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Chapter 472 - A Real Mighty Force

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 472: A Real Mighty Force

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    It was Chen Beixuan!

    As soon as Xiao Cai thought of the name, his heart skipped a few beats.

    The Lin family of southeastern China's claim that they still have an Immortal State warrior was enough to force the other families of Zhong Hai, including the Hua Family to bow to them. It had emboldened Lin Pojun to call himself "Young Master," form the Hidden Dragon Unit, and now vie to control Zhong Hai through the Commerce Guild.

    Yet, the Lin Family had simply claimed that they have an Immortal state warrior.

    Chen Beixuan was a real immortal state warrior listed on the CIA's Divine Roll, so it begs the question as to what Chen Beixuan was capable of and what was his ambition in this world?

    "Lin Pojun wouldn't be able to save himself unless his Ancestral Chief is here."

    Lord Zhou said confidently.

    At his level, he was well aware of how powerful Chen Fan was. Chen Fan was the real deal, while Lin Pojun was merely a puppet of the force behind him.

    However, most people in the mansion wouldn't have realized this much.

    As soon as Chen Fan killed Wang Qishan, the entire mansion sizzled with unrest and fear. Even Lin Pojun felt that he had to intervene. He furrowed brows and said.

    "Very well, I will go out there and take a look at what is going on."

    As he said that, he rose to his feet and walked out.

    Ji Family, Tang Family, and Nin Family looked at each other in fear. They gritted their teeth and followed the Young Master out. Meanwhile, Lord Xia who had been standing by and watched everything from a distance also slapped his thigh and announced:

    "Let's go. I couldn't miss what would happen when the real dragon of Zhong Hai met with the ferocious tiger of the Lin Family. "

    Nearly all the tycoons trailed behind Lin Pojun and filed out of the great hall. With this huge crowd behind him, Lin Pojun was flanked by the richest man in Zhong Hai: Shi Hongyi, the captain of the Hidden Dragon Unit: Yang Zhengfen, and his personal guard: a beautiful looking girl.

    He and the large group of men behind him represented nearly half of the wealth and power in Zhong Hai.


    Lin Pojun got out to the courtyard and pulled a dark face as soon as he saw what had happened.

    Young Lord Qiu was killed, Yichen and Lin Tianshu were kneeling on the ground and Wang Qishan's half-dead body slumped on the ground. Chen Fan had slapped Lin Pojun right in the face.

    Even the Xia family and the Chu family were terrified by the brutal scene.

    "Oh my… this man is a savage! There is no turning back now. Hold on… why does that young man look so familiar? I know the girl sitting beside him, she is An Ya from the Jin Xiu Group… oh wait!"

    As realization dawned upon the family lords, they gasped in disbelief and shock.

    Meanwhile, Lin Pojun locked his gaze on to Chen Fan and asked with a slight surprise in his voice: "I am Lin Pojun, the fifth generation heir of the Lin Family, the great great grandson of Lin Shuming. May I ask who am I speaking to? What has the Lin Family done to you to deserve such cruelty?"

    Lin Pojun not only moaned Young Lord Qiu's death but also that of Wang Qishan. He had spared no expense to invite such a powerful warrior to his service. Wang Qishan's abilities were ranked in the top ten within the Lin family of Southeastern China. Therefore, his death was a devastating blow to Lin Pojun.

    "Are you from the Ye family of Mount Yan? Or from Kunlun? Or the Heavenly Master Sect?"

    Lin Pojun's mind raced as he landed his gaze on Yukishiro Sa.

    He could sense sharp energy emanating from Yukishiro Sa's body and was convinced that Yukishiro Sa was a mighty swordmaster. However, he sensed nothing coming from Chen Fan, it was as if he was an ordinary person.

    "I don't answer youngster's questions, tell Lin Shuming to see me and he might get the answers from me." Chen Fan crossed his legs, holding a wine cup in one hand, and a piece of BBQ beef in the other. He replied with a great measure of levity.

    "How dare you use my Ancestral Chief's name!"

    Lin Pojun was suddenly riled up.

    As the most powerful man in China a hundred years ago, Lin Shuming was considered a god in the Lin Family. Even the other family lords of China had to speak of him with great respect and humbleness.

    "Little shit. You have no idea what you are talking about."

    "Who are you? How dare you insult the Young Master!"

    "He is just a fool! Why don't we kick him out of Zhong Hai already!"

    Many people around Lin Pojun chimed in angrily. However, Lord Tang and Lord Nin remained silent. They glare at Chen Fan fearfully, as if they were looking at a ghost.

    "Young Master, he is Chen Fan."

    Ji Luochen managed to gather himself and hurried to put in.

    "Chen… Chen Beixuan?"

    Ji Luochen's words seemed to have cast a silence spell in the courtyard.

    Words simply melted in everyone's mouth and all they could do was gape at Chen Fan stupidly. Even Lin Pojun's face was contorted by shock and fear.

    "He really is…."

    Lin Pojun examined Chen Fan carefully and confirmed the young man's identity in his mind.

    Chen Fan had two kinds of appearance: one was ordinary, and the other sublime.

    His second form that was based on the Azure Thearch Longevity Body was well known around the world. However, his first form, the ordinary-looking one, was only familiar to a few people who lived around Jiang Nan Province or Zhong Hai. Otherwise, only a well-connected Grandmaster listed on the Heaven roll, such as Yang Qinhu, would have recognized Chen Fan's second form.

    Lin Pojun stood still motionless, face taut with fear after he had confirmed that it was Chen Fan he had to deal with.

    "Chen Beixuan, the Ji Family has never done anything to you, so why do you keep picking on us and chase us all the way to Zhong Hai? Do you really think my family is a pushover?"

    Ji Luochen was emboldened by Lin Pojun's support, so he shouted at Chen Fan hotly.

    "Young Master, you have agreed to protect us from Chen Beixuan. He is right here, please bring him to justice." Ji Luochen turned to Lin Pojun and pleaded.

    Ji Luochen knew that even though Chen Fan was an immortal state warrior, so were members of the Lin family.

    In Ji Luochen's mind, both Chen Fan and the Lin Family were equally powerful, and both knew that a war between them would be too costly for either party. Therefore, their confrontation would most likely be resolved at the negotiation table.

    "Justice your ass!"

    Lin Pojun screamed in his mind. If he was in private with Ji Luochen, he would kick his dumb ass right now. At any rate, the die has been cast and Ji Luochen had asked for help, so he must keep up the appearance regardless of how reluctant he was. He cupped his hands at Chen Fan and said: "Nice to meet you Immortal Master Chen. My Ancestral Chief just wouldn't stop praising your abilities. There was some… misunderstanding between you and the Ji Family, so I have heard. I wonder if you would just let it — "

    Before Lin Pojun finished his words, Chen Fan cut him short with a wave of a hand.


    He shot out an azure blade aura from the tip of his finger. The aura crossed the space between Chen Fan and Ji Luochen in a blink like a flash of lightning and severed Ji Luochen's body in half.

    Everything happened so fast that Ji Luochen had no idea what was happening. The smile on his dead body suggested that he was still convinced that the Lin family would help him out right before he died.

    "Just let it… it…."

    Words got stuck in Lin Pojun's mouth as anger contorted his face.

    "Shut up now. Not even Lin Shuming dares to request anything from me."

    Chen Fan waved a dismissal at Lin Pojun and said derisively.

    He didn't pay much attention to Lin Pojun's indignation and anger.

    Many family lords were terrified by the turn of the event. Most of them lowered their heads and kept their silence, hoping they wouldn't become collateral damage.

    "Very well…. very well…."

    Lin Pojun's hand trembled uncontrollably.

    This was the first time in his life he had met anyone who dares to oppose him. Chen Fan had killed the person who he had sworn to protect, it was no different than slapping him in the face.

    "Chen Beixuan, so you have chosen your side. I would like to remind you that the Lin Family also has an Immortal State cultivator. Plus, I have nearly half of Zhong Hai's tycoons on my side. You simply couldn't imagine the power and might of the Lin Family, so are you sure you want to be our enemy?"

    Lin Pojun really lived up to his reputation as the elite of the young generation.

    He quickly held back his roiling anger, pulled a solemn face and then said coldly.

    "You? An enemy? Humph." Chen Beixuan sneered at Lin Pojun and scanned the many family lords behind him. "Do any of you want to be my enemy?"

    Chen Fan's icy glare had frozen the souls of these family lords.

    They hadn't recognized Chen Beixuan until they heard Chen Beixuan's name. These men and women were all well-connected individuals in Zhong Hai, of course, they knew who Chen Beixuan was and what he was capable of.

    He was the murderous Immortal State Warrior, the only Immortal State warrior that was listed on the Divine Roll.

    He was the real living legend.

    "Chen Beixuan, don't waste your time. I know you are powerful, but so is the Lin Family!"

    Lin Pojun flung back at Chen Fan fearlessly.

    The Lin Pojun had paid a premium to coax these family lords to his side. Some of them, such as Shi Hongyi, were installed by the Lin Family to Zhong Hai decades ago and were the Lin Family's diehard supporters. Lin Pojun was very confident in their loyalty.

    However, even as Lin Pojun was filled with assuredness, one man took a step forward and bowed to Chen Fan.

    "I am Xia Linfeng from the Xia family of Zhong Hai. It is an honor to meet you, General Chen."

    Chen Fan was the general of the Cang Dragon Unit, so a lot of people called him General Chen.

    "The family lord of the Xia family?"

    Lin Pojun's eyes flickered and didn't mind the Xia family's betrayal due to the Xia family's insignificant influence in Zhong Hai.

    However, to his surprise, Lord Xia was not the only one.

    "I am Gao Chengxiong from the Gao family of Zhong Hai, nice to meet you, General Chen."

    "My name is Chu Zhaofeng from the Chu family. Welcome, General Chen! "

    "The Yue family of Zhong Hai welcomes…."

    More and more family lords greeted Chen Fan with a great measure of respect.

    The rich heirs of Zhong Hai were stunned by the development. The Xia family, Gao family, and the Chu family were all top elite families in Zhong Hai. Why would they treat a young man with such respect?

    Lin Pojun was seized by a pang of fear, but he managed to remain calm. From the corner of his eye, he caught the glimpse of a man who knelt on the ground, shifting his knee to make his way toward Chen Fan.

    "I am Tang Jianmin from the Tang Family of Zhong Hai. Please forgive me, General Chen!"

    "I am Nin Zhengze, I beg your forgiveness as well."

    "Shang family also…"

    Tang Jianmin had opened the flood gate and inundated Chen Fan with apologies.

    In a blink, nearly all family lords from Zhong Hai had switched sides and were kneeling before Chen Fan, leaving Yang Zhengfen and the other young lords from Lin Nan dumbfounded.

    "You… you…"

    Lin Pojun could no longer hold back his anger. Fire spit out from his eyes as he glared at Tang Jianmin and other traitors. Suddenly, a wizened voice boomed from within the main hall.

    "Hua Yunfeng, on behalf of the entire Hua Family of Zhong Hai, welcomes you, Immortal Master Chen"

    The announcement had taken the air out of Lin Pojun's sails, his eyes were filled with defeat and disbelief.