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Chapter 440 - Annihilate You!

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 440: Annihilate You!

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    Before Red Sparrow gathered herself from the shock, there was another crimson light that shot out from the station.

    The light pierced into the sky, made a hundred and eighty degree turn and plummeted at Chen Fan. Even from a distance, Red Sparrow could smell the stench of blood coming from the pulse of crimson energy. The crimson glow and the smell of blood gave a hellish quality to the scene. If not because the Intelligence Department had evacuated the station ahead of the time, the sight would make many citizens scream at the top of their lungs.

    Red Sparrow watched with her eyes wide open as the crimson light approached, and she realized that it came off of Oleg's body.

    The battle-hardened veteran had never looked more defeated. His military uniform was in tatters, revealing a thin black layer of protective clothing. Chen Fan's last punch had penetrated through his chest and by now, the wound seemed to have already half-healed.

    "Bio-Armor again?"

    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes and his patience was wearing thin.

    Without this Bio-Armor, Chen Fan's attack should have gravely injured Oleg if not killed him outright.

    "What kind of attack was that?"

    Surrounded by a wash of thick crimson glow, Oleg asked Chen Fan hesitantly as red flames flickering in his eyes in fits and starts.

    "I have presided over the earth for over a hundred years and had fought hundreds of martial artists, never had I encountered a technique such as yours. You don't belong to this world, it is the stuff of the immortals. Have you already surpassed the Immortal State and became a so-called Earth Level Deity?"

    Oleg asked incredulously.

    Let it be the Earth Level Deity of the eastern world or the saints of the western world, they were long forgotten myth. After the Sword Secret, the Exalted Cultivator had gone missing, China hadn't seen another cultivator who had achieved a higher level of attainment than Immortal State. Oleg and many of his peers realized that it was possible to break the ceiling of their cultivation, but try as they might, they failed to surpass the Immortal State.

    Many people started to accept that Immortal State was the highest level of attainment one could achieve, and any higher levels were all but fictitious. In recent years, even Oleg started to have doubts about his further pursuit.

    However, Chen Fan's last punch had clearly surpassed the mortal's understanding of the world. To execute such a blow, one had to fully comprehend the nature of reality, and pinpoint the very singularity from which all motion and changes occurred in our world. Oleg was not convinced that an Immortal State warrior could have achieved such enlightenment.

    "I just created this technique right now, so it doesn't have a name yet. You can call it Dao Fist or Immortal Fist, whatever you want."

    Chen Fan linked his hands behind his back and said lightly.

    "You created it yourself? Impossible!"

    Oleg blenched.

    The mighty warrior who had presided over the world for centuries finally felt fear for the first time.

    Chen Fan cracked a smile and remained silent.

    He was the North Mystic Celestial Lord, a mighty Immortal Cultivator who had dominated the universe for five hundred years. The techniques used by his opponents on earth were so rudimentary and crude that they were mere child's play to him. At any point in time, Chen Fan could readily tap into the rich collection of techniques he had inherited from his last life, make a few changes to suit his current level of attainment, and make the technique not only usable but also ungodly powerful. Even the lowest level of Immortal Art was much more powerful than any technique on earth.

    Thus it was, the power and destructiveness of the punch was unmatched by any technique in the mortal world.

    True Martial Thirty-Six Forms were created by mighty figures of the True Martial Celestial Sect. Chen Fan used to be a Celestial Lord, the mightiest of all-mighty figures. Creating techniques on the spot was a stroll in the park for him.

    "Come again!"

    Oleg grunted. His white hairs stood on end.

    The old man grasped something in the air and summoned two giant bloody paws lined with sharp claws out of thin air. Oleg's Essence Qi formed the cores of the two paws. They were also caked by a thick layer of Qi of Bloody Malice and a layer of Oleg's Four Righteousness Protective Qi. Suddenly, a deadly tension mixed with the smell of blood permeated the station.

    Oleg had infused the attack with his Divine Soul. He had converted three separate forces in him: True Energy, Essence Qi, and Soul Energy into one. Such was the real power of an Immortal State warrior. His attack could not only harm the opponent physically but also harm the soul and spirit. He had taken much better use of his potential; a much wiser man compared to the Snow wolf King.

    "It doesn't matter, you can claw me a hundred times, but you still won't be able to counter my attack."

    Chen Fan said lightly as he punched again.

    Chen Fan repeated his last move and delivered a seemingly ordinary attack. Red Sparrow rounded her eyes and watched carefully, but she couldn't see anything out of the ordinary in Chen Fan's movement.

    However, Oleg somehow failed to counter Chen Fan's attack once again.

    His Claw of Bloody Malic was unpredictable, his movements were agile, and his physical strength was overbearing, yet the old man's defense simply melted under Chen Fan's attack. Chen Fan's punch penetrated through the Protective Qi of Four Righteousness and landed squarely on Oleg's left chest.


    The impact sent Oleg's body flying. A crimson glow streaked across the sky and landed back to the ground some three hundred meters away.

    "This Bio-Armor is rather annoying."

    Chen Fan furrowed his brows.

    The punch required the ultimate enlightenment, therefore, despite its ordinary appearance, it was impossible for a cultivator to execute without ever reaching the Soul Formation stage. On the other hand, it was much deadlier than the hypersonic punch. Chen Fan was confident that he could have turned Galdan's body into a pulp using this technique. Its power came at the cost of harming himself, therefore, Chen Fan would never even think of using this technique without achieving Initial success in his Azure Thearch Longevity Body.

    Thanks to the Bio-Armor, Oleg was injured, but he was not dead.

    That being said, the injury was serious enough to kill any normal human. However, Oleg was the Bloodwolf King, and therefore, his regeneration ability helped him survive.

    "Any ordinary Immortal State warrior at your age should have been too old to fight. I wager you have consumed something much more potent than the Fruit of Embryonic Essence to restore your vitality."

    Seeing Oleg was at him again, Chen Fan's patience was finally wearing thin.


    He stomped the ground and grunted.

    The concrete floor caved in under his feet, creating a few meters deep craters that were surrounded by a spider web of cracks.

    Meanwhile, the rebound of the ground catapult Chen Fan into the sky with enough speed to break the hypersonic barrier. Chen Fan bore down at Oleg with a speed that was ten times faster.


    The attack came so fast that Oleg only had enough time to haphazardly cast a Tai Chi sign with both arms, summoning a shield to cushion the blow. Upon impact, the old man was sent flying backward again.

    This was only the beginning.

    "Bang, bang, bang!"

    In a blink, Chen Fan broke the hypersonic speed nine times and delivered nine blows.

    Each and every attack caused a deadly explosion that shook the earth. Some of the explosions erupted in the air, creating a series of white ring-shaped clouds that quickly expanded their width.

    Oleg was thrown to left and right like a defenseless punching bag.

    In the end, the attacks tossed the old man in the air up and down, left and right like a little play thing.

    Red Sparrow watched in shock with her mouth wide open.

    She watched as Chen Fan created eight copies of himself and the nine of them punched at Oleg from all directions almost simultaneously. Oleg had no chance of defending against such an attack and could only rely on his Four Righteousness Protection Aura to cushion the blows.


    The final punch was actually nine punches merged into one and it landed on top of Oleg while he had just been tossed up into the air by the attack that came before it.

    He landed right on the roof of the arrival hall, through the roof and thudded heavily back onto the ground, smashing the concrete floor. Around Oleg's body was a web of cracks that radiated from the point of impact.

    Did Chen Fan just turn the powerful Immortal State warrior into a plaything?


    Chen Fan landed back onto the ground with a heavy thud, creating two craters under his feet.

    Without taking a moment to catch a breath, he walked toward Oleg who was struggling to get back to his feet.

    "If you met me a year ago, I might not be able to defeat you. Even Galdan had proven to be a challenge for me back then."

    "But now, it's a very different story."

    Oleg managed to look up and saw Chen Fan's body was suffused with an azure glow. It had seemed that breaking the hypersonic barrier nine times in a row was just a stroll in the park for him.

    Such as it was, Chen Fan had achieved initial success in his Divine Body cultivation; his body was nearly indestructible.

    By now Chen Fan's power was infinitely close to that of a Connate Cultivator.

    "cough… cough… China never ceases to surprise me. A hundred years ago, there was Lin Shuming, fifty years ago there was General Ye, and now YOU! It's not fair."

    Oleg coughed violently, spitting out bits and pieces of his pulverized innards and let out an ugly grin.

    His body was in ruins, and there was no single bone nor internal organs were still intact. Even the protection of the Bio-Armor couldn't quell Chen Fan's deadly punches.

    Although Chen Fan's attack didn't tear open the Bio-armor, the punch had carried the penetrating force through his body and shattered the old man from the inside. Despite the incredible regenerating ability, such dire wounds would take the werewolf a few dozen minutes to fully recover.

    "Are you done talking?"

    Chen Fan linked his hands behind his back and inched toward the old man.

    "I swore to protect mother Russia, of course, I am not done yet! I will fight till my death!"

    Oleg let out a saddened grin as blood welled in his eyes. Blood vessels in his body popped one after another, releasing curled smoke.

    "Secret Art of Blood Singeing!"

    This was the last-ditch effort of nearly all Extraordinary ones who had awakened their Bloodline Power.

    Oleg was too old to use this art safely, so his death was certain once the art was executed. However, Oleg was not deterred by the grim outlook and doubled down on the art. As more ringlets of crimson smoke rose from his skin, his body recovered with incredible speed and his energy also surged. Then came the werewolf transformation as white fur sprout out from his kin and covered his body.

    "Then you will die today."

    Chen Fan said coldly. He gazed at the old man stoically and reached out his right arm.

    Suddenly, a loud grinding sound came up from the distance, the timbre of the sound so deep and powerful that it chattered the listener's teeth. A ten-meter wide apparition of a palm appeared before Chen Fan. The other-worldly palm was so huge in size that it nearly filled up the entire train station.

    "Yi Wood Connate Spirit Grand Qin Na Hand!"

    Chen Fan had reached the peak of Ethereal Enlightenment during the heat of the battle, so his newfound power breathed new life into the same old trick he used many times.

    The sight of the ten-meter wide apparition and its clear intent had finally made Oleg relent all hope.

    Suddenly, an urgent voice came into the station.

    "Mr. Chen Beixuan."

    "Russia concedes defeat."