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Chapter 452 - Shocking The Jiang Nan Province

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 452: Shocking The Jiang Nan Province

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    When dawn finally broke, ushering ordinary people to the bustle about their life, news of what had happened during the night finally reached the elite circle and took it by storm.

    The news only reached the ears of the most prominent family lords, however, by then, nearly everyone in the elite circle were talking about it.

    Lords of sixteen families were dead; it would be impossible to cover up such startling news. Therefore the information spread like wildfire across the entire Jiang Nan Province.

    By now, even the slowest person would have known that something big had happened, and it was going to change everything

    "Chen Beixuan is back!"

    "Hehe, who would have thought that the Chen family could turn the situation around in the end."

    Old man Qiao slurped down a gulp of congee and shook his head. "Chen Beixuan really lived up to his reputation as the devil's incarnate. He killed so many people in just one night, I wonder how the people of Jiang Bei will take the news."

    The family lord of Qiao Family of Jin City was in his seventies, but he was still healthy and strong.

    "Dad, are you sure Chen Fan is back?"

    Qiao Luoyin asked curiously. There was a hint of excitement in her voice.

    "General Li told me about personally. So, yes, I am sure. Plus, who else other than Chen Beixuan can make such a dramatic comeback? He had tracked over a thousand kilometer in one night and killed hundreds. I have heard rumors that he is powerful enough to defeat an entire army. I think those rumors have some truth in them. "

    Old Man Qiao exclaimed.

    Chen Fan's ability to dictate life and death had stunned even a seasoned tycoon such as Old Man Qiao. The Song Family was the most unwise to crush the Chen family so heavy-handedly before they could even confirm Chen Fan's death. They brought their downfall onto themselves.

    "Who is Chen Beixuan?"

    Qiao Luoyin's bimbo friend asked. She was wearing a poncho and a pair of pencil jeans, adding on her beige-colored sunglasses, she looked just like a rich glamorous housewife who carried herself in the most decorous manner.

    "Qiuyun, you should be careful about speaking this man's name directly." Old Man Qiao said with a smile. "Why don't you let Yinluo fill you in? He is a real character."

    "Humph, whatevs. He is probably just a loser anyways. I know this kind of man. He thinks he can solve every problem by pounding as hard as he can. Does he even know that law exists? What a tool."

    Pei Qiuyun snorted.

    The Pei family was barely noteworthy in Yan Jin, but in the second and third-tier cities, she might as well be a celebrity. On the other hand, Pei Qiuyun's husband was from a much more prominent family in Yan Jin.

    Her upbringing and her husband's influence had made Pei Qiuyun prouder and made her very judgemental.

    "Hehe, Chen Beixuan is not your average Martial artist. Even the most influential Young Lords in Yan Jin city, such as Wang Chen, Li Mufan, Xiao Tianchen had to keep their heads down and their tails between their legs when they saw him."

    Qiao Luoyin answered readily, sipping on a cup of green tea.

    "Yea, right."

    Pei Qiuyun didn't believe any of it. "I have met many martial artists and spellcasters in Yan Jin, but they all serve the great families merely as bodyguards. What kind of bodyguard material could have compared with those elite heirs?"

    Wang Chen, Li Mufan and Xiao Tianchen were among the richest of the rich in Yan Jin City.

    Even Pei Qiuyun's husband paled in comparison with those blue blooded princelings.

    "Well, then let me share a story with you. A year ago, the Second Lord Han, Han Hongkun had messed with Chen Beixuan, and guess what happened to him?"

    Qiao Luoyin changed the topic and asked.

    "Han Hongkun? I have heard he was grounded by his family because he had offended someone important…" Pei Qiuyun recalled as she furrowed her brows. Suddenly, realization dawned upon her like a crack of lightning.

    "Was that because of Chen Beixuan?"

    "If not because Han Juntu apologized in time, Han Hongkun should have already been dead. Song Family was also kicked out of Jin City on the same day. Half a year ago, the rumor about Chen Beixuan's death started to spread and Han Hongkun was finally allowed out of his house and so Song Family moved back to Jin City."

    Qiao Luoyin said lightly.

    "That's… impossible! We are talking about Han Juntu, the Han Family!"

    Pei Qiuyun's face paled as she shook her head in denial. If Chen Beixuan could force Han Juntu to his knees then he was —as Qiao Luoyin suggested— as powerful as those princelings if not more so.

    "Chen Beixuan is not an ordinary Martial Artist. He ranked number one on the Heaven roll, higher than even Ye Nantian."

    Qiao Luoyin put in.

    "Ye Nantian!"

    Pei Qiuyun grew silent as she turned her thoughts inward.

    Like everyone else, she knew who Ye Nantian was and what it meant to be more powerful than him. Ye Nantian's personal strength aside, his family, the Ye family of Mount Yan was even more influential than those who dominated the Yan Jin city such as the Wang or the Xiao family.

    "But… Can he really get away with killing so many people? Isn't he afraid of the Special Case Department?"

    Pei Qiuyun asked in confusion.

    She found it hard to accept that any individual could have risen up against a legion of family clans.

    Worse, Chen Fan had opening flaunted law and order, making himself a public enemy.

    The question had hit the mark and Qiao Luoyin looked at Old Man Qiao with a pang of distress without saying a word.

    Old Man Qiao narrowed his eyes and shook his head.

    "Chen Beixuan would not be bothered by these frivolous matters."

    "What? Frivolous?"

    Pei Qiuyun rounded her eyes as she gaped at the old man.

    He had killed sixteen family lords and everyone in the Song Family. The death toll had reached five hundred. How was this egregious crime a frivolous matter?

    "Five days ago, Chen Beixuan had defeated the Russian Infantry Division 116 and killed the Russian General Scherchen. He barged into Moscow, forcing the leader of Russia to plead for a truce."

    Old Man Qiao tapped the table and said lightly: "Compared to that, what happened here last night was nothing, don't you think?"

    A deadly silence fell over the room.

    Pei Qiuyun, Qiao Luoyin, and the servants were all stupified by what they have heard.

    "He had brought a superpower to its knees. I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't hear it from General Li. Who would have thought that such a cutthroat figure would have hailed from the peaceful land of Jiang Nan? He had made his family one of the most powerful clans in China, if not the world."

    "Such glory! He can take on the whole world if he wanted to."

    Pei Qiuyun and Qiao Luoyin gave each other a fearful glance.


    Chen Fan indeed was a mighty figure who was capable to change the world.

    Wang Chen, Li Mufan and Xiao Tianchen simply couldn't compare. Chen Fan could even cast fear into the hearts of their family lords, much less that of the heirs.

    The Qiao Family's shock and disbelief were shared by many other families in Jiang Nan Province.

    Hua Family and Ren Family didn't even moan the death of their family lord as they hurried to pay tribute to the Chen family, showering them with gifts.

    However, the Chen family was not in the mood of opening up their doors to them after their recent betrayal.

    Chen Huaian ordered Chen Ning to turn the guests away without even accepting their gifts. However, Chen Huaian's cold shoulder didn't quell the Hua the Ren Family's determination to mend the relationship.

    "Master Chen must be back, otherwise, the Chen family wouldn't dare to turn us away."

    The more adamant the Chen family was in turning them away, the more humble and eager they became.

    What happened to the Sheng and the Song Family served a good lesson to everyone. They had only lost a family lord, and if they don't realine themself with the Chen family quickly, they might be the next family to be wiped out from the world.

    None of the family leaders were dumb and already, they have registered the government's reluctance in bringing the perpetrator to justice as the case quickly got mired by red tape.

    Some family lords had even heard that the investigator dispatched by the Special Case Department was called Red Sparrow and she was a close friend of Chen Fan.

    By now, it was evident that Chen Fan was going to get away with his mass murder.

    No one in the right mind would want to test Master Chen's flying sword.

    The development had shaken the entire Jiang Nan Province as the news thrust a name into everyone's mind: Chen Fan, the benefactor of the Chen family of Jin City!

    Master Chen of Jiang Bei was back!

    Chen Fan had proclaimed his return using the blood of nearly five hundred men and women and sent a blaring message to the world:

    "Death awaits the enemy of the Chen family. "

    Meanwhile, in a classroom at Jin City University…

    A girl with refined features was taking notes of the class. She wore no makeup, but her appearance was sublime nonetheless. She clearly attracted more attention than the teacher, as people in the classroom glanced at her surreptitiously from time to time. There were many different emotions in those eyes: adoration, infatuation, jealousy, and admiration, just to name a few.

    In many people's minds, this girl might as well be the favorite child of God.

    She was gorgeous, smart and rich—the holy trinity of being a girl. However, life seemed to have cast a shadow over her as her mind wandered off from time to time with a gloomy expression on her face.

    "Fang Qiong, are you OK? You keep on losing focus."

    The professor walked over to her and asked her attentively.

    She was his best student.

    "I am fine professor Liu, I just got distracted. I promise it won't happen again." Fang Qiong straightened her back and apologized. Suddenly, her cell phone rang, It was Zhong Yaoyao.

    After getting a nod from the professor, Fang Qiong answered the phone. Even as she was going to chide her good for nothing BFF for calling her during class, she heard Zhong Yaoyao screaming at the other end.

    "Fang Qiong, your husband is back!"


    Fang Qiong dropped the cell phone on the table and was turned into a frozen statue.

    Xiao Fan…

    He was finally back after all this time?