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Chapter 445 - A Visit to the Song Family

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 445: A Visit to the Song Family

    “Stop embarrassing yourself! Pull yourself together!”

    Chen Huaian chided hotly at Chen Qianxin after seeing Chen Qianxin clung to the Chen Fan’s leg tightly, refusing to let go.

    “Xiao Fan, forgive this idiot.”

    Chen Huaian gave Chen Fan an embarrassed look and said.

    Chen Fan had been the main benefactor of the Chen family who was the single reason behind the Chen family’s rise to power. Yet, just one year after Chen Fan’s disappearance, Chen Qianxin, Great Auntie, and Chen An had already suggested abandoning Chen Fan’s family. Luckily Chen Fan had known their true colors and didn’t trust them from the outset, otherwise, their betrayal would be a huge blow to Chen Fan.

    “It’s OK, grandpa.” Chen Fan scanned the relatives indifferently. His eyes shone like two pools of crystal clear spring. “I have many questions for you, grandpa.”

    “Ah, very well then. Let’s discuss them in my study.” Chen Huaian rose to his feet and was about to start up the stairs to his study. He paused a second and then ordered Chen Ning to accompany him to the study to prepare tea for them. Chen Fan followed the old man up the stairs with Chen Guoguo in tow.

    When they were both gone upstairs and retreated into the old man’s study, an awkward silence fell over the living room.

    The Chen family members looked at each other, some still trying to wrap their heads around the development.

    “Son of a gun, he is back!”

    After a while, one of Chen Fan’s uncles lamented, breaking the silence.

    “How much of what Chen Fan told us do you think is real?” Great Auntie asked suspiciously.

    “Hehe… Does it really matter? Xiao Fan is as powerful as he had been, if not more so. Now he is back with us, he is going to make the Chen family great again!”

    Fourth Uncle said as he gave Great Auntie and Chen Qianxin a sidelong glance as he reflected on the development.

    “Do you guys really think Xiao Fan was deaf? He must have heard what you guys just said about him, but he probably didn’t want to waste his time on you. Fools! Wang Xiaoyun was not a push-over either and she still held one last trump card up her sleeve: the mighty Wang Family. The Wang family will not just stand by and do nothing while their daughter is being bullied.”

    In addition, the Cang Dragon unit that protected Wang Xiaoyun round the clock and the girl called Red Sparrow are both signs of Xiao Fan’s deep influence in the military. As long as Li Wuchen was still alive, he would never allow the Song Family to tough even a hair on Chen Fan’s family. How could you miss these obvious signs and try to throw Chen Fan and his parents under the bus? Sometimes I really wonder if your heads are screwed on backwards. ”

    With that thought in mind, a gloating smirk surfaced on Fourth Uncle’s face.

    Chen Fan’s return had finally eased the Chen family’s mind. On the other hand, It was the Song Family’s turn to get worried.

    Once they got into the study, Chen Ning walked over to the tea-table to prepare tea, tagging Chen Guoguo along with her. After both Chen Ning and Chen Guoguo were out of sight, Chen Huaian heaved a sigh and said apologetically: “Xiao Fan, I am sorry for what you heard earlier. I had never thought that Chen Qianxin and Chen An could be so… heartlessly selfish. I can’t imagine anyone would do such a thing to their own brothers and uncles.”

    Even as Chen Huaian said that a pang of pain and regret flashed across his face.

    Nothing would hurt the old man’s feelings more than seeing his children fight amongst each other.

    “Let’s forget about those unpleasantries, grandpa. I didn’t come back for them anyways. I come back for you, my parents, Chen Ning and Guoguo.”

    Chen Fan said readily without much emotion in his voice. Then he asked with a bit more concern: “Are my parents OK?”

    “The first thing that General Li and Miss Red Sparrow did after they learned about what happened to you was to inform us. I don’t think Chen Gexin and Xiaoyun had yet come to terms with it yet. Your dad was able to keep his position at the county office thanks to General Li’s protection, but your mom’s situation is a bit more complicated.” Chen Huaian paused a then said in a solemn tone: “Our former enemies: The Ji Family of Zhong Hai, Tang Family, and Nin Family started to pick on Jin Xiu Group. Xiaoyun had to shoulder all the burdens alone since An Ya was…”

    Chen Huaian paused again.

    “Did the An family come for her?” Chen Fan narrowed his glinting eyes.

    “Yes, and no. They didn’t force Xiao Ya per se. Xiao Ya left Jin Xiu Group for the sake of your mother.” A hint of concern flickered in Chen Huaian’s eyes. “The An family had grown their influence significantly over the years, and by now they are called the most powerful family in the Don He Province.”

    “Humph… most powerful family in Don He Province..”

    Chen Fan sneered.

    “Grandpa, you don’t have to speak for the An family. They will speak for themselves when they kneel before me. I want to know what kind of excuse would convince me to spare their lives.”

    Chen Fan said in an even tone, but Chen Huaian would sense the imposing righteous fury in between his words, and in the sheen of his eyes. The most powerful family of Northern China might as well be a pathetic worm before him.

    Such as it was. The An family’s influence and might was barely a fraction of that of Russia. Chen Fan could make a deal with thousands if not millions of such family clans at once. Chen Fan could even bring a superpower of the world to their knees, much less a small family clan.

    “Xiao Fan, what have you done over the year? Your demeanor is much more conspicuous and energetic than before. A year ago, you often hid your strength under a mask, but now you have forsaken the disguise and let yourself shine like a Divine Weapon of Unparalleled Power before everyone’s eyes. What had happened to you?”

    Chen Huaian asked curiously.

    Seeing Chen Ning had arrived with a pot of fresh steamy tea, Chen Huaian asked: Chen Fan sipped the tea and briefly went over the series of events he had undergone.

    Chen Fan had talked about these events with a great measure of casualness and levity, however, Chen Huaian and Chen Ning were both so stunned by the details that they thought they were listening to a mythical tale.

    “Werewolf? Blood Wolf? You have defeated the entire Infantry Division 116? The Russian leaders pleaded for a truce?”

    These stories were so inconceivable that Chen Huaian and Chen Ning started to wonder if their ears had played tricks on them.

    The stories also filled Chen Guoguo’s heart with admiration. The girl looked at Chen Fan as a K-pop fangirl would to her idle.

    They thought they were ready to listen to Chen Fan’s unbelievable adventures, but Chen Fan’s stories still shocked them.

    “Unbelievable! You have brought the Russians to their knees! So powerful was an Immortal Cultivator that they might have far exceeded that of a nation. That’s it! No wonder you think so lightly of the An family. They are of no threat to you.”

    Chen Huaian clasped his hands together and laughed gleefully.

    Although there were many other elements that had contributed to Russia’s submission to Chen Fan, the fact that Chen Fan had pulled it off meant that to oppose him was far beyond the capacity of all the other rival families.

    Except for the few superpowers in the world, no one was Chen Fan’s worthy opponent.

    “Poets wrote songs about ancient heroes that could defeat an army, and I was foolish enough to believe that they were fiction.” Chen Ning managed to gather herself and said with a wry smile.

    “That was why I want you to abandon fickle and frivolous matters such as money and power and focus on what would last for eternity: Strength. I hope what had happened over the year serves a good lesson for all of you, that it disillusioned you about relying on benefactors and taught you to focus on improving our own strength.”

    Chen Fan flicked his index finger and said calmly.

    “Strengthening ourselves?” Chen Huaian murmured to himself.

    “Indeed. I want the Chen family to transition gradually to a Martial Arts family. As for Great Auntie and Chen An, we will offer them comfort and safety and use them to deal with worldly matters. The core members of the Chen family should consist of Martial artists. This is the only way to preserve the lineage of the Chen family.”

    “very well”

    Chen Huaian nodded.

    The old man knew Chen Fan already chose the core members of the new Chen family, and they would not include Chen Zhenxin, Chen Qianxin, nor Chen An.

    Such family was very common in the world of Immortal Cultivation. The core members of the family focus on improving their level of attainment in cultivation while the side branches dealt with frivolous matters such as the family business. Such was the method of the organization passed down generation at powerful Martial Arts families such as the Gu family and the Lu family.

    “What are you planning to do with the Song Family, Ji Family, and the Ren Family?”

    Chen Huaian asked solemnly.

    “Hehe. I have already given them a chance before, but they spoiled it. They picked on my family as soon as they thought that I was dead. If death is what they want, then they shall have it.”

    Chen Fan let out a cold sneer.

    Although Chen Huaian didn’t tell Chen Fan every detail about the crimes the other families had done to the Chen family, Chen Fan knew how difficult it must be for Chen Huaian to pull everyone together and fought on for so long.

    “Grandpa, I am going to meet the Song Family’s family lord right now. I will be back shortly.”

    Chen Fan said as he put down his teacup.

    Suddenly, his body let out a flickering golden glow and disappeared into thin air, leaving Chen Huaian, Chen Ning and Chen Guoguo looking at each other in confusion.

    “Strength… this is what he meant by strength, the only one-true-thing in the world! Money and power are worth nothing before Chen Fan’s godly strength. I think I had been wrong for my whole life.”

    Chen Huaian heaved a sigh as a new resilient and resolute light came up in his eyes.

    Meanwhile, in Jin City, nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary on the surface…

    The Song Family’s residence was lit up for a lively family party. The mood was light and pleasant as people enjoyed their food and each other’s company.

    “Brother, we were kicked out of the Jin City like some kind of animal by the Chen family. Who would have thought that it had only been a year, and the tables have already turned? That little shit is killed in Siberia while the Chen family is crumbling as we speak.”

    The third lord of the Song Family, Song Yuhua raised a cup and laughed out loud.

    “Third Brother, you have drunk too much.”

    Song Shunhua was the family lord so he needed to keep a clear mind at all times. However, his younger brother’s words had brought a hint of smugness to his face. With the protection of the Han Family, and the Chen family out of the way, the Song Family would soon claim supremacy in Jiang Nan Province.

    However, an annoying thought that came to him some days ago crept into his mind again. Han Hongkun hasn’t called for weeks, did anything happen?

    “Dad, I have heard that someone saw Chen Fan at the East Mountain Villas.”

    The Young Lord Song Song Duanmin put in with a frown.

    “Impossible! You had one too many. Don’t listen to rumors. That dip shit is dead… out there… Siberia—”

    Even as Third Lord Song announced in a drunken voice, a golden light flashed across the room, cutting the third lord song short.

    Under everyone’s shocked eyes, Song Yuhua’s words reduced to garbled jibberish as the light turned his brain into mush.

    “Who said I was dead in Siberia?”

    A cold voice drifted from the entrance.