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Chapter 473 - Defeated By a Grandmaster

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 473: Defeated By a Grandmaster

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    Lin Pojun had finally realized that he was wrong.

    He had been overly confident in his influence and had also grossly underestimated Chen Fan.

    Lin Shuming was the man of the hour nearly a hundred years ago, but people haven't heard from him for over a few decades. No one could say for certain that he was still alive. On the other hand, Chen Fan had just risen to power, taken the world by storm and became the only known Immortal Level Overlord in the world.

    He was the living legend with an emphasis on "living."

    Lin Shuming had been missing in action for decades and no one seemed to know if he was still alive. Therefore, he might deserve the title of legend, but living legend would be far fetched.

    On the other hand, Chen Fan had proved his power once and again. He had proclaimed his dominance using his victim's blood and scared everyone using terrifying power. He was the only known Immortal Level Overlord in the world thanks to the re-opening of the Divine Roll. The threats coming from Chen Fan was real and immediate, while the Lin Family was far away from Zhong Hai was undependable and in flux.

    Money and power seemed so pale and meaningless when one's life was under threat.

    The tycoons of Zhong Hai could follow the Lin Family and potentially carve a huge pie out of the joined business venture, but they may not even live long enough to enjoy the pie.

    On the other hand, if they capitulated to Chen Fan, they might live another day.

    Just like Lord Tang, many people had chosen the latter.

    "It is my honor, Immortal Master Chen."

    The crowd made way for the speaker. Chen Fan watched as a plainly dressed old man came up to him with wide and confident strides, trailing behind a group of leaders from the Hua Family. Not even Lin Pojun had such a red carpet treatment, and it was the Hua Family's clear signal to everyone as to which side they were on.

    Cheng Danqin!

    She was the Queen of Zhong Hai's Underground World, a potent Martial Artist.

    Hua Qinxiong!

    He was the CEO of the Huas Group and the current family lord of the Hua Family. He ranked the top ten on Zhong Hai's rich list.

    Hua Yuanhu!

    He was the heir of the Hua Family.

    And of course, the real shocking sight to behold was the hundred year old man who sauntered swiftly across the courtyard. His steps steady, and his gaze the same. He was incredibly healthy and strong considering his age, and adding on the clean white shirt, he reminded people of the otherworldly sages who had achieved immortality.

    Hua Yunfeng!

    He was the guardian of Zhong Hai, the leader of the Green Gang. He ranked number four on the Heaven roll and had been the lord of the Hua Family as long as people could remember.

    Under Lin Pojun's confused eyes, the old man came closer to Chen Fan and bowed. "Immortal Master, thank you for gracing us with your presence, honoring our household with your blessings. I sincerely apologize for the lack of formality and this scant welcoming you have received. Please forgive us."

    Dao-Reaching Level cultivators, Dharma Cultivation level cultivators, and God Reining State cultivators were addressed as spell casters, perfected cultivators, and Immortal Master respectively.

    Chen Fan was a living legend, and therefore, using Immortal Master on him was not uncalled-for

    "So you are Hua Yunfeng? You are more powerful than your current ranking of number four on the Heaven roll, aren't you?" Chen Fan glanced at the old man and nothing seemed to have caught his attention. However, his interest was piqued when he saw Cheng Danqin.

    "My level of attainment is laughable compared to you. Let's not talk about it."

    Hua Yunfeng let out a grin and tried to gloss over the remark. However, he was alarmed by Chen Fan's keen observation.

    He had made the whole world believe that he had only reached the peak of the Transcendent state. In reality, Hua Yunfeng had devoted his last hundred years of life in cultivation and by then, he was infinitely close to reaching the Immortal State.

    He was shocked when Chen Fan had seen through his cover with a brief glance, while Hua Yunfeng still failed to gauge the exact power of Chen Fan.

    "No harm is done. I came here for the banquet but ended up killing people in your house. I beg your forgiveness." Chen Fan flicked a finger and said with a half-smile.

    "Immortal Master. You have done nothing wrong. They offended you and therefore they deserve to die."

    Hua Yunfeng said with a sense of justice in his voice.

    Immortal State Warriors were practically gods.

    In mythical tales, those who offended gods were all severely punished, both physically and spiritually. Chen Fan had only perished their physical form and such punishment was mild compared to banishing one's soul into eternal darkness.

    "Lord Hua, what is the meaning of this?"

    Lin Pojun shot Hua Yunfeng a hot glare while fear flashed across his face.


    Hua Yunfeng stood still and didn't offer a reply.

    He was Lord Hua, the leader of the infamous Green Gang, and a Grandmaster who had dominated Zhong Hai for decades. Even though Lin Shuming had saved his life before, it didn't mean that he had to answer to one of Lin Shuming's many grandsons.

    If not for the old bond between Hua Yunfeng and the Lin family, the old man would have already slapped his face and told him to shut up.

    "Very well then." Lin Pojun swallowed a wad of spit and stumbled back half a step. "Chen Beixuan, Hua Yunfeng, and all of you! You will have to pay for this! I will report to my Ancestral Chief your crimes!"

    "What a fool you are! Don't you understand? Even Lord Shuming had to treat the Immortal Master with deference. Instead of helping your family, you are dragging them to their doom. Did your father warrant your impudent behavior? Or was it your grandfather?"

    Hua Yunfeng shook his head and heaved a sigh.

    The old man's words struck Lin Pojun hard. The young turned into a frozen statue and was suddenly quiet.

    He was to put in motion the master plan that the Lin Family had been carefully weaving for decades. He was to kick start the chain of events that would eventually play into the hands of the Lin Family by design. However, he was overtaken by pride and took upon himself to protect the Ji Family, jeopardizing his family's master plan.

    He had forgotten that Lin Shuming and Chen Fan's equal status did not amount to the same power dynamic between him and Chen Fan. He was just Lin Shuming's grandson, an insignificant and expendable pawn.

    That was why Chen Fan told Lin Pojun that he would only talk to his grandfather, but not him.

    Lin Pojun was confused at first, but he quickly put two and two together. The new-found realization took the wind out of his sails. He grimaced and then bowed to Lord Hua: "Thank you for your tip, Lord Hua. Say no more, I have learned my lesson and will repay you in the future."


    Chen Fan guffawed and then gave Lin Pojun an indifferent look: "Maybe you should think about how to get out of Zhong Hai first."

    Chen Fan's words had rendered everyone in the courtyard speechless. People had never thought that Chen Fan would want to kill Lin Pojun. He should know that Lin Pojun was not Young Lord Qiu nor was he Wang Qishan.

    Lin Pojun was the direct descendant of Lin Shuming and the pride of the Lin Family.

    Lin Shuming would likely let the matter slide even when Chen Fan had publicly insulted Lin Pojun. After all, Lin Pojun shouldn't have offended a living legend. However, Lin Family would not tolerate the killing of Lin Pojun under any circumstances.

    By then, gloves would be off for these two Immortal State Warriors.

    If that really happened, the battle would be one of the most historical events in the world, attracting attention worldwide.

    Hua Yunfeng pulled a taut face and cupped his fist.

    "Immortal Master Chen, please, for my sake, spare his life."

    "Save your breath. I have already made up my mind." He shot out a hand and pointed at Yukishiro Sa.

    "Kiddo, I will let you fight someone your own size. This servant girl of mine only started learning martial arts a year ago. You are free to go if you can defeat her. Otherwise, Lin Shuming will have to come to avenge your death."

    "very well!"

    Lin Pojun's thin lips curled into a smirk. Suddenly, he unsheathed a long blade as an intense light flashed in his eyes. His body flickered as he charged to the center of the courtyard. He held the blade high in both hands and said: "Chen Beixuan, I have practiced Sword Dao for nearly thirty years, and by now, I have reached the Grandmaster level. How dare you underestimate my power and send a servant girl to fight with me. She is going to die because of your arrogance!"

    After he said that, he flicked a finger at the body of the blade, making a crisp sound.

    Although Yukishiro Sa had improved her sword technique by leaps and bounds, she had only reached peak internal force cultivation and was no match against Lin Pojun. However, the fact that Chen Fan had thought so little of him had filled his heart with anger and eagerness to prove himself.

    With a blade in hand, Lin Pojun had suddenly transformed into a mighty swordmaster. Cold light spilled off from the edge of the blade and chilled the air in the courtyard, forcing the onlookers to take a few steps back.

    "Transcendent State! He had entered the Transcendent State!"

    Some Internal Force users were shocked by the development and blenched.

    Other than Chen Fan, the youngest man to have achieved Transcendent State was Ye Nantian. However, Lin Pojun had just broken that record. No wonder he was considered the most talented heir of the Lin Family.


    Yukishiro Sa remained calm and focused as he slowly brought the blade around. Her white shirt and her cool demeanor made her look like an ice sculpture.

    She was just over twenty years old and had spent a year in the Green Dragon Grand Array so she looked even younger and more energetic than most people of her age. Her skin was as white as snow and contrasted her long dark hair that reached her shoulder. She was wearing a traditional Chinese outfit and looked just like a heroine in Wu Xia novels.

    "Teacher, she has only reached the peak of Internal Force cultivation, can she really defeat Lin Pojun?"

    Cheng Danqin looked concerned and asked Lord Hua.

    Lord Hua also furrowed his brows as he pondered.

    Both of them could sense that Yukishiro Sa had reached the peak level of internal force cultivation. She would be easily defeated by a Grandmaster.

    "Maybe Chen Beixuan has some tricks up his sleeve. I am not entirely sure." Hua Yunfeng shook his head and let out a wry smile.


    Yukishiro Sa finally unsheathed her blade, ready to take on her opponent head-on.

    "Sword Reining Art of The Lin Family!"

    With a sudden twist of the blade handle, Lin Pojun attacked first. The blade turned into a flash of lightning and lit up the entire courtyard. The intense flash of light suddenly scattered into countless silvery needles that darted across the courtyard toward Yukishiro Sa. This attack alone would be enough to earn Lin Pojun a top ten spot on the Heaven roll.

    The silvery blade glinted like ice crystals in the frigid firmament.

    The attack had even impressed Hua Yunfeng. The others looked at each other in surprise. Ai Jinqi grabbed onto Chen Fan's arm and looked worried.

    "Dharmic Sword Art of Azure Flower: First Form"

    Yukishiro Sa's face was devoid of any expression or feelings. Her eyes were two dark pools of the abyss. The ancient sword turned a full circle around the bottom of its hilt and transformed into an Azure lotus. With a gentle push, the azure flower floated slowly toward the shower of silvery needles.


    Yukishiro Sa had successfully countered Lin Pojun's attack.

    Before Lin Pojun had time to gather himself from the shock, Yukishiro Sa had turned into a shadow as she charged at her opponent. Suddenly, dozens of azure blade auras bore down onto Lin Pojun. The on-lookers saw the young man was attacked by a flood of Azure energy and was already backing down.

    The clashes of two pulses of energy and the splattering of brilliant lights had made Hua Yunfeng feel that the sight was almost poetic.

    The battle was over in a few seconds. One of Yukishiro Sa's strikes had lanced across three meters and landed directly on Lin Pojun. It cut open Lin Pojun's defense like butter, pierced through Lin Pojun's chest and came out from his back. Leaving a hole on the young man's chest.

    Lin Pojun had lost the battle!