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Chapter 458 - Is He Chen Fan?

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 458: Is He Chen Fan?

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    The voice came among a large crowd that was spilling into the courtyard. The leader of the crowd, was also the speaker, he was a man of imposing manner. The sight of his man lit up An Zaichen and An Tianfen’s face with glee.


    The man was the Chairman of Ans Group’s board of directors, An Tianshu. Standing beside him was Lord An himself An Zaiqin, and An Yuqin, Hou Fangyu and many other leaders of the An family. There were also a few guests mixed in among familiar faces.

    “Hey dip shit! Our family lord and Chairman are here. What can you do now?”

    An Tianfen grinned and asked coldly.

    An Ruoxi covered her mouth and squeezed her eyes closed as she ran to hide behind An Ya. However, An Yuqin had already spotted her. The young woman dragged An Ruoxi by the ear and pulled her out from her cover.

    “Did you do this?”

    An Tianshu was taken aback by what he saw inside the courtyard. He pulled a taut face and asked Chen Fan. The rest of the crowd also gazed at Chen Fan, some in confusion, and the others in fear. No one had expected a young man to be so strong as to take on a dozen guards at once.

    However, Chen Fan had picked the wrong opponent and ruffled the feathers of the mighty An family.

    Already, many people shook their heads, praying for Chen Fan.

    “Do you think they can save you?”

    Chen Fan was unfazed by the large crowd. His gaze on An Tianfen didn’t waver in the slightest.

    “What are you going to do?”

    An Tianfen registered the deadly intent in Chen Fan’s eyes and was terrified by it. He felt cold sweat running down from his back as he slowly backed away.


    Chen Fan growled and kicked at An Tianfen’s legs, breaking them in an instant. With a loud thud, An Tianfen dropped to the ground. His hands grabbed the wound on his legs as he let out a painful scream.

    “You are courting death!”

    The development angered the crowd.

    An Tianshu rounded his eyes in disbelief and his darkened face was taut with anger. Black flames roiled inside him, contorting his face until he looked like a ravenous tiger who as ready to pounce on his prey. There was no doubt that the chairman of the multi-trillion cooperation was riled up.

    Chen Fan’s action had caught An Yuqin and An Ruoxi by surprise. They would never have thought that Chen Fan would injure anyone in An family in broad daylight. Losing her last shred of hope, An Ya finally closed her eyes and give in to what was about to come. The situation had already escalated to the point of no return.

    “Xiao Fan is my brother, my real family. I am always on his side regardless of what he is going to do. If he wanted to visit hell, I will follow him as well.”

    With that thought in mind, An Ya opened her eyes again. She found that with the new-found determination, she could see much clearer now.

    “You are an Internal Force user, aren’t you. Do you think your puny tricks will make you safe?” An Tianshu snorted and shouted: “Brother Xin!”

    “Boss An, I got you covered!”

    A broad middle-age man with a dull face stepped forward.

    Despite his ordinary facial appearance, he had two outrageously long arms that dropped from his shoulders that reached his knee. The man’s face was lined with wrinkles, and despite the plain appearance, a sharp light glinted in his eyes in fits and starts, a telltale sign of the man’s extraordinary strength.

    “He is Xin Shouqiong, a quiet but powerful master from the Grand Sage’s Pi Gua Sect. I heard that he already reached the peak of Internal Force cultivation and is only a half-step away from reaching the Grandmaster level.”

    The sight of the fighter caught Hou Fangyu’s attention. He murmured under his breath.

    Most people who had dabbled in the martial arts would have been shocked by Hou Fangyu’s revelation. Grandmasters were the so-called True Dragons. If Xin Shouqiong was only a half-step away from reaching that level, the man was definitely no match against him.

    “I wager he is the guardian of the An family.”

    Someone exclaimed.

    “Indeed. Father had solicited Uncle Xin’s service a while ago. He had been a mighty warrior in the Don He Province, and was granted the nickname ‘Invincible Xin.'” An Yuqin let out a cold smile as she shot a gloating glare at Chen Fan.

    “Ah! That’s Uncle Xin! That means—”

    An Ruoxi covered her mouth to stifle a fearful cry.

    She was well aware of the strength of her father’s bodyguard. Uncle Xin had punched a tiger to death right in front of her.

    There was no way that Chen Fan could hold his own while fighting against Uncle Xin.

    “This young man is knee-deep in trouble.”

    Many people shook their heads and lamented.

    “Kiddo, you really shouldn’t have come. I won’t kill you because you are still too young to die. But I will have to break your legs as a lesson to you.”

    Invincible Xin slowly inched closer to Chen Fan as he lamented.

    Suddenly, he straightened his long slender back into a sword. He shot out both arms, revealing the dark glinting fingertips: the results of decades of focused strengthening.

    Chen Fan barely gave Xin Shouqiong a glance.

    The An family might be gullible enough to pay a fortune to solicit protection from a semi transcendent level fighter. But Chen Fan could kill the fighter without even lifting a finger.

    “Hold on!”

    Suddenly, the Old Lord An, An Zaiqin finally broke the silence.

    Xin Shouqiong pulled back immediately and stood aside in silence. Everyone, including An Tianfen looked over to Old Lord an expectantly.

    “Young man, did you say you are from the Chen family?”

    An Zaiqin shifted his gaze from Chen Fan to An Ya and then back at Chen Fan. A hint of surprise and disbelief flickered in his eyes.

    “Chen family? What Chen’s family?”

    “Oh! Do you mean the Chen family of Jiang Nan Province? I have heard that An Ya had been living with a certain Chen family in Jiang Nan Province before she returned home.”

    “He is talking about the Chen family of Jin City. It used to be a force to be reckoned with. But one of their most powerful members were killed last year, so it’s a different story now.”

    A swell of murmurs rose among the crowd.

    “Grandpa, he is Sister An’s brother. Don’t let Uncle Xin hurt him, please?” An Ruoxi mustered as much courage as she could and pleaded.

    “Silly girl, shut your mouth!”

    An Yuqin shot the girl a hot glare and lift her hand up to feign a punishment.

    An Ruoxi hurried to hide behind Hou Fangyu.

    “Chen family of Jin City?”

    An Tianshu furrowed his brows and tried hard to recall what he knew about the family. Then he remembered the Chen Family’s sudden rise to fame and its fall from grace. He might have thought twice about punishing the young man when Chen Family was still strong, but there was nothing that could stop him now. Even as An Tianshu was about to order Master Xin to get back at Chen Fan, An Zaiqin let out a gasp.

    “I know only one brother of An Ya, and his name is Chen Fan. But I thought he was dead a year ago.”

    “That’s me.”

    Chen Fan linked his hands behind his back and said lightly.

    Chen Fan’s reply merely confused the An family, but it had shaken someone else to the core.

    “Chen family of Jin City… are you… are you Chen Beixuan?”

    Xin Shouqiong gaped at Chen Fan in utter shock as fear flashed in his eyes.

    Xin Shouqiong was a well connected martial artist and of course he had heard of Chen Fan’s name. Chen Fan had become well known to nearly everyone in the Chinese martial arts community since his battle against the Japanese.

    The sight of the living legend suddenly took the oxygen out of Xin Shouqiong’s lungs.


    Under everyone’s incredulous eyes, the mighty Invincible Xin dropped to his knees and kowtowed to Chen Fan. Even as he did so, he murmured something with great trepidation and deference.

    “Xin… Xin Shouqiong of Grand Sage’s Pi Gua Sect… welcomes you, Master Chen Beixuan.”

    It was Chen Beixuan!

    Xin Shouqiong had never thought that he would ever lay his eyes upon such a legend.

    He regretted everything he had said earlier and wished that Chen Fan was not bothered by his arrogance; after all, he was just insignificant fodder in Chen Fan’s eyes.

    Such as it was, Chen Fan had become so powerful that even grandmasters were cannon fodder under his crushing might, much less a semi transcendent fighter.

    “Brother Xin, what is the meaning of this?”

    An Tianshu glared at Xin Shouqiong in confusion. An Tianshu and An Ruoxi also rounded their eyes in disbelief.

    The mighty Invincible Xin had kelt before Chen Fan and begged for his life?

    “Who is this guy? How could he scare Xin Shouqiong as if his life was hanging by a thread? Chen Fan? Who is that? And who is Chen Beixuan?”

    Hou Fangyu cast a suspicious gaze at Chen Fan as his mind raced.

    “Ah! It’s you, General Chen! No wonder Old Xin showed so much respect for you. I apologize for the misunderstanding. I am An Zaiqin, and it is my pleasure to meet you, General Chen.”

    An Zaiqin’s sharp mind and quick thinking on his feet made his figure-head statues in the family well-deserved. He bowed slightly to Chen Fan respectfully.

    Although An Zaiqin didn’t know Chen Fan’s incredible deeds in Japan and Russia, he had heard of Chen Fan’s other achievements such as being the General Major of Cang Dragon, the number one Grandmaster on Heaven roll. Those were enough for him to treat Chen Fan with utmost respect.

    “General Chen? This young man is General Chen?”

    People were confused by the sudden turn of events.

    An Ruoxi locked her gaze onto Chen Fan and examined him from head to toe. Meanwhile, An Ruoxi’s mind raced. “Sister An Ya’s brother is a General?”

    “At least someone in the An family has the right attitude.”

    Chen Fan flicked a finger and locked his gaze onto An Zaiqin.

    “Since you know who I am, then why did you pick on my sister? Do you question my abilities?”

    “General Chen An, An Ya is related to us by blood, that,is something you cannot change. Nor did we force her to come back, she came with willingly. We arranged the marriage for her because we care about her and want her to live a happy life.”

    An Zaiqin lengthened his body a little and said with brooding eyes.

    “You care about her? Is that why you confined her to this dingy little room, and sold her off to the Fu family like an object?” Chen Fan let out an ugly grin and said: “It’s like me killing all of you except for one, and suddenly I became the good guy?”

    Chen Fan’s words startled all of his listeners.