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Chapter 459 - Sword, Out!

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 459: Sword, Out!

    The An family of Don He Province was one of the most reputable family clans in Nothern China. Therefore, the guests at their family reunions were all the most powerful men and women in Don He Province. The Boss Huang, Huang Hexiang, for example, was ranked top ten richest man in the Province.

    Therefore, everyone was terrified when Chen Fan threatened to kill everyone in the An family before so many prestigious guests.

    “OMG. I couldn’t have been more wrong about his boy! Twenty years before he could enter the An family? Bah! what a load of nonsense that was!”

    Huang Hexiang was among the crowd. He rounded his eyes and examined Chen Fan carefully.

    Even the pretty little bird who accompanied him also reappraised Chen Fan as flickers of admiration flashed in her eyes.

    Chen Fan had broken An Tianfen’s legs under the Lord An’s nose. He had forced Invincible Xin to his knees without even uttering a single threat. No one in Don He Province would have commanded the same level of authority and respect as he did.

    “General Chen, what do you mean by that? Explain yourself.”

    An Zaiqin could no longer hold back his anger as he growled at Chen Fan with a heavy face.

    “The An family separated my sister from her parents, forced Auntie Jinxiu to take her own life and abandoned her little girl. Yet, you still want to take advantage of Sister An. You asked me to explain myself, why don’t you explain YOURSELF to me first?”

    Chen Fan flicked a finger and said in a stoic tone.

    “Indeed and much appreciated.”

    The scrawl on An Tianshu’s face turned into an ugly grin. The chairman of multi-trillion yuan cooperation flung back at Chen Fan scornfully.

    “Chen Beixuan, I know you are a General Major at the Cang Dragon and claimed supremacy in Jiang Nan Province. But you are not in Jiang Nan Province, you are on MY turf, so you do as I say!”

    An Tianshu announced vehemently. His voice was filled with cock-sure condescension.

    We are the mighty An family of Don He Province, the elite of Northern China. Not even those blue-blooded families in Yan Jin city dare to make the same audacious claim as Chen Fan did.


    Chen Fan simply snorted as a reply and waited for An Zaiqin’s next move.

    An Zaiqin’s mind raced as he calculated his next move.

    An Zaiqin knew slightly more about Chen Fan than An Tianshu did. However, he only heard of Chen Fan’s deeds outside of China in bits and pieces so he was not entirely in the loop either.

    That being said, the fact that Chen Fan had forced Han Juntu to his knees was a telltale sign of the extraordinary power backing him. The An family was simply a local power and would pale in comparison with the Han Family.

    “The Han Family would not bow to a Grandmaster, even if he had elicited Li Wuchen’s support. So who exactly was behind Chen Beixuan? What had lent him such audacity?”

    An Zaiqin’s mind raced as he struggled to come to a conclusion.

    Meanwhile, Xin Shouqiong grimaced at the An family, hoping they would pick up the hints about Chen Fan’s deadly power.

    Chen Fan had defeated an entire army, wreaked havoc in Japan and struck fear into the hearts of the Japanese leaders. The An family simply couldn’t compare. Even the real top dogs of China would have to tread carefully around Chen Fan, much less a local power in Don He.

    He wished he could tell the An Family everything he knew, but he couldn’t dare to do so without Chen Fan’s permission.

    Even as An Zaiqin hesitated and pondered what he should do, a voice drifted into the courtyard.

    “Who dares to cause a racket in the An family of Don He Province?”

    Everyone looked to the entrance and saw a small group of people file into the courtyard.

    The leader of the group was a handsome young man with a straight and slender body. He carried himself with such authority, yet so gently, everyone in the room attended to him.

    “Fu Zhengtin, why is he here?”

    Someone gasped after having recognized the young man.

    “The Fu family of northwest China, it’s going to be a great show…”

    Some people exclaimed excitedly, but more lowered their heads in fear.

    The bread and butter of An family’s business were in the world of commerce. Therefore, they might be the wealthiest clan in the Don He Province, they were far from being the most resourceful.

    The Fu family of northwest China was an entirely different ball game. They rose to power a hundred years ago as leaders of the local militia. They had since turned their weapons in, but their influence could still be felt everywhere.

    Rumor had it that they had even exerted their influence as far as the Middle East and Russia. They traded anything and everything across the borders, including arms and weapons.

    The business invoices were frequent guests of the nations across the heartland of the Eurasia continent. They had maintained a strong tie with many powerful Martial arts clans in China mostly through marriage.

    They straddled over two different worlds: the orderly world of government, and the cutthroat Underground world. They were a far more terrifying force than the An family could ever be.

    “Zhengtin, you have finally arrived.”

    An Tianshu cracked a relieved smile as soon as he saw Fu Zhengtin.

    Chen Fan’s display of power had stupefied Lord An. He was worried more about Chen Fan’s benefactor than the young man himself. However, the involvement of the Fu family would turn the situation around. The old man knew only a handful of people in China who could bring Fu family to heel.

    “Greetings, Lord An and Uncle An. I have heard that someone was causing a racket at An family as soon as I arrived at Don He Province, so I thought I might be of help.”

    Fu Zhengtin bowed politely.

    “Indeed and much appreciated.”

    An Zaiqin nodded with a cordial smile.

    The combined might of the An family and the Fu family would deter even the powerful Han Family, much less an individual.

    “You are the trouble maker?”

    Fu Zhengtin shot Chen Fan a glance and was surprised by Chen Fan’s seemingly ordinary appearance.

    However, a heavy-set man with a face like an anvil furrowed his brows and felt Chen Fan looked very familiar.

    “He is from the Chen family of Jin City and he insisted on taking Xiao Ya back. We tried to stop him and he injured Xiao Ya’s uncle.”

    An Tianshu heaved a sigh and said.

    “Chen family of Jinlin City?”

    Fu Zhengtin paused a second.

    However, the man standing behind him started to tremble uncontrollably as he had seen a ghost.

    “Didn’t the Chen family already fall? There was no one to carry Chen Beixuan’s banner ever since his death at —” Even as Fu Zhengtin remarked derisively, the middle-aged man behind him stepped forward and bowed to Chen Beixuan with great deference.

    “I am Wu Shegnhu of the Wu Family. It is my honor to meet you, Mr. Chen. Please forgive our impudence.”

    “Uncle Wu, what are you doing?”

    Fu Zhengtin was dumbfounded by what he saw.

    Although Mr. Wu served him as a bodyguard, his words carried significant weight in the Fu family because he was a member of the mighty Wu family of North-Eastern China. If not because of the paramount importance of the marriage, he would not have escorted Young Lord Fu personally.

    “Wu Shegnhu of the Wu family?” Chen Fan narrowed his eyes and gave the man a good look. Then he asked: “Are you related to Wu Shenhe? He ranked number eight on the Heaven roll if I recall correctly.”

    “He is my brother.”

    Wu Shegnhu replied with even more respect and reverence.

    The Wu family was a renowned Martial arts family in northwest China. They were much more powerful than the Gu family or and Lu family. In addition, they stood out among other Martial arts families with the unique tradition of serving other families as their guardians. Because of that, the Wu family had incredible connections all over China.

    “Uncle Wu, who is he?”

    By now, even Fu Zhengtin felt something was amiss. He asked Wu Shenghu and shot Chen Fan a surprised gaze.

    He was able to make a Grandmaster bow to him. Could he be—

    “That’s impossible. That man died a year ago in Russia.”

    Shock and disbelief roiled about in Fu Zhengtin’s heart.

    Fu Zhengtin’s sentiment was shared by everyone around him. They wondered as to who exactly Chen Beixuan was and how could he force Master Wu to bow to him.

    An Yuqin’s eyes were lit up with glee as she fixed her gaze on Chen Fan.

    “Mr. Chen defeated the Infantry Division 116 in Russia and killed the General of the Russian North Division. He brought Russia to their knees all by himself. His heroic deeds had taken the world by storm. By now, all nations in the world knew that the mighty Master Chen serves China. I had been waiting for the news of your return, but I had never thought that you would be back so soon.”

    Wu Shegnhu announced respectfully, choosing every single word carefully.

    He was not only a Grandmaster but also the clan leader of a powerful family. Therefore, he was well connected to China and had learned the latest news about Chen Fan.

    “An Ya is my sister, and she was forced to marry the Fu family. What do you think I should do.”

    Chen Fan asked with a grin.


    Wu Shegnhu’s face darkened.

    He knew the importance of this marriage to the Fu family, especially when the girl was chosen by Fu Zhengtin himself. However, little did he know that the girl was such a hot potato. He turned around to look at Fu Zhengtin and watched as Fu Zhengtin’s smile curdled on his face.


    Wu Shegnhu dropped his knees onto the floor and kowtowed. “I am sorry Master Chen! I will make the Fu family pay for their scornful insult.”

    He spoke with an unswerving resolution.

    Chen Fan was a cultivator of Immortal State, a god-like existence. He could bring the superpower of the world, Russia under his thumbs with ease, much less the Fu family. The thought of the Wu family’s ties with the Fu family had terrified Wu Shegnhu.

    “Uncle Wu…”

    Fu Zhengtin’s face changed color and was about to protest.

    Wu Shegnhu cut him short and landed a solid slap on his face, sending the young man’s body flying out. The Grandmaster had vented all of his anger and regret in that attack, so much so that it almost fractured Fu Zhengtin’s skull.

    “Fool! You have dragged your family into destruction. A slap is too light of a punishment for you!”

    Wu Shegnhu fumed.

    Everyone was stupefied by the turn of events, then they heard Chen Fan’s voice drifting into their ears.

    “Save the show. I will go to the Fu family myself and listen to what they have to say.”

    Golden energy rose as Chen Fan spoke. The energy flew across the courtyard with lightning speed. It circled around Fu Zhengtin’s neck and severed his head off of his shoulder.

    Chen Fan had killed the pride of the mighty Fu family with one strike!

    A deadly silence suddenly fell over the courtyard.