

    His main goal on this trip was to establish the Jin Xiu Group as the leader of Zhong Hai. To do that, he and An Ya played the age-old game of the good cop and the bad cop.

    Carrot and stick approach had always been the most effective way to bring arrogant tycoons to heel.

    By then, he didn't even need to dirty his hand by dealing with the Ji Family. The newly acquired loyal lap dogs would do his bidding for him and rend the Ji Family into shreds.

    "Let's go now."

    Chen Fan rose to his feet and followed Hua Yunfeng to his office.

    Meanwhile, news of what had happened tonight quickly spread across Zhong Hai like a wildfire and stirred up the citizens' attention.