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Chapter 464 - Revealing the Bigger Picture

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 464: Revealing the Bigger Picture

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    Although Chen Fan was able to defeat an army of ten thousand strong, there had been many threats to him in this world, such as the nuclear bomb, hydrogen bomb, and laser weapons.

    Although a connate cultivator has not only Connate Body but also numerous kinds of Dharma Treasures, Dharma spells and Arcane Energy Bulwark at his disposal, Chen Fan could not ward off all of the deadly attacks using his Azure Thearch Longevity Body alone.

    That had somewhat limited Chen Fan's actions on this planet.

    Therefore, even when Chen Fan sought revenge against Russia, the An family and the Fu family, he had held back his thirst for blood and kept the number of deaths to the minimum—just enough to send a message to his enemies. He wouldn't have only killed one person: Fu Zhengtin, while he was in the An family if he wasn't wary of the might of the Chinese government.

    However, things are different now that he had finally reached the Divine Sea level.

    "As the name suggests, The Divine powers of a Divine Sea cultivator was as boundless as the sea."

    Chen Fan reached out a hand—a nearly lazy gesture—but the motion had summoned a powerful wave of Essence Qi into the middle of his palm, forming a blinding ball of crackling electricity that could give birth to devastating destruction at any moment.

    One attack from this lightning ball could easily kill a semi-immortal level warrior.

    Such divine powers would have required drawing of inscriptions, or incantation of spells to summon before Chen Fan had reached the Divine Sea. However, by now, Chen Fan could evoke such deadly spells on a whim. It was as easy as breathing.

    "With this newfound power, I could finally complete the phenomenal success phase of my Divine Will, and it should reach as far as thirty kilometers. I can easily cover the entire Jin City under my Divine Will." Chen Fan thought to himself.

    "I also gained the ability of Soul Perfection. With this ability, not only can I travel thousands of miles without moving my body, but the otherworldly nature of the divine will also mean that it is impervious to Grand Yang True Fire or Four True Righteousness Wind. In addition, it would also unlock a secret ability that would allow me to be reborn indefinitely. "

    However, such secret art should be saved for the last moment.

    Unless Chen Fan's safety was hanging in balance, he would not easily give up his current physical form. He had dedicated countless hours to refine the Azure Thearch Longevity Body. Worse, the original body was the best vessel for the final tribulation stage. Abandoning the original body and taking another form would pose great challenges during the last stage of Immortal cultivation.

    "Congratulations Master on your advancement."

    Yukishiro Sa knelt and announced with a mix of elation and fear.

    Chen Fan shot a glance at the girl and Tong Shan. Tong Shan's dull expression made Chen Fan furrow his brows.

    "It's about time to install some intelligence into Tong Shan. Otherwise, he would forever be a mindless robot. If Tong Shan had the ability to think, he would have prevented the Chen family's fall from grace while I was away. Lin Tashan wouldn't stand a chance before Tong Shan."

    Tong Shan was a Bronze Armored Cadaver taken by Chen Fan from the possession of the Young Lord of the Ghost Witch Sect. His body was from a former Martial Artist from Southeast Asia. Ever since Chen Fan taught him the Tiger Demon's Physique Refinement Art, he had been gaining strength by the day. By now, he was very close to reaching the Immortal State. However, his lack of intelligence remained to be the shortest plank of his overall usefulness.

    He might be the brawn while Chen Fan was around to do the thinking. When Chen Fan was away, he would quickly become dead weight.

    "You may rise."

    Chen Fan waved at Yukishiro Sa, gesturing her to stand up. Meanwhile, he closed his eyes to discover his new-found abilities.

    "In the future when one journeyed in search of ultimate enlightenment, the more challenging the path will become."

    "This Green Dragon Grand Array might be sufficient for me while I was still in the Ethereal Enlightenment, it will not meet my demand for Spirit Qi now. My use of the Azure Thearch Longevity Body further increased the demand, multiplying it by a few factors. I think it's about time to journey outside of China to search for other Grotto-heavens on earth that was untouched by mankind, such as the Warg Valley."

    With that thought in mind, Chen Fan left the array and headed home.

    He had been cultivating in seclusion for more than three months and many important matters were waiting for his final decision. There were loose ends that needed to be tied up at the Su Family of Wu Zhou City, at the Ji Family of Zhong Hai, Wei Family of the North Bank as well as the Hong Sect.

    "Xiao Fan, have you made the progress you were hoping for?"

    Chen Fan found Chen Huaian just outside of the East Mountain Villas, practicing Tai Chi.

    The old man learned this Tai Chi from Chen Fan. Chen Fan had improved it by adding the expiration techniques used by Immortal Cultivators. When executed properly, the improved Tai Chi forms had an ancient and mysterious quality to it. Some forms looked like a wise old monkey wrapping his arms around a tree; some looked like a coiled dragon looking up at the sky. Each and every move contained a deep, unspoken knowledge of the Yin and the Yang, balancing all the elements inside and around the Old Man harmoniously. Essence Qi was drawn by the serene balance as they challenged themselves into the old man's body.

    "Looks like you have dedicated every second of the year in cultivation."

    Chen Fan said approvingly.

    By now, except for Chen Huaian's appearance, he looked and felt nothing like an old man. His eyes glinted with aspiration and every step he took was energetic and purposeful.

    "My level of attainment is a far cry compared to your unimaginable power."

    Chen Huaian stopped his practice and came over to Chen Fan with a warm smile. "You must have gained incredible advancement during your seclusion cultivation. Your breath and flow of energy blend so perfectly well with your surroundings now, I can barely register it. It's the sign of transcendental power, isn't it?"

    "Yes, I have finally reached Divine Sea and could do something about the Ji Family now."

    Chen Fan sneered.

    "Ji Family?" Chen Huaian furrowed his brows.

    "While you were away, both the Tang Family, Nin Family had come to us to ask for forgiveness. Lord Nin and Tang even knelt outside of our house to show their sincerity. The Ji Family was the only one that didn't show up. I think they are just too scared to come to meet us eye to eye."

    "Oh? I wonder what made the great families of Zhong Hai so docile and skittish? Perhaps they have heard some news?"

    The thought had amused Chen Fan.

    Although he had turned the Jiang Nan Province into a blood bath and taught a lesson to the An family and the Fu family, it surprised Chen Fan how easily those arrogant family clans at Zhong Hai had capitulated. Chen Fan had even hoped that he could test his new power on those families.

    Chen Fan's surprise was not unfounded, after all, Zhong Hai was much more influential and wealthy than the Jiang Nan Province or the Don He Province, and so were the families that presided over Zhong Hai.

    "They had succumbed to the impossible might of General Chen. Tang Family and the Nin Family were punny local tycoons; they are smart to rush to apologize before you rain death upon them."

    A clear voice came up from behind.

    Chen Fan cracked a smile and turned around.

    He saw Staff Officer Yu Qin and her stepsister Red Sparrow come over to him hand in hand. Red Sparrow was the one who spoke, and as usual, there was a familiar edge in her voice. However, when she finally held Chen Fan's gaze, the look in her eyes was soft and tender.

    "What has happened in the three months while I was gone?"

    Chen Fan flicked a finger and asked Yu Qin. He had outright ignored Red Sparrow.

    Chen Fan's cold shoulder didn't sit well with Red Sparrow. She glared at Chen Fan while breathing heavily, puffing her chest out.

    "Nice to meet you, Grandpa Chen."

    Yu Qin greeted Chen Huaian kittenishly.

    She was wearing a sleek looking pea-coat that matched her neat and tidy short hair. The old man was pleased to see such a beautiful sight, so he replied, beaming from side to side.

    "I will let you guys talk. See you later."

    Greetings over, Chen Huaian turned around and started off.

    After his grandfather was gone, Chen Fan finally gave the two a more serious look. Chen Fan knew that someone must have done something while he was away to have scared the Tang and the Nin Family so much.

    "Look here, general Chen."

    Yu Qin turned on a notebook computer.


    Chen Fan furrowed his brows and asked: "What is this? And why is my name on it?"

    "This is called the Divine Roll. It is published by the CIA to list all Immortal Level Overlords. A few hundred years ago, this list was distributed secretly among the kings and queens to remind them to never mess with the people on the list."

    Red Sparrow explained patiently: "Ever since the cold war, the Immortal State Warriors had slowly disappeared from the world stage and the Divine Roll was also discontinued for that reason. Everything changed three months ago when the CIA re-opened the Divine Roll. You are the only person on the list so far."

    After saying that, Red Sparrow gave Chen Fan a complicated look.

    Sixty years ago, the invention of nuclear weapons had made the Divine Roll obsolete, sixty years later, the Roll was reopened for one man.

    It was enough to prove the most ungodly power of this one individual.

    "That is what had scared the Tang Family so much that they had knelt before your grandfather's house, begging for forgiveness." Red Sparrow added.

    "CIA? Sixty years ago? The Divine Roll?" Chen Fan narrowed his eyes and grinned. "They singled me out and put me under public scrutiny."

    "Indeed. You are not the only Immortal State warrior. General Oleg, for example, was definitely of Immortal State. However, they have only listed you because they want to make you everyone's target."

    Yu Qin said worriedly.

    The CIA's tactic was a double-edged sword. It made Chen Fan a hero among the public, but an arch-villain in the eyes of establishments around the world.

    "No worries, their pathetic games wouldn't harm me."

    Chen Fan waved a hand and didn't seem to be worried at all.

    With his newfound power, there was almost nothing on this planet could have threatened his life.

    "The Ji Family of Zhong Hai were missing among the ones pleading for their lives. I wager they have acquired some powerful benefactors and hunkered down in their territory, waiting for my visit."

    Chen Fan cracked a smile and said.

    Yu Qin and Red Sparrow glanced at each other helplessly.

    They lamented how foolish Ji Family was to butt heads against Chen Fan even after the publication of the Divine Roll. Even Red Sparrow had given up on them. She could fix anything, but stupidity.

    "General Chen, please be mindful of the implication of your actions. Zhong Hai is a large city, an international business hub. It's tough for us to clean up after your mess, you know."

    Red Sparrow paused a second and said.

    "I will keep that in mind."

    Chen Fan turned his head around and looked to the east where Zhong Hai was.

    Ever since his rebirth, he had passed through Zhong Hai a couple of times but never got the chance to soak in its gleaming modernity and prosperity.


    Two go players, one old and the other young were engrossed in the brutal and intense battle on the go game board. The black stones and the white stones interlocked with each other like two mighty dragons of Yin and Yang.

    "Grandpa Hua still has it! I really can't do anything to win this."

    In the end, the young man conceded defeat. The old man cracked a smile which was hidden under his long white beard and said: "You are doing pretty good for a thirty year old. I am proud of you!"

    The old man exclaimed approvingly. However, there was a hint of concern flickering in his eyes.