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Chapter 455 - The An Sisters

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 455: The An Sisters

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    “Just so! I can’t remember which family clan they are talking with, but they are also one of the mighty family clans in Northern China for sure. But what do I know, I am just a Taxi driver. ”

    The Taxi Driver shook his head and said: “Ah right, I have heard that the An family was having a family reunion right now. It is a custom here in Don He Province to have a big family reunion after the new year. Are you a guest at the reunion?”

    Don He Province was located in northern China, therefore, some of its customs were very different than Jiang Nan Province which was in the south.

    However, the family reunions were similar regardless of which part of China one was at. Branch families would be gathered together to reflect and plan ahead. There would be many feasts with honorable guests. The family reunion was the stage for each branch to show off and compete with each other.

    The An family was a powerful family clan that had existed for hundreds of years with many branches all over China. Chen Fan wagered that its family reunion would be ten times more extravagant than that of the Chen family.

    “Kind of.”

    Chen Fan said indifferently.

    A flicker of Admiration flashed in the driver’s eyes. He said: “You must be either powerful or rich to be able to be invited by the An family. Most of their guests are either provincial leaders or local governors. Even the mayor of Phoenix City might not be on the invitation list.”

    What the driver had said revealed the An family extraordinary wealth.

    Don He Province was much less developed than Jiang Nan Province. Therefore An family’s fortune had made them feel like the biggest fish in the small pond. Everyone treated them like kings with unbridled authority in Don He Province.

    “I see.”

    Chen Fan said lightly; he was unaffected by the driver’s bragging.

    He had even killed the director of the KGB, what did the An family mean to him? If not for Sister An, he would already have kicked their door open and severed the An family Lord’s head from his shoulder.

    As the driver prattled on, Chen Fan learned more details about the An family.

    The Ans Group was a behemoth that dealt with businesses in many industries such as heavy machinery, construction, real estate, just to name a few. The An family exerted its influence across China through their mighty commercial empire, making them even more influential in the business world than the Loong family of Hong Kong. The old man An had been sitting in the position of chairman at the board of directors for many years and had just recently retired. Now his son, An Tianshu was the one who called the shots in the company. The board of directors was filled with figureheads of other branches, making the commercial giant under the direct control of the An family.

    During every family reunion, the most contentious agenda was to re-elect the members of the board of directors.

    “The An family mansion is right ahead of us now.”

    After about thirty minutes, the driver pulled the car over and pointed said.

    Chen Fan looked out of the window and noticed that they were right in the middle of bustling downtown. It was filled to the brim with skyscrapers, hotels, restaurants, and shops, not an inch of land was wasted. It was evident that land was the most precious commodity in downtown and the An family had ample of them as their residence took up a large swath of land. A red door set in a tall wall and it was flanked by two stone statues of lions. Trees branches with lush green leaves poked out above the top of the wall, teasing the imagination of the Xanadu out of the beholder’s mind.

    “Impressive! Such wealth and grandeur.”

    Chen Fan sneered.

    There were no words to describe the opulence of the An family’s residence.

    Phoenix City was the capital of Don He Province with a population of a few million. It was one of the biggest cities in China. The properties in downtown would cost at least a dozen thousand a square meter, making the price tag of an average condo in the millions. However, the An family’s residence took up at least a hundred thousand square meters right in the beating heart of the city.

    The residence was big enough to fit an entire community. If the land was redeveloped into apartments, the profit would be in the trillions.

    However, An family had only built a two-story traditional style building inside the wall and turned the rest of the space into gardens.

    The wealth of the An family was unheard of so much so that even the Su family of Wu Zhou City would pale in comparison.

    “Sir, invitation please.”

    Even as Chen Fan was going to walk through the gate, the guards at the gate stopped him politely.

    The entrance of the residence was on a raised platform with stone steps with an exquisite facade with intricate carvings all in the traditional style. The burly guards by the entrance wore spiffy suits and looked sharp and imposing. The Taxi Driver had told Chen Fan that these guards made much more money than a white-collar office job.

    “I don’t have an invitation, I am here looking for someone.”

    Chen Fan said lightly.

    “Who might you be looking for? Please register your name over there and we will process your request.” Although Chen Fan didn’t have an invitation, the guard didn’t lose his cordial tone of voice. However, the flash of annoyance in his eyes betrayed him.

    Over the years, He had seen too many lunatics who think they could get into the An family residence and all of them ended up in jail.

    “I am looking for An Ya.”

    Chen Fan said calmly.

    “An Ya? Never heard of this name before. ”

    Many guards looked at each other in confusion.

    They remembered the names of all the An family members by rote and no one seemed to know who An Ya was.

    Even as the guards were trying to scrape their minds to search for the name in their memory, a middle-aged man emerged out from a Mercedes-Benz S500 that had just pulled over by the entrance. The middle-aged man came over to Chen Fan and said with a smirk.

    “Son, the An family’s doors aren’t open to just anyone. I have worked hard for twenty years and finally earned the invitation this year. Do the same, and they might let you come in twenty years. ”

    Before the middle-aged man finished talking, he was already through the gate. In his arm was a woman with carefully painted face and dazzling ballroom dress a pretty little bird in a fancy cage.

    The guards had recognized the middle-aged man right away. They bowed and said: “Boss Huang, welcome. ”

    “Please follow me…”

    The middle-aged man was called Huang Hexiang, one of the top ten richest tycoons in Don He Province. He was invited by the An family to attend this year’s family reunion.

    “Sir, we can’t find this person called An Ya. Perhaps you have the wrong name.”

    The bodyguard turned around and coldly said to Chen Fan. By then, he was almost certain that Chen Fan was a thief who tried to sneak into the residence to steal.

    “She is in there, I can feel it.”

    Chen Fan linked his hands behind his back and said firmly.

    Chen Fan and An Ya were inseparable while they were children, and so close was the bond between An Ya and Chen Fan that he could register the presence of Sister An even without using Divine Will.

    “Sir, if you don’t walk away, I will call the police.”

    The young guard pulled a dark face and said heavily.


    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes and a hint of anger flickered in his eyes.

    He had planned to play nice and talk to Sister An before he rushed into action. However, he couldn’t even get through the gate. So that’s it then: death was what they have chosen.


    Chen Fan cracked a cold smile as the yellow gourd became agitated. Even as he was ready to lash out at the An family, a musical voice came into his ears.

    “Are you looking for Sister An? Are you her relative or friend from Jiang Nan Province.”

    Chen Fan looked back and saw a grey Maserati that was pulled over to the side. Three people emerged from the fancy race car.

    A tall and handsome man stood in front and behind him were two girls, one young and one older.

    The older girl was in her late twenties. She was wearing a business suit with a skirt and high heels. Her face was pretty but very severe. The one who spoke was a young girl standing next to her.

    Judging by her look, she was no more than sixteen years old. She was wearing her high school uniform, white shirt and plaid skirt. She still some baby fat on her cheeks, which made her look as cute as a button as she smiled at Chen Fan. Even at such a young age, she had shown signs of extraordinary beauty and it was evident that she would grow up to be a devastatingly pretty woman.

    Chen Fan saw the school name embroidered on the girl’s white-collar shirt.

    “Don He Province Foreign Language Academy. ”

    “Xiao Xi, don’t talk to strangers. Remember who you are.”

    The tall woman chided at the girl coldly.

    “But, sister! He said he knew Sister An. He must be from Jiang Nan Province. It might even be Sister An’s boyfriend!” The little girl pouted and protested.

    Meanwhile, many guards came up to the three and said.

    “My ladies, welcome back.”

    “Come inside please, it’s too cold here. Don’t let your little sister catch a cold.”

    “Ah-ha! Young Lord Hou has arrived as well. Xiao Wang, park our lady’s car at stall number one.”

    These cold-faced guards suddenly all turned into butlers. It was evident that these three people had an unusual status in the family. Perhaps the two girls were what the Taxi Driver referred to as the princesses of the An family: An Yuqin and An Ruoxi.

    Seeing the little girl stood still defiantly, still angry at her sister, the handsome young man put in.

    “Yuqin, we might as well bring him with us. It doesn’t look like Xiao Xi will be happy until we find out who this young man is.”

    The young man’s words made An Yuqin considered for a moment.

    The little girl chimed in with a broad smile. “Brother in law knows me the best!”

    Then she held on to An Yuqin’s had and pleaded. “I feel bad for Sister An. She is so lonely. Now her friend has come to find her, we should let him in; that’s the least we could do.”

    “Watch your mouth. He is not your brother-in-law. We are not married.” An Yuqin shot a hot glare at her sister and then gave the young man a helpless look. Seeing the young man nodding at her, she caved in. “Fine, fine. Let him in.”

    “Sir, we really shouldn’t do this, but since you said you know An Ya and my stupid sister’s pleading for you, I will let you in. But behave yourself, there are many guests there, and I don’t want any trouble, do you understand?”

    An Yuqin turned around and spoke to Chen Fan coldly.