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Chapter 467 - The Board Meeting

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 467: The Board Meeting

    Wang Xiaoyun's son had been a mystery for many people.

    Wang Xiaoyun had come to Zhong Hai with only her daughter, An Ya and founded the Jin Xiu Group.

    By now, the Jin Xiu Group was the top three biggest real estate firms in Zhong Hai, and Wang Xiaoyun had also made it to the top ten rich list of Zhong Hai. She was also lauded as the richest woman in Zhong Hai.

    Seeing that the enormous wealth of Jin Xiu Group was safeguarded by only two women, many people had secretly vied for a piece of the pie. However, the Jin Xiu Group had stood firm and remained undefeated during many bouts of aggression. The closest the Jin Xiu Group had come to collapsing was a year ago when it was attacked by the alliance of Ji Family, Tang Family, and the Nin Family.

    However, even as the managers of the Jin Xiu Group were considering abandoning ship, things started to turn around and they eventually defeated the Tang Family and the Nin Family.

    The Tang Family Lord even arrived at Wang Xiaoyun's office and bowed deeply to her to apologize. It had been sensational news among the business circle in Zhong Hai.

    Although many had guessed who Jin Xiu Group's benefactor was, none had suspected Chen Fan. Most people stopped guessing once they knew the Jin Xiu Group was under the protection of the Chinese Military.

    "So our boss does have a son. I had always thought that she only has a daughter."

    "Humph! Our Boss's husband's last name is Chen. An Ya is clearly not her biological daughter."

    "So this young man is the only rightful heir of the company."

    Many people murmured to each other as they passed through the hall.

    Young Lord Feng's perfect smile curdled on his face. He glared at Chen Fan enviously.

    "Boss, Assistant An, and Young Lord Chen let's move to the office. It's too loud out here." Managing Director He wiped away the sweat on his forehead as he scurried toward Chen Fan. He had already forgotten about Young Lord Feng.

    "Very well."

    Wang Xiaoyun turned around and ordered: "Xiao He, push everything aside for me. I don't want to see anyone today."

    "Yes, yes, boss."

    Managing director He replied as he shot Chen Fan a surprised glance.

    He had never seen Wang Xiaoyun taking a day off of work. The fact that she should put aside her busy schedule and spend a whole day with her son spoke loudly about how much she cared about her son.

    "So it seems that our young lord is very close to Boss Wang's heart… I hope he won't take offense to my cold shoulder."

    Managing Director He thought to himself as cold sweat slid down his back.

    The group entered the elevator which would take them directly to a boardroom, leaving Young Lord Feng standing alone in the foyer with a green face and a pair of eyes that were so angry that they seemed to spit fire.

    Meanwhile, the managers and board of directors had been losing their patience while waiting for Wang Xiaoyun to return.

    "What kind of emergency would have made our boss halt the meeting and rush down there?"

    "Must be some big wig from the government visiting us. Even Assistant An had gone with her."

    "Hehe, only the leader of Zhong Hai could have stirred up our boss."

    Even as everyone murmured to each other in confusion, the door swung open as Wang Xiaoyun and An Ya returned with a young boy in tow.

    The young man looked barely twenty and had a clean-shaven face. The casual outfit he was wearing made him look like a bumbling freshman in college. However, the smile hangs on Wang Xiaoyun and An Ya's face seemed to suggest that they both cared about this young man greatly.

    "Everyone, allow me to introduce. This is my son, Chen Fan."

    Wang Xiaoyun walked over to the head of the table and announced.

    "Hi everyone, my name is Chen Fan."

    Chen Fan nodded. Then he walked over to the sofa and sat down with Yukishiro Sa. Meanwhile, he tugged at An Ya's arm, willing her to sit with him. An Ya cast a glance at Wang Xiaoyun, seeking her approval. After Wang Xiaoyun had nodded back at her, she sat down beside Chen Fan.


    Chen Fan's casualness and levity came off as spoiled behavior to many members of the board.

    "No wonder Boss Wang waited so long to introduce her son to us. He is foppish and vain and lacked even the most basic respect for others. ‘La-di-da, look at all the pretty girls around me.' Humph! Does he think that he is at a KTV?"

    Some senior members of the board complained in their minds.

    The others also shook their heads disapprovingly.

    "Boss Wang's Husband is from the Chen family's Jin City who recently rose to power and became the most influential clan in Jin City. So he must have been spoiled by his parents and was used to frivolous pursuits. The Jin Xiu Group will be doomed if Wang Xiaoyun hands it over to him."

    These managers and board members were elites of the financial world in Zhong Hai. They were used to having eager minds from the Ivy League at their beck and call, and to brush shoulders with successful young entrepreneurs, therefore, they had no respect for Chen Fan's indolence.

    "Very well, let's continue. The third phase of the second ring road project has been delayed for a few months now, we need to get it back online and try to finish it before the national holiday starts."

    Wang Xiaoyun sat down and regained the imposing demeanor as she talked to the board members.

    Everyone quickly pulled their attention from Chen Fan back to the meeting and listened to Wang Xiaoyun's instruction attentively.

    "Boss Wang, I have something to report to you." A manager rose to his feet and said: "We are all eager to go back to work on the ring road, but the local government still needs to finish their inspection. Before they have done that, we are not allowed to start the project."

    "Indeed, Boss Wang. The local government at the Eastern District has been trying all they could to slow down our construction process. Someone told me that the local government was under the Ji Family's influence."

    Another board member put in.

    "The Ji Family?"

    Wang Xiaoyun furrowed her brows

    The Ji Family had been interfering with Jin Xiu Group's projects, causing many mishaps in contracting processes for the Jin Xiu Group. When things were at its worst, the city had shut down many Jin Xiu Group's construction sites for unnecessary inspections, many contractors had bailed out of their agreements with Jin Xiu Group, and several banks decided to pull out of their investment with the Jin Xiu Group's projects. The future of Jin Xiu Group at that moment was hanging by a thread.

    Things didn't start to improve until three months ago when the Tang Family and the Nin Family suddenly became quiet. However, the Ji Family was still on Jin Xiu Group's back and wouldn't give up.

    "Boss Wang, why don't we just offer an apology to Lord Ji? The struggle between you and Lord Ji has been going on for over a year now, it's about time to bring it to an end. If we apologize first, they might forgive us and stop pushing us around." A manager said cautiously.

    "Just So, Boss Wang, the Ji Family was one of the most powerful family clans in Zhong Hai, are you sure it's a good idea to be on their bad side while we are on their turf?"

    The other members of the board chimed in.

    They had their skin in the money game and didn't want to get involved in bloody feuds between larger family clans.


    Even as Wang Xiaoyun weighed her options, a voice came up: "The Ji Family is courting death. Be rest assured mom, I will take care of the Ji Family."

    Everyone turned around toward the speaker and saw Chen Fan lolled on the sofa and said with a great measure of levity.

    "Do you really think that you, a good-for-nothing brat could handle the Ji Family of Zhong Hai, Tough guy?" Many managers and board members scorned Chen Fan in their minds.

    However, they kept their remarks to themselves for the sake of Wang Xiaoyun.

    The board members looked back at Wang Xiaoyun and expected to see Wang Xiaoyun raining her wrath down onto the boy.

    However, to their surprise, Wang Xiaoyun nodded and said: "Very well, handle the Ji Family for me, I will add two more stir-fries for tonight's dinner. Remember, we just need to remind them, no one has to be hurt too badly."


    The board members were shocked by the turn of events and felt someone had pulled the rug from under them.

    Did I hear that right? Wang Xiaoyun was going to let her less than twenty year old boy "take care" of the Ji Family of Zhong Hai? Not even the most powerful benefactor of the Chen family—whoever he was—could have "taken care" of the Ji Family of Zhong Hai, much less a spoiled brat.

    Everyone lamented as they shook their heads.

    After the meeting was adjourned, Wang Xiaoyun left the room with An Ya and Chen Fan. Some board members heaved a sign and lamented.

    "She had been spoiling her son for too long. She is going to regret it sooner or later."

    "Indeed. Do they know who they are dealing with? It is the Ji Family of Zhong Hai! It's not playing pretend. What a joke!" A grizzled board member said with a cold voice.

    A wave of dissident murmurs rose among the board members. The middle-aged man furrowed his brows and said hesitantly.

    "I have heard rumors about Boss Wang's son. They call him Master Chen and he had risen to fame in Jiang Nan Province after slaughtering a slew of enemies. It wasn't until he was allegedly dead that The Tang Family and the Ji Family renewed their aggression against the Chen family. But as soon as he was back, we saw the Tang Family and the Nin Family coming to apologize to us right away, so I think—"

    "Lao Hong! Stop spreading those rumors. Rumor also says that the Chen family has a less than twenty year old general. Do you really believe in this garbage? There is not a single general in China who is under forty!"

    Another board member guffawed.

    Everyone else at the table also laughed in reply.

    There had been many speculations as to who was the Jin Xiu Group's real benefactor. However, the most widely believed theory was that it was the Wang Family of Yan Jin behind the rise of Jin Xiu Group.

    Most people simply disregarded the theory that revolved around her son being a Master martial Artist or a general.

    Meanwhile, Wang Xiaoyun led An Ya, Chen Fan and Yukishiro Sa to one of the best five-star hotels in the city and they headed directly to the restaurant.

    "Are you really here to deal with the Ji Family?"

    Wang Xiaoyun got to the point.

    "Yes, and no. I will be away and traveling for six months, so I decided to stop by and check up on you two."

    Chen Fan answered with a warm smile.

    Once they reached the top floor where the restaurant was, they were greeted by a row of black-clad bodyguards. The manager of the restaurant was also standing at the entrance, apologizing to Wang Xiaoyan. "I am so sorry, Boss Wang. Another guest had reserved the entire venue today. Would you like a VIP section?"