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Chapter 460 - The Honor of the Immortal State Warrior

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 460: The Honor of the Immortal State Warrior

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    Fu Zhengtin!

    He was the young lord of the Fu family of northwest China.

    Let it be his talent, abilities, knowledge and family background they were all highly praised by the family elders. He was even thought to be able to rival the top elite heirs in Yan Jin. Yet he died just like that?

    The audience felt their hearts dropped to the bottom of an ice cave.

    Both An family and the Fu family had passed down their prestige and authority for generations. On the other hand, their ancient lineage also narrowed their visions to only things that followed hierarchical orders. Chen Fan's outrageous behavior was unheard of.

    An Tianshu's face changed colors and his hands started to shake uncontrollably. Meanwhile, the other An family leaders and many guests felt a chill down their spines. Even the unflappable An Zaiqin was shaken to the core.

    Contrary to everyone else, Wu Shegnhu rose to his feet and bowed.

    "He deserves death for what he has done."

    The martial artist's voice held an unswerving conviction and his eyes glinted with resolution. He had reached a high enough level of attainment to fully comprehend the deadliness of an Immortal State warrior.

    Once a cultivator reached Immortal State, he would no longer be considered a mortal, instead, he would have become a god-like existence such as the deities or sages recorded in legends. Wu family kept such records and the detailed description of an Immortal State warrior's power permanently tattooed onto his mind.

    During the ancient times, an Immortal State warrior would pin an empire under his boots, making and removing puppets on the throne on a whim.

    The Immortal State Warriors were behind nearly all the momentous events, such as the start of the age of discovery, the first and the second great wars. The Immortal State Warriors didn't fully retreat out of the stage of history until America dropped two nuclear bombs on Japan.

    That being said, many Immortal State warriors merely retreated from the forefront but still operated in the shadows through many smaller nations.

    The Sect Leader of the Hong Sect, for example, had laid the foundation of an international group that could rival the might of a nation's army.

    Oleg, the Bloodwolf King used to be General at the USSR and had millions of red army soldiers under his disposal.

    Japan's former sword Sage had manipulated the Japanese court and directly influenced the events of the Sino-Japan war. General Ye from Mount Yan had presided over Chian for sixty years and remained undefeated.

    Now there was Chen Beixuan, who could bring a superpower to heel and defeat an army of a thousand strong.

    All things pointed to one conclusion: the Immortal State Warriors had unimaginable power and were better to be left alone.

    For Wu Shegnhu, Fu Zhengtin's foolish act of forcing Chen Fan's sister into a marriage was suicide. If Fu Zhengtin wasn't enamored by An Ya's looks, the An family would never go all the way to Zhong Hai had bring the girl whom they probably had already forgotten back.

    It couldn't have been the other way around. An Ya was not a legitimate daughter of the An family and therefore, if the An family proposed the marriage between Fu Zhengtin and a bastard, they would only bring the ire of the Fu Zhengtin down to themselves with words such as: "How dare you propose to marry an illegitimate daughter to the heir of my Fu family? Are you trying to insult us?"

    Therefore, Wu Shegnhu knew almost immediately that it was Fu Zhengtin who were vying for the hand of the beautiful girl. Otherwise, this marriage would never have happened.

    "Lord Fu would do the same thing as I did to his son once I explain to him who Chen Fan was, and what Fu Zhengtin had done to his sister."

    Wu Shegnhu thought to himself.

    Compared to bringing down the wrath of an Immortal State warrior to the entire family, losing an heir was the smaller price to pay.

    Chen Fan had known that Fu Zhengtin was the real culprit long ago. Although he didn't know when and how he met An Ya, he crossed the red line and therefore he had to pay the ultimate price.

    "Lord Wu, what do you mean by that?"

    An Zaiqin held back his shock and asked with a heavy voice.

    He couldn't imagine that a young Martial Artist could have terrified the family lord of the mighty Wu family. The Wu family had Wu Shenhe who ranked number eight on the heaven roll, and what does Chen Fan have?

    "Master Chen is of the Immortal State. He is a living legend. Whoever insults him or his family will have to pay the price."

    Wu Shegnhu turned around and shot a piercing glance at An Ziaqin, as the deadly energy that had been roiled about him suddenly swept across the room.

    The members of the An family finally realized that the middle-aged man behind Fu Zhengtin was actually a powerful fighter. An Zaiqin also called him Lord Wu, suggesting that he was the family lord of the Wu family of northwest China.

    The Wu family of northwest China?

    Such prestige and reputation!

    Without the Wu family's protection, not even the Fu family would have lasted as long as it did.

    "Lord Wu, I am not quite sure what you mean. What is Immortal State?" An Tianshu furrowed his brows and asked. Immortal State Warriors were long-forgotten memories for most mortals. Most of the people in the room had never even heard of such things, much less seeing one in real life.

    Their knowledge of the Martial Arts world stopped at the Grandmaster Level. However, they were also aware that even the most powerful Grandmaster had to tread carefully around mighty family clans.

    An Zaiqin was the only one who was hit hard by the revelation. He shivered a little and exclaimed: "Immortal State? I thought they disappeared many decades ago."

    "Indeed! Mr. Chen was the only Immortal State Warrior known to the public."

    Wu Shegnhu announced firmly.

    Chen Fan had risen to power by wreaking havoc outside of China. He had single handedly brought down the entire Dark World. As a Chinese Martial Artists, Wu Shegnhu would like to imagine himself basking in Chen Fan's glory.

    "So he is of immortal state.."

    An Zaiqin cast an incredulous gaze at Chen Fan.

    An Zaiqin was the family lord of the An family and was in his eighties. He grew up listening to unimaginable tales of the Immortal State warriors. The fear and unease those tales had brought him as a child still lingered somewhere in the back of his mind. He remembered one tale that told the story of an Immortal State warrior taking out a warlord and his army of ten thousand strong.

    "Just recently, Mr. Chen defeated the Infantry Division 116 in Russia and killed their general. Even the leaders of Russia capitulated to Master Chen's power and were forced to sign a truce. I remind you not to repeat the same mistake."

    Wu Shegnhu said meaningfully while gazing at An Zaiqin.

    The new revelation made the fear and shock multiply inside of the listeners.

    He had killed an army of ten thousand strong and killed their general? Worse, even the leaders of Russia had capitulated to him? Everything sounded so outrageous that in their mind's eye, they saw Chen Fan turning into a cloaked superhero.

    An Tianshu, An Yuqin and Hou Fangyu gaped at Chen Fan stupidly in utter disbelief.

    An Zaiqin's legs trembled and nearly gave in. He heaved a sigh and cupped his fist abruptly at Chen Fan.

    "Welcome, Master Chen. Please forgive this old fool for not recognizing who you are."

    Then An Zaiqin bowed deeply to Chen Fan.

    The entire courtyard became pin-drop silent. Everyone watched as the mighty Lord An, even with all the respect and prestige he had commanded, bowed to the young man with utmost reverence.


    An Tianshu blenched.

    "Shut up and kneel! Ask for Immortal Master Chen's forgiveness."

    An Zaiqin rebutted hotly.

    An Tianshu's face turned from green to red and then from red to dark. In the end, all colors and life drained away from his face, turning it into a pale ball. Hearing his father's command, he slowly bent his knees, fighting back the reluctance and humiliation as he kowtowed.

    An Zaichen, An Tianfen, An Yuqin and Hou Fangyu watched in silence.

    They witnessed the incredible turn of the events. A chairman of a multi-trillion Yuan corporation had kowtowed to a young man.

    "Forcing the An family lords to their knees and killing the heir of the Fu family without any consequences. Is this what it means to be an Immortal State Warrior?"

    Hou Fangyu shot Chen Fan a fearful gaze.

    The events today had completely changed his world view. He had thought that money and authority were the only two things that made the world go around. However powerful a Martial Artist was, they had to bow before top elites. Even mighty warriors such as Invisible Xin and Wu Shegnhu had to serve the elites.

    However, Chen Fan had proven his world view wrong using blood.

    He was so powerful that he could pin any tycoons or magnates under his thumb. Even the prestigious An family of Don He Province had to drop to their knees and kowtow to Chen Fan and plead for their lives.

    An Yuqin was taken aback by the development at first, and then a pang of regret come over her.

    "He turned out to be so powerful that not even the An family could so much as to lay a finger on him. I must have looked like a fool when I sneered at him by the entrance."

    An Ruoxi was the only one who was untouched by fear. She covered her mouth and looked at Chen Fan in excitement as flickers of admiration flashed in her eyes.

    "He really kicks some ass! It would be so wondrous if I can be married to him just like Sister An Ya will."

    The thick silence hung in the air even a long time after An Tianshu kneeled down.

    Chen Fan stood indifferently. His presence seemed to be attuned to the flow of energy around him.

    The golden swirled around in the sky, making a deep rumbling noise like a fighter jet that could swoop down at any moment. The display of power had filled everyone's hearts with fear and trepidation.

    The sight of the unimaginable power had also taken the wind out of An Tianshu's sail and robbed him of the last sliver of hope. His head drooped from his shoulder listlessly as he pleaded for his life.

    An Zaichen and An Tianfen were stupefied by the turn of the event. Fear made their legs cave in and brought both of them to the ground.

    "Immortal Master, the Wu family will see to it that the An family rights the wrongs they have done to Lady An. Please spare their lives for now, and I will make sure that they make it up to you."

    Wu Shegnhu glanced surreptitiously at the Sword of Essense Restoring as he pleaded in fear.

    "Yes, yes! The An family will make sure we correct our mistakes." An Zaiqin hurried to put in.

    No one spoke a word as they held their breath while waiting for Chen Fan's answer expectantly.

    After a long while, Chen Fan finally replied to the An Family by sheathing the sword.


    Seeing the situation had de-escalated, Everyone heaved a sigh.

    Chen Fan linked his hands behind his back and said: "I will spare you life for the sake of Sister An. But that doesn't mean I have forgotten your crimes. If you don't make it up to Sister An, I will turn the An family into a bloodbath."

    "Please rest assured Immortal Master. The An family will make it up to An Ya for the wrongs we have done to her over the two months—no, over the twenty years. Justice will be served, I promise you." An Zaiqin said as sweat trickled down from his forehead. He then announced with a slightly higher pitch voice: "Please, Immortal Master! Follow me to the main hall and we will discuss it further."


    Chen Fan snorted and looked at An Ya.

    An Ya looked back at him with a soft and trusting gaze.

    Seeing Chen Fan nodded, the An family members finally heaved a sigh of relief.

    "He single handedly subjugated the entire Don He Province."

    An Yuqin watched as Chen Fan disappeared as strong and powerful emotions rose inside of her.