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Chapter 441 - Russia Bows To Me

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 441: Russia Bows To Me

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    “Russia conceded defeat?”

    The announcement caught Chen Fan’s attention so he paused the movement of the giant palm and looked at the door in surprise.

    He saw a black-haired man dressed in a uniform for the Intelligence Department. The man was out of breath and half leaned against the door frame. If Adam were here, he would have recognized the face of this man. He was the one standing right beside Andrew during the raid on the Warg Valley.

    Oleg cursed at the young man: “Fool!”

    “I can keep fighting, so can the Blood Wolf Guards! Russia still has millions of capable soldiers, why do we need to capitulate to him?”

    The unflappable white-haired veteran’s face was contorted by anger. If he still had enough strength, he would strangle the young man with his bare hands.

    “Ivan, tell me, who gave the order? Is it the president? Or the minister?”

    The young man lowered his head and said: “Teacher, this is the unanimous decision of the senate…”

    “A what?”

    Oleg pointed a finger at the young man as life and color drained from his face and were replaced by utter sadness and disappointment. The news clearly had taken the wind out of him.

    “Fine, fine… I will respect the nation’s decision.”

    Oleg let out a wry smile and shook his head. He struggled to his feet, barely standing straight.

    Chen Fan furrowed his brows and said lightly: “I didn’t say I will let Russia off the hook yet.”

    “How dare you!”

    Fire spilled out from Oleg’s mouth as Chen Fan added more insult to the defeat.

    “Dear Mr. Chen Beixuan. We believe it’s time to let it go before things get out of control.” Ivan bowed to Chen Beixuan and said deferentially.

    “The Intelligence Department had instigated all of this, so the fault is ours. We promise that we wouldn’t seek to avenge for what you have done. As for the wrongs we have done to you, we have decided to indict those who were involved in the Warg Valley Raid, their punishment will be severe. The leaders of the nation also offered one goodwill gesture to you. You can ask for whatever you wish.”

    “One gesture of goodwill? Whatever I wish for?”

    Chen Fan paused a second and pondered for a while.

    “Russia will fulfill your request as long as it is achievable.” Ivan gave Chen Fan a confident smile.

    Russia was one of the superpowers on earth. It wielded enough power to change the world. The young man was confident that his country could satisfy any of Chen Fan’s wishes.

    “What about THAT?”

    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes as an idea came into his mind. He sent the details of the request using his Divine Will directly into Ivan’s mind.

    Ivan’s face changed colors as he gaped at Chen Fan in shock after he heard Chen Fan’s wish. However, in the end, the young man nodded.

    In order to have Chen Fan’s forgiveness, the young man agreed to the terms, even though he did so reluctantly. He hesitated at first not because Chen Fan’s wish was difficult to achieve, but because the matter was a national secret. Hopefully, this would be the last time Russia ever fought against Chen Fan, so Ivan wagered that it would not cause much damage even if the secret was somehow revealed by Chen Fan to the public.

    Although Oleg couldn’t hear the two’s conversation, he knew immediately what Chen Fan was after.

    However, he couldn’t do anything about it, so he only snorted in response.

    After all, the Kremlin had made its decision and as things always went in Russia, the will of the nation always came first before that of an individual.

    “I will return to China as soon as I receive what I want. Your debts will be squared.”

    The azure apparition abated as Chen Fan said calmly.

    “Very well.” Ivan nodded. Then he said hesitantly: “Sir, transporting the item in broad daylight is too conspicuous… if you know what I mean.”

    “Don’t worry, I have my own methods.”

    Chen Fan linked his hands behind his back and sauntered out of the station.

    As soon as Chen Fan left the room, Ivan closed in to Oleg and jabbed a needle at the neck of the old man and injected a pale blue serum.

    Oleg slowed closed his eyes as the beastly fur disappeared. The Art of Blood Singing also abated after the injection.

    “Master, you could have died here if I was a minute late. This serum works only when the art is still in its early-stage.”

    Ivan gave the old man a troubled look.

    “I knew I might die here today. But Chen Beixuan’s power had still far exceeded my expectations. Fighting him was like fighting General Ye.”

    Oleg coughed and then said in a feeble voice.

    “You mean General Ye in China?”

    Ivan’s eyes were lit up with admiration as if they had evoked the name of a legend.

    “Whatever, enough of this.” Oleg shook his head and asked with a solemn face: “Did the senators really decided to capitulate? If that’s the case, Russia is going to be the first nuclear-capable nation to succumb to the might of one individual. We still have so many deadly weapons in our arsenal, don’t we? The three Miniature Nuclear Bombs I have set up could have killed him. I should be able to drag the battle on until detonation, I am sure of it.”

    “Master, what is the point in that?” Ivan let out a wry gin.

    “He had only himself to look after, but we are responsible for the lives of millions on this vast land. Seventeen Blood Wolf Guards are already dead because of him, it can’t keep going on like this”

    “Plus…” Ivan heaved a sigh and said: “Our country is in a bad shape right now since the downfall of the USSR. The Yankees are tightening the noose around our neck and forcing us out of the world stage. Alliance with China would be critical at this moment, we can’t jeopardize our relationship for Chen Beixuan. That’s exactly what those capitalist pigs wanted, don’t you see?”

    “Plus, no one would know we have capitulated to Chen Beixuan other than a handful individual in the Dark World. Our actions won’t affect our nation’s reputation at all as long as we still claim nuclear supremacy.”

    Even as Ivan said that a cunning grin surfaced on his face.

    “You are right…”

    Oleg nodded slowly in agreement.

    When Oleg and Ivan appeared before Chen Fan again, the white-haired veteran was already in much better shape. He was wearing a new military uniform that made his back look as straight and upright as a jack pine. The battle had only taken a slight toll on his Qi energy but didn’t affect his overall appearance.

    Ivan stepped forward and handed over a silver suitcase to Chen Fan. After he whispered something into Chen Fan’s ears, Chen Fan nodded and then stuffed the silver suitcase into the little gourd.

    As if magic, Chen Fan had made the suitcase disappear into thin air.

    The development unsettled the people around Chen Fan as their fear toward him grew.

    Afterward, Chen Fan bade farewell to Natasha and was ready to leave for China with Red Sparrow.

    Oleg turned around toward Red Sparrow and bowed:

    “Miss Red Sparrow, please send my regards to General Ye.”

    “Will do.”

    Red Sparrow replied politely.

    Chen Fan and Red Sparrow walked to the airplane landing with Ivan in tow. Chen Fan had requested Ivan to travel with him as a pledge, just in cause Russia walked back on her promises and blow up the plan with a nuclear missile.

    Oleg watched as the plane disappeared behind the clouds. Suddenly, he had a premonition of what’s going to come next.

    The havoc in Russia had brought the world’s superpowers’ attention to the Immortal Level Overlords. He wagered that the time for his old friends to hide behind the scene has come to an end.

    “It’s fortunate to witness the coming of a new era. Why is China always so lucky?”

    Oleg lowered his head and heaved a sigh.

    The moment Chen Fan boarded the plane out of Russia, a piece of shocking news went viral in the underground world.

    Russia had capitulated to Chen Fan!

    Chen Beixuan had brought a superpower to heel by himself!

    The news took the underground world by storm. Many simply couldn’t wrap their heads around what had happened. How did Russia fail? It had weathered two great wars, survived the cold war and was one of the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council.

    Her military prowess ranked at least in the top three in the world.

    Worse, it had unequivocal supremacy in terms of nuclear capabilities.

    It was hard to imagine that such a behemoth had bowed to a single person, even if the person was a living legend, the most powerful man of the Dark World. His illustrious achievements such as defeat the fourteenth brigade in Japan and Infantry Division 116 in Russia couldn’t explain his inconceivable victory over Russia.

    It was simply absurd.

    The shock in the Dark World was shared by the Intelligence Departments of numerous nations. It sounded so ridiculous that they even questioned the validity of the source.

    The mighty Russian bear had begged for a truce?

    That was rich!

    Russia was a battle-hardened nation. Perseverance and mettle run deep in every Russian citizen’s blood.

    However, those who could see Russia’s difficult spot much clearer shook their heads and explained.

    “Their rivalry with the United States of America had forced them into a tight spot so It’s in Russia’s best interest to mend the relationship with Chen Beixuan and China soon as possible. They couldn’t afford to rile up China while America was still nipping at her heels.”

    The explanation for Russia’s submission seemed reasonable, but it didn’t quell people’s fear of Chen Fan’s power.

    Regardless of the reason behind it, Chen Fan’s victory was stunning. Many people took it as a sign of the coming of a new era where Super Overlords could finally rival nations.

    Although Chen Fan seemed to be the only Super Overlord that had surfaced to the public’s view, he was but the tip of an iceberg.

    Some people claimed that Chen Beixuan had fought against an Immortal Level Overlord at the outskirts of Moscow, but most people simply brushed it off as groundless rumor due to lack of evidence.

    Meanwhile, Chen Fan was heading south, looking forward to returning home.

    He had been gone for a year and he wondered if his family and friends were still doing well?