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Chapter 466 - Young Master

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 466: Young Master

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    Once Lin Pojun's car was gone, Cheng Danqin finally spoke again. "Teacher, based on the reports I got, Lin Pojun has been living at the Ji Family's residence, and it is obvious whose side he is on."

    Hua Family had presided over Zhong Hai for decades, and it wasn't very difficult for them to get any information they wanted.

    "I have expected that much. One of Ji Family's most outstanding members works in Southeastern China, and of course, they have a strong tie with the Lin Family."

    Hua Yunfeng said calmly.

    He was nearly a hundred years old, and despite the shocked mask he had donned, he remained unflappable deep down.

    "Teacher, are we really going to let Lin Family take over Zhong Hai?" Cheng Danqin asked in confusion.

    "Yes, so what?" Hua Yunfeng let out a peal of laughter.

    "As Martial Artists, the foundation of our power is personal strength. What does Zhong Hai mean to me once I have reached Immortal State? Don't you remember the Founder of the Hong Sect who had created such an empire from nothing? Dragon Hall, for example, had contributed to the creation of a nation. I, too, had achieved greatness before, it was a much more exciting and meaningful life than hiding under a rock here in Zhong Hai."

    Hua Yunfeng said proudly.

    This Grandmasters in China have risen to fame for decades. He had withstood challenges from many generations and still held his position firmly. So far, no one knew exactly how powerful he was.

    "Teacher, you are only a half-step away from Immortal State. I believe you will soon reach the final stage and restore the Hua Family's former glory."

    Cheng Danqin said respectfully.

    She had been cultivating under the old man's guidance for over a decade now and knew Hua Yunfeng's unimaginable power first hand. Forty years ago, before Ye Nantian was even born, Hua Yunfeng had already reached the transcendent state. It was hard to imagine how powerful he had gotten in the forty years.

    "It's more difficult than you think."

    Hua Yunfeng shook his head

    "I have reached the bottleneck thirty years ago, and in the thirty years, I have gained no progress whatsoever. I know that my power must be on par with the top three fighters on the Dark Roll, but try as I may, I could not reach the final stage."

    "If it was really that simple, Chen Beixuan wouldn't be the only person who had made it in fifty years. Fanqin, your cultivation has been smooth sailing so far because of your extraordinary inborn talent, therefore, you might easily underestimate the difficulties while cultivating at my level. It required more than just talent, but also perseverance, patience, wisdom, and luck."

    The old man preached.

    "Yes, teacher, I will remember that."

    Cheng Danqin replied respectfully with a bow. Then she asked in confusion.

    "Teacher, why did Lin Pojun help the Ji Family even after knowing that by doing so, they would bring Chen Beixuan's wrath? Don't they know how ruthless Chen Beixuan is?"

    "The Lin Family used to be the most powerful family in China and they must have their reasons. The Ancestral Patriarch of the Lin family was one of the most powerful even amongst the Immortal State warriors. Plus, the Lin Family was well known for deception and ruses, so I don't think Lin Pojun has been entirely forthcoming with me."

    Hua Yunfeng waved a hand and said conclusively.


    Cheng Danqin nodded.

    Even as a dark undercurrent became restless and clouds gathered in Zhong Hai, Chen Fan had decided to spend some quality time with his girlfriend. Fortunately for him, Fang Qiong was not a clingy girl since she had been used to living independently by herself.

    "Once I have dealt with the Su Family and the Wei family, I can finally leave Jiang Nan Province and travel around China."

    "I will search for any Grotto-heaven where Spirit Qi is abundant. I will also stop by Lin City, Hong Kong, Medicine God Valley Sect and Zhong Zhou and pay a visit to my disciples such as A'Xiu. Maybe I will visit Xu Rongfei as well since her dad had just passed away."

    Chen Fan thought to himself while the red Ferrari drove toward Zhong Hai.

    This Ferrari was given to Chen Fan by the Ren Family. He gave the car to Yukishiro Sa as a gift. There and then, Chen Fan was sitting in the passenger seat of a fancy sports car with an even fancier driver beside him; he was living in the dream of many men in this world.

    "Master, are we heading to the Ji Family of Zhong Hai?"

    Yukishiro Sa asked.

    "No, let's go to the Jin Xiu Group first. I haven't said hi to my mother and sister yet ever since I finished my seclusion cultivation."

    Chen Fan asked lazily.

    The Ji Family was not his top priority by a long shot.

    Red Sparrow had reminded him to refrain from using conspicuous arts such as Flying sword, he had other deadly spells up his sleeves, such as the Curse Sorcery. Chen Fan was confident that once the Ji Family had heard that the had arrived Zhong Hai, they would rush to him to apologize in person.


    Yukishiro Sa answered and revved up the engine, speeding up to 200 kilometers per hour.

    Zhong Hai was an international hub for commerce and had a population of over twenty million. It's sprawling landscape took up an area a few times larger than the size of Jin City. Although it wasn't the first time Chen Fan arrived at Zhong Hai, he had never got to see the city so up close.

    "Incredible. I feel like I am in Tokyo."

    Yukishiro Sa looked around and exclaimed.

    "Give it another ten years, it will even surpass Tokyo. "

    Chen Fan cracked a smile.

    In his past life, he had seen a city that covered the entire planet, a true engineering marvel. Therefore, he was unaffected by Zhong Hai's size and development.

    They drove for another hour and finally reached the headquarters for Jin Xiu Group.

    As one of the biggest real estate companies, the Jin Xiu Group had purchased land and built a high rise office building called Jin Xiu Plaza. Chen Fan tutted as soon as he got out of the car and saw the towering building.

    "It seems like my mother is doing pretty well in Zhong Hai. Such a building would have cost at least a billion."

    "Why of course! Only the Jin Xiu Group could have pulled it off. We are standing at the most central part of the city and the land around us is the best property in the entire city. It will take more than just money to acquire any land here."

    A Maserati pulled over and a tall and courteous young man got out of the car.

    "Oh? You seem to know a lot about the Jin Xiu Group."

    Chen Fan raised an eyebrow and shot a glance at the young man.

    "My company dealt with the Jin Xiu Group quite often, and I am a frequent visitor to Boss Wang and Assistant An."

    The young man smiled faintly as a hint of pride flickered in his eyes.

    He wagered that Chen Fan was not from the city and therefore had failed to recognize him as the Young Lord Feng: the heir to the richest man in Zhong Hai.

    Even as Young Lord Feng spoke, he looked around at Yukishiro Sa, soaking in her extraordinary beauty. Meanwhile, he lamented that a fine lady was wasted on someone as ordinary as Chen Fan.

    It's a crime!

    However, Young Lord Feng had kept his thoughts to himself and walked into the building with the other two.

    Chen Fan was greeted by a huge receptionist desk where a row of nearly half a dozen receptionist sat behind. One of them gave Chen Fan a warm and professional smile, and asked: "Who are you looking for?"

    "I want to see your boss and An Ya." Chen Fan said.

    "I am sorry, sir, they don't meet anyone without an appointment." The girl smiled back at Chen Fan apologetically.

    Young Lord Feng let out a smirk and patted Chen Fan's shoulder.

    "My friend, I know why you are here: you are here to woo Assistant An. You are not the only one, far from it. If you line up all the young men who dreamed of Assistant An's hand, the line is going to go all the way to Jiang Nan Province."

    With the retreat of the Tang Family, Nin Family and the Ji Family, the Jin Xiu Group had quickly risen to fame. Even without the newfound fame as the Assistant to Wang Xiaoyun, An Ya's life was already plagued by unwanted attention from the excessive amount of admirers.

    After taking a jab at Chen Fan, the young man straightened his collar and looked at the elevator.


    The elevator door opened and a middle-aged manager emerged from within. He almost scurried across the hall and came up to the young man, heaping smiles on his face." Young Lord Feng, you have finally arrived. Please, let's talk in my office."

    "Nice day, Managing Director He."

    "Good morning, Managing Director He."

    The receptionists rose to their feet and bowed slightly to the middle-aged man as they greeted him.

    It occurred to Chen Fan that this middle-aged man was a Managing Director at the Jin Xiu Group.

    "Managing Director He, is Assistant An available today? I have some matters to discuss with her."

    Young Lord Feng put on a smile and gave Chen Fan a surreptitious glance as he gloated at him.

    "Stupid outsider, who would drive such a gaudy Ferrari as a pick-up line? It takes more than just wealth to unlock the door to Assistant An's office."

    "Umm… Young Lord Feng… you know as well as I do that Assistant An is busy and has to see many guests and clients every day. But since you have already made your way here, I will make sure you get to see her. You might have to wait a little bit though."

    Managing Director He pounded his chest and announced confidently.

    He was the Managing Director of the Administrative Department and was in charge of scheduling all the appointments for Wang Xiaoyun and An Ya. Therefore, it wouldn't be too difficult for him to accommodate a brief meeting by changing things around the existing schedule.

    "Very well."

    Young Lord Feng adjusted his collar again and followed the Managing Director to the elevator. He barely spared Chen Fan a glance.

    A few receptionists murmured to each other.

    "So that's Young Lord Feng?"

    "I heard that his father is the owner of the Bao Long Group, Feng Zhengcai. He is one of the richest men in Zhong Hai."

    "Stop ogling him. He is after Assistant An. You don't have a chance."

    Young Lord Feng had overheard the girl's conversation. Despite his effort to pretend that he didn't hear anything, he couldn't hide the pride on his face.

    Even as he was about to step into the elevator, the other elevator arrived at their floor with a loud dinging. Young Lord Feng noticed that the other elevator had golden trims around its door frame, it was clearly reserved for someone important to use.

    "Who is this?"

    Young Lord Feng was taken aback and looked at Managing Director He.

    Managing Director he was also caught by surprise. "This is our boss's private elevator. Maybe Assistant An or Boss Wang has come down here? No… no. Boss was just having a meeting with the board of directors. Assistant An should be right next to her as well."

    Even as the middle-aged man wondered who the person was inside the elevator, Chen Fan cracked a smile and walked closer to the elevator.


    The elevator dinged again and opened its door. Revealing two gorgeous looking women inside.

    "Good day Boss Wang and good day to you, Assistant An."

    Managing Director He bowed deeply and greeted them.

    The sight of the two women startled the receptionists, they scarcely dared to breathe.

    "Miss An Ya, I am Feng—"

    Even as Young Lord Feng greeted An Ya with a smile that he had practiced to perfection, he watched as his dream girl threw herself into the arms of the young man.

    Then they heard the young man call out to Wang Xiaoyun: "Mom!"


    Managing Director He was so shocked by the turn of events, that he nearly collapsed onto the ground.

    He… he is the Young Lord Chen?