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Chapter 447 - Killing With A Flick of a Finger

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 447: Killing With A Flick of a Finger

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    The destruction of the Song Family was only the beginning. The Song Family was not the only one who had picked on the Chen family during Chen Fan’s absence, otherwise, Chen Fan’s astute grandpa would never find himself with his back against the wall. The obvious suspects were the Ren Family of Jin City and the Hua Family.

    “You are all accomplices. I might spare your life, but I have to punish you.”

    “As for the real culprit, death was the only outcome.”

    Chen Fan looked into the distance and stomped the ground and propelled his body forward, turning himself into an azure glow that streaked across the landscape.

    Let it be buildings or bustling streets, neither could slow him down. His body flickered as he launched himself into the sky, beneath him was a jungle of concrete and cement.

    Chen Fan gained more speed while he flew in the sky, meanwhile, he sent out his Divine Will, spreading it out all directions to cover the entire Jin City.

    Ever since Chen Fan reached the peak of the Ethereal Enlightenment, his Divine Will could reach as far as ten kilometers.

    How far are ten kilometers one might ask?

    It was the average width of a metropolis in China. This meant that Chen Fan could monitor the entre Jin City and register all activities at all times.

    Chen Fan recalled the information he had asked from Red Sparrow to help him winnowing through the sea of information.

    “Ren Family of Jin City, Name of Family Lord: Red Jianlin. Age:56. CEO of the Rens Financial Group. Address: Unit 8, Tomson’s Golf Resort.”

    “Hua Family of Jin City, Name of Family Lord: Hua Zhihong. Age:48. CEO of the Huas Group. Address: Yi He Terrace, Xian Xia District.”

    “Gong Family of Jin City, Name of Family Lord: Gong Liuze. Age:69. Former CEO of the Red Tripod Cauldron. Currently lives at…”

    Chen Fan went through the information he got about the powerful family clans of Jin City, including their faces, ages, and address and then, Chen Fan marked these individuals using Divine Will.

    Chen Fan didn’t care to separate the ones in the Ren family who had remained neutral with the ones who attacked Chen Fan.

    Since the Ren Family had lashed out at the Chen family as a family clan, then everyone in the family had to be punished.

    Neither did Chen Fan care if the family lords were coerced to oppose the Chen family or if they were as eager as the Song family. Chen Fan would punish them nonetheless for what they did, to serve as a lesson for the other great family clans.

    A dark flame came up in Chen Fan’s eyes as he tapped the gourd gently.


    A golden spill out from the Blade Strengthening Gourd and shot up into the distant sky. After a year of refinement, the flying sword had become much more responsive and easy to control.

    Chen Fan could strike any place within the effective area of his Divine Will using the flying sword of Essense Restoring.

    He could sever the head off of anyone’s shoulder from ten kilometers away, just as the ancient Sword Immortal could.

    Jin City, Xian Xia District, Yi He Terrace…

    Hua Family’s family lord: Hua Zhihong…

    The Former CEO of the Red Tripod Cauldron, the family lord of the Gong Family: Gong Liuze…

    Jin City, Yun Hai District, Yu Jin Garden Unit 15, the Ma family lord: Ma Hongjun.

    The Xu family Lord…

    The Wu Family Lord…

    In a blink, Chen Fan had killed sixteen family lords who came from families of all sizes and strength. There were the mighty Hua Family, as well as lesser families such as the Xu family and the Ma family. Even if they had so much as laid a finger on the Chen family, they were punished for it, severely.

    No one, not even Red Sparrow had ever thought that Chen Fan could be so ruthless.

    Neither did anyone expected revenge to come so quickly. Chen Fan’s divine will had covered the entire city and with his targets marked clearly, everything happened within seconds.

    “Revenge had never been more convenient with the Sword of Essense Restoring. However, I am not powerful enough to attune the Sword of Essense Restoring to the energy in my body. This is still just a flying sword in its very nascent form.”


    Chen Fan tapped a finger on the sword as he descended from the sky above the river. Beneath him was a large manor whose entrance was decorated with a large plaque which read: Tang’s Manor.

    “This is the last family in Jin City.”

    Chen Fan scoffed as a cold light came up in his eyes.

    Meanwhile, inside the Tang Family Manor that nestled along the river Jin City River…

    An old man wearing a black outfit stood by the shoreline, watching as the current churning in the channel. He knotted his brows and wore a solemn expression on his face as he looked into the distance. Beside him stood a young girl wearing a cream dress and a ponytail. The only jewelry she wore was a Buddhism bead bracelet on her smooth-skinned wrist.

    The girl offered a cup of steaming tea the old man.

    “Dad, you have been standing in the cold for a while. Please drink some hot tea so that you don’t catch a cold.”

    “Silly girl, your dad has reached Semi transcendent state. Do you think I will be affected by the cold?” Tang Yuanqin chuckled. However, his lighthearted words quickly turned into a sigh.

    “I am not sure how we are going to explain everything to Master Chen when he is back.”

    The old man and the girl were Tang Yuanqin and his daughter Tang Yifei.

    It’s not your fault, dad. Chen Fan had disappeared for so long that everyone had thought he was dead. He had made so many enemies that it was simply impossible for us to protect the Chen family. We are lucky that we are still alive.”

    Tang Yifei furrowed her brows and complained: “Humph! He made it sound like he was nearly invincible, but what use are his martial arts before the Russian bombardment? He might as well be dead now, leaving us and his family to fend for ourselves. How many of his enemies had come to pick a bone with us by now? Ten? Twenty?”

    “What could we do while they had the support of the Lin Family? They have Lin Tatian, and what do we have?”

    Despite the obvious resentment in the girl’s words, a flicker of sadness flashed in her eyes.

    “Sigh… I hope Master Chen would even allow us to explain this to him.” Tang Yuanqin heaved a sigh.

    Suddenly, a voice drifted into their ears.

    “Oh? Explain what?”