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Chapter 461 - The An Family’s Repentance

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 461: The An Family’s Repentance

    Lord An led the way as Chen Fan and An Ya made their way to the main guest hall. When he first arrived at the An family residence, everyone had looked down on him, except for the silly girl An Yuqin.

    But now, his treatment had improved by leaps and bounds.

    The chairman of the Ans Group, An Tianshu lead the way, while Wu Shegnhu and An Zaiqin flanked the brother and sister pair, reminding them even the smallest bump on the ground with unctuous smiles. Behind them was a group of tycoons and other leaders of the An family. As for An Ya’s grandparents, uncles and aunties, they weren’t even important enough to be in the crowd. They stood in fear and watched An Ya from a distance.

    Many people, including An Yuqin looked to An Ya with jealousy.

    “My upbringing is ten times better than hers: at least I am a legitimate heir of the An family, but she is just a bastard who was abandoned by the family. It’s so unfair that she could have such a powerful step-brother, who lent her so much prestig!”

    Suddenly, An Yuqin was overtaken by a pang of jealousy.

    By now, An Ya literally radiated prestige and charm in the eyes of the beholders. Even Lord An himself attended to her carefully.

    “Sister An, they have treated you unfairly and I will make them pay.”

    Chen Fan held onto An Ya’s arm and said under his breath.

    “Thank you.”

    An Ya inched closer toward Chen Fan as her eyes lit up with blissful glee. At that moment, she felt she was alone in Chen Fan’s half-embrace. A warm and fuzzy feeling rose inside of her as she realized that her little brother had finally grown up.

    Meanwhile, Chen Fan’s words had sent a chill down the An family member’s spines.

    Once they finally arrived at the main hall, Chen Fan and An Ya sat at the head of the table without anyone raising an eyebrow at them. An Ruoxi shot a curious look at An Ya and the latter waved her over to sit beside her.

    “Immortal Master Chen, I wonder what kind of compensation do you have in mind?”

    An Zaiqin asked cautiously.

    “Everything, let’s begin with her mother, An Jinxiu.” Chen Fan tapped the table and said lightly.


    An Zaiqin nodded and landed his gaze on the fearful An Zaichen.

    An Ya’s mother, An Jinxiu was kicked out of the family because she had given birth to a girl outside of marriage. Such behavior was viewed as scandalous back then and therefore, An Jinxiu and the girl had become a stain on the An family’s reputation. It was An Zaichen who had made the final decision to kick An Jinxiu out of the family. As harmful rumors and financial difficulties weighed in, An Ya’s father gave in and ran away, leaving the helpless An Jinxiu and their daughter to their own devices.

    As An Zaichen revealed the heartbreaking detail, he had opened up an old wound in An Ya’s heart.

    “That’s enough, Xiao Fan. Those are in the past, and I don’t want to think about it anymore. From today on, I have nothing to do with the An family, and that will be it!”

    An Ya shook her head and announced in a dull voice. She had lost all hope and expectations in her birth family and she just wanted to leave here.

    Sensing the numbing pain in An Ya’s voice, An Zaiqin fumed at An Zaichen.

    He ordered An Zaichen to reflect on the mistake he had made. Meanwhile, he fired all the members of the Yan Jin branch from the Ans Group. They would never get any support and help from the An family ever again.

    The punishment was so severe that An Zaichen thought that he had tasted bile in his mouth.

    However, he scarcely dared to even breathe heavily much less protest while Chen Fan was here. So he lowered his head, swallowed the bitterness down and retreated like a defeated dog.

    Although An Zaichen had gotten An Ya’s forgiveness, Chen Fan was not done with him yet. He flicked a finger and cast a curse onto An Zaichen and the members of the Yan Jin Branch.

    “Devouring Venom Curse”

    Those who were cursed by the spell would first feel bugs crawling all over their body, gnawing and tearing their flesh. The pain would get worse over time, and In a month they would die a painful and excruciating death.

    The Yan Jin Branch had forced An Ya’s mother to take her own life, Chen Fan would not let them get away with their crime.

    And then, An Tianshu changed the topic to the proposed marriage. He confirmed Chen Fan’s suspicion that it was Fu Zhengtin who had first proposed the marriage to the An family. The An family was ecstatic after getting the marriage proposal since, to them, An Ya was just a dispensable pawn.

    “So in other words, you used my sister as an object to trade for the alliance with the Fu family. Am I right?”

    Chen Fan snorted as a cold light brightened in his eyes.

    “Immortal Master Chen, Please let me explain” An Zaiqin let out a wry smile. “At that time, the Chen family was besieged by their opponents. Fu Zhengtin had also reassured us that you were dead and could no longer offer protection to the Jin Xiu Group. It was under those circumstances that I talked to An Ya and convinced her to come back willingly.”

    “That being said, the fault is ours. I will compensate for Miss An’s unjust treatment.” An Zaiqin paused a second and gritted his teeth. “I will offer her 10% of the Ans Group’s share.”


    An Zaiqin’s words caused a wave of surprise and murmurs rose from the crowd.

    An Tianshu shouted: “Dad! We only have 60% of the share in total, now you going to give away 10%?”

    The other members of the An family nodded after An Tianshu’s remark.

    An’s Group was worth over trillions of yuan. 10% of its assets would be worth hundreds of billions. All of the assets owned by the Yan Jin branch combined were still less than that.

    Chen Fan was amused by the offer. A bright light suddenly flashed in his eyes.


    Two azure Divine Lights shot out of Chen Fan’s eyes and lit up the main hall like two flashes of lightning.

    “The Zheng family of Hong Kong owed me ten billion, and refused to pay up, so I took all of their assets. The Samsung group had tried to assassinate me, but ended up paying me ten billion US dollars. The Mitsui Family instigated the Japanese military to kill me, I ended up killing their family lord, Mitsui Kazuo.”

    Chen Fan continued: “I wonder if the An family of Don He Province would be more powerful than the Zheng family, Lee Family of the Samsung Group or the Mitsui Family?”

    The crowd grew silent after they heard Chen Fan’s words.

    Of all the names dropped by Chen Fan, The An family was in the same league with the Zheng family of Hong Kong. The Lee Family of the Samsung Group and the Mitsui Family were both powerful enough to influence their nation’s politics and the An family of Don He Province simply couldn’t compare.

    “Immortal Master Chen, what do you think then?”

    An Zaiqin lowered his head and asked respectfully.

    “Sister An will have half of An family’s assets.” Chen Fan flicked a finger and said evenly.


    Before An Zaiqin could offer his reply, An Tianshu jumped out of his seat and shouted.

    Half of the An Family’s assets would amount to a few hundred billion yuan. As the chairman of the Board of Directors, An Tianshu was responsible for the Ans Group’s fiscal performance, and losing half of the Ans Group’s asset would be a devastating blow to the company.


    Chen Fan cracked a smile and said nothing. Wu Shegnhu also shook his head and gave An Tianshu a gloating glance. If they offended the living legend, they would have to pay more than just a few hundred billion.

    “Shut up!”

    An Zaiqin slammed a fist on the table and shouted at An Tianshu, cutting him short. And then, he rose to his feet and bowed to Chen Fan apologetically.

    “We will do as you say, Immortal Master Chen.”


    Chen Fan gave An Ziaqin a glance and started off with An Ya in his arm. Before he disappeared behind the door, everyone heard his voice around their ears: “Remember, three days later, I want to see those assets under my Sister’s name. Otherwise, I will turn this place into a bloodbath.”

    “Will do! Please be rest assured!”

    An Zaiqin bowed deeply again.

    Under everyone’s incredulous eyes, Chen Fan and An Ya started off without even looking back.

    An Zaiqin heaved a sigh after Chen Fan was finally out of sight. He struggled to straighten his back and stretched his neck. The negotiation with Chen Fan had drained all of his energy.


    An Tianshu hurried to steady the old man. He then asked in confusion. “We have given away too much of our company’s shares. The Ans Group might as well change its ownership after the transaction.”

    “You fool! If I didn’t agree to Chen Fan’s terms, your head would be rolling on the floor now.” An Zaiqin refuted hotly.

    “He already killed Fu Zhengtin, I doubt he would make a move against us. We live by the rule of law, don’t we?”

    An Tianshu said indignantly.

    An Zaiqin shook his head disappointedly after hearing his son’s remark.

    His son was a capable businessman but he lacked a deeper understanding of the world. He still had no idea what it meant to be an Immortal State Warrior.

    “Brother An, I have just got a piece of breaking news. As soon as Immortal Master Chen returned to China, he destroyed the entire Song Family of Jin City and killed sixteen family lords. He then went to Jiang Bei City and turn that place into a slaughterhouse. In just one night, he killed over five hundred men and women. In the end, the Red Sparrow from the Special Case Department had to intervene and cover everything up.”

    Wu Shegnhu exclaimed as he shook his head.


    Wu Shegnhu’s words shook up the crowd in the hall.

    Those who had felt indignant, such as An Tianfen and An Tianshu were shaken to the core by the terrifying revelation.

    The Song Family, Hua Family, Ren Family, and Gong Family were all reputable family clans in Jin City. The combined might of all those family clans were at least a few times more powerful than that of the An family.

    Yet, Chen Fan had killed sixteen family lords after he had slaughtered the entire Song Family.

    Such atrocity was unheard of!

    Worse, Chen Fan seemed to be able to get away with his heinous crimes thanks to government-led cover-ups. It was evident that there was an incredible force backing Chen Fan.

    “A living legend! He really lives up to his reputation!”

    An Zaiqin threw his head back and exclaimed. “In his eyes, we are insignificant insects. Only the leaders of powerful nations command the same amount of power as he does. Tianshu, transfer half of the Ans Group’s asset to An Ya’s account right away.”

    “Yes, father.”

    An Tianshu nodded respectfully.

    The other leaders of the An family and the guests looked at each other in fear. Today’s event had shown them the true definition of power. Compared to Chen Fan, even the elite heirs, and prominent family clans would seem insignificant and weak.

    The little girl’s eyes were lit up with admiration and adoration.

    Meanwhile, Chen Fan and An Ya had arrived at the Shangri-La Hotel in downtown.

    The Family Lord of the Fu family of northwest China rushed to their hotel and kneeled before Chen Fan’s hotel room, begging for forgiveness.

    The next day, Chen Beixuan packed up his things and left for Jiang Nan Province with An Ya. Leaving the tycoons of Don He Province to marvel at his incredible display of power. This was the first time Chen Fan appeared in Northern China and already, he had become a household name.

    Meanwhile, news about Chen Fan’s actions in Russia had finally reached China and beyond and started to spread like wildfire.