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Chapter 474 - Brought Zhong Hai to Heel

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 474: Brought Zhong Hai to Heel

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    "Yea, right."

    Even Hua Yunfeng was taken aback after seeing Lin Pojun's chest pierced by Yukishiro Sa, much less other ordinary people.

    Yukishiro Sa was clearly just an internal force user, however, she was able to cast out a Blade Qi so powerful that she might as well be a swordmaster who had reached Grandmaster level for decades. Even though Lin Pojun had learned power arts from the Lin Family, he was not able to withstand one attack.

    There was no way that she was a twenty-year-old girl who had just been practicing Martial Arts for a year.

    Chen Fan must have lied.

    "So powerful is Chen Beixuan that even his servant girl was able to defeat a Grandmaster. Curiouser and curiouser."

    Hua Yunfeng shook his head

    Yang Zhengfen and the other young lords from Lin Nan province exclaimed and hurried to help Lin Pojun to his feet. However, Yukishiro Sa's hot glare deterred them and made them hesitant. Concern and worries were written all over their faces.

    "Was I… defeated?"

    Lin Pojun was a Grandmaster martial artist, so although the wound was severe, it was not mortal. That being said, he was not in good shape either. His face was drained of color as blood spilled out from the corner of his lips.

    He was the pride of the Lin family, the most powerful heir of Southeastern China.

    Family lords of the much older generation considered him and the girl from the Ye family the two most outstanding members of their entire generation.

    Lin Pojun was used to being the best and was used to winning. Therefore, his defeat in the hands of a servant girl had taken the wind out of his sails. His mind was overtaken by disappointment and depression that he couldn't think of anything else.


    Yukishiro Sa attacked again.

    She always carried out Chen Fan's order to the letters. Chen Fan wanted Lin Pojun dead, then she would not let him live a second more than necessary.

    A few meters long Blade Aura appeared in Yukishiro Sa's hand as she hacked at Lin Pojun.

    The attack carried so much deadly energy that not even a Grandmaster could survive after being hit.


    Hua Yunfeng shouted, and just thought of intervening, but it was already too late. Yukishiro Sa's blade whizzed through the air and landed on Lin Pojun's neck; steady and fast.

    Many girls among the audience covered their eyes to block the bloody scene.

    Suddenly, a blaring voice rang around everyone's ears.

    "Don't you dare harm the child of the Lin Family!"

    People looked around them to search for the speaker, but the voice seemed to come from everywhere but nowhere at the same time. Then, they saw something let out a brilliant glow around Lin Pojun's chest: it was a jade pendant. There was a small sword carved into the jade and it was the jade that shone brilliantly and surrounded Lin Pojun in a blinding glow. And then, as if magic, a translucent figure appeared inside the glow.

    The figure grew to over ten meters tall, and let out a golden glow, reminding people of the image of a god.

    People in the courtyard watched the strange development in silence. The incredible sight of a golden apparition had filled their hearts with admiration without any apparent reason other than its glory appearance.

    The golden apparition hovered above Lin Pojun's head and blocked Yukishiro Sa's attack. The azure blade bounced off of the golden figure and the impact sent Yukishiro Sa stumbling back a few steps.

    "Is that a deity or demon?"

    Many people gasped and some young rich heir who had a faint of heart had already passed out.

    "This was not a Ghost Spirit, it is an Illusion form of an Immortal State Warrior, of Lord Shuming."

    Hua Yunfeng was shaken to the core. He said as his hands shook uncontrollably.

    Cheng Danqin also fixed her gaze at the golden apparition, studying it intensely. She thought Chen Fan was the only known Immortal State warrior in the world and had never thought that she would meet another one.

    The figure was shrouded in a layer of golden glow and it was difficult to make out the features on the man's face. However, from time to time, she could see a vague image of a scholarly man dressed in traditional clothing with a long sword hitched by his waist.

    "Lord Shuming was a scholar before he became a Martial artist. He had abandoned his pursuit in the imperial court after failing the national civil servant test too many times and lived a hermit life in the mountains. There, he gained enlightenment and became a swordmaster. That apparition had to belong to Lord Shuming."

    Hua Yunfeng said firmly.

    Lin Pojun was so excited by the development that he was shaking. He knelt on the ground and looked up at the apparition.

    "I am Lin Pojun, your unworthy descendant. I am so glad you are here Ancestral Chief. I had failed my task and brought humiliation to our family. I wish Ancestral Chief could help me to right the wrongs and reinstall justice to the world."

    The other people in the courtyard watched the development unfold with a solemn face.

    The Lin Family's Ancestral Chief can travel using his Divine Soul to directly intervene in the events happening miles away from him.

    Did that mean he had already achieved godhood? With that thought in mind, many people's legs started to shake and wanted to bolt for the door. The fear was even more intense in the Tang Family, Nin Family, and Gao families since they just double-crossed the Lin Family.

    Yukishiro Sa's face also became taut. She charged up her True Energy, readying herself for a tough fight.

    "You can take a rest now."

    Chen Fan put a restraining hand on the servant girl and said.

    Although the Sword Art of Azure Flower had helped Yukishiro Sa defeat Lin Pojun, it was not enough to handle an Immortal State warrior's illusion form by a long shot.

    "I didn't expect you to value his life so much as to give him an Illusion Form Talisman. At any rate, I will banish you from this world even if you were here personally, much less just your illusion form."

    Chen Fan snorted and grasped something in the air.

    Suddenly, countless silvery light flew out of Chen Fan's eyes. They converged in the air into a small silvery blade of ten centimeters long. The appearance of the blade seemed to have stopped all motion in the world, as even the air became stifled and heavily. Everyone felt an inexplicable fear toward the toy-sized blade as if the otherworldly blade could annihilate their soul and spirit.

    Blade of Divine Will!

    To form this blade, Chen Fan had to commit a great amount of energy a year ago. However, since Chen Fan had reached the Divine Sea, he could summon the blade almost effortlessly.

    It was a blade that could banish evil spirits or slay a mighty god!

    It was particularly deadly against anything made out of Divine Soul.

    "Fellow cultivator, please listen—"

    The apparition was about to say something to Chen Fan, but it was cut short.


    With lightning speed, the Blade of Divine Will whizzed across the courtyard and traced a silvery line in its path. The attack came so suddenly that the golden apparition only had enough time to pull out his long sword and fumbled to block the attack. However, the silvery Blade of Divine Will cut through the apparition as if cutting through butter, shattering the golden energy into countless tiny fragments that rose up and eventually disappeared into the sky. The ten meter tall apparition was easily perished by a small silver blade barely the size of a toy truck.

    The crowd was so stunned by the development that they could only stare.

    A deadly silence over the courtyard as people grappled with what they have just seen.

    "It's done? already?"

    After a while, Cheng Danqin stammered out a question.

    The Illusion form of the Lin Family's Ancestral Chief seemed intimidating and deadly, but Chen Fan had banished it so effortlessly that made people wonder if they overestimated the power of the Illusion form in the first place.

    "A living legend. He really was worthy of the title . No wonder the CIA reopened the Divine Roll just for him."

    Hua Yunfeng heaved a sigh and exclaimed. "I think even in the original Divine Roll, Chen Beixuan would be ranked in the top five."

    Meanwhile, the Xia family, the Chu family, and the Gao family were ecstatic. Seeing how easily Lord Shuming was defeated, they realized that they had made the right bet. Even an idiot could tell that Chen Fan was much more powerful than the Immortal State Warrior from the Lin Family.

    With that thought in mind, many family lords from Zhong Hai looked to Chen Fan with deep respect and deference.

    Meanwhile, the development had taken the oxygen out of Lin Pojun's lungs. His blank eyes stared into the distance as he murmured to himself incredulously.

    "How is that possible? Ancestral Chief is invincible! How could he be defeated? It's impossible!"

    "You might want to ask him those questions personally when he finally comes to meet you down in hell."

    Yukishiro Sa sneered at the young man and brought her blade around again.

    "Humph! Servent girl! If you kill me, my family will make you pay the ultimate price!" Lin Pojun snarled as he mustered his remaining True energy to charge up the Four True Righteousness Protection Aura. Meanwhile, he shot both arms out and tried to stop Yukishiro Sa's attack.

    Yukishiro Sa had practiced an immortal cultivation art called the Dharmic Sword Art of Azure Flower, so his resistance was futile.

    The blade went down with a flash of azure light.

    Lin Pojun was able to clamp onto the blade with both hands momentarily, but the belligerent Blade Qi had ripped open his Four Righteousness protection aura and bit into the chest cavity. The force churned Lin Pojun's soft innards around, turning them into a bloody mush and rendered the young man's life beyond saving in an instant.

    "How… how dare you…"

    Lin Pojun rounded his eyes in indignation.

    Not only had Chen Fan snatched his victory away from his fingertips, but he was also killed in the most humiliating way by a servant girl. He was to lead the Lin Family into a heroic war of revenge against the Ye family, but now he was reduced to a bloody mess on the floor.

    This time, his martial arts skills were unable to save him and he died in a few seconds.

    "Sigh… Lin Pojun, life has been too good to you. Your arrogance was your downfall."

    Hua Yunfeng moaned the young man's death with a heavy heart.

    Chen Fan had killed Lin Shuming and banished Lin Shuming's Illusion form, so the gloves were off between the two Immortal State warriors and there was no turning back now. That being said, Hua Yunfeng reckoned that other people, including him, were irrelevant in the conflict between two Immortal State warriors.

    "I had never understood the meaning of the old saying ‘Immortal State Warriors were beyond the mortal's plane of existence', but now I finally get it. "

    Cheng Danqin let out a wry smile.

    Meanwhile, many family lords of Zhong Hai flocked to Chen Fan, and hurried to heap praises onto Chen Fan, trying to get onto his good side.

    Ai Jinqi watched as people whom her father had to show respect to bowed to Chen Fan as a pupil would to a teacher.

    Some people even came over to her and started buttering her up as if they have known her for years, but in reality, they just met.

    "Such was the power of Immortal State Warriors. He single-handedly brought the entire Zhong Hai to heel. "

    Ai Jinqi shot a glance at Chen Fan that was loaded with complicated emotions.

    Meanwhile, the rich heirs of Zhong Hair stood outside of the circle of tycoons and glared at Chen Fan enviously.

    Many people believed that the power dynamic in Zhong Hai was about to shift. The rise of Jin Xiu Group was inevitable and the old powers such as Ji Family would be no more.

    "Immortal Master Chen, please join us at the main hall and allow me to be a good host."

    Hua Yunfeng stepped forward and said.

    "Very well."

    Chen Fan nodded.

    Yichen and the other young lords that came with the Lin Family watched in fear and regret as Chen Fan walked into the main hall while surrounded by countless unctuous faces. Faces that had just sworn fidelity to the Lin Family but had already forgotten Lin Family and the Lin Family of Lin Nan.