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Chapter 465 - A Hundred Year Old Secre

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 465: A Hundred Year Old Secret

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    Mount Bajin was surrounded by slow-flowing creeks, pavilions with elegant up-turning rooflines and it was a popular resort in and around Zhong Hai. Particularly during summer when the hills provided shelter from the blistering sun.

    To be able to build a mansion on top of a popular tourist attraction shows the immense influence and power of the owner.

    The senior citizens of Zhong Hai knew that the mansion belonged to the Hua Family, an ancient family that presided over Zhong Hai for over a few hundred years.

    “Hidden Dragon Villa.”

    The young man rose to his feet and murmured the name of the mansion. He then asked curiously. “Grandpa, why did you name it the ‘Hidden Dragon?’ Is there really a dragon hidden somewhere in the mountain and is biding its time to soar up into the sky again?”

    The Old man was clearing the stones on the board when he heard the question. His hand shivered a little but then he quickly plastered on a smile and said: “It’s just a name, doesn’t mean anything. Come on, let’s have another round. I rarely meet any worthy opponents like you.”

    The young man cracked a smile and picked up a stone and set it on the empty board.

    Standing beside the table was a docile looking woman in her early thirties with sublime beauty.

    Age had been kind to the woman and left no signs on her face. She was wearing a black Qipao dress which accentuated her curvy body. On her wrist, she wore a Dzi bracelet that contrasted against her pale and porcelain-like skin. Her hands moved about gracefully while holding a teapot, guiding its contents precisely the way she intended with a striking economy of motions. Any tea making masters would be impressed by her elegant and succinct method.

    “Auntie Qin’s tea preparation skills are beyond words! I don’t even think the tea ceremony masters could have done any better.”

    The young man took a sip from his cup and was very impressed.

    “Pojun, if you like it, feel free to come more often. Auntie will make more for you.”

    Although the woman looked not that much older than the young man, she was old enough to call herself “Auntie.” She replied to the young man with a warm and cordial smile.

    If anyone from Zhong Hai saw the exchange between the young man and the women, they would be shocked beyond belief. The woman was the Queen of Zhong Hai’s underground world, Cheng Danqin, and she was well known for her constant cold and severe expression which matched her ruthlessness.

    “Looking across your generation, you and the little girl from the Ye family are two of the most outstanding members. While The generation came before you were dominated by Lei Qianjue, Azure dragon, Ye Nantian, and Danqin.”

    The old man commented.

    Most martial artists if they heard the remark would disagree with listing the woman with mighty figures such as Lei Qianjue, Azure dragon, and Ye Nantian? Based on her looks, she was no more than thirty years old and would have barely reached the phenomenal success of Internal Force cultivation.

    However, the young man nodded in agreement.

    “Lei Qianjue endured ten years of loneliness and frigid temperature to create the art of Thousand Trickeries. Azure dragon could have bought down a nation with one sweep of a sword. Ye Nantian had devoted every second of his life to Cultivation and was on the cusp of reaching Immortal State. While I am just an ordinary woman, why do you compare me with those three?”

    Cheng Danqin cracked an alluring smile.

    “Haha, Auntie Qin, you are too humble! Even my family lord commented on how impressed he was by your abilities. My family lord was convinced that among the four of you, you will be the first one to enter the Immortal State.”

    The young man said with a broad smile.

    “Oh? Even Lord Shuming has taken notice of me? What an honor.”

    Even the old man was taken aback by the young man’s revelation.

    “But I think one thing that Grandpa Hua has gotten wrong. The most outstanding member of my generation is neither me nor that girl from the Ye Family.”

    Lin Pojun put down a stone and said.

    “Then who would it be?” The old man asked as he furrowed his brows.

    “That will have to be the Curmudgeon Chen who just made it to the reopened Divine Roll.” Lin Pojun answered with a smile. However, there was a strange light burning somewhere deep in his eyes.

    “I mean Chen Beixuan!”

    The name had made both the Old man and Cheng Danqin grow silent.

    After a while, the old man shook his head and lamented.

    “I am getting old and forget the fact that Chen Beixuan was only twenty years old. Many people had suspected if he was a reincarnation of an ancient Curmudgeon or Immortal deity. ‘

    “I suspect that myself as well. Chen Beixuan’s abilities are… inconceivable. Plus, no one knows who his teacher is. He might as well be a reincarnation of a powerful deity.”

    Cheng Danqin agreed.

    “Of all the Immortal State Warriors, I can’t find a single one whose abilities even comes close to Chen Beixuan. That being said, I wager that it would take him at least ten more years to be a concern for my family chief.”

    Lin Pojun said dismissively as he shook his head.

    A hundred years ago, China had Lord Shuming, fifty years ago, we had General Ye and now we have Chen Beixuan. I wonder if it is a curse or a blessing.”

    The old man lamented.

    The mentioning of General Ye made Lin Pojun tighten his face and snorted. He looked into the old man’s eyes and asked: “Grandpa, have you forgotten what the Ye family did to the Green Gang? Have you forgotten the life that was lost?”


    A go-stone slipped in between the old man’s fingers and fell onto the board.

    The old man was stunned by the comment for a long moment. After a while, he gathered himself and picked up the stone and said: “It’s not a matter if I remember it or not.”

    “A hundred years ago, the Green Gang, Hong Sect and Dragon Hall were the three top underground organizations in China. The Green Gang was so influential that it controlled nearly half of China. It had so many heroic leaders, such as Huang Jinrong, Du Yuesheng, Zhang Xiaolin who could directly flaunt the rule of the government. However, even those leaders would have shown great respect for you.”

    Lin Pojun rose to his feet and paced a few steps in the room as he continued.

    “The Green Gang was under the direct control of the Hua Family. At that time, the Hua Family might as well be the most powerful family in China. But what about now? The Green Gang is history, it’s leaders dead. Even the mighty Hua Family was confined to Zhong Hai and had to obey the orders from Kunlun.”

    “Do you really not care about such injustice?”

    Lin Pojun exclaimed, his eyes locked onto the old man.

    The old man closed his eyes slowly and kept his silence. His face twitched a little from time to time as he tried to calm the roiling emotions inside of him.

    This old man was none other than the former lord of the Hua Family. He ranked number four on the Heaven roll and had presided over Zhong Hai for more than ten years. His name was Hua Yunfeng.

    “What does it matter? Times have changed and the Green Gang was no more. If I dare to defy orders, I will be the next Dragon Hall or Hong Sect.”

    Hua Yunfeng finally opened his eyes again and said stoically.

    “Yes, the Green Gang was destroyed, but the Hong Sect is still around, and so are the Square Tower and the Lin Family, and so are you! You have made tremendous progress in your cultivation during the last ten years, I doubt that even the number one fighter on the Dark Roll is your worthy opponent. You should join forces with us, fight back against Kunlun and avenge the downfall of the Green Gang.”

    Lin Pojun announced proudly.

    “That’s impossible.” Hua Yunfeng refused directly.

    “You are too young to understand how terrible that man is. The Hong Sect, Green Gang and Dragon Hall couldn’t defend against him even when they had the money and the manpower, what could we achieve now?”

    “Don’t forget what happened to all of us: Green Gang was destroyed, Hong Sect and Dragon Hall were kicked out of China. Square Tower had to run away and lick his wound in Taiwan.”

    “He had dominated China sixty years ago, and only God knows how powerful he had gotten in the last sixty years. Plus, China is no longer the sick man of Asia, it also wields tremendous power.”

    Hua Yunfeng heaved a sigh and said.

    Suddenly, a silence fell over the room.

    After a while, Lin Pojun said: “What if I tell you that my Family Chief decided to get involved this time.”


    Hua Yunfeng’s eyes were lit up by surprise and excitement.

    “My Ancestral Chief, Lord Shuming simply decided to take a step back during that last confrontation with the government, but we are by no means defeated by THAT man! In the last sixty years, the Ye family and Kunlun had been stepping on our toes, forcing my Ancestral Chief to intervene.”

    “My Ancestral Chief already rallied some of his old friends to his side and was ready to strike out again. But I don’t think the Ye family would have the guts to confront us this time.”

    Hua Yunfeng gasped after he heard the revelation.

    He had seen nations rise and fall and knew how devastating the impending combat would be. He had already seen it once sixty years ago. All the Immortal State Warriors had taken part in that war and the outcome had dictated the course of which China was on for the next fifty years.

    “Things will be different if Lord Shuming is willing to help out.” Hua Yunfeng nodded and said. “Is that what brings you here today?”

    “Lin Family has lived in seclusion for sixty years, and it’s about time for us to claim what was ours. I am here to ask for your allegiance to us.”

    Lin Pojun announced proudly.

    The old man grew quiet for a moment as he considered the offer. After a while, he nodded and said. “Lord Shuming was my family’s savior, so you shall have my sword!”

    “Very well. With you on our side, we should already have half of the Chinese Underground World under our control. The next move is to pay the Ye family a visit.”

    Lin Pojun said with a broad smile.

    “Puojiun, haven’t you forgotten Chen Beixuan? He is going to be the biggest uncertainty in the future. Which side will he be on?” Hua Yunfeng furrowed his brows and asked.

    “It doesn’t matter which side he chooses. He is alone, and would be no match against our joined force.” Lin Pojun said with a smirk. “The Lin Family’s power is well beyond his wildest imagination.”

    After he had said that, he bid farewell to Hua Yunfeng and started off.

    Hua Yunfeng saw him to the door and watched as Lin Pojun disappeared into the distance. There was a hint of concern and worry on his face.

    Cheng Danqin furrowed her brows, and also looked troubled

    After Lin Pojun got into the car, his confident smile disappeared immediately. He ordered the driver.

    “Take me to the Ji Family.”

    “Yes, Young Lord. “The driver answered. He was a lean and muscular man with an even voice. It was evident that he was a deadly warrior. However, he didn’t seem discontent with his insignificant role as the driver.

    The black vehicle slunk out of the shadow under Mount Bajin and headed toward the city like a phantom.