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Chapter 449 - Death To All Traitors

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 449: Death To All Traitors

    “Who is that?”

    Lord Wu gestured his bodyguards to rush to the door and ready their weapons. The tycoon at Jiang Zhou City had survived for decades thanks to his high level of alertness.

    “Don’t worry, we don’t need to be afraid of anyone. I can protect you even if it is Tang Yuanqin on the other side of the door.” Master Hong smirked and puffed out his chest to make him look bigger.

    Although unwillingly, Lord Wu ordered the bodyguards to open the door.

    However, before the bodyguards had even touched the door handle, the door cracked open from outside.


    The security system on this door was custom ordered from Swiss. It was touted as the best security system in the world and only military weapons could breach it.

    To everyone’s surprise, the one who cracked open the door was not a fully armed military personnel, instead, it was a refined young man wearing jeans and a hoodie.

    Despite the heavy rain outside, the young man was not at all wet.

    “Do I know you?”

    Lord Wu narrowed his eyes as he felt the young man looked very familiar.

    “My name is Chen Fan. Yes, you know me. I told one of your men that I will pay you a visit a year ago, and here I am.”

    Even as he spoke, Chen Fan walked through the threshold. He turned around and quietly closed the door again. He wore a friendly smile on his face as if he was visiting an old friend.

    “Master Chen… Master Chen Fan”

    Lord Wu finally recognized Chen Fan, and he almost screamed his name out.

    He had seen Chen Fan’s picture a year ago so no wonder Chen Fan’s face looked so familiar. As a tycoon of Jiang Bei, Lord Wu heard about Chen Fan almost every day.

    Therefore, as soon as Chen Fan spoke his name, Lord Wu put two and two together and recognized him.

    “Master Chen?”

    A deadly silence fell over the room as soon as the word “Master Chen” was evoked.

    His bodyguards turned into statues, gaping at Chen Fan stupidly in shock and disbelief.

    Master Chen was a synonym of legend. Even though Lin Tashan and Hong Sect had claimed Jiang Nan in Chen Fan’s absence, Lin Tashan didn’t have what it took to replace Chen Fan’s spot in everyone’s mind. Many tycoons in Jiang Zhou City still considered Chen Fan the uncrowned king of Jiang Bei.

    The development had taken the wind out of Master Hong’s sails. He looked at Chen Fan incredulously and asked: “You are Chen Beixuan? Didn’t you die in Siberia? How did you survive the Father of All Bombs?”


    Chen Fan furrowed his brows as the small gourd started to hum. Suddenly, a golden light shot out from the gourd and flew at Master Hong. Master Hong passed out immediately as soon as the energy come to contact with him.

    Lord Wu was overtaken by fear, his body trembled uncontrollably as he turned into a bundle of nerves.

    As Chen Fan had used the Art of Soul Searching to extract the last bit of information from Lord Wu, Chen Fan snapped the old man’s neck with a sleek and decisive move.

    “Death is the only punishment for those who double-crossed me.”

    Chen Fan left Jiang Zhou City and headed toward other cities in Jiang Bei.

    “It really caught me off guard that Jiang Bei had turned on me so quickly.”

    Chen Fan’s anger flared after he had learned the full extent of the situation because of the information he extracted from Lord Wu’s mind.

    “Zhou Tianhao, Liu Guodong, Han Tianshen, and Third Lord Wei… All of you have turned against me. How disappointing! I would never have thought that anyone from the Wei family would be involved, but I guess the multi-billion yuan business was just too tempting for Third Lord Wei.”

    A cold light grew brighter in Chen Fan’s eyes as he pondered on.

    He advanced with incredible speed and reached one city after another in a matter of minutes.

    Seventeen minutes later, Chen Fan barged into Qin Shui city and killed Liu Guodong

    Half an hour later, Chen Fan reached Tian He City and ended Han Tianshen’s life.

    Fifty-three minutes later, He killed the tycoon of Yun Hai city, Tiger Head Qiang.

    An hour and seventeen minutes later…

    When Chen Fan walked out of Hai Zhou city after killing Xu Ao’s successor, Xu Long who had capitulated to Lin Tashan, merely two hours had passed. While he was at Hai Zhou, he had killed over a hundred people at Xu Long’s residence, turning it into a bloodbath.

    Xu Long was Xu Ao’s stepson. Xu Ao had groomed Xu Long to be his successor ever since the latter was just a boy. When Xu Ao was alive, he was Xu Ao’s most trusted right-hand man. However, he was the first one to betray Xu Ao which ultimately led to Xu Ao’s death.

    Once Chen Fan had learned what Xu Long had done, he tortured Xu Long using the Li Fire Golden Eyes and slowly reduced Xu Long’s soul into ashes. He watched as Xu Long suffered until the end of his life.

    “Old friend, I have avenged your death!”

    Chen Fan turned around to look at the Xu family manner that had already been engulfed by flames.

    “Next, I will kill Lin Tashan to end this once and for all. Don’t worry, I will take care of Fei Fie.”

    He poured out some wine from the yellow gourd and murmured quietly to the wind.

    Afterward, Chen Fan looked up toward north thoughtfully.

    Chu Zhou City was right up ahead, and so was Lin Tasha!

    Jiang Bei, Chu Zhou City, Royal Wood Community.

    The Royal Wood Community was one of the most expensive land development in Chu Zhou City and it used to belong to the Wan Rong Group. Since the downfall of Wan Rong Group, the property was bought by Third Lord Wei.

    The time was past midnight, and the heavy rain pounded the ground like there was no tomorrow. At this hour, most people were deep asleep in their beds.

    However, two people remained awake inside a mansion at the Royal Wood Community.

    Beside the two stood a group of intimidating men and women clad in sharp black suits with a pupal brooch that looked like a crescent moon pinned on their chests. The energy inside of these men and women suggested that they were all Internal Force users.

    These were the elite forces of the Hong Sect: Dark Moon.

    “Mr. Lin. Thanks to you, we have successfully taken over Jiang Bei. You will forever have Hong Sect’s gratitude.” A seductive young woman passed a cup of tea to a man sitting across her.

    He was a handsome man with features that were chiseled into his stone face. The white outfit he wore also complimented his pale complexion.

    If Chen Fan saw him, he would have noticed a great deal of similarity in appearance between the man and Lin Tatian. He was Lin Tatian’s brother, Lin Tashan. Another Grandmaster that hailed from the Lin family of Southeastern China.

    “Any time. The Lin family of Southeastern China and Hong Sect have been allies for generations. Both of our founders were good friends with each other. You don’t have to thank me for such a small favor.”

    Lin Tashan replied humbly as he accepted the cup of tea.

    “It’s a pity that Chen Beixuan had survived the Russian bombardment. I have heard that he had recently defeated the Infantry Division 116 and killed General Scherchen. In light of this turn of events, we have to halt our operation against the Tang family, otherwise, we would have claimed all of Jiang Nan Province by now.”

    The alluring woman heaved a sigh and then said: “The Headquarters is recalling us back, fearing Chen Beixuan’s return.”

    Her name is Jiang Yinyue and she was the leader of the Dark Moon.

    “Captain Jiang, fret not.”

    The man in white outfit cracked a smile and then said: “Chen Beixuan killed a Russian general, and defeated the Infantry Division 116. Do you really think the Russians are going to let Chen Beixuan get away with it?”

    “I have heard that Chen Beixuan was on his way to Moscow. If he continues his folly, he would be laid low sooner or later either by a nuclear bomb or by the Blood Wolf Guards. Who does he think he is? Not even my glorious ancestor had the ability to rise against a superpower, much less Chen Beixuan. He is courting death.”

    Lin Tatian snorted and then continued: “Plus, even if he did escape from Russia, it would take him at least a couple of weeks to arrive in China. We have plenty of time.”

    Even as Lin Tatian said that the gleaming sharp blade he had laid on his lap let out a hum to demonstrate its deadliness.

    His words and eased Jiang Yinyue’s mind. She offered Lin Tashan a sparling glance and asked:

    “Are there really immortal state-level overlords presiding over Russia?”

    Although the Lin family of Southeastern China had been the most powerful family clan in China a hundred years ago, little was known about them. The Hong Sect knew that the Lin family had always been hiding their real strength, but even with their disguise of weakness, the Lin Family was still an impressive force to behold. They were the keeper of many secrets of the world that Jiang Yinyue had no idea of.

    “Russia had been a superpower, a rival of the United States. Of course, they have Immortal State Overlords.”

    Lin Tashan said with an icy smirk.

    “The Bloodwolf King Oleg had brought Europe and SouthEast Asia to heel. During the Vietnam war, the Americans had mobilized ten thousand troops but still failed to bring him to justice. The Yankees even thought of using nuclear warheads on him, but they were eventually deterred from that option fearing Russia’s retaliations.”

    “Even my ancestor had praised Oleg as a Martial arts genius. He had an inborn gift, but he had chosen to enter Immortal State through Martial arts cultivation. There were only three men in the world who had reached Immortal State through Martial arts cultivation: My ancestor, the one from the Ye Family, and Oleg.”

    Lin Tashan said as flickers of admiration flashed in his eyes.

    “The one from the Ye family… Do you mean General Ye of Kunlun?”

    Jiang Yinyue gasped at the revelation.